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Mysterious Brunette

I glanced at her tender, soft thighs. The lust to kiss in-between them, to taste her sweetness
I had just started at University, the days were long and hectic. Where are the lectures in this big building? And what's the difference between lectures and tutorials? And a seminar? What the hell does that even mean? I sighed impatiently at the back of the line, waiting to get a photo taken for The I.D Cards. I bit my bottom lip gently, a habit of mine when I got anxiety. I looked around the library. Everyone was so different at University yet all fit in at the same time in their own unique way. It was University, serious education now; if you're going to be paying this much then you sure as hell aren't going to slack off. I shuffled forward in the line feeling as if I had been in the queue all day.

"Um, here's my driver's license is that okay for I.D?" She handed him it but didn't await an answer. "And here's my confirmation form." The brunette smiled gently, she had bright red lipstick and an aura of confidence around her.

"Just take a seat in the chair." The man behind the computer pointed to the chair at the back of the room, surrounded with white screens and a camera in front of it.

"Ready? One...Two...Thee... " He said and the photo was taken. I could see the screen from where I was standing and it looked like a models photograph. How a girl gets that pretty is beyond me.

She stood up and started to walk away towards the exit of the library. Her bracelets jingled, her boots echoed on the tile floors, and her floral dress swayed back and forth. Before she walked out of the library our eyes met. Not a usual meeting of eyes by strangers, but as if she knew me? A cold shiver ran down my spine. To even acknowledge my existence was a bonus, and now I was filled with curiosity to find out who this mysterious beautiful girl was.


The breeze was chilly, but the sun still shone. I hugged my leather jacket tighter to myself, shivering and taking a drag off my cigarette. My friends hated school, so they wouldn't be caught dead attending university out of their free will. This caused my first few weeks to be lonely. I went to class, had a cigarette in my breaks and then caught the bus back home. It allowed me to concentrate better on doing my work, but it was lonely sometimes. Since the photo I.D, things at University felt routine now. I knew my way around, having no friends gave me the ability to wander and explore around the campus. My smoke was almost burnt up- I took one last drag and threw in on the ground, stomping it with my converse.

"I hope you plan to pick that up!" A girls voice came from behind me. Oh great, I have a greeny on my case. Rolling my eyes I turned around.

"Excuse me but-" I stopped my sentence when I saw the warm smile and red lipstick. It was the mysterious brunette.

"But?" She smiled cheekily and walked closer to me. "You still shouldn't litter your butts, no matter what you're excuse is, sweetheart." Coming from someone else this would probably cause me to outbreak in a rage, but from her it was different. The words sounded like she was having a go at me, but the way she said it, I could tell her intentions were not malicious.

"You've got me!" I picked the butt up and flicked it into bin. "Do I know you?"

"Maybe..." She bit her lip, a habit we both must share but her lip biting was mischievious and cheeky. What was it about her that I couldn't get out of my head? The flirtatiousness about her, what was she planning? What did she want from me?

"Okay... well, do you have a name? "

"Evalan, but call me Evie." She sat down on the grass and pulled out her planner. "Hmmm... English lecture next or... I could go somewhere fun!" She spoke to herself aloud and then looked up at me. "What do you have now?" she smiled.

"Ummm... Psychology? Why's that?" Was she going to ask me to skip class and go off with her on a crazy adventure? Didn't she care about her grades?

"Now you have Evie time!" She giggled, got up and before I knew it she was pulling me by the arm leading me to the car park. I couldn't be bothered arguing and I had been up to date with all my classes so one lecture skipping wouldn't hurt. I get to spend it with a mysterious hotty so a win-win. I wonder if she's gay also? Does she know I'm gay and that's why she's giving me all these cheeky signals? Should I kiss her? No, that's stupid I hardly know her... or maybe I do she didn't properly answer..

"This is my car, get in." She demanded, winking at me.

"Yes your highness!" I laughed and sat in the passenger side of the Holden Barina. She had Hello Kitty plushes everywhere. "Hello Kitty fan, I see?" Looking at the Hello Kitty dangling from the rear-view mirror.

"Just a little bit!" She reversed the car out of the parking space and turned the radio on. The only thing on my mind was 'What did I get myself into?"


Evie's apartment was small but tidy. She was very feminine with all the floral decor, girly magazines spread out on the coffee table, incense and candles, more Hello Kitty merchandise and cat ordaments. She placed her keys on the kitchen bench and opened up the cupboard above the sink.

"OJ and vodka?" She asked, and before I could answer she was already handing me a glass. "Sit on the couch, make yourself comfortable. She kicked her boots off to the front door, and pulled me beside her on the couch."Now then, Rachel... Do you remember me?" 

I downed the alcohol and sat up to get another drink. "No, I honestly don't. Sorry." How does she know my name?

"Can you get me another also?" She handed her glass over and I poured another two drinks. I hadn't drank in months and was never a big drinker, with the exception of special occasions, so I was already feeling typsy. "Rachel, you don't remember New Years Eve 2012? A new years kiss with a girl? You then.... you know, with that girl? "

I sat trying to recall the events of that New years Eve party two years ago. How come she can remember so clearly and I can't? "Were you that girl, Evie?" I asked, awaiting confirmation.

"Yes, I think that is obvious. You might not remember me but that night was special to me in a way that you can't get back. A losing of something, so to speak. " She paused. "But don't think I'm a loser please and I didn't tell you at the time because I didn't want things to be weird!" She blurted fastly and gulped her entire drink in a few seconds. "It was just a screw to you, but you mean something to me and it's weird if you don't even know my name at the very least." She got out a small ziplock bag with a small amount of marijuana in it, only enough to roll one, maybe three joints at the most. When she finished making two joints, she lit them both and handed one to me.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, dragging on the joints. The marijuana effects were starting. My last moments of being sober I whispered. "You know, you could have told me, I wouldn't have cared. I'm sorry I didn't get in contact with you." Then my head was lost to the drug.


I glanced at her tender, soft thighs. The lust to kiss in-between them, to taste her sweetness. Before I could blink she was lifting her dress over her head, I rose to my feet to help her. She tossed the dress to the side and began to help me with my blouse. She unbuttoned the first buttons, and the excitement in me burned. She looked into my eyes, bit her lip and gave me sweet kiss, unbuttoning the rest of them. Her breasts were volumpscuous and her lacy bra barely contained them, they'd easily be an E cup. Her whole body was curvier than mine, me having only a D cup and my hips weren't as wide as hers. She had the perfect hour-glass figure. And I took her virginity?

We were now both braless, her sitting on me tickling my breasts with her tongue. I let our a sweet moan, her tongue felt so good. I wonder how good it'd feel somewhere else? I pondered, stroking her huge breasts with my fingers, teasing her. I was increasingly becoming wetter, imagining all the things I could do with her. I could feel she, too was just as horny. Her moist sweetness was soaking through her black g-string and onto my hip. I kissed her, deeply and tenderly. Our tongues twirled in each other's mouths and I moaned on her mouth as she squeezed my nipple. I put my hand through her hair and grabbed her head, pulling her closer to me. She was laying flat on top of me, the weight of her breasts were heavy on mine but I liked the feeling. Our nipples touching as we passionately kiss, I don't know how much more I can take of this.

I sat up, our mouths still connected and our hands rubbing along each other's bodies. I pushed her back onto the couch and pinned her wrists down as I kissed her neck. She let out a sigh. I kissed down to her breasts, slowly and gently kissed her nipples. Kissing them, and licking them, they became erect and darker. She played with my hair at the same time and moaned. I gave her one last kiss on the lips and went down past her breasts. I kissed her stomach, licking around her belly button. She shivered and shifted her body, edging me to go down further. I looked back at her and smile. The desire in her eyes, the way her eyes begged for it.

Her thighs were silky and smooth I kissed around them and she moaned. My fingertips trailed around her panty line and swiftly pulled them down her legs, kissing as I went down to her feet. I chucked them to the floor. Her sweet flower was exposed to me, hairless and beautiful like her. I kissed back up her leg, and she twitched and squirmed, her excitement made me so wet. I was longing to taste her. I kissed her clit, she let out a sigh. I licked around her labia, and down to her vagina. I tasted her sweetness, my tongue entered her vagina and she moaned. I licked around the opening of her vagina, she was wet and wanting me. I licked back to her clit and got my hand, rubbing her thighs and then to the opening of her vagina.

"Please..." She moaned, moving my hand so that my finger inside of her. She moaned and squeezed on my arm. I licked her clit and moved in and out of her with my fingers. She panted happily and moaned. "Yes.. Oh God...Don't stop." She pleaded and my pace got faster. I penetrated her with another finger and fucked her hard and fast. I licked her clit in sync with smooth rhymthmic strokes.

I could feel her vagina start to pulsate around my fingers and she dug her fingers into my hair, pulling it, biting her lip and starting to climax. My speed increased and she curled her toes, grabbed me tighter and came in my mouth, letting out a moan that sounded something like my name. Her coming had taken me to the edge. I was beyond horny, I needed something also.

I took my own panties off, they were drenched by now and shuffled myself up her body so that my vagina was in her face. "I thought you'd never ask" She giggled still breathless from her own orgasm. She grabbed my thighs and pulled her face to my vagina. Squeezing my bum cheeks she smelt my scent, breathing it in. She licked me, my whole body tingled. She then spanked me on the ass and I sat down on her face. She licked me back and forth, my clit pulsating with desire.

She felt so good and obviously knew what she was doing. She stroked my clit harder and got a finger and penetrated my asshole. I sighed relief. She remember I'm an anal girl. She fingered me deeply in the ass and licked me hard. It wasn't long before my orgasm was building. Her licks passionate and her fingering amazing. I had never experienced something so great. I yelped and my clit pulsated, I squirted into her mouth and she licked up all of my sweet juices.

I put my legs down to lay on top of her. We both panted breathlessly and I kissed her cheek and rested my head on her chest. She stroked my face and ran her fingers through my hair. "That was amazing." I breathed and looked into her eyes, she smiled her cheeky grin.

"What do you mean? I thought we were just getting started." She giggled. We looked at each other and both smiled. We both knew we were going to be in for a long night....

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