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My Trip

I drive Lillian to Edinburgh for a meeting
It was a couple of weeks later when Lillian informed us that her meeting in Edinburgh had been arranged for a Friday, and was looking forward to us taking her there.

That week Catherine phoned her to apologize, that due to staff shortages at the library she could not take the time off. They chatted for some time both expressing the usual disappointment at the change of plans; Lillian said it would be a problem for her to reschedule the meeting for another time. However Catherine went on to let her know that, if she wished I would be free to drive her there.

Lilly agreed to this but I admit this change in plans worried me, as Catherine would not be there to hold my hand so to speak. I discussed this with her but she assured me I would be OK, as Lillian knew enough about me by now. "You just have to be yourself and you'll be fine she said."

Still I worried and nagged her about how I should act in public, after all as I mentioned before discretion was of the utmost importance. "Just follow her lead, act like you're her assistant, or niece or whatever so as not to draw any unusual attention to the two of you."

Sounded simple enough but I was already scared of causing embarrassment, saying the wrong thing. I still had to arrange to get the time off work in order to make the trip, after all it was just for the one day I thought, the Friday as the plan was to drive there on the Thursday evening so Lillian would be fresh for her meeting the following morning. After all I was quite busy every day and had never asked for any days off before, and wasn't sure how Mr. Gordon would react on such notice. However I decided I was taking the time off even if it cost me my job, after all I felt this was too good an opportunity to pass up. I decided to wait till after I gave my Boss his 'belly rub,' (as we called out weekly sex) on the Wednesday afternoon before informing him of my plans.

As usual he arrived before two o'clock, and had to wait till about two thirty when all the staff had gone for the day. I had started bringing up a bottle of wine from the wine cellar to help enhance the mood. He had complained about what it cost when I first did it, but I pointed out to him how much it enhanced our lovemaking.

As I wanted to take the Friday off work to drive Lillian to Edinburgh I was determined to really do a number on him, to take my time pleasing him. I was willing to spend more time than usual, and even planned to do it 'bareback' for the first time with him. I had checked the calendar as to when my period was due, and felt it was safe enough.

By now I had him trained to be patient to take our time, after all we had the afternoon and part of the evening to make love. I had tidied up my office so the desk was clear, should I decide to use it as I was to make a special effort to try something different. It began with the usual embraces, French kissing one another as his hands roamed over my body. This time as he started to undo my clothing I did the same to him, he undid my blouse and took it off, and I undid his shirt and took it off. Next my bra then I took off his undershirt so we were both naked from the waist up.

I ran my nails over his chest to excite him as he fondled my tits, he kept trying to get under my skirt, but I made him wait till I felt ready to go further. When I did I undid his belt and fly to pull his cock out, as expected it was as solid as a pole by now and I loved the feel of it. He was expecting his blow job but again I prolonged it till I felt read, I just toyed with it using my hands and nails on his balls and shaft, careful not to go too far to make him cum. As I was doing this his trousers dropped down to below his knees. Mean time his hands were exploring my back and arse, and when I felt him fumbling with the waist of my skirt I let him undo the button and zipper and let it drop to my feet.

Now I moved him backwards till his arse hit the desk, and got him to sit on it. Reaching down I pulled his shoes off followed by his trousers then his underpants, and told him to lie on the desk. Now he lay there in all his glory, naked except for his socks, his cock in my hands stiff and ready for my attention.

In fact I paid attention to most of his body, from his knees up to his neck. Using light touches with my fingertips, lightly scratching him with my nails I pleased him and teased him. I licked his chest and thighs, not neglecting his cock and balls along the way, enough to keep him rigid and wanting. Licking his nipples and nibbling them with my teeth, then slowly moving down to kiss the head of his cock. I loved everything I was doing to him, using all my skills doing what I loved, giving him a most wonderful blow job.

I held his cum in my mouth and kept sucking his cock till it got really limp, then with my hand on his balls I went up and kissed him on his mouth. I released some of his cum out of mine and into his; this startled him and tried to push me away. As I said I had him by his balls and squeezed them hard, this made him call out lifting his knees, but I held him down telling him to lie still.

Knowing his habits by now I reached for his cigarettes, I popped one in my mouth and put one in his mouth then lit them. Next I got out the bottle of wine and poured us both a glass, as I'd have to wait till he was ready again. I listened to his complaining about my spitting his cum in his mouth, and told him if he wanted me to keep sucking his cock he had him to get used to it.

I knew what I wanted next and once we finished our cigarettes and wine he was ready again. Playing with him on the desk had made me horny, and as usual I was very wet. I pressed the crotch on my knickers into myself to get them good and wet, then taking them off I brought them to his face for him to smell. Again he turned his dead away, I told that's how much he excited me and how much I wanted to fuck him, and if he would get down on the floor I'd give him the ride of his life.

He was only too happy to comply, and getting off the desk wanted to fuck me doggie style. I knew I couldn't trust him to control himself, and wanted to get as much pleasure from it for myself as possible. It didn't take too much persuasion to get him to lie on his back on the floor so I could get on top, and I began similar to before by straddling his legs and caressing his upper torso. His cock was soon rigid, but now I wasn't so aggressive playing with it as before.

Still I loved the feel of it and when I felt ready, rubbed my clit against the shaft. He knew what was coming and watched the expression on my face; I placed the head just inside my cunt for a moment to let him feel it then removed it. He tried to raise his hips under me as if to try to force it into me, now in total control I did it again only this time went a little deeper, then back till it was almost out of me and repeat. I kept doing this for a minute till I felt the head against my cervix, now settling down on it to enjoy the feeling. Now with my hands on his shoulders I started to ride him, slowly at first and looking down between us enjoyed seeing his cock sliding in and out of my pussy.

I was coming to a climax and closed my eyes to concentrate on the feeling surging inside of me, it was awesome and just before I peaked felt his cock stiffen and cum. "Oh no" I groaned out loud, "A few more seconds and I could have matched you." I could tell from the puzzled look on his face he didn't have a clue to what I meant, I waited to at least enjoy the feeling of his cum hitting my cervix. Now easing up to let his softening cock slip out of me, I masturbated to finish by giving myself the climax I'd so badly wanted.

Sitting up still straddling him I waited catching my breath, he was babbling on about how great it had been his cum slowly coming out of me and dripping into his pubic hair.

After pouring more wine and we had another cigarette, I tried to explain to him how if he learned to control himself it would last longer. This way he would get more pleasure from the fuck, as well as make it more enjoyable for the woman. I think I might have had better luck talking to the wine bottle, as he didn't seem to understand what the hell I was talking about. I asked him how he did it with his wife, but from his reply it seemed she was content to just let him have his way.

Finally I brought up the subject of taking the Friday off; of course he objected making it sound like the restaurant would go downhill. He complained the staff would steal him blind that I was needed to oversee things; to make sure things ran smoothly. After all Friday was one of our busiest days for both lunch and dinner.

We remained sitting on the floor and I kept topping up his wine as we chatted, not forgetting to keep stroking his cock. All his objections I rebutted, giving him some family illness as an excuse. I wasn't going to give in to him, and as a reward for his generosity offered to let him fuck me his way. With this I turned onto my hands and knees, offering him the opportunity to mount me from behind.

He wasn't much better than before, although he did try to do a better job controlling himself. He fingered my cunt good and entered me more as I'd instructed him before, with slow little strokes getting progressively deeper with each thrust. I in turn rose up on my hands, spread my legs and pressed my arse back to meet his thrusts. He gripped my hips tightly as he fucked me, as this was his third that afternoon he was able to last longer making it more pleasurable for me.

No more was said about the time I would be taking off, so I took that to be his grudging approval.

I took Catherine’s car to work the next day, and left early in order to take time freshen up before leaving. Catherine had packed a small suitcase for me, and laid out the clothes I be wearing for the trip. I took a quick bath and with her help got dressed and had a bite to eat while waiting. Lilly arrived around 6:30 and Catherine placed my stuff in her car, and placed my latest dress in a garment bag on top of Lillian’s on the back seat. I asked why she though there was a need for another dress as we would be gone just for the day, but all she said was, "You never know."

Again the butterflies were doing a number in my stomach; I felt a sense of panic for a moment as we said our goodbyes and got behind the wheel of her Jaguar. I honestly never thought I'd get over the feeling of intimidation I felt in Lilly's presence. I sensed her excitement too and didn't seem the least concerned about me driving her beautiful car.

I took my time getting out of the city; the car was so powerful it seemed to have a mind of its own. Lillian kept talking to me as I drove, that only made me more nervous but didn't want to offend her by saying anything. Once we got out on the open road I was able to relax a little, and began to enjoy the rush of driving fast. There were no seed limits in the roads in those days, and the car just murmured along. It seemed all I had to do was breath on the accelerator, and it would respond with power I'd never experienced before. Fortunately the brakes were just as efficient, although there were a few embarrassing moments braking too hard and almost sent Lillian through the windshield.

Relaxing it seemed to be in no time flat we were on the outskirts of Edinburgh, where there were speed limits and I had to slow down. Following her directions we soon arrived at the hotel where we would be staying. Now the butterflies started up again, I worried as to how I was to behave or say. The doorman opened the car door and we got out, I was told to leave the keys in the car and on leaving followed Lillian into the hotel. Everyone was very nice wishing us a good evening, and Lillian went up to the desk and registered. It was a very posh hotel, and as she was doing this I looked around in wonder.

I saw a man in some kind of uniform with our suitcases on some kind of trolley, and our garment bags hanging from a rack. He was handed a key and something was said, and he bowed and we followed him to the lifts. Finally he led us up to our room, or I should say suite where he hung up out clothes and asked if that would be all. Lillian gave him some money for some reason I wasn't aware of, and he bowed and left the room.

We hung up our coats and Lilly suggested we go have supper in the dining room; I wasn't too hungry myself as I'd had a snack in my restaurant before leaving for the day. However she had to get something to eat so went along with her, the dining room was quite crowded and very classy. We were shown to a table by the Maitre'd' who held the chairs out for us to be seated and handed us menus, he left and a wine waiter came over and offered us a wine list.

Lillian pointed to me to order something so he gave it for me; I scanned the list and thanks to my experience in my own business recognized one I liked.

It was a white chardonnay that I'd had before, and asked Lillian what she thought and she approved. Once he brought the bottle over he poured a sample in my wine glass, I took a sip and nodded my approval and he filled our glasses then departed. Lillian looked very relaxed and attractive; it was like her eyes were smiling. The conversations around us sounded quite lively adding to the atmosphere, and when our meal was served I soon relaxed to enjoy the food.

We took our time; I paced myself following her so we were in concert as we dined. The food was excellent and washed down with the wine, I soon felt quite mellow. After the meal we sat enjoying the wine waiting for the dessert. Lillian reached across the table and placed her hand over the back of mine, "Thank you for taking the time off to drive me here" she said, "I hope you will permit me to show my appreciation later in private."

"No no" I replied, "I should be thanking you for permitting me to not only accompany you, but to drive your lovely car."

This was no mystery as we both knew what she was referring to; her fingers were lightly caressing the back of my hand. She had always seemed so quiet and reserved in public before, I was surprised and pleased at this as I felt she was being quite bold. I felt the stirrings in my loins yet still a little nervous. We spent more than an hour and a half altogether with the meal and chatting, then she signalled for the waiter who brought a form over that she reviewed and signed, and said something to him.

We returned to our suite. Then a few minutes later there came a knock on the door. Lillian answered it and a man came into the room with a bottle of wine and glasses, he laid them down on the table and Lilly gave him a tip then he left us alone.

She opened the bottle and poured us both a glass and handing it to me joined me on the sofa. We clinked glasses toasting each other as Lilly thanked me again for accompanying her. Sitting that close to her I could smell her perfume. It was not too strong, yet the fragrance was delightful. I looked at her hand holding her glass, so well manicured with two rings on her fingers and bracelets on her wrist.

I felt strange for some reason, I was certain sex was coming but wondered how it would begin. I was conscious as she sat so close with her knees together, her legs crossed at her ankles. It was romantic in a way as I sipped my wine; she paid me complements as to how she found me attractive. She put a hand up to my head and brushed my hair back, her fingers were light on my neck. I smiled at her and didn't resist as I liked her touch, her fingers moved round to the side of my neck by my chin, and she gently brought our heads together.

Her first kiss was on my ear, and then moved to my cheek and I felt the slight pressure to turn my head to look at her. I didn't resist as I liked it, the stirring in my loins was getting stronger with each small caress, each kiss. When she kissed me on my lips at first it was light, no tongue probing just light kisses. Our eyes were locked together and I parted my lips slightly to accommodate her, I felt the tip of her tongue as she touched my lips with it, a slight pressure of her hand on my head as she held our embrace. I parted my lips more as she eased her tongue further and further into my mouth, I sucked on her tongue gripping it with my lips before opening my mouth and replying in kind.

We were still holding onto our wine glasses and as I brought my arm around to her shoulder, my glass inadvertently tipped and I spilled wine on her dress. Unfortunately it broke the mood as we both sat up, I apologized but what happened was an accident. Lillian was not upset by this; just put our glasses on the table.

"That's OK" she said, "It has to come off anyway," turning her back to me asked me to 'undo' her.

I unsnapped and unzipped her dress, and she stood up and took it off and went and hung it in the closet. I was amazed when I saw what she was wearing, the most beautiful chemise and knickers’ set I'd ever seen to date. The knickers were the long legged kind that had been fashionable in her day, a lovely rose colour with white frills round her seat and leg openings. As she walked back towards me, the light seemed to dance off the material. I may have mentioned before, she had an almost perfect body a lot of twenty year olds would die for.

Looking at her like that was a definite turn on for me, I was glad I was also wearing a nice silk ensemble under my dress. Lillian held out her hand to me, asking me if I'd like to remove my dress too. I didn't hesitate as I took her hand as she helped me to my feet, I turned and she unzipped me and stepping out of it she took it and hung it up with hers. Returning she smiled paying me a complement on my attire, saying I had good taste.

Lily poured us more wine and sitting down on the sofa, she did so facing me with one leg bent under her, and the other foot on the floor. I did the same mirroring her so we sat facing each other. Although I was horny, I still felt shy and perhaps a little intimidated in her presence. She seemed different from the other women I'd been with, more refined I suppose.

As if reading my mind, Lillian set her glass down and slid closer to me so our knees were touching. Placing a hand on the side of my face and looking directly into my eyes whispered, "May I touch you?"

I didn't answer; I just gave a slight nod of my head in response. Her voice was hoarse; I could see the passion in her eyes, on her face. Her lips were slightly apart and moist in like a kind of half smile; bringing her other hand onto my face she drew it closer to hers so she could kiss me. Softly, a very gentle kiss at first then with more passion as I responded kissing her back. I was aware of the softness of her hands as she moved them down, onto my shoulders then back, caressing me with slight movements of her fingers. I felt her tongue probe into my mouth and I opened it to accommodate her, I sucked on her tongue hard then pressed mine into her as she pulled my body against hers in our embrace.

Breaking off for a moment she placing her hand back on my cheek and whispered, "Thank you you're so beautiful."

I smiled in response looking directly into her eyes. Quite the lady I thought, for all her wealth and social standing she obviously had the same feelings inside as other women. I'm sure she saw the lust on my face as she leaned forward and embraced me again, with more passion as before. Her hands on my back unsnapped my bra, her soft hands rubbed over my bare back from my shoulders to my waist. I loved the feeling, I was tingled inside, my pussy wet and aching for her touch.

As we broke apart again she slipped the straps of my bra off my arms, casting it aside she now sought to caresses my tits with her fingertips. I loved how they made me feel, I arched my back to press them into her hands and watched her play with them. Gently she would grip my nipples between her forefinger and thumb, pulling slightly on them for a moment before letting go to continue to caress my breasts and repeat. I was amazed as the feelings inside me rose to the surface, I orgasmed. It was hard to believe I couldn't control it; I gasped with the force of it and leaned on her.

She knew what was happening and gave me a moment to enjoy the feelings surging through my body. Smiling at me I knew she was pleased with how she had pleased me, she hadn't touched me below my waist although I wanted her too.

Lillian picked up our wine glasses and handing me mine, held hers up and we toasted one another. Setting mine back down I now reached for her chemise and pulled it out of her bloomers and up, she accommodated me by lifting her arms and letting me remove it. She was wearing the prettiest rose coloured bra that matched her bloomers, and no resistance as I unclasped it and removed it. She had nice breasts, yes a little saggy but well proportioned; her nipples were larger than mine and the surrounding areolas darker in colour. Holding them in my hands I complimented her on them, they were so soft and I told her how beautiful they were.

"Thank you" she whispered, "I'm glad you like them, I want you to like them, to like me, to let me love you." "You can do what you want with me; make me do what you want to you."

I silenced her by pressing my mouth against her in a French kiss, my tongue probing into hers letting her suck on it. Now it was my turn to please her as I began to caress her tits. With my one foot on the floor I lifted myself slightly to let her uncurl her leg and place it along the back of the sofa, now I could lean her back onto the cushions with me above her.

She responded quickly to my touch, I knew how to please a woman and used all my skills to bring her pleasure. Soon she was gasping and moaning to my light touches and caressing of her tits. I brought my head down to kiss and suckle them in addition to my strokes, she was squirming underneath me her cries and moans increasing till calling out she had her climax.

She grabbed my hair and held me tight, kissing me hard as she enjoyed her pleasure. I felt her relax still holding me, and whispered sweet nothings to me as I continued to hold her in return. We were both so high from the loving I wanted more, she wanted more I could tell. I moved a hand down to feel her pussy; the crotch of her bloomers was soaked with her juices. I held her mound pressing the material into her crevice, but it didn't feel quite right. I didn't feel any pubic hair through them; I'd never experienced this before.

I was leaning over her as I rubbed her, pressing her back gently into the cushions of the sofa. Her breathing was pronounced, and I felt her press her legs further apart to accommodate my caresses. Still feeling her that way, the lack of pubic hair was something new to me at that time; I just had to see it.

I stopped what I was doing to her and sat up; I saw the puzzled look on her face.

"What" she said.

Then from the look on my face as if reading my mind, didn't say anymore, just kept smiling at me. I moved back a bit and went to pull her bloomers down, Lillian knew what I wanted, lifting her hips as she brought her knees together to accommodate me. I pulled them down to below her knees and saw a most beautiful sight; her pussy was completely devoid of hair.

Not only that but her stockings were held up with garters, not the plain rubber bands Catherine used to use. These were more decorative, over and inch wide with artificial bows on the outside of each leg. Also she had not rolled her stocking tops over them, rather pretty I thought.

One think about Lillian she certainly wasn't shy about her feelings or body, in fact as I was to learn she was rather proud of her figure. Now she lay there smiling at me, her legs wide open for me to admire her. Her pussy looked beautiful with a kid of hue if that's the right description, the lack of hair made her mound seem to protrude more than others I'd seen. It looked like a tennis ball in a way, with her slit slightly open and of course wet.

I touched it with my fingertips, it felt so smooth, no feeling of any hair stubble, just a lovely wet texture as I stroked around the slit. I made eye contact with her and she was smiling, sticking her tongue out in a rather suggestive manner. I slid my two middle fingers into her and placed my thumb on her clit, moving her hips up my hand I began to masturbate her.
Slowly just a little at a time at first, I knew this was agonising for her. She held her own tits massaging them and pulling on her nipples, her hip thrusts getting more vigorous. The look on her face changed to one of anxiety, yet I continued to tease her slowly.

Leaning over her again I slipped my forefinger into her along with my other two, and began to stroke her faster and faster. I saw the look on her face change to one of pure pleasure, her eyes closed as her feelings grew in intensity. I felt her convulse as her orgasm hit, and at that moment I left my fingers buried deep inside her. With the heel of my hand above her mound gripped it tight, and held it till I felt her relax as the convulsions quieted.

Lying there for a moment quiet unabashed and smiling at me said.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," she said smiling at me, "you enjoyed that too?"

"Oh yes" I admitted, "very much so." By now of course I was almost dripping myself from my own arousal, and was now more than ready for her to treat me.

There was no need for words as Lilly could see I was ready for some loving myself, she swung the one leg over my head till both her feet were on the floor. Standing up she took my hand and helped me to my feet, picking up the wine bottle and our glasses led me to the bedroom. Setting them down on the bedside table, she turned smiling at me then gave me a deep kiss. The adrenaline was pumping through me I was so randy, now I grabbed her hair and kissed her hard and bit her lip. Getting impatient my voice was hoarse as I whispered something like, "I want you to fuck me, fuck me good and hard."

"Oh I will darling" she said, "And I won't stop loving you till you're completely satisfied, now if you will permit me."

With that she knelt on one knee and pulled my knickers down, I lifted first one foot then the other so she could remove them altogether. Next she undid my stockings and removed my garter belt, and then I sat on the bed so she could remove my shoes and stockings. Now she went to remove her own shoes and stockings, I stopped her there asking her to leave them on, I loved the feel of nylon on my skin, both wearing and on my partner.

Smiling at me she whispered, "I like that" now she leaned over me pressing my back onto the bed as she kissed me passionately. Leaning on her forearms she held my head as she did so, long passionate kisses, her tongue reaching deep into my mouth. Moving round she kissed and tongued my ear for a moment, before moving down slowly over my neck and shoulders. I was aware of her legs pressing against the outside of mine, as if to hold me still to enjoy loving me.

I went to hold her and she took a moment to take hold of my wrists, and held them alongside my head. I didn't resist and for a moment I could look down between our bodies, her tits hung like perfect twins tipped by nipples larger and darker than mine. Further down her belly flat down to her hips, and between the top of her thighs her beautiful hairless mound protruded.

The view was soon blocked as she resumed kissing and licking my chest, taking her time her head moving from side to side. Her tongue found my breasts; she flicked it around and around my nipples giving me an agonizing pleasure. Finally taking one in her mouth to suck it, gently at first then with more force as she tried to get my whole tit in her mouth. First one then the other and in no hurry to move on, biting them gently and pulling on my nipples with her teeth. The mild pain was adding to the adrenaline rush I was beginning to experience, I began to moan from the pleasure. She glanced up at me and I could see in her eyes she was really enjoying what she was doing to me.

My arousal was growing inside me and I was nearing the brink. Just then as if she knew my feelings she moved on, kissing her way down to my belly button where she stopped again to tongue me. By now her arms were out stretched, I felt her tits brush against my skin for a few moments, then let my wrists go and moved back from me. This permitted me to open my legs slightly, she moved to kneel between my legs and place her hands on my hips. Now she resumed kissing my body at the edge of my pubic hair, then down nibbling at it till I felt her tongue on my clit. I had a hard time keeping still, I called out to her and she sat back for a moment. I lifted my legs up and she resumed kissing my pussy, I placed them on her shoulders for a moment, then the pleasure made me lift them up and hold them apart to give her full access to my cunt.

She wasn't at all shy about tonguing me, pressing her face into my crotch as her tongue reached deep inside. It took only a few moments before the stars burst over me, a most powerful and beautiful orgasms making me cry out from the pleasure. She was holding me by my hips pressing her face into me, I bucked from the force of it and then didn't make her let go, in fact she tongued me harder than ever till a few moments later I came again. Lillian kept at it till I enjoyed a third orgasm before finally letting up.

Now she crawled up beside me and we kissed, her breathing a little ladored from the exertion we held each other just enjoying the moment. Soon we got up and she removed her stockings and garters, we got under the covers and cuddled up to each other. With a feeling of contentment I soon fell asleep in her arms.

I slept soundly and awoke early, nature called and I slid out of bed and went to the bathroom. Returning I saw she was still sound asleep on her side, her legs curled up slightly in a fetal position. Like the song says, "the morning sun really shows your age" and it was true, I assumed she must have been about 40 years my senior. I was still naked; sitting on a chair wrapped my arms around my knees and just sat and looked at her sleeping so peacefully.

She had one arm up alongside her face as she slept; her shoulders exposed the covers ending around the middle of her back. She was not unpleasant to look at, in fact for her age she was still a very handsome lady. I knew she wanted an early start to the day as she had this meeting to attend to, and considered waking her up.

I moved round to her side of the bed, on impulse I gently pulled the covers off her to the bottom of the bed. Now she lay there in all her glory for me to see, I hoped when I got to her age my body would be half as nice as hers. Gently I kissed her cheek and she stirred, I kissed her again and as she turned onto her back she straightened her legs out. Now I sat on the edge of the bed as she woke up, I kissed her again whispering, "Good morning."

"You're beautiful" she replied, holding her arms out to me we embraced. "That was a beautiful evening" she went on, "did I please you?"

"Oh yes you certainly did, you're a very skilled lover" I went on. As I continued to kiss her I felt her hands round my shoulders and down my back, such light caresses with her so soft hands were wonderful. I went to get into bed with her, but instead of moving over to make room for me, she pulled me on top of her. I loved it as she lifted her legs alongside my hips, tits to tits we kissed and caressed as I pressed my pussy against hers. Crossing her legs behind my back, I felt her press her mound against mine.

Clit to clit I began to ride her with slow deliberate strokes, increasing the frequency and pressure she matched my thrusts by pressing up. Our faces were just inches apart, low moans began to escape from her lips. I saw the lust in her eyes, her tongue darting out to lick her lips as she mouthed, "Fuck me."

And fuck her I did, I fucked her harder and harder till with a cry she went stiff as her climax hit. I kept thrusting and a few moments later, joined her with an orgasm of my own. I collapsed on the bed beside her, with a kiss she extracted herself from under me and holding herself ran to the bathroom.

I heard to toilet flush the sound or running water, I realized she was filling the bath tub and a few minutes later invited me to join her in the bath tub.

Slowly as we bathed she chatted about her plans for the day, she had her meeting to attend starting at 10 o'clock. She expected to return around 2 - 3 PM, but that I was free to use her car for the day. She was taking a taxi back to the hotel after her meeting, so I had lots of time to sightsee.

It was still early when after our bath we got dressed, around 8 AM but she liked to take her time over breakfast. During it she asked me if I was in a hurry to get back home, to which I said "No."

Lillian told me she had a couple of friends in the city she hadn't seen in a few years, and would like to invite then to join us for dinner. I had no objection and said so, and then she went on to suggest that we could stay for another night and leave in the morning.

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