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My Trip Continued

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Lillian's charm and wealth influence me.
Once we got dressed we went down to the restaurant to have breakfast. It was still early, just 8 o'clock so we had lots of time before she had to leave for her meeting. As I said she had asked me if we could stay a bit later in the evening before we left to return home.

I told her I was sure that wouldn't be a problem, but that I should phone Catherine to let her know, as she would be worrying about me.

Lillian smiled at that and reaching over and laid a hand on my arm. "I know she smiled, she's lucky to have you as her closest friend."

Lucky I thought? It was the other way around, I was lucky to have her the way she worshipped me. How she cared for me, made love to me and made me want to love her physically as well as emotionally. She never complained even when we swapped partners for the night with Marlene and Ruth. Now I had a strange thought, was she really not able to get away to join us here, or was it just an excuse? I mentioned this to Lillian.

"My dear" she went on, "You are so bright yet in some ways very naive."

"What's that supposed to mean" I said rather sharply.

"Don't get upset by what I tell you" Lillian went on, "You, we socialise with a very select few people who enjoy not only our sexuality, but in sharing with others. As the saying goes 'variety is the spice of life,' so by having the odd relationships with others actually adds to one's love for our regular mate."

I thought about what she said as I ate, it was true I liked to do whatever I wanted, and with who I wanted and enjoyed this small world I'd been led into. By now of course I'd accepted the fact I was a lesbian and loved it. We continued to eat in silence for a few minutes before Lillian again brought up the subject.

"How do you think she felt when you were enjoying others company."

"Oh she didn't mind" I said, "I think she quite enjoyed it too."

"Of course she wouldn't show you how it might have hurt her inside," she said pointing to her heart. "She loves you so much she cherishes every moment you're with her. Worships the very ground you walk on."

I felt a little anger at this growing inside me, how dare her talk about my relationship with Catherine in this way. Still my instincts told me to keep my mouth shut, what she told me was becoming evident, it was like I was too smug and didn't like being told what was obvious to others. I thought I’d have to talk to Marlene about this.

We finished eating and while we were enjoying tea she went on again. "You know if you really care for her you should make her know it."

"I do" I said, "Or thought I did."

"What I mean is you should make her yours, after all you own her rights, and she waits on you hand and foot."

"How do I do that" I went on.

"Collar her" Lilly said, "Let the community know she belongs to you, which will give her some measure of comfort."

"What do you mean?" I continued.

Lillian went on, "It's like a wedding ceremony in a way, but only with others in our own sexual community in attendance to witness it."

She went on to explain how I would be her Master and she would be my submissive, to serve me in every way. Yet I would be responsible for her conduct and well being, that she would not do anything without my permission, yet I was free to decide what was best for both of us. That included our relationships with others, where I was in control of who she could see, be intimate with whereas I could still do my own thing.

After I dropped Lillian off at her meeting I had over 4 hours where I drove up the coast, stopped at a nice place for lunch then return to the hotel in the city after 2 in the afternoon. I thought of nothing else but our conversation that morning, once I got over the resentment I felt towards Lillian telling me the obvious, I began to think about small things Catherine did for me. I knew I would have to try harder to please her, to make her feel of value. I decided to begin by buying her a gift to give her on my return.

I tried to think about what she might like, but it seemed she had everything; jewellery was always an option, or nice clothes. Clothes I suddenly realised, when we first met how she had worn those plain cotton bloomers, and her stockings held up by rubber bands for garters. I knew she had changed to more modern underwear to please me; perhaps I could get something she would like in that department.

Lillian had arrived back at the hotel before me, and we went to the dining room for some tea. There I told her how I wanted to get something nice for my Catherine.

She agreed it was a wonderful idea, and what did I suggest.

Well I told her about the underwear she had worn when we met, and how I found it to be rather unattractive. Also about the ugly marks the rubber garters had left on her thighs.

She smiled at this, "What are you getting at?" she asked.

"The styles were very similar to what you wear, only yours are so much more attractive" I went on. "Yours are not only more attractive, but more sensuous and erotic that the ugly things she wore. If was to get her a couple of ensembles like yours do you think she would like that?" I asked.

Lillian gave me that smile that by now I was beginning to realise meant she was in full agreement with what I'd said. Again touching my arm said, "I know just the shop for that, let’s drink up and go there."

Following her directions I drove to this beautiful shop that had the most wonderful selections of ladies apparel I'd ever seen. There were manikins around displaying different styles and colours of underwear from France and other countries. For some reason they seemed to be word leaders in erotic styles and catered to all shapes and sizes. I found just what I wanted, although when I saw the price tag I just about dropped. I began to have a rethink about what to buy; Lillian obviously noted my reaction and smiled.

"Let this be my treat for her letting you drive me here, as well as for our wonderful night together. Pick out what you like and get her more than one and something for you."

I picked out a lovely rose coloured chemise and bloomer ensemble in silk I saw on one of the manikin’s, then another in a duck egg blue. I loved the look of them, Lilly told me they were drawers as they didn't have the elastic round the leg openings, instead had a lovely lace trim. I
I also picked up garters that matched, only they were quite wide, about 1.5 inches wide and with that little rosette on the sides. I had realised from Lillian that they wouldn't leave those ugly red marks on her thighs that the rubber bands had done. Now it came to my turn, she asked me what I would like and it was difficult to make up my mind. Finally after much browsing I decided to get a similar outfit for myself, and as I loved the rose coloured ensemble we'd picked. Also I felt it would be a complement to Lillian as well for her generosity.

Lillian was pleased with my selection and bought some things for herself, then had my two gifts for Catherine wrapped separately. We returned to the hotel and placed the packages in our room, then went down to the lounge for a couple of drinks to kill time. I phoned Catherine to tell her we would be staying for one more night, and told her to go out and have a nice evening, and we would most likely be returning in the morning. After an hour or so, Lillian suggested we returned to our room to 'dress for dinner’; I didn't feel the need but was getting used to the ways of the rich and went along with her.

Dinner that evening was not what I expected, not that I knew what to expect. Lillian’s friends were two ladies she has known since her younger day, and one even before her marriage. At first they were rather reserved in their conversations, Lillian assured them I shared similar interests as they had enjoyed over the years. It was clear from the way she talked, Lillian hinted at how we enjoyed the previous evening together. With time as the conversation went on and talking about previous partners they knew they relaxed.

One thing they all had in common was that they all had enjoyed extramarital affairs during their marriages. In fact one of the ladies had been there the afternoon she and Lilly had their first lesbian experiences with other women. It had happened out of boredom apparently, with their husbands being executives who travelled a lot as well as spending long hours at work. Their wives didn't and were not expected to work other than to get involved in charities, so as a result it was a very boring life for them.

So they would get together on occasion in the afternoons for tea or other drinks, play some cards or just chat about the usual family life. Of course there was grumbling about how selfish their husbands were, and how they were not only neglected, but taken for granted. They had to look their best at all times, and be available for social functions. Of course no matter what the occasion they had to take a back seat to their spouses.

One afternoon they were all sitting in this one house sipping sherry. One of them had a little too much liquor, a little more that tipsy as Lilly put it, and began imitating her husband. Soon another woman repeated this, and before they knew it they were all having a good time. It progressed to dancing with one another, and again mimicking men hands started to wander over the others body. It was enough to turn the ladies on as another thing they had in common, was they were starved for affection.

Another thing they had in common was because of what they called there, 'social standing in the community,' they felt they were constantly under a looking glass, and was expected to act with decorum at all times. This of course was very stressful for them so it was only when they were in one another’s company they could really let their hair and knickers down so to speak.

It wasn't just their lesbian attachment either; soon they would look elsewhere to find usually younger lovers. The funny thing was while their husbands had their mistresses, they were always suspicious of their wives. So it was if a man’s wife had another lady friend, he never thought for one minute it might be an intimate relationship.

I did find the dinner to be boring, although Lillian did her best to include me in the conversation. I tried to take an interest but was glad when sometime after 9 PM they said their goodbyes, and Lillian and I were free to return to our hotel.

Once back in our room Lilly got out some wine and poured us both a glass, by now I was becoming quite the wine drinker. Partially because of my job at the restaurant, and as it was favored by the upper classes, I was taking more and more of an interest in the various types. I was still a long way from becoming a connoisseur, but I was beginning to tell some wines by their flavour and comment on them with some kind of authority.

We kicked off our shoes and curled up on a sofa to sip our wine; again Lilly mentioned our relationship and thanked me for being her companion on this trip.

"No I should thank you" I said, "It's truly been a wonderful experience for me, you're quite the lady." With that I lifted my glass in a toast to her.

We decided to have an early night, so as to be ready to leave as soon as we could in the morning. Lillian asked me to turn off the main light as she turned to switch on the bedside light. I did as she asked and for a moment stood by the door and watched her bend over to flick the switch. She favored tube style form fitting dresses from her neck to her knees, yet they did seem to accentuate her figure. For a moment I was able to admire her figure from behind, her waist looked so slim, the dress curving out over her nicely rounded hips. The seams on her nylons perfectly straight behind her legs, then disappearing up under the hem of her dress.

She turned towards me and I started towards her and as we met, she turned her back to me and reached up and undid the clasp at her neck saying, "Would you."

Of course it was an invitation for me to undo her zipper down to her waist. She pulled it down off her shoulders and I looked at the back of her neck, I saw the clasp of her necklace and her shoulders looked so milky white broken only by the thin straps of her slip. I kissed her shoulder and she stood still for a moment as if to savour what I was doing to her, then I felt her straighten up. She eased her dress down over her hips and let it fall to the floor then straightened up.

It was like she knew what I wanted, letting me take control. She leaned her head back as I kissed the side of her neck, my hand moved round to cup her breasts, to feel there roundness through the silk of her slip and the small cups of her Basque. I held her lightly that way, not too firm a grip just like a gentle caress as I made love to her neck and shoulders.

There was no need to hurry, I let my hands wander over her tummy and hips, felt the roundness of her buttocks and down over her thighs. From her thighs I worked back up over her tummy, then down till I felt close to her clit but stopped there. She began moving her body in concert to my caresses, her breathing was getting coarser she moved her head sideways as I moved my kisses from one side of her neck and shoulders to the other.

Unfortunately I was still in my dress as well and my arousal was growing, I had to stop what I was doing to unzip it and let it fall to the floor. Now Lillian turned to face me, with her back to the light her face was in a shadow, but I saw her eyes were shining. She didn't make any moves; she waited as if to let me continue whatever I wanted to do to her. Now I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight in a long loving embrace, my tongue groping deep inside her mouth. She was responding deeply as we played duelling tongues.

Without a word being said it was like we understood each other, she was mine to play with, do whatever I wanted with her. Her hands were on my shoulder blades, softly caressing as mine wandered over her back and bum. I wanted to touch her pussy, feel it's baldness but held off as we had all the time in the world. Her hands moved down slowly over my lower back to my waist, now I was clutching her harder, the silk under my fingers felt exquisite. I pulled her slip over her hips, the slipperiness of the material made it easy as I eased it up over her tits. At this point she stepped back and held her arms up to let me take it off over her head and let if fall to the floor.

She had on a Basque, a very pretty one that held her tummy in and tits up, not that she really needed to. She had a beautiful cleavage and the garment had its zipper down the front, I undid it slowly to reveal the full beauty of her breasts. Once it was unzipped fully I just let it fall, now her whole upper body was mine to enjoy.

Her arousal was growing inside her, her breathing was getting hoarser audible sounds were escaping her lips, yet she seemed content to suffer my touches. Her hands were getting more active on my back, moving up and down to with light caresses, her fingers exploring my buttocks through my knickers. Occasionally she would squeeze my buns, her fingers coming round to run up the crevice between the cheeks. It was like who could suffer the pleasure of their arousal the most, I felt her urgency and her hands roamed up over my back and linger at my bra snap.

She undid it and for a moment I stepped back slightly to let it fall off my arms to the floor. Now we were both naked from the waist up, she pressed her tits against me with a groan. I placed a hand behind her head to hold it as I kissed her hard to stifle it, I felt her press her legs apart as she pressed her groin into mine. I was so high myself it took a great deal of self control not to place my hand between her legs to feel her there. Pressing her torso against me like that I placed a thigh between hers and gripping her arse cheeks pressed my leg into her crotch.

She began to hump my thigh and it was only a few moments before I felt her go still, clutching me and sobbing as she had a climax. It took a few moments to pass then she sank to the floor on her knees, and holding my arse pressed her face into my crotch. I was so randy by this time it must have been soaked from my juices, so there was no objection from me as she pulled my knickers down, and I lifted a foot to free my legs to let her indulge herself.

I can best describe it as she gorged herself on my pussy, and it was only seconds before I finally had a most powerful orgasm. As it surged through me I sank back on the bed in relief, and we waited a few minutes, nothing being said as we just looked at each other in wonder. Lilly was the first to move as she slowly got to her feet holding onto the bed. As if unsure of what to do she placed one knee on the bed to get up and join me, I saw the crotch of her drawers was soaked from her juices. I suspect she had more than one orgasm, she lay down beside me and I turned to face her.

Without making a sound she mouthed, "Thank you" to me as her hand pushed some hair away from my face. Smiling she leaned over to kiss me on my lips, I just let her, they were soft gentle lovers kisses. Laying her head next to mine we just relaxed, looking into each other’s eyes and smiling.

After how long I don't know, she finally got up the crotch of her drawers had turned cold and it was obviously causing some discomfort. She peeled them off and picking up my knickers headed to the bathroom where she rinsed them off, and hung them over the shower rail to dry overnight. I loved looking at her wearing nothing but her nylons, her body so lovely to see and I could tell it was something she was proud of.

She poured us some more wine and brought me a glass, neither of us felt tired, we were in a dream like state in a way just casually relaxing and sipping our drinks. She undid my garter belt and removed it and my stockings, the removed her own. Once we finished our wine we slipped under the covers and caressing each other again, began another round of love making.

We got up early the next morning and shared a bath together, then after drying each other off packed for the trio back home. I was prepared to lug out suitcases and dresses down to the lobby, but Lillian told me to leave them there, that someone would get them for us. We went and had breakfast then I waited while she went to the desk and settled her account. A Bellboy appeared with our things on a trolley and we proceeded out the front door. A few minutes later someone brought the car round and after our things were loaded, Lillian tipped the man and we left.

I drove of course, and how I loved driving her car and we got back to Catherine’s house around 10 in the morning. I unloaded my things there, Catherine was at work, so left her present on her pillow for her to find. Now Lillian took over the wheel and drove me to my restaurant so I could catch up on my paperwork.

As expected there was a message for me to call Mr. Gordon as soon as I got in, I guessed what it was about and knew I'd have to put up with his temper tantrum.

Later in the afternoon when I knew Catherine would be home for work, I phones and asked her to pick me up around 7 PM, and that I would take her to dinner.

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