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My Sister's Sleepover Pt 2.

Waking up with a devious grin on my face, I make my way downstairs and casually stroll into the kitchen. As I hunt for something worth eating in the cupboards, I begin to feel as if I'm being watched from behind, but just before I have the time to pick myself up and turn around to find out who's watching me, I painfully feel this huge, powerful slap across my arse.

"What the fu..!?" I scream, suddenly turning around.

"Hey, you; thanks for last night, I totally enjoyed having you between my legs and your tongue buried inside of me," Penelope whispers deep inside my ear.

Gathering myself together, I start to feel my face burn with embarrassment. Calming myself down, I smile awkwardly and drift my way out of her reach and across the kitchen.

"You're totally welcome, Penelope, but absolutely no one can know what happened last night, got it?" I urgently say.

"I won't, but I'm expecting a lot more nights like last night," she winks, moving closer and closer to where I am standing.

Placing my hands on the wooden chair to the side of me, I waste no time in putting it between Penelope and I. Keeping her at bay and myself out of her reach, I grab an apple and begin munching away as she seductively bites her lip and stares at me. Hearing my sister and the rest of her friends running downstairs, I start to feel my tensed body loosen with relief. Finally, I think.

"Jeeze, leave Penelope alone, will you!" Leticia growls.

"Yeah, leave me alone, Rachel," Penelope laughs.

"Oh, c'mon!" I say, confused, as Leticia, Penelope and Laura walk into the other room.

Sitting at the table confused, yet relieved, I catch sight of Penelope going upstairs and quietly, but surely, hear a door close from upstairs. This is my only chance to get to my room without having to see her again for the afternoon. Dashing upstairs as fast as my body will take me, I reach my bedroom door, hurriedly open it and dive straight in, closing and locking it behind me.

As I stand back, relieved and relaxed, I suddenly feel my whole body freeze. From the corner of my eye I can see a pair of knickers on the floor beside my bed. I'm pretty sure they were not there when I got up this morning, I think, mainly based on the fact that Penelope had gone back to my sister's room wearing hers and I don't remember owning a pair of black frilly knickers, with a significant pink bow on the front.

"Oh, god," I say aloud.

Dashing out of my room as quick as possible, I can feel the craving for her reappearing between my legs. Making it to the kitchen, I hear something upstairs and frighteningly see Penelope coming straight into the kitchen from upstairs. Gripping the kitchen worktop, I swallow like no tomorrow.

"Hey, Leticia, I'm just going to get your sister to help me make us all breakfast, so just relax and keep watching whatever you and Laura are watching," she smiles.

"Okay, tell me if she annoys you though," she replies.

Oh, please god, no, not now, not right here in the kitchen, I think. Anywhere but here. Closing my eyes and reopening them a couple seconds later, I find Penelope standing inches away from me.

"No running this time." She devilishly grins.

I really can't take it anymore. Lunging for her hips, I pull her closer to me until I can feel her perky breasts pressed against mine. Grazing her hips with my hands, I comfortably begin raising her shirt whilst she undoes my jeans. Feeling my jeans fall softly to my ankles, I step out of them and hungrily pull down her shorts at the same time.

Burying my nose between her legs, I take a deep breath in and enjoy the scent of her wet, shaven pussy beneath her knickers. Standing myself up, I suddenly feel her place her hands on my shoulders and forcefully push me back against the kitchen counter. Surprised at her sudden rush of dominance, I decide to go along with it. Feeling her remove my shirt, I begin to become impatient so, wasting no time, I remove my shirt, pull my knickers off and place her head between my legs.

Keeping an eye out for anyone heading for the kitchen and listening to everyone in the next room, I feel her tongue slide its way teasingly down my throbbing clit. Placing my hand on her head, I gently push her even further between my legs and slide my fingers through her hair whilst gripping it. Grabbing for both her hands, I pull her as I begin to become restless on my feet.

As I quietly make my way to the kitchen table I take a peek in the living room to make sure no one has heard anything. Sitting on the edge of the table, I lower myself down onto my back as she slowly but firmly forces three fingers inside my tight, virgin pussy.

"Mmm..." I moan, as she goes deeper inside of me with her fingers.

"Do you like that, Rachel?" she says as she removes her fingers and pounds them all the way in me once again.
"I do, so much, carry on what you're doing because it feels incredible having you inside my pussy," I huskily reply.

Feeling her fingers fucking my pussy, I begin to feel her use the other hand to massage my clit very softly.

"Do me a favour, Penelope; use your tongue. The thought of you circling it over my clit drives me wild," I smile.

"Whatever you want, I'll give it to you, Rachel, seeing as you gave me what I wanted last night," she replies with a wink.

Placing my hands above my head I begin to feel my legs twitch and lose control of my breathing.

"Slow down a little, I'm too close. I want to savour this moment with you," I say.

Watching her head pop up from between my legs, I gently raise myself and passionately kiss her sweet lips. Sliding my tongue inside her mouth I swiftly slip my hand between her legs and playfully stroke her clit through her sopping, wet knickers.

"How do you like that?" I playfully laugh.

"Finish me off right now!" she demands.

Becoming even more turned on from her demands, I slip my hand cautiously inside her knickers and lunge two fingers inside her pool of wetness. Fucking her pussy with every bit of energy inside me, she wraps her arms around my neck, digs her nails in and spreads her legs even more. 

"Fuck me, Rachel!" she moans between her breathing.

"Keep it down, Penelope; Laura or my sister will hear," I laugh.

Pushing another finger inside her, I quickly remove them, come away from the table and gently bend her over it as I slip three fingers inside her, from behind.

Finger fucking her like no tomorrow, I drive my own fingers inside of me and slowly begin fucking both of us at the same time.

"I'm so close, Rachel," she breathlessly says.

"How close?" I reply.

"Well, get on your knees, stick your tongue deep inside my pussy and you'll find out," she whispers seductively.

Being so obedient, I slowly get to my knees with her still bent over the table and stick my head between her legs. Sliding one finger in and then thrusting my tongue inside her I suddenly see her legs tense up and hear her attempt of a quiet moan, whilst feeling her pussy release its load onto my face. Licking her dry and clean, I position myself on the floor and tell her to fuck me like she means it.

"Spread your legs like you want to be fucked then," she giggles.

Spreading them wide open, I feel her force three or four fingers inside of me very hungrily. Her tongue also begins to work wonders on my clit as she starts to suck and lick her way up and down it like a lollipop.

"Oh my god!" I lustfully scream as she puts her hand over my mouth.

Just as I'm about to release this tension building up inside of me, she removes her fingers and replaces it with her tongue just in time for me to come straight into her mouth and down her throat.

"Mmm, that was so worth the risk," I say, nibbling her ear gently.

"You bet," she replies.

Getting up and slipping my clothes on that had been thrown around the kitchen, I turn around to a horrible surprise in the kitchen doorway. It was Laura, my sister's other friend. I don't know how long she's been there, but she has her hand down her trousers and she isn't sorting her knickers out, if that's what you think.

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