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My sexy shoot

It had always been a fantasy of mine to have a professional naked photo-shoot. It might sound weird but I wanted to immortalize my body at its peak, so that when I grew old and shriveled I could look at pictures of me as a young, beautiful girl. The problem was to find a photographer I liked and trusted to do the shoot. First I didn’t want it to be a man taking my pictures. Second I didn’t know how to go about finding someone who was good at nudes, it’s not like it was a common thing outside of men’s magazines. I wanted artistic nudes, not the spread open playboy type. This is the story of how my dream came true.


I wake up bright and early, feeling all giddy and excited, I’ve never done anything like this before. Today is the day of my long dreamt of, naked photo shoot. I primp and pamper myself before the shoot, making sure my body is smooth, my hair laying perfectly in short curls and my finger and toenails are painted immaculately in a deep red. As I get ready I remember meeting the woman who would make my dream come true accidentally at a friend’s party. I think of meeting her the day after the party to look at the nudes she had done for her "real women" exhibition downtown. All her photos are so beautiful and artistically sexy. I feel happy about her taking my pictures since we really hit it off in our short meeting.

I put on a simple bra and panty set in red and a knee length black dress that has no cleavage but is of thin fabric that clings to my curves. To finish my look I put on four inch, black peep-toes. I take my time and select a few things I love in order to take them with me. I don’t want to bring anything that might look too slutty so I pick out a red silk kimono, black lace panties and a matching bra.

I arrive at her studio excited and happy, feeling sexy after my morning grooming, looking forward to the shoot.

“You look great,” she smiles at me as she opens the door.

“Thanks, I wanted to be at my best,” I answer as she ushers me in.

She had set up the lighting and tripod for her Nikon camera before I arrived. The set in the studio is pretty sparse. A hard wooden bench in one spot, a soft white leather sofa, a few chairs in assorted styles, and a partition behind which I guess her other things are.

“I like my photos to be simple,” she says to me, answering my unasked question, “but don’t worry, we will do a wide range.”

She starts taking photos of me fully dressed against a white background, “these are test shots,” she tells me, “so I can see how you are in front of the camera and what your best angles are.”

She instructs me to do a few poses and I follow her instructions a little hesitantly.

“Now start slowly undressing,” she tells me, “imagine you are doing it to tease a lover.”

I slowly remove my heels one by one, letting them drop out of my hands with a clang. Then I start pulling the hem of my dress up, revealing my creamy white thighs inch by inch. I imagine doing it for Alex, a guy I’ve had a crush on for a few months now and my skin tingles with gentle arousal. I pull my dress off and toss it to the side, my hips moving as though dancing to a slow melody in the background. I slip the straps of my bra off, oh so slowly, then reach around to undo the clasp. I hold my bra to my breasts with my left arm as the right undoes the clasp and I smile shyly before letting the bra drop to the floor.

“You are doing amazing,” she encourages me, “you look so sexy and seductive,” she winks.

She instructs me to stand behind a high backed chair and slowly pull my panties off, she snaps more and more photos as I do, always making sure hides my naked body and that nudity is only implied. I look down at my panties as I step out of them and see a considerable wet spot on the crotch. I inhale sharply, realizing how turned on I am.

“Is everything ok?” she asks me.

“Umm I think so... It’s a little embarrassing,” I mumble quietly.

“A little turned on?” she asks gently.

“Yes…” I giggle self-consciously.

“It’s only natural, you don’t need to feel uncomfortable,” she tells me in a soft soothing way, “this is a very arousing situation.”

Her words make me blush even deeper than before, my insides clench and I feel a little moistness wet my inner thigh. I gulp and try to hide my feelings behind a big smile. “God I hope she doesn’t think I’m a perv,” I pray inwardly.

She takes a few photos of me sitting on the chair with my legs spread, the back of the chair hiding my spread open pussy. The cold surface of the chair against my warm skin feels so good and sensual, I keep biting my lip to keep myself from moaning.

“I want to change background now and I’d like to see what outfits you brought,” she says after taking enough photos with the chair.

I get up from the chair and pull my panties back on but my bra is nowhere to be found.

“Don’t worry,” she laughs, “I’ve already seen you naked,” and she winks again.

I giggle and stop looking around for my bra. I walk to where I’d left my bags and bend over to retrieve the items I brought. I feel her stepping behind me and her breath tickles my neck as I straighten up.

“Sorry,” she whispers in my ear and steps back as I jump slightly.

“Oh these are perfect,” she says as she takes the silk kimono and lace panties from my hands, “you will look breathtaking in these.”

“Thanks,” I mumble, “I love them too.”

“Put them on while I move the lighting,” she says and brushes my arm softly with her finger.

I drop my wet, red panties quickly and stuff them into the bottom of my bag as she hauls lighting over to the white sofa. I quickly pull on the black lace panties and wrap the red kimono around me. As I turn around I see her watching me with a slight smile on her face. I smile back and find myself admiring her lean, athletic frame, with the short cut blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. I feel a little confused, I’ve never been attracted to girls before but I guess this situation is getting to me more than I could ever have imagined.

She lifts her finger, motioning me to come here in what seems to me a most seductive manner. I feel all tense in my stomach as I walk over to the sofa, feeling that I really want this woman. She positions me on the sofa, gently touching me, her fingers lingering a moment too long on my body. “Is she flirting with me?” I think suddenly. As the thought crosses my mind I feel my pussy tighten in a delicious manner and moisture leak onto my thighs.

She snaps photos of me draped over the sofa in various ways, some with the kimono tied and some with it open and showing my almost naked form. After she feels she has the photos she wants she instructs me to lay on the sofa so my head hangs off the edge of the seat and my legs are up on the back rest. I take the position she wants but she tutt’s and shakes her head. She walks over to me and starts rearranging my body into the pose she wants, touching me gently and making me squirm by doing so. I gasp as I suddenly feel her soft finger brush my inner thigh.

“Mmm you are very wet,” she purrs as she holds her hand up, her eyes locked on mine.

I can’t breathe as I watch her put her finger in her mouth and suck my moisture off. She walks away and resumes taking photos of me- making me feel like what just happened was all in my head. I’m so turned on I can’t think of anything but the desire to push my hand into my lace panties and make myself cum. I keep squirming as I pose for her, trying to sooth at least some of my desire.

“You look uncomfortable,” she tells me.

“Umm… a little…” I answer.

“Why is that?” she asks and cocks her head to the side.

“Umm…” I trail off as I have no answer that can justify my discomfort other than the fact that I’m fucking horny.

“Could I help you get more comfortable somehow?” she asks and walks over to me, stopping an inch in front of me.

I blush crimson as I look at her, unable to find my voice. I shiver as I suddenly feel her touch, her fingers caressing the inside of my thigh. I can’t resist her, not now when I feel so aroused and in need of relief. She pulls me to her, snaking her arms around me and cupping my ass cheeks as she leans in and kisses me. I respond to her kiss, hesitantly at first but then lustfully, pushing my tongue into her mouth. My arms snake around her as well and my hands slip under her T-shirt, caressing the soft skin of her back. Her kiss feels so gentle and amazing, her lips against mine are plump and soft- I understand why men like us so much.

She kisses down my neck and then nibbles my ear and I moan in response. My fingers scratch her skin lightly and her fingers tangle in my curls, pulling my hair slightly and tipping my head back. I feel my stomach muscles clenching with the tell-tale sign of extreme arousal. She moans loudly as my hands move to undo the buttons of her jeans. I push her jeans down and gasp in surprise at the sight of her bare pussy- she is not wearing any panties. She giggles at my surprised and heated expression and I giggle as well. She steps out of her jeans, leaving them in a crumpled heap on the floor, and slowly removes her T-shirt as she looks into my eyes. I watch memorized as her small perky breasts are revealed to me, her nipples puckered and swollen.

She takes my hand in hers and pulls me onto the sofa again. Her glorious naked body pressed against me as she kisses me. She pulls my panties off and slowly runs her delicate fingers along my wet slit.

“Oh fuck,” I moan and shudder in response to her touch.

“You like that, baby?” she whispers in my ear in a husky voice laced with want.

“Oh yes…” I breathe.

She pushes me down to lay on the sofa and shifts and is suddenly on top of me, our breasts are touching and so are our pussies. I moan and gasp as she starts grinding against me, igniting my passion and need instead of soothing them. The touch is pleasurable but I want more- I want everything.

“More,” I whisper in her ear as I bite her earlobe.

“Mmmm yes, more…” she moans in reply and pushes my legs apart with her knee, her knee pushing against my wet slit and swollen clit. I grind against her knee, relishing the partial relief of finally being touched. We kiss passionately as our hands caress each other, my hands squeezing her firm ass cheeks while hers massage my breasts. My nipples immediately respond to her touch, hardening under her fingers. She gently pinches each nipple and I feel a tremor run from my nipples to my clit.

The feel of her soft skin against mine is so different from the feel of a man, her movements so much more erotic. I want her so much- I want to taste her and touch her everywhere. She smiles at me softly as her hand moves between our bodies and then between my thighs and into my wet slit. Two of her long, slim fingers move in and out of me, taking me closer and closer to release until she suddenly stops.

“Noooo…” I moan in protest.

She stands up and stretches her hand out to me, inviting me to go with her. I stand up and she leads me behind a partition in the studio, to a big double bed strewn with pillows. She lies down on the bed and pulls me with her, wrapping her arms round me. My fingers slide down her stomach to her pussy and brush her moist, swollen outer lips.

“Oh yes…” she moans as I touch her.

I spread her lips gently with my finger and slip it inside her. Her wetness makes me gasp- she is soaking and the inside of her pussy is so amazingly soft. I feel an intense urge to taste her, to kiss and lick her soft lips. I look into her half closed eyes and she smiles at me, nodding her head slightly to indicate that she wants what I want.

I tentatively move down her body, kissing and caressing her skin as I do. When my mouth reaches her pubic bone she spreads her legs, her pink flesh waiting for my touch. My lips skim over her outer lips and I inhale the intoxicating, sweet smell of her juices. My tongue darts out to taste her and the taste is divine, making me hungry for more. I lick and suck her lips and she squirms under my touch. I tease her, knowing what she wants because I want the same thing.

She reaches her fingers between her legs and spreads her pussy to reveal her swollen nub, “please…” she whispers.

My tongue darts out to stab her sensitive button over and over, making her scream with pleasure and causing her legs to tremble. I feel her fingers knotting in my hair and pushing my face into her. I stop teasing her clit and push my tongue as deep as possible into her soaking slit, her inner muscles clenching greedily around me. I move my tongue in and out of her, my finger finding her nub, and she starts thrusting her hips in rhythm. It feels amazing knowing I’m bringing her close, tasting her and feeling her silky skin.

“Stop,” she moans, “I want us to cum together.”

I slowly pull my tongue out and climb back up her body. She holds my head in her hands and we kiss and she tastes herself from my mouth. She rolls over so that she’s on top of me, still kissing me deeply. She breaks our kiss and moves so that her pussy is hovering over my face while hers is already between my thighs.

The first contact of her tongue with my sensitive button is electric and I squeal in delight. I can feel that I’m not going to take long, the whole day has been way too much for my senses and I need relief. She stifles my moans and squeals by lowering her wet, delicious flesh onto my mouth and I pick up where I left off before.

We lap each other up in rhythm, each mirroring the actions of the other, our reactions mirrored as well. Her juices leak into my mouth as she laps mine with her dexterous tongue. I can feel my inner muscles start to clench and my body tense in preparation for an intense orgasm.

I move my tongue in her quicker and she moans, moving her hips against me, grinding her sweet pussy over my face. The whole situation is too hot for me to bear and I explode, screaming into her as my climax hits me. The vibrations from my screams take her over the edge as well, and she freezes as her insides quiver around my tongue.

She collapses on top of me and we lay together, caressing each other’s thighs as we catch our breath. She slowly lifts off me after a few minutes and lays down next to me, looking into my eyes.

“You look much more relaxed, care to take a few more photos now?” she asks with a mischievous smile.

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