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Neon light

Bass beats lead to bathroom bliss.
I remember watching you across the dimly lit floor, your body moving rhythmically with the music, your hands tracing the outlines of your slender partner, the passion between you evident. Together you danced, your bodies speaking an ancient language of swaying hips and sensual limbs. You danced in tandem, reacting and responding to one another, working into one another and then away again, teasing, tantalizing.

Gently you drew her body closer to yours, your hips pushing into hers, gyrating against her pelvis, your hands sliding over the tight curve of her ass, your lips seeking out their companion. The heavy bass reverberated through my stomach, your stomach, beating a tattoo that was irresistible. Her hips sashayed against yours, and she turned, grinding her ass into you, your hands sliding all down her sides, over her chest, your fingers briefly catching her nipples, your hot breath in her ear.

You smiled lightly, your hand deftly sneaking up over her barely clad tummy, the silky material slipping over her brown skin with ease, her muscles rippling as she lowered her body to the floor in time with the beat, gracefully rising. You were visibly excited, your cock straining at your tight pants as she pirouetted around again, her thighs clasping you lightly before tracing seductive figure eights in the space around her.

She was breathtaking, her black hair sleek and cropped, her dark skin luminous under the club lights, her lips pouty and full and her eyes deep and languid. She was built long and slender with smooth, toned limbs, glossy thighs and high, pert breast, comfortably sized. Her body writhed like a serpent, dazzling in its perfection, her breasts leading, her ribs and neck following as she leant back presenting herself to you, slightly parting her legs. With the muscular control of a professional dancer she shimmied low, swirly her light chiffon skirt around her chocolaty thighs, a small flash of red briefly visible before she snapped up, thrusting her whole body into you, grinding her breasts into your chest, her arms encircling you.

I laughed watching you discreetly. You could barely contain yourself. I watched as your hands slipped under her shirt, your hands seeking her breasts, the soft skin of her body driving you further and further over the edge. You kissed her hungrily, your pelvis fused to hers, her hands sliding into your back pockets, drawing you closer still, her hunger just as evident. You were impossible not to watch, the sexual energy you two exuded was undeniable even from this distance. I felt my own body stirring as I watched your irreverent display, yearning for the sensations, the smell of her perfume, the taste of her lips and tongue against mine, the feel of your cock against my thigh. My breathe was catching, my nipples hardening as she slowly brought her hands to the front of your pants, slipping one slyly under the belt, sliding it down past your underwear. You visibly leapt, rotating your body so that you backed her against the wall. The beat changed, became more mechanical, more frantic and so too became your actions.

Slowly you snuck your hands under the band of her skirt, kissing her, her hair swinging forward and back, hiding and revealing your faces intermittently. I watched your bodies, the way they gelled, the way the power in all of your movements was counteracted by all the sass in hers, the way any former resistance melted under her skin. You were liquid in her hands and she rolled and arched her body against the wall, against you, always in time to the beat, always building. She would touch each part of you individually, first your chest with hers, her arms extended above her head, and then, as she leant back, falling into the bass, she would push her stomach and hips forwards, just pushing against your straining cock before repeating. The wild nature of your body was evident. You clasped at her frantically as she slipped under your arms, sailing into the middle of the floor again. She shook and shimmied, watching you over her shoulder, the muscles in her back sliding neatly one after the other, clearly visible in her backless halter. Slowly, deliberately she leant down touching the floor between her feet, showing you the prize that lay between them, totally oblivious to the rest of the room, to me, watching just as intently.

That was it. You strode forward, and clasped your hands possessively around her waist, your bodies moving together, your crotch thrusting frantically at the curve of her ass as it bumped against you, her head craning back to meet your impassioned kiss, your tongues meeting. You were turned so your back was mostly to me, her face forward, your eyes closed, hers open, and, suddenly she met my adoring and unashamed gaze. Her eyes twinkled as my hands crept slowly along my belly, teasing my flesh, making it erupt with goose bumps, my erect nipples straining at the lace cups containing them. As she broke the kiss she stuck her tongue out, licking her lips slowly, staring at me all the while, swaying her hips, stroking her own firm tummy. Slowly her hands rose, and she gently fondled her small breasts, performing for me, showing me how much she was enjoying it. She dropped low, and draped a hand lazily all the way along her inner thigh, smiling as she saw the colour rise in my alabaster cheeks at having been discovered. She turned again, showing me her luscious ass, the way it curved so perfectly, how the thin chiffon clung to it as she circled around your pelvis, how the sky high heels she wore accentuated every fine line of her glorious body. I could barely breathe as I watched her. And you, you were blissfully unaware of what was going on, your eyes already closed in semi orgasmic pleasure at the sensations she caused throughout your body.

I had to leave. I was panting; my nipples were aching and between my legs were soaking wet, dripping with lust, threatening to show through my own clinging skirt, my body begging to be touched. I tore my eyes away from the coils of her sleek body and seductive smile and stumbled to the neon bathroom, the walls doing little to dampen the feel and the sound of the heavy bass. I pushed open the door and leaned heavily against it, my legs shaking with the tension building in my pussy, the slick of my desire sliding over my thighs, my breathing ragged and my arms trembling. Slowly I surveyed myself in the frosted mirrors, watching my soft lips fill with colour, tracing them gently with my fingers. My eyes were alight with the thought of her soft fingers tracing lines over my body, her tongue sliding over mine, her lips pressed into mine. Gently I dropped my hand to my breasts, sliding the other under the band of my bra, stroking my nipples, pinching them, arching my back at the sensation, my intake of breath sharp in the empty chamber. Assessing that it was indeed empty I slipped my hands around my back and unclasped my bra, revelling in the sensation of my full, warm breasts against the crushed silk of my singlet, the feel of the shiny fabric against my taught nipples, the ability of my hand to surround them entirely.

I stood like that for some time, cupping my breasts, playing with them, building the fire in my belly, teasing myself, testing my will power, all with the unbearable ache in my pussy growing steadily, admiring my body in the mirrors, marvelling in the reactions I caused, moaning ever so slightly.

I was just sliding my hands down over my belly and under the waist band of my skirt when suddenly the door swung open and in she walked, even more glorious than before, scooping her hair up into a ponytail as she went. Hurriedly I removed my hands, blushing scarlet, muttering apologies, and tried to push past her. Her hands flew up to stop me and she placed one on each cheek and kissed me, deeply, passionately, tasting slightly of bourbon and smoke, her warm breath rushing into and around me. I melted. Slowly I relaxed, kissing her back, exploring the softness of her warm mouth with my tongue, the line of her sharp teeth, the dip of her upper lip, the fullness of her lower. Gently she pulled away and smiled softly. I had no idea what to say to her, so I didn’t. I simply stepped forward and kissed her again, hissing slightly as I felt her hands creep over my skin, surrounding my breasts, her thumbs working my nipples over, her fingers caressing lightly. Slowly she pulled my top over my head, kissing my neck, nipping the tendon lightly, licking my clavicle, heading down to breasts. Her tongue swooped and soared, tracing small circles over my breasts, drawing my nipple into her mouth, between her teeth. She sucked hard, and I saw stars, the intensity of my building orgasm threatening to burst. I moaned and keened, grasping her lustrous hair in my hands as she slowly sunk to her knees, kissing me all over my stomach, biting lines down to the top of my skirt, pausing only to nudge it down. Frantic now, she removed my skirt over my hips and pushed it down to my ankles, leaving me in thigh high stockings and heels. I wasn’t even wearing underwear. I could barely stand and my knees shook violently as she breathed on my pussy inhaling deeply, blowing out, watching my already swollen clit leap out, begging to be touched.

She ran her hands from my ankles to my hips, stroking and caressing the soft skin of my inner thighs, kissing the backs of my knees lightly, making me dizzy with desire. My pussy was dripping, screaming to be touched. I tried to stroke my clit, tried to force a hand between my legs but, with surprising force she held them at bay. This game was clearly on her terms. She had just as much power here as on the dance floor, just as much self-control. I on the other hand was gasping, my head spinning. Slowly, tentatively, she extended her tongue and flicked my clit with her tongue. My legs buckled and I sunk to the floor, my back against the wall. Giggling slightly she parted my limp legs and began to lick my pussy in long, deliberate strokes, her tongue probing my hole, her fingers working on my clit. I was in heaven, entirely unaware of my surroundings, of anything save her sweet tongue inside of me. I arched and thrust my hips into her faces, my hands clasping desperately at her head and hair, pulling her closer, trying to have her swallow me whole. Her pace was slow and measured, set entirely by her. This wasn’t about me, this was about her, about what she could do to me.

I slumped against the wall, making small noises, moaning whenever her tongue assaulted my clit. Suddenly she bit down it, sending me rigid, arching into her, almost crying out. She followed this by sucking on my clit passionately; she flicked it repeatedly with her tongue, pulsating with warmth. I burst. All the pent up lust came pouring forth and I skirted all over this beautiful stranger, my voice harsh too my ears as my orgasm shook my whole body, my hips locked, thrust into her welcoming mouth, my hands wrenching her hair drawing her into me as I came.

Gradually I settled, breathing heavily, slowly gaining awareness as the orgasm subsided, feeling the cold tiles beneath me, the warmth of her skin against mine. I smiled, and drew her toward me, kissing her deeply, tasting myself on her, the fruits of her labour. Gently she shook me off and stood, straightened her skirt and hair, and opened the door, blowing a single, sultry kiss to me, before leaving with you, never even telling me her name.

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