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My wife's daughter: Second half

My wife's daughter: Second half

Callie, and Riley have some more fun.
I was actually having sex with my cute step daughter. It was odd, but pleasurable. Then she asked if she could return the favor, by eating me out. What could I say, she had me defenseless. I was just laying there ever so steadily, and then she began undoing my shorts. She let my green thong make an appearance, and it was go time. 'Would I completely regret letting this happen', that was the big question. I was sure this wouldn't end our marriage. Anyway, she pulled off my shorts, and came in towards my wet pussy. I still had my thong on, but she still got a big whiff of my glistening pussy.

"Oh, that's good, Callie. My mom is so damn lucky," she let me know.

"I won't argue that point," I put on the record.

She kissed my pussy through my thong, and got it really wet. It seemed that she was teasing me, and that just wasn't gonna fly.

"If you are gonna fuck me, then fuck me, Riley. If you tease your step mom, you are gonna regret it," I warned her.

I knew I felt bad, but if I came this far, there was no reason to turn back. She slowly pulled off my green thong. Then she just appreciated a work of art you could say.

"Holy shit, this is one sexy pussy," she said quite clearly.

"Thank you, my dear step daughter," I let her know.

She was nervous of course, but she still managed to lean down towards my pussy. I was begging for her to fuck me. She was the spitting image of her mom, and she was one incredibly hot fox.

"Sorry, this is my first time. I can only go off what I've seen on some porn movies," she confessed.

"You've seen lesbian porn movies?" I wondered.

She blushed a bit, because I guessed she was embarrassed. She got up, and went towards her dresser. Right behind it, were a few lesbian DVDs. I seriously had no idea she was even curious.

"I've wanted to talk to you about this for a little while now. I'm embarrassed, I just like watching them," she confessed, as she set them on the bed.

She had a small fine assortment of DVDs there. Some, I had actually seen myself. Then I had to wonder, was she in the closet?

"Are you wondering if you are a lesbian?" I pondered.

"I guess. I accidentally saw you two do it once before, and I just liked it. I bought a Penthouse first, and I masturbated to it many times. Then I bought a few DVDs too, and I just didn't know what to think," she explained.

I felt for her, I was in her boat before too. Even though I had never been with a man, it was still a confusing time for me. Then I began to strip, and I was naked with her in about a minute. She smiled quite widely, and she definitely loved what was right before her. Then I took her hands, and put them right onto my boobs. She was nervous, and it seemed like she was about to explode. I put my hands onto hers, and rubbed them on my tits.

"Do you like that, Riley?" I wondered.

Her mouth was wide open, and then she began to drool. I never got a much younger woman to drool, and that was very meaningful to me. Whether or not we knew where this was going exactly, in that moment, it was just us together.

"Kiss me, Riley. Kiss me the way your mom does, now," I commanded her.

She leaned right over to me, and gave me a big kiss right on the lips. Just as I thought, it was just like a big kiss from her mom. Then we began making out passionately for a couple minutes, and we both put our arms around each other. If she was curious about being a lesbian, maybe her mom wouldn't be too mad about this. Although, she maybe offended that Riley didn't come to her with it. Anyway, if she was gonna be a lesbian, she would need to know how to eat pussy. So, I was proud to teach her the basics.

"Are you ready to learn how to eat pussy, Riley?" I pondered.

She smiled very widely for a minute, and then I laid down flat on my back. She got onto her knees, and just got close to me. She was nervous, but she still really wanted to do it. So, I leaned up, and gave her a big kiss.

"Just be thankful that you get to learn on your step mom," I whispered.

I laid back down, and she very slowly leaned in towards my glistening pussy. It was begging for her, and then she stuck her tongue out. She put the very end of her tongue right on the top of my pussy. I felt a small tingle right there, and it was quite a breath of fresh air. I had her mom eating me out with some sharp skills, but I had a some fresh meat you could say. I could teach her, and turn her into a pussy eating machine.

"Just lick it up and down, and make me feel good, Riley," I muttered.

I had her smiling quite widely again, and I had a lot of pride in that. She very slowly gave my pussy a nice and long lick. I moaned the entire time, and she didn't love it at first.

"Do it again, you'll learn to love it," I let her know.

Then she stuck in a couple fingers into my pussy, which surprised me. She spread out my pussy lips a bit, and had me begging a bit more. I had my head back, and eyes closed, but I imagined that she still had that nervous look. Maybe she was afraid she couldn't satisfy me. She slowly put her tongue into my pussy, and just began moving it around slowly. She really didn't know what she doing, but I sure as hell admired her enthusiasm.

"Don't be nervous, Riley. I'm your step mom, I'm not gonna make fun of you. Just take your time if you need to, but bring out your kinky side. You know you can make me purr, now do it," I told her.

Maybe that was coming down a little hard, but I knew she was gonna be a hardcore lesbo, just like her mom and me. I was unsure when I started, but now, I have no regrets. She had her tongue in my pussy still, and I thought I'd give her some real encouragement.

"Yes, my sweet, and young, step daughter. Don't stop, keep going in there deep. Get it in there as deep as you can," I moaned.

She smiled again, and brought out her kinky side. She searched for my g-spot, which wasn't all that hard to find. Although, sometimes the wait is better. Anyway, she began moving her tongue rather quickly, and then I had to put my hands onto her head. She took that as a sign of gratitude, and I saw her smiling at me again. She knew then, I was actually being pleasured.

"I guess watching those movies, did teach me something," she put on the record.

"I'm glad, now keep fucking me," I commanded her.

She had no problem with that at all. She fucked me with her tongue and fingers for another minute. After that, she pulled her fingers out. She knew they would be drenched, but she was really surprised just how drenched they actually were. She looked at her fingers for a minute, and I guessed she was just beyond stunned.

"All that came from you?" she wondered.

"I loved to be fuck by beautiful women, Riley," I replied.

She curious about how it would taste off her fingers. So she began licking them a bit, and she steadily going down that lesbian road. She was grinning quite widely, and then, I leaned up. I put my right hand onto her pussy, and rubbed it really slowly. She looked down, with her mouth wide open. I brought my hand up to my mouth, and she watched me lick my hand clean.

Then I got onto my knees with her, and got really close to her. Our boobs touched, and I loved the feel even more than her. She was a nice, and young lesbian in training. Well, that's my idea of a good time. I was having one hell of a time, and she was too. We pressed our boobs against each other, and then put our hands onto each others butts.

"Damn, my wife has one hot daughter," I mentioned.

"Thank you, for having sex with me, Callie. It was really sweet of you," she let me know.

"Your welcome, but it was a great pleasure," I told her.

It seemed that I didn't need to teach her, I just had to unleash her kinky side for her. Then she put her right hand onto my pussy again, she obviously liked that. She rubbed it for a minute, and then brought it up to her mouth. She licked it for a minute, as she kept her eyes on me.

"You've really never been with a man?" she pondered.

"Not even once. I did it with your mom, and I swore I'd be with women forever," I explained.

"What about kids, didn't you ever want your own daughter?" she wondered.

"You don't think of yourself as my daughter too?" I asked.

"Well, I think of you as my second mom, but you know what I mean," she told me.

"I guess I just never really thought about it. Life just happened, and kids just never came into the equation, I guess," I explained.

She kissed me again, and just smiled at me.

"You aren't even forty yet, tell my mom you wanna go to a sperm bank or something. She told me several times growing up, that she literally couldn't be more thankful that she became pregnant with me. I think you should have the same joy, I'm just saying," she told me.

We talked for quite a while, but we had sex a few more times too. We were done by time Amanda came back. She never knew what we did, because we never told her. We came close to telling her, when Riley told her that she was interested in women. That was two months after that night. Obviously, Amanda accepted her daughter's sexual orientation, and even set her up with a few women. I talked to Amanda about having a baby, and she actually loved the idea. So a few months after that, I was getting a big belly. Now Riley and I, are really close, and she can't wait to have a little brother or sister. I had been through a lot of sexual experiences, but I'll never forget that one night with my wife's daughter.
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