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My Wife's First Time

Husband watches as wife is fucked by a family friend
My wife (Jane) and I (Kyle) had been married for 8 years the night of my wife’s first lesbian experience. It was the middle of summer our two kids were visiting their grandparents for the summer. It was nice having the house to ourselves for the two months they were gone. During this time we would live out our fantasies that we talked about during the first few years of our marriage and not have to worry about our little ones catching us in the act.

We had compiled a big list of ideas such as role playing, having sex in public places and such, one we always agreed on was her having an experience with another woman while I watched. This summer we decided to live out that fantasy and she decided to pick our friend Megan to be that person. Megan had been our family friend for several years at this point and next to my wife was a very attractive woman.
Talking with my wife we decided that we would invite her over for dinner and when she gets to the house my wife would say that I had an emergency at work and had to go in for a few hours but for the two of them to go ahead and eat and have a great night as I would probably be back very late. When in reality I would be in my office on the other side of the house sitting behind my computer watching the nanny cam we have set up.

The night of the dinner my wife put on one of her most amazing dresses that went down to her knees but clung tight to her ass and showed quiet a good amount of cleavage. I couldn’t help myself and popped one of her nipples out and placing it in my mouth for a quick tease. She smiled and brushed some of her hair to behind her ear and said “Get in your office, Megan is going to be here in a little bit”. As I went to my office she gave me a pat on the ass and a wink. As I settle in my chair I heard the door bell ring and turned on my nanny cams to see my wife flashing her tits to the camera before opening the door to let Megan into the house.
Megan came in wearing a pair of khakis, a white tank top under a blue button up shirt that the buttons stopped just beneath her breasts, her dark hair falling straight to her shoulders. The two women hugged and went into the living room Megan looked a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to be there that night. As they sat down on the couch my wife had already pulled out a bottle of wine and two glasses as she poured our guest a glass I plugged in my headphones to listen to what the women were talking about.
Over the next hour the two women talked gossip, life, and a variety of other topics. The two sat next to each other my wife staring into Megan’s eyes while Megan sipped her fourth glass of wine. The topic went to that of fantasies as Megan said she had always wanted to have a fling with someone without any consequences.
Jane hearing this bit her lip and smiled and agreed with Megan placing her hand on Megan’s leg. Megan looked down at my wife’s hand then back up to her and said “So how long is Kyle going to be gone?” while licking her lips. Moving closer to her Jane said, “Not…”, and placed a kiss on her lips “For a long…” then another, “Long time.” As my wife fell on top of Megan kissing her and placing her hands along the side of her face.
Megan began kissing her back placing her hands on the small of Jane’s back. Jane moved her hand from the side of Megan’s face down her neck and started to caress Megan’s breast, she gasped in surprise, and moved her hand onto Jane’s tight ass and squeezed while continuing to kissing Jane. After a few seconds Jane’s hand moved again to the bottom of Megan’s shirt and went underneath it to play with her now erect nipples. Jane pulled away from Megan’s lips and started to pull off her shift to reveal her bra and within a second the bra was falling to the floor.

They resumed kissing for a brief moment as Jane started to kiss Megan’s neck and work her way down to her breast. With each lick and nibble Megan would gasp for air. While my wife pleased her she slipped her hands into the top of my wife’s dress and released her breast from the top and tweaked her nipples. This continued for a few moments then Jane started to kiss Megan’s belly while undoing the button and the zipper of her pants. “Not so fast there” Megan stopped her. Jane sat up thinking she wanted to stop entirely when she pushed her down and started to play with her tits, moving the should straps of her dress and pulled it down to her waist.

Now the two topless women continued their play. Megan slowly began to move down to my wife’s stomach. Pulling the dress down and off of my wife along with the panties she was wearing my wife now lay naked in front of her lover legs open wide and dripping wet from all of the excitement. Megan began slowly from her belly bottom through her cleanly shaved pubic area to the lips of her pussy and starts to lick and eat my wife out.

Jane loses herself to her passion as Megan eats her out going on she placed one finger inside of my wife’s pussy as she it flicking her clit with her tongue. As she did this my wife’s screams of pleasure echoed through the house. After one final burst of pleasure Megan pulled away from my wife’s pussy and placed a sloppy kiss on her lip. Jane took this time to lick to last of her juices off of Megan’s face. Now it is your turn my wife said and pushed Megan back onto her back and removed her pants but left her panties on, though it was evident that they were soaked all the way through.
Jane went to licking Megan’s nipples and slid her hand down to the other woman’s panties and started to tease her clit. I could tell that was not what Megan wanted as she started to pull her panties aside so that she could feel my wife’s fingers going inside of her. Jane acknowledge this and placed her fingers inside Megan’s hot wet pussy, with each thrust from her fingers Megan would push back allowing her fingers to go deeper inside of her. After a few minutes Jane removed her fingers and licked them clean.

My wife clearly enjoying the taste of another woman’s juices she then moved down toward Megan’s vagina it has a very thin bush just about her clit. Once Jane was down there she wasted no time in starting to eat out her first pussy. As she licked and lapped and teased the other woman’s engorged clit Megan’s juices streamed down her cheeks and her chin. All Megan could afford to say was, “yes, more” over and over again it was clear that Megan was building to a final orgasm as her body tensed up and she let out a scream I was sure that the neighbors had heard her scream.
The two women lay there for a moment in each other’s arms, my wife whispered something into Megan’s ear, and Megan with a look of shock shook her head and with that the two women got up. Jane leading her into the back of the house thinking they were going to go to the bed room where we have some toys they could play with I switched my camera to my bedroom and didn’t see the two women. Instead I felt a hand on my shoulder turning my chair around to see the two women I had just been watching. As my wife said “Are you done watching now would you like to play?”

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