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My Sub Part Three

Our relationship is finally established!
It's time for Thanksgiving, and we have a mini party at Julie's the Monday night before we leave. The vodka and tequila flow freely, and Kamiko and I do a fair amount of public making out. Julie's found a decent guy named Chad and he's totally cool with us practically getting it on in front of them, but Julie decides to give us some competition in the public affection and practically attacks him on the floor while we occupy the couch. The other party goers bail and we all come up for air.

"So Levine, gonna come out to your Mom right off the bat?" Julie asks.

"Ah, no. We're going to keep it G-rated and cool in front of her. I'm not ready for that little fight."

Kamiko looks worried.

"Are you going to get in trouble over me?"

"No, sweetie, it's the lesbian aspect of it that will piss Mom off, certainly not you. Everybody loves you, no matter who they are."

"Heck, we could drop her off at my folks' place and they'd adopt her on the spot!" quips Chad.

"Yup, Kamiko, it's not you. I'm just not sure my mother is ready to accept that I'm in love with another woman. What about your family?"

"I think my father will, how do you say it, Julie, blow a gasser over it."

"Gasket, sweetie, blow a gasket. A gasser would be if he had a farting attack."

Kamiko dissolves into laughter as do Chad and myself.

"Flatulence, the truly international language."

"Hei, Chad, in Japan, we do not laugh as much, but we do laugh about it. When I return I shall have to take a chili recipe and see if I can have a gasser!"

This is even funnier to our fairly drunk selves and we all bust up laughing.

"Awright, we have to get going, train leaves at nine AM, and it's going to be crowded as hell, so up and at 'em 'Miko. Jules, fabulous party indeed, have a splendid time fighting with your family and enjoy the holiday. Chad, have a good time yourself after we leave and you get seriously freaky. Have a nice Thanksgiving as well."

Chad and Julie both giggle as I know they're gonna get all kinds of nasty after we leave. Her mom and dad sprung for a flight home so she's going to be at the airport at the same time I have to be at the train station. None of us are going to get much sleep though as further escapades are in store.

Sure enough, the second the dorm room closes, Kamiko decides I need immediate attention and simply pushes me against the door before plastering my face with long, wet kisses, and then slides to her knees where she pulls up my skirt and yanks my panties to the floor and begins licking me as deeply as she can.

She's gotten quite good at it, and because I've been so damn horny, I come quickly with a deep moan and tell her to get her strap on ready. She yanks it out of the drawer and whips her clothes off and sets it up and lays down on the bed. I climb up and straddle her, kissing her passionately, and then slide myself onto it, taking the dildo as deep as I can with a satisfied sigh.

I never thought I'd get into getting it from a dildo, but Kamiko moves with me, and thrusts at all the right times as I ride it hard and fast. She loves watching me get it, and will suck my nipples while I'm going, kiss my face, whatever she can while I fuck myself to a gigantic orgasm! I thrust myself as hard as I can, one, two, three more times and lean back with a contented sigh. I catch my breath and slide forward and off of it and lean forward to kiss my lover. As usual, her tongue is cold, she came roughly the same time I did, as she so often does.

It is still a wonder that she gets off at my pleasure, but she's not going to just have the one, no, not tonight. I slip it off of her, and toss it to the floor, and spread her legs wide and dive right into her soaking pussy. I lick her deeply, tasting her sweet muskiness, and I do so love the taste! Her hands caress my hair and stroke my head as I lick and suck her beautiful pussy, and she twists and squirms with ecstasy as I delve deeply. Already having one, I suspect I can trigger what we call a cascade where she comes half a dozen times, quickly, and extremely wetly. The biting down on her prominent clit does it and she squirts with a yelp, but I don't stop to admire the gush, I keep licking and I quiver in delight as she comes again and again, finally spasming with a shudder and a loud squeal as she climaxes mightily!

"Did you like that baby?"

"Oh. My. God. That was...six or more?" she gasps.

"I lost count, sweetie." I say with a smile as I pull myself up next to her and kiss her deeply. No doubt about it, I love this sweet, beautiful girl. I guess that makes me a lesbian, but really, labels don't matter. We continue to kiss for a few more minutes, but then I notice her hand reaching around the bed.

"What are you looking for, sweetie?"

She frowns adorably.

"The bed is a mess again. I shall have to change the sheets before we sleep."

"No worries. Did the bed feel different tonight?"

She looks at me quizically.

"I did not notice. Why should it?"

"Because, sweetie, I put a rubber coated sheet underneath so we don't worry about the mattress. Just throw a new sheet over the top of it and we're good."

She dissolves into giggles.

"Much better, but I do not know why I come so much. I never did from masturbating."

"Do you want to know why?"

She nods assent.

"I think when you love your partner, it makes a difference. I've never had orgasms like I do with you. I don't think I loved any of my others like I do you."

"That must be true. I think I love some boys, but I never would feel like this. Although you are my first."

"Soon, my sweet, soon we will give you your first time."

"Yes, mistress, whenever you decide it is time. Not before."

Hmmm. It's been a few weeks. The moment just hasn't seemed right.

In the morning, it is of course, chaos, but we eventually get settled on the train, and my attitude is fuck it, I love her, and I don't give a shit, so we engage in a light PDA. Nobody says anything, but as our car is somewhat empty, we figure no one noticed. We grab a bite on the train, and wind up seated next to a fairly obvious lesbian couple, and they are incredibly cool, but they gently make fun of us for being a new couple, and we're a bit embarrassed and I tell them so.

"Why should you be?" the dark haired one asks.

"Well, it's new to me, I always thought I was just into guys."

"Do you still think about guys?" she counters.

"Now and again, and you're the same Kamiko, right?" She nods her assent.

"So you're both bi, and this may not be a permanent change for you then?"

"Um....yeah...I don't really know."

She smiles at me.

"Enjoy it! Maybe it will last, maybe it won't, maybe you'll both be lifelong friends with benefits even after you both marry guys, but enjoy the time now. Don't be embarrassed! Do you love each other?"

"Oh hell yes, I totally love her!"

"And I love you as well!" chimes in Kamiko.

"Then never be embarrassed about it. I think the whole world should be a bit more open about loving people. Might just make the world a more mellow place."

That's actually pretty good advice and I thank her for it. The rest of our meal is spent chatting about the holidays, family, and all sorts of stuff and the trip passes pleasantly. We get hugs goodbye, and we are home, at least I am.

Mom is waiting, and no matter how tough I am, I miss her every single day. I run into her arms and we're both a bit misty eyed, but it's happy tears. Introductions are made and Mom, being one of the nicest people on this planet, hugs Kamiko warmly to welcome her.

I'm not sure why, but on the ride, I fess up about Kamiko. Mom is stunned, but I'm surprised by her acceptance.

"Well, honey, if you're in love, you're in love. I don't think the heart really has any control over itself. So she's a girl, unlike that jerk you dated last spring. If she makes you happy, and you make her happy, go for it."

Kamiko's a bit stunned by my telling her, but even more stunned by Mom's warmth about the whole thing.

"You do not mind my being in love with Valerie?"

Mom smiles at her.

"Why should I be? She's happy, and you seem happy. That's all I ever want for her. I hope that's all your parents want for you as well."

Kamiko looks a bit downcast.

" not know how my parents would react. They do not know about this at all, other than Valerie being my friend."

"Then just let them think that. They don't need to know, so just let them know that you care about her as a friend."

Mom's pretty wise in that regard.

"Well, Shirley and Ray would be fine, but Rhea and Stuart, I just don't know. I'd recommend keeping it a bit quiet over the weekend. Nobody needs a fight on Thanksgiving."

We both laugh at that, and Kamiko looks puzzled.

"Sweetie, it's a time of family togetherness, and it seems most people usually have a huge fight at some point during the weekend. We try to all get along, even thought my Aunt Rhea is kind of conservative, and my Aunt Shirley is even more liberal than me or Mom. Se we leave politics outside, and just be family."

"Ah, I see. That is a good way to do it. Valerie, will there be a store where I can buy some Japanese things? You asked and I can make Doryaki. They are a dessert cake, and other than a few ingredients, I only need a mixing bowl and a......thing to cook pancakes on, I do not know the word, I am sorry."

I giggle and tell her it's a griddle and she laughs, as we've had pancakes a bunch at the student cafeteria.

Mom pipes up and tell us there's an Asian supermarket right next to the A&P, and offers to stop off on the way as she needs a few things herself. The plan is agreed upon, and in a few blocks we pull into the usual parking hassle in the city, but we're at the stores we want to be at. The Asian market is first as she quickly snags several things, and then surprises Mom with a big box of Milky candy, which is very popular in Japan. Mom loves it, and then it's into the familiar A&P, where 23 million other shoppers are getting their last minute things for Thanksgiving. We remark on it and Kamiko wants to know why if people are getting the 'last few things' they need on Tuesday, then why will the store be open late on Wednesday and for a few hours on Thursday. This brings both Mom and me to gales of laughter as we explain the typical American mad dash and inevitable forgetting of things you need. Kamiko thinks it's funny, but wonders why people don't make a complete list and make one trip. Mom and I find that even funnier.

We arrive home and Kamiko jumps in to lug two bags of groceries as well as hers and my shoulder bags and I tell her she doesn't have to, but a quick shake of the head tells me she won't give up her service for appearances. We get everything upstairs and and we stow our gear in my room, and then help Mom unload the groceries. Kamiko helps and is thrilled by some of the things Mom has in her kitchen, like a quesadilla press, which baffles my Japanese lover, when she knows that a basic pan or griddle will enable you to make them, yet, we build an appliance that only does the one thing?

After the groceries and a snack of doughnuts from the excellent bakery across the street, we decide on a nap as we didn't get a ton of sleep last night. We cuddle and kiss for a bit, but we eventually crash. A rapping on the door wakes us, and it takes me a second to remember I'm home, and yet, Kamiko's clothes were somehow removed entirely during our nap as well as my panties. Hmmmm. We quickly get ourselves in proper order and come out to greet Aunt Rhea and Stuart, who, we are informed, will be Uncle Stuart as he has popped the question after two years. Aunt Rhea and I don't always get along great, but I'm genuinely happy for her, and Stuart's a pretty cool guy who's also a fan of anime, but has never been any kind of creepy towards me, more of a goofy big brother. Everything is explained to Kamiko, and she blows them away with eloquent toast. Entirely in Japanese, mind you, but apparently moving.

Mom breaks out the wine and pours for everyone, joking that she knows damn right well two college girls have had a drink or three before, which gets a laugh out of everyone. Much pleasant conversation is had, and we retire to bed a little after midnight, but I'm not destined for sleep.

Kamiko begs my forgiveness for taking the lead with the toast, but said she wanted to do something nice as everyone has been so nice to her. Forgiveness? Certainly. A couple of quick slaps to her ass under the covers so the noise isn't obvious? Oh yes. Then she does what she knows I like and dives between my legs and sucks my pussy as awesomely as she can. She takes no time to even finger herself, she licks, nibbles and sucks with abandon, and of course shows plenty of attention to my tits, and random, lightning-like kisses, and after a bit the orgasms come, a small one at first, and then a cascade of them culminating in a monster of a climax that I struggle to keep quiet and don't quite succeed at. Oh well, I can always claim nightmare. My lover grins at me with a soaking wet face and sticks her tongue out at me.

"Am I forgiven mistress?"

I say nothing as I'm kissing her intently for a few minutes.

"Yes, yes, you silly girl, you're forgiven. It's almost as if you try to get in trouble, at times, isn't it?"

Her giggles lead to my own, then it's open laughter, which leads me to me trying to quiet her down by kissing her, and then it's my turn, slowly tasting her, and savoring every second of it, biting down on her nipples to smalls gasps of pleasure, and gently caressing her skin. I trace down her stomach, and to her new clean shaven pussy, and I lick deeply, and her wonderful lips spread wide at my touch.

She wants it badly, but knows better than to beg me or ask me to speed up, I'll make her come, when I want to, not a second before. I caress her up and down, gently sucking her clit because I know this gets her off quickly, but not...tooo much, I'll let it build up to where she can barely tolerate the anticipation. So I lick, darting my tongue in and out, my fingers trace around her labia, and of course I reach up to squeeze a nipple here and there, and when I think she's not expecting it, I lift her left leg as high as I can to deliver a slap to her ass that elicits a squeak that she tries to cover up, but fails.

"Oh, you naughty girl," I whispered, "you know you have to keep quiet."

So I slide three fingers in as deep as I can before I hit her hymen, and then pop them in her mouth to suck on, which she loves, hungrily sucking her own juices, and well, I'm enjoying them mightily, and I go for it, biting hard on her clit which causes her to erupt, but quietly as my fingers are still her mouth, even if she does bite them gently. I get a facefull of her sweetness, and I do love it. We both gasp for breath for a few minutes and kiss softly for a few minutes.

Oh, Kamiko, I do love you, you're an amazing girl, with the biggest heart I've ever known."

Even in the semi-darkness I can tell she's blushing.

"Valerie, you were my first friend here, my first girlfriend, my first true love. This is bliss. I have a surprise for you though. I hope you will not be upset. Although if you are, you might just want me to do what I've already done, just a few more times tonight."

"So what's the surprise my love?"

"If you and you're mother are all right, I asked mother if you could visit Japan with me for summer break. She said she would welcome you as if you were another daughter, although you will be sleeping in my father's computer room as our apartment is not large. I would happily share my bed with you, but as you know, I share a room with my sister. She will likely find out about us, but I would prefer it not to be by my screaming 'Oh suck my pussy good, baby!'"

She barely got the last out without giggling.

"Well, that is a sweet offer, but unless you can hide me in your luggage, it's out of my price range. I'd love to see your home, but well, Mom and I are kind of poor. We were maybe hoping for a weekend in Atlantic City this year, but that's about it."

"Valerie, do you remember how we met? You saved my life. I have not, and will never forget that. Do you think I did not tell my parents? I told my father that I am doing my best to repay you with housework and cooking, but he feels that paying your airfare to Japan and back is a very small gift for the woman who saved his daughter's life. He also will want to give you spendy money to enjoy the trip more."

I giggled.

"Spending money, not spendy money. We use spendy if a price is very high!"

She gives me a grin.

"You have never shopped in Japan. All of it is spendy!"

"Well, let me talk it over with Mom, and see what she thinks. It would be wonderful to see. Thank you sweetie!"

"Good, your mother will say yes, I think, then you will also get better at Japanese. You know some, but will learn more there."

"Well now, it just happens that I have a surprise for you, but you won't find out until tomorrow. And no trying to find out, either! Or you'll be spanked!"

Hmmmm. Her giggling tells me she won't mind that in the least, but her surprise is coming tomorrow.

We take our showers quickly and realize Rhea and Stuart are already out like a light and snoring, so hopefully no noise left my bedroom. Then it's into comfy PJ's and off to sleep for both of us, tired, but very happy.

We're woken by Mom telling us that unless we're dressed and at the table in five minutes, there will be no food left and Rhea and Stuart have put a serious dent in the pancake supply, and while I'm sure Mom's kidding, we don't waste time. A happy, boisterous breakfast is had, and Stuart, as it turns out spent some time in Japan while in the Navy and while he's forgotten any of the language, he knows a few traditions, and he took in a baseball game with her favorite team, the Chunichi Dragons. Kamiko asks Rhea about American marriage customs and we all have a good time. Mom has a short shift, and Stuart and Rhea are going to hit an early Broadway show as it's one of their traditions when they come to town. Kamiko and I, well, we tell Mom we're gonna do the whole New York shopping thing, but that's not even the truth.

Nope, I have plans for my girl. Plans that took some doing. Plans to required me to actually break the law. Oh, all right, I used the school's bandwidth to pirate a whole anime series for a friend, but my price, well, that's going to be worth it. Sooooo worth it.

We take the subway and do see some of the sights and the big stores, and she is utterly blown away by Bloomingdales, which usually happens to the non-natives. I don't care if you're from Paris, London or wherever, Bloomies is still pretty bitching.

However, she looks at me quizzically as we enter one of the nicer hotels. I just smile and lead her in to the fabulous lobby and we pull up a sofa and I text my friend, Janna. Janna's older than me by about six years, but her sister Marie is a good friend. Janna is working her way to her doctorate, but started on the staff here the day she turned seventeen. She's one of the supervisors in housekeeping, and does the scheduling and whatnot, as well as covering shifts if someone calls in sick.

She's only one floor above me, and gets there in moments. I introduce her to Kamiko and she gives her a big hug by way of introduction. She then beckons us to the elevator. Once we're in, she tells us the desk crew thinks she's just showing off a room to prospective customers, ie, us. At the fifth floor, she opens a room that has a cleaning sign on it and ushers us in.

"The sign says the room is being cleaned, but no one except us is in here?" asks Kamiko.

Janna's grin is getting bigger by the second.

"My dear girl, the sign is out because this room is in terrible shape. Absolutely unacceptable to any guests who might wish to stay here. I say it is, and it's going to take the better part of an hour and thirty minutes for it to get back in shape. So it's off limits. Of course, I'll need about thirty minutes to really fix it up after you two are done, so set a timer and don't take too long!"

"What if someone tries to help you clean?"

Janna giggles.

"Won't happen, I old my crew that I'm covering it myself, and then I assigned a bunch of busywork to everyone else. Ah, it's a system that works well. Just don't take anything from the mini-bar and you're fine. We've done this before with fellow employees who can't get it on elsewhere. You'll be fine, set an alarm, and I'll knock ten minutes before. Shower if you must but quickly when you're done, then I'll hustle you down the employee elevator, then it's out the employee entrance in the basement."

With that, she blows us a kiss and heads out the front door. I wander over and lock it.

"Sweetie, it's that time, I wanted it to be special. You're not going to be a virgin anymore, I'll be your first!"

With love in her eyes, she responds.

"I hope you shall be my only...."

She pulls down the covers and I open the bag I have with me. I've got the strap on, and I've already adjusted it to fit me. I also have a cute white gown for her. Hey, she won't be able to wear white when we're done, so why not? I strip down, and she heads into the bathroom to primp for a minute because she wasn't expecting it.

A few minutes later, she comes out and looks stunning in the gown. Her nipples are very erect and poking through the fabric, and the slit in the side shows a generous portion of her beautiful behind as she moves. Good choice! Her face is radiant, and she's touched up her makeup and added a pair of dangling jade earrings that I adore.

"Say there, pretty girl, can I interest you in some fooling around?"

She shakes her head.

"It is not fooling. It is love. It is real, and I...." and I realize she's almost to tears!

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" I leap out of the bed to hold her in my arms.

"There is nothing wrong. I am...overwhelmed. When I came to America, I never thought I would even date anyone. Now I am in love with someone like you? I did not expect it. While you told me about your first time, you did not seem to take it seriously. This is very serious. If you were a boy, not think I would do this, but I love you so much, and would do anything for you."

"Kamiko, I know we have the sub/domme thing going on, but if you're not ready for this, you're not. I will not force you. I love you too much to do that."

She shook her head.

"That is not what I mean. If you were a boy, I do not think I could love you....the way I do. I did not think I....could love anyone like this. I did not think I was worthy of it."

"Oh, sweetie, you are soooo worth it. Before I met you, I was somewhat damaged goods. I didn't trust any guys anymore, and not realizing that I could fall in love with a woman, I was feeling very lonely. You came along, and all that changed. I....fell whole, I feel complete with you. I think we are worthy of each other, we deserve this love."

She kissed me soundly, and I knew the adventure was really just getting started.

We fell into the bed, kissing passionately, as our hands caressed each other, and we ran our fingers through each other's hair, and I whispered that today, all the pleasure was to be hers, and I'd have the satisfaction of giving her such pleasure.

I slowly worked my way down her taut belly, kissing her slowly, savoring each gentle kiss as I showed my lover how much she meant to me. My fingertips softly caressing her hips and legs, warm breath on pale skin, as I finally reached her sweet lips and kissed them deeply, causing them to flutter open, and my tongue eagerly dove into her sweet pussy, and I lick her deeply. Her happy sigh of pleasure lets me know she's enjoying this, but there will be no spankings, no discipline, this an expression of the deep love I have for her, to please her like she's never been pleased.

I lick, suck and nibble and she begins moving quickly, showing me I'm doing quite well for her. Her voice cuts loose with deep moans, and while she's usually somewhat restrained, I think she's going to cut loose today, and she deserves it! A bite on her clit elicits a squeal and a slight spurt of wetness as a tiny orgasm takes her, and I want more from her so I bite down harder and she yelps again, with more heat and a bigger squirt, and my face is surely a mess, but I don't care in the slightest, as I suck her as intensely as I can.

I gently slide a finger in, and feel her hymen, and know that it will be gone soon, but a gentle push against it and intense sucking of her clit gets her extremely wet, and I know the moment is finally here. I will be her first, because I love her and she loves me. God, I wished my first time had been anywhere's this intense and sweet, maybe I should have waited, but that's my past, and she, she is my future.

I am above her, and her legs are spread wide, and I carefully slip the head of the dildo into her, I look at her expectantly, and she nods, she is ready for me. I push it in as carefully as I can, and it stops against her. I take a deep breath and pull back, and pray I don't hurt her, I've never done anything like it, and I'm not sure how hard I have to push. I give her a good thrust and it's not enough, I didn't get it right!

"Sorry sweetie, I'm not sure how to do this just right yet..." I whisper.

"It is all right, harder will be fine..."

I pull back again and thrust harder and this time she gasps as I take her virginity! It slides in deeply and she lets out a soft moan and whispers "Yessss...."

"Are you all right baby?"

"It is....good, but let me get used to it for a second...."

I give her the time she needs by kissing her deeply and the passion with which she returns the kiss tells me all is well, and I simply hold it in her, and continue to kiss her. After a few moments she pulls back long enough to speak.

"I think you are supposed to fuck me now, fuck me sweet, like you do it yourself, I want to feel you fill me..."

And I do, I start softly thrusting in and out, and surprisingly, I think I'm doing OK. I'm basically trying to do what I remember the last guy that was worth a damn did, because he was all right, I don't slam it into her, but I go as deeply as I can, but not roughly. I look at my lover's face and it is pure bliss, she loves this time together, and I suspect that we're going to do lots of this sort of thing. I try to vary long slow strokes with short hard ones, and she continues to enjoy it, as her hands come to rest on my back, but it isn't long before her nails come into play and I am incredibly turned on by that!

"Yes, Valerie, fuck me hard, as hard as you want, I love being your girl!"

I need no urging, I drive as hard and as deep as I can, and she lets out all kinds of sounds to let me know she's loving it, and with each particularly deep thrust, her nails dig into my back! I suspect I'll be a bit ragged looking, but I could care less, I'm making my lover feel that good!

"Aaaahhhh, Valerie, I am almost there, give it to me good! Fuck me!"

I pound her as hard as I can, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the tingling that I feel, getting her off is getting ME off! Can I come the moment she does? I keep pumping in and out and I pull back slightly to actually see the penetration. The dildo isn't that big, but inside of her it looks huge, and she's enjoying ever millimeter of it!

"You gonna come for me, baby? You gonna give me a big wet orgasm when I'm done fucking you?" I breathe out.

"Uhhh, aaahh, yessss! Almost there! Harder!"

I drive it home as hard as I can and I'm rewarding by her clutching me as closely as she can as she yells out her orgasm!

Ooooohhhhhhhh YESSSS!!!!!! Aaaaahhhhh!!!"

The feeling of wetness splashing out around the dildo is a surprising thrill and I feel myself coming, but not nearly as intensely.

"Oooooh yeah, you come good for me, baby!"

I pump her a few more times to see if I can get multiples and I'm pleased to her her moan out two more!

We collapse to the bed and I roll to her side. She turns quickly and kisses me deeply.

"Valerie, I love you so very much, you are my first, and you made me feel so good!"

"Well, it's kind of the idea."

"I know, but you made me feel like the most beautiful girl ever, and I could feel your love, even though it wasn't a real penis. No man could have made me feel like that. Only you, my love."

At that I broke down into happy tears, which she joined me in. We were a mess, we weren't sure if we were lesbians or bisexual or whatever the hell anyone else would call it, but we loved each other.

That's good enough for us.

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