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Never Cheat at Truth or Dare - Chapter 2

Penny receives her punishment spanking - and a few big 'O's along the way...
Volunteering for two hundred spanks! I could now be sure that I was ape-shit crazy, and when a giggling Jen confirmed that thought, I realised that I had spoken it out loud.

“How are we going to do it?” asked a chipper Mandy from across the room, where she was just locking away my diary. “Over the knee?”

“However you like,” Liz answered with a grin, “though having her on all fours on the bed does have its appeals. I want to see her tits bounce, even if they are little more than a handful.”

Her comment hurt a bit. I knew I wasn’t going to be Miss Boobs, but they were a handful. A girl’s hand. Well, a petite girl’s hand. For a moment I was tempted to pull down my nightie and cover them, but Naomi seemed to have caught my intent and pulled the garment over my head before I could do so, leaving me buck naked.

“No!” I protested as the nightie slipped over my arms, but even a desperate lunge - an awkward one, admittedly - had me gripping nothing but air, and my only answer was a chorus of giggles. I pulled up my legs and crossed my arms in front of my breasts.

“You aren’t getting shy now, Penny? As if we didn’t have a close-up view already.” Mandy’s voice was dripping honey, belying her words. So much for best friends. It took a moment of hesitation, but she was, of course, right. The best thing I could do probably was to act blasé about my nudity and give them less ammunition for their teasing. So I dropped my hands and extended my legs.

Once more all eyes were on me, and I could feel their gazes almost physically. I let my eyes roam around. Mandy looked pleased, and something else was in her eyes which I couldn’t discern. Liz was harder to read. Her eyes were stoic, calculating, and I wasn’t sure if the corner of her mouth was tilted a little upwards or not. Jen appeared almost giddy, as if she was about to open Christmas gifts. And Naomi looked - for lack of a better word - feral. There was a hunger flickering in her eyes that made me shiver. I averted my eyes.

“Who’s first?” Jen wanted to know.

“Why don’t we have a go in reverse order?” Jen’s suggestion was met with instant approval, and I couldn’t help but think that this had been meticulously planned beforehand.

“Right, then let’s get to it,” Liz declared, “up on all fours in the center of the bed.”

I took a deep breath. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. But here I was, naked, and crawling into the middle of the bed. I had never been spanked before, and I didn’t have an idea if two hundred spanks were that much, but I was certain that they would hurt like hell. Still, the thought rekindled that tingle between my legs, and I felt the crimson color rush over my cheeks.

The bed sheet rustled, and the mattress sunk in at different spots around me. I clenched my bum cheeks in anticipation.

“You have to ask for it,” Liz commanded, “otherwise we’ll think you aren’t sincere and might have to add a few spanks.”

Then her hand touched my right buttock and I yelped, which made everyone giggle.

“Come on, we don’t have all day!”

“Please!” I gasped, hoping that she would stop teasing me.

“A whole sentence.”

“Please spank my ass!” I begged, and the humiliation of doing so deepened my blush, the fingers trailing circles over my backside not helping at all.

“Almost,” Liz purred, “but I really think that little cheaters like you should address the person helping them atone for their misdeed with proper etiquette.”

I was a bit lost. “Please, Liz…”

“Mistress Liz!” The hiss was like a whiplash, in sharpness and in meaning. She was trying to make feel like a child, and she was succeeding.

My voice grew meek. “Please, Mistress Liz, would you please spank my ass?”

“But of course, my little cheat.”

And then the first swat smacked against my right bum cheek, and I almost tumbled forward. It wasn’t that hard, not the sharp pain I had expected, but it stung, and I could feel my skin get hot where her hand had impacted. Before I could take a breath, the next smack filled the air, and my left bum cheek grew equally hot. Another smack, once more on the right side. A little pause, then the left. Liz was starting a rhythm, with only two or three seconds between her swats, and the heat quickly grew into a fire. I tried to keep count, but I had just gotten to fourteen when Jen commented how red my butt was already. Naomi pointed out that this wasn’t even a tenth yet, and I started to worry.

The pain was building up, swat for swat, no longer the small stings. And it got worse every second. Around twenty, I started to plead with Liz to stop, but she didn’t even acknowledge my begging. Ten swats later, the pain was deep, throbbing, almost as if by bum was on fire. Tears started to trickle over my cheeks, a fact gleefully noticed and pointed out to the others by Jen.

Keeping in position was getting harder and harder. Every smacking sound was instantly followed by a searing pain on my backside. And my pussy was getting hotter and hotter with each spank. I didn’t know what I’d rather do with my hands, cup my poor mistreated bum cheeks to protect them from the vicious stings or delve into the wetness between my legs and rub myself to a glorious orgasm.

Forty swats and I was a mess, bawling and shaking, each smack on my bum lighting another agonizing fire. Liz was taking her time now, rubbing and kneading my cheeks between swats, and her hands roamed quite freely, brushing my pussy lips and making the torture all the much sweeter. I sobbed protests were hardly comprehensible by this time, and a big part of me didn’t want her stop anyway. I wiggled my bum and tried to meet her slaps, feeling a wonderful, detached kind of exhilaration.

The other girls were counting down now, meeting each new cracking sound with a number. My breath was racing now, shallow and wheezing, and my legs and arms trembled. Four, this time her hand hit low, the upper part of my thigh more than my bum cheek, and it hurt like hell. Three, the same on the other side. A finger almost, but not quite, parted my pussy lips. Two, again the same spot on the top of my thighs, and I shrieked. One, the other leg, and I almost came right then, but only almost. I hoped Liz would touch me, finish what her cruel slaps had started, but she simply gave my bum a shove and I collapsed onto the bed, dizzy and out of breath.

“Wow,” Liz exclaimed, “my hand stings, I don’t think I could have given her much more. But you’ve got to feel her bum, it’s almost glowing.”

“It’s beautiful like this, red all over,” Naomi commented, “I wonder how much redder it can still get.”

I wondered that myself. I didn’t think my bum could take much more abuse. It was still burning like hell, but there was this wonderful throbbing feeling of slowly receding pain, and it felt glorious.

Suddenly, my friends’ hands were all over my cheeks, stroking and kneading them.

“Oh my god, yes, it’s burning hot!” Mandy exclaimed, “I think it’s about to combust!”

They giggled, and I was glad my face was buried in the soft bedspread.

“Penny? Get up, time for round two!”

I took a deep breath and got to my hands and knees, looking where Jen was. She had pulled Mandy’s pink plush stool into the middle of the free space and sat down on it, her knees together. Her hand patted the top of her legs, and I complied with a groan, slowly crawling to the edge of the bed, walking to her with unsure steps. I hesitated a bit. This was different, with Jen just as naked as I was. My stomach would be touching her thighs, this made this much more intimate than the spanking from Liz.

“Hurry up, we don’t have all day.”

Well, we did have all night, but I complied anyway and draped myself over her knees, in the classic spanking position of Victorian times, my feet and hands on the floor and my bum sticking up into the air. I could her a small intake of air when my skin touched Jen’s.

“Should we do something about her cries? I don’t want your mum to come barging in right in the middle.”

“Good thinking, Jen,” Mandy immediately replied, “and after having read her diary, I know just the thing!”

She got up from the bed, and I could only watch her cross the room from the corners of my eyes in my awkward position. She opened the top of her clothes hamper, and my eyes went wide. She didn’t have rummage around. With a whoop she pulled out pink cotton panties and hopped across the room to me. “These are quite messy,” she declared, a blush spreading over her face, “I - I diddled myself in them before you arrived.”

“Brilliant,” Jen sounded pleased, “give them here, I can freshen them up a bit.”

I couldn’t see what they were doing, but I could feel it immediately when Jen drew the crumpled up panties up and down through my wet slit. She wouldn’t?

She would. “Open wide,” she commanded, those two words causing a swarm of butterflies to dance in my stomach.

I slowly opened my mouth, and Jen pushed the panties inside. This was a whole new level of embarrassment for me, to be gagged with my best friend’s panties, messy with her and my own juices. My tongue and nose were instantly accosted by a tangy, musky, slightly salty but also sweet aroma. Jen’s finger on my chin guided my mouth closed.

Mandy had knelt down in front of me. Her face was just inches from mine. “You're such a slut,” she whispered, “such a dirty kinky slut!”

I could only stare at her, my cheeks aflame with shame and small tingles racing over my spine and sparkling between my legs.

“Here it comes!” As soon as Jen had finished that declaration, the first swat fell on my bum. She didn’t wait between slaps like Liz had, instead they fell in a fast, even rhythm, left, right, left, right, sharp and vicious. With no time for the pain to spread, it remained in hot, angry spots, burning deep into my bum cheeks, the first few already driving tears into my eyes.

I couldn’t help myself, after the tenth stroke my body tried to flee, but Jen seemed to have anticipated that and her free hand pushed me down on her lap. I could only lie there and kick my legs as swat after swat fell on my cheeks.

Then Mandy, still in her position right in front of me, bent closer. For a moment I thought she would kiss me, a thought both intimidating and exciting me, but then her tongue snuck out and licked a trail from my chin over my cheek to my eye, warm and soft and wet. She was licking up my tears!

I had to clench my legs together. This was one of the fantasies I had written down in my diary, and it was even more intense in reality than it had been daydreaming about it.

My bum was a mess of blazing agony, and I had lost count a long time ago. Jen’s slaps fell close to my pussy, and the pain mixed with the heat between my legs into a heated mess of sensations while I sucked the tangy taste from the panties in my mouth, now drenched with saliva.

I think Jen must have almost been finished when the sensations became too much. Without warning, the pain seemed to form into a tight ball and race into my pussy, where it erupted like a volcano. My whole body went stiff, and then I groaned and whined through my makeshift gag, shaking and wiggling in pleasure.

When I got my breath back and went limp once more over Jen’s knees, her hand was softly stroking my bum cheeks. Mandy watched me with a huge grin.

“I can’t believe she came like that, just from being spanked!” Naomi’s voice was breathless.

It took me a bit until I could find the strength to get up, and when I did so, I couldn’t look Jen in the eye, all too aware that her thigh was smeared with my wetness. Mandy handed me a bottle of water that I almost drained in one go. I let my back flop down on the bed and closed my eyes. I think I even drifted off into a short nap.


“Yeah,” I groaned, unwilling to be disturbed in my relaxed state, “wha’s up?”

“Time for round three.”

Round three! I didn’t think my butt could take any more, and I said so.

“You’ll not get to wiggle out of your punishment, cheater,” Liz declared, “if your bum can’t take it all, we’ll have to find something else.”

“Something else?” Now I was wide awake and sat up.

“How about your titties?” Jen inquired. “You could swap the fifty to your butt for fifteen each on your titties with a wooden ruler.”

“Oh my god!” I whispered. It was outrageous, to only think about my sensitive tits being hurt like that. My pussy clenched. I blushed. I knew I was hooked, and they knew it too.

“Uhm, okay,” I said meekly, not wanting to appear eager, “but please be gentle.”

Mandy giggled. “Of course I’ll be gentle, silly, as gentle as you need it.”

“No, I mean it,” I pleaded, “really!”

“Silly little slut. Of course you don’t mean it. But maybe I’m wrong. Should I give you back the diary? Do you want to quit and go home now?”

“I,” I began, and I really tried to say yes, but the word just wouldn’t go over my lips. “No, Mandy.”

“Thought so. Get on your back in the middle of the bed and lift your arms over your head. I’ll have Naomi hold them so you don’t wiggle away. Jen and Liz can hold your legs.”

Being spanked was one thing. Being held immobile another one. Unfortunately one that got my blood rushing in my ears and my heart beating like mad. I slowly wormed my way into the middle of the huge bed and lay back. Naomi was already waiting for me and put her knees on my hands, gripping my upper arms tightly. Liz parted my legs and she and Jen each sat down on one of them. Mandy knelt next to my head and grinned, a wooden twelve-inch ruler in her right hand.

I gulped, second thoughts filling my head, and looked up at her with pleading eyes.

“How many do you think you can take before you start crying?”

“I - I don’t know.”

“Well, we’ll see. I say eight at most.”

“Six,” Naomi chimed in, “if you hit her nipples at least once.”

“I think she’ll make ten,” Liz gave her opinion, “she’s a tough girl. Got to be if she wants to keep playing that game.”

It’s really strange, and think something inside me is wired a bit oddly, but Liz’ faith in me made me blush and feel proud.

“Shouldn’t we gag her again?” Jen seemed eager to see the panties stuffed into my mouth again, or whatever else she was thinking of putting there.

“I want to try without,” Mandy said, and her hand gently stroked my cheek. It was soft, warm, and my skin prickled where she touched me. “You’ll be silent, Penny,” she whispered, “for the whole time, even if it hurts badly, will you promise it, for me?”

Her index finger trailed over my lips, slightly pulled down my lower lip and applied a bit of pressure. I opened my mouth and she slowly moved it inside. Without thinking I wrapped my lips around it and softly sucked. Her big brown eyes were full of warmth and trust. I simply couldn’t refuse her. I nodded. Her finger left my mouth with a plopping sound.

“Here it comes,” she announced.

Almost too fast to see, the tip of the ruler smacked down on the top of my left tit. The sound was barely audible, and for a moment there was nothing, but then the point of impact turned into a hot bed of needles. I almost cried out, only stopped when her repeated motion to my other tit drove all air from my lungs.

“Oh god,” I moaned, “please stop it! That hurts!”

“Just like it’s supposed to,” Mandy brushed my complaint off, “but look at the positive side, you’ve only got twenty-eight more to go. And remember, no sound!”

I couldn’t do anything about it. Well, I could scream, which would bring Mandy’s mum running to the room. I could probably beg my way out of it too. But something in me wanted to be hurt like this, and I already felt the tell-tale tingling between my legs.

So I tried to relax as much as I could while I awaited the next hit of the ruler. And hit it did, directly on my right nipple. The pain was sharp, hot, it sliced like a knife through my sensitive flesh and brought tears to my eyes. A second later my other tit exploded in the same pain. My body tried to arch on its own accord, but the girl’s grip on my extremities tightened, and all I could do was lie there and take it.

Two more smacks, this time to the lower part of each tit, and I couldn’t hold my tears back anymore. I felt them drip from the corners of my eyes and run down the sides of my face. Through my blurred vision I saw Naomi bend down over me. Her right hand left my arm and a finger touched the corner of my eye. She put it into her mouth, closed her eyes and sighed. “Six,” she whispered, “told you so.” But a moment later, before I could think about it, her grip was back on my upper arm.

“Remember, be silent!” Now Mandy really started to lay into me. One painful swat after the other fell on my poor tits, alternating between left and right, making sure to cover every inch of my skin. I wanted to scream, but I somehow held onto the promise I had made. All that left my throat were high-pitched moans. I lost count, writhing and crying and reveling in the burning pain in my tits. They felt huge and swollen, and while I couldn’t tell through my tear-filled eyes, I thought they must already twice their normal size.

It stopped. I let out a deep groan of relief, infused with sobs. “Oh gawd, it hurts!”

“Hush,” Mandy commanded, “I’m not finished. I still have to decide where to put the last six.”

Last six? I whimpered. I had thought this part of my ordeal was over, but I had been wrong. I wasn’t sure at all that I could take more of it.

Liz chuckled. “Why don’t you ask the slut where to hit her?”

“A good idea,” Mandy’s joyful voice agreed, “so tell me, Penny, which part of your tits should the last six go on?”

I opened my mouth to reply, to beg for some mercy.

“No scratch that. I’ll rephrase.” Her thumb softly stroked my cheek. “Which part of a lying, cheating slut’s tiny tits should receive the remainder of the punishment, to make the lesson really sink in?”

When she put it like this, there was only one answer. “Oh god,” I moaned quietly and closed my eyes, my pussy gushing with depraved want, “please?”

“Tell me!”

“My nipples! On my nipples!” I almost shouted my answer, forcing it out my throat before second thoughts could stop me.

“Good girl,” she purred, and the tip of the ruler started to trace agonizing circles over the blemished skin of my tits.

When the first swat landed directly on my left nipple, sore already from earlier, I thought a needle was shoved all the way through it. It took all of my willpower not to set the scream loose that was building up in my chest. But then a finger, I couldn’t say whose, slipped between my legs and buried itself all the way inside my dripping pussy and the slicing pain transformed into something different, something primal and exhilarating. My body started to shake. The ruler smacked down again, on the same nipple, angled a bit differently, and at the same time the finger started to piston in and out of my snatch and robbing me of all breath. When the third one fell, my left tit was a searing inferno, directly connected to the burning heat between my legs.

The first hit to the right nipple had me see stars, or rather, small spots that danced before my eyes. I heard animalistic, grunting, keening noises, and realized they were coming from me. The finger fucked me with abandon, and when the second swat enveloped my nipple in molten lava, I toppled over the edge. I was free-falling, eyes wide, and the ruler seemed to impact for the third time in slow motion. I could feel the impact race through my body, ripple over my stomach and explode in my snatch. My body arched and my eyes rolled back in my head as I splashed into the sea of lust. Something inside my chest gave way, and then I was swirling in an ocean of pleasure, writhing and moaning and babbling nonsensical things.

“Good girl,” I heard someone say to me once my consciousness came trickling back, and then a finger was pushed into my mouth. I sucked on it without thinking, and only belatedly realized that it was the one that had been buried inside me only moments ago. I was licking my own pussy juices from someone’s finger! My heart did that quick little somersaulting contraction. I was quickly becoming the slut I had always fantasized about!

They gave me all the time I needed to come down from my sexual high and to get back my breath. They even let me nap for a while, and I could have happily slept the night away.

“Penny?” A soft voice pulled me out of my slumber a while later. I groggily wiped my eyes and blinked a few times. They had dimmed the light, and it was hard to make out the clock. More than an hour had passed since Mandy had started spanking my tits.

My tits. They still felt swollen and sore and throbbed when I moved too fast. I sat up, looked down at them and gasped. Sharp, dark red, U-shaped welts covered both of them. My swollen nipples stood away, hard and dark. I ran a finger over one, feeling the slight bumps of the welts and winced. “Ouch! That hurts!”

Jen chuckled next to me. “It’s supposed to, silly. But it does look beautiful. You should always have your tits decorated like this.”

I quickly shook my head. “I - I don’t think I could take that again. They are a mess!”

She nodded, and I felt relieved for a moment. But then her lips curled into a grin, that devious, almost malicious grin of hers that never failed to make my chest constrict, that filled my stomach with anxiousness and my pussy with heat.

“A beautiful mess. Just think, you won’t be able to wear a bra for days, and every time your shirt brushes over your nipples, you’ll be thinking of us!”

We were interrupted, because I was suddenly pushed onto the back. Naomi’s pajama-clad leg swung over me, and then she sat down on my stomach and leaned forward until our faces were just inches apart. Her hands framed my head. “My turn,” she whispered, “I don’t want to wait anymore!”

“But,” the thought of more punishment alone was almost enough to bring fresh tears to my eyes, “I can’t take anymore, not today. Can’t we wait for another day?”

I looked up at her, pleading, hopeful. She bit her lip and seemed to think for a moment. “Nope. I’m afraid not.”

“But look,” my eyes indicated my suffering little boobies, “I’ll start bleeding if I’m hit again, and my bum isn’t any better!”

She sighed. “You’re right.”

I let out a relieved breath. I was a bit too quick though.

“But there’s another place that hasn’t been spanked yet. I’ll let you trade the spot, just like you did with Mandy. Isn’t that nice of me?”

I tried to shake my head frantically, but Naomi’s hands didn’t leave me much room to do so. “No! Oh god, no! You can’t spank my pussy! Please!”

She shrugged. “Then it’s got to be your bum again, your choice.”

“Oh my god!” Whatever happened, I didn’t want my bum to receive another thrashing. I’d have a hard time sitting down for the next few days as it was. And before I knew what I was saying, the words had already left my mouth. “But not with the ruler, please!”

Her whole face lit up like a small child’s receiving Christmas presents. “Oh goody,” she piped, “I promise I’ll pick something softer.” She tilted her head. “Then it’s only the question of how many. How many do you think, Penny?”

I moaned. She was making me decide my own punishment, that was just so wrong on so many levels. “T- ten?” My throat felt scratchy.

She just looked at me, and I was unable to read her face. After a while, the silence grew unbearable. “Fifteen?”

Again, she waited. It was a battle of wills, I realized, and one I was losing. “Twenty?”

“Are you sure?” Her voice was a purr. “Don’t you think you’ve earned a little more for your blatant cheating?”

I closed my eyes. “Twenty-five.” This time it was less of a question.

“Good girl,” she whispered, “I knew you had it in you.”

My heart had already started its excited gallop again, and my thighs rubbed against each other.

“Penny?” Her face was even closer now, if I moved my head just little bit, our lips would brush meet. Her hot breath caressed my face.


“Will you do me a favor?” Her eyes, big, dark orbs of chocolate, pierced deeply into my mind. My heart hammered.

“What - what favor?”

She smiled, so innocently, belying the wicked talk we were having. “Will you take another five, just for me? You’re so pretty when you’re crying.” Her thumbs caressed my cheeks, and then her tongue snaked out and tickled my lips. “Pretty please? For me?”

Her full lips formed that cute little pout. Goosebumps raced over my skin. My lips parted involuntarily, and my breathing got harder. “Thirty,” a hoarse voice spoke like through a fog. It was my own.

“Oh goody! You’re such fun! I really like you!” Her fingers once more caressed my face. “Let’s see, something soft that we can use for spanking. Hmm. Oh, I know just the thing. Mandy, do you still have that soft buckskin belt?”

“Of course,” Mandy immediately replied, “it’s still one of my favorites with jeans. I’ll go fetch it.” She returned a moment later with a light brown belt, about an inch wide, supple and worn.

Naomi ran her fingers appreciatively over the leather. “Nice.” She gave her palm a few light flicks, right in front of my eyes. “Just perfect.”

She skid a bit back with her bum and bent forward again, her face coming closer and closer to mine. And then her cheek touched mine. It was incredibly soft, I noticed. Her whisper fluttered against my earlobe and made me shiver.

“I will make this something you will remember for all your life. I’m going to hurt you, make you cry and beg. And I’ll make your pussy leak with need. And before we’re finished, I’ll make you beg for me to hurt your pretty, swollen, sensitive little clit.”

She could feel every shiver that ran through my body with her words, and I didn’t even try to hide my desire. “Oh my god,” I whispered, “please be gentle.”

“Oh no, that’s not what you really want, and I know it. I’ll be as hard on you as you can bear it. I’ll take you to your limits.”

“Please,” I tried again, “I’m already hurting all over.”

“Not everywhere. Ask me to be really cruel.”


“Do it,” she whispered even more quiet, so only I could hear her, “and I’ll kiss your pussy.” Her lips captured my earlobe, hot and wet, and I was done in.

“Oh god.” My body trembled. The image was too delicious. She knew I was wax in her fingers. “Please be cruel, Naomi!”

“As cruel as I can be?”

“Yes! please!”

She lifted her body from me and giggled. “You’re so easy!”

I wanted to die. Had she just toyed with me? I felt like another layer was peeled off me every few minutes, and I felt even more naked and exposed. Yet, this was the kind of embarrassment I had secretly been craving.

“Can she do the splits,” she asked Mandy.

“Yes, she has been in the gymnastics class until last year.”

“Okay, then this is how we’re going to do it. Penny, you move your bum to the edge of the bed. Liz and Mandy, you two stand a bit to the side, spread her legs into a split and hold her in place. Jen, you kneel at her head and hold her upper body.”

I slid my body forward. Naomi watched me closely as I slowly spread my legs and shifted them apart, a clumsy, pantomime rendition of a cheap strip dancer.

Fingers wrapped tightly around my ankles and pulled them outwards. I gasped. My pussy lips spread apart a bit, and the cool air touched my private parts. The bed rustled and sunk in behind my head, and a shadow fell over my face. When I looked up, Jen’s tits, full and perfect dangled above me.

“Are you ready?” Naomi asked.

Was I? Hell no, I’d probably never be ready for that if I thought about it rationally.

A finger slid between my pussy lips and I moaned.

“I take that as a yes.”

I saw her raise her arm, my view limited by Jen’s dangling orbs, and closed my eyes. Only to widen them again when the tip of the belt smashed against my pussy lips. A keening wail tore its way from my throat. The pain was like nothing I had felt before, cutting through my folds like a spear made from ice. There was no buildup, no waiting, it was instant and cruel. My legs strained against the hold, doubling the torture.

“One.” Naomi sounded pleased. “But she’s making noise again. We need to do something about it. Who wants to donate their panties?”

“We can take mine,” Jen chimed, “they should be at the top of the bag behind you.”

“Ah, got them!” She pulled out a pair of white cotton knickers and dangled them from her finger. “But they’re almost too clean for our little slut.” She paused, taking her time to look me in the eyes, and I knew something was up. When she held the knickers under her head and opened her mouth, it became clear. A thick line of drool dribbled over her lip and onto the white cotton. After kneading it a bit to soak it in, she handed it over to Liz, who followed her example. Mandy’s cheeks were flushed when she added her portion of spit to my soon-to-be gag. Jen also spit onto the fabric, and then it was time.

I obediently opened my mouth wide. She took her time pushing the now sodden knickers inside. It felt in equal parts demeaning, sensual and exciting. Her fingertip against my chin made me close my lips over the gag.

Jen smiled and winked at me. “I didn’t wipe after peeing.”

I think my whole body flushed at her confession. It was not just spittle I was sucking on, but also my love-hated classmate’s pee! Had she really? Or was she just teasing me?

She bent her head down gave me a small kiss on the tip of my nose. “A first taste. Maybe you’ll learn to love it, if we keep playing.”

I didn’t have time to think about it, but I was aware of the goose bumps springing up all over my skin while she moved over me again. Instead of on my shoulders, her hands came to rest on my tits. It hurt where they pressed down on the welts, but it wasn’t as bad as I would have expected.

But then the belt crashed down again, impacting hard on my left labia and sending a fresh wave of pain through me. And again. And again. I quickly lost count. In the span of not even half a minute my whole being was reduced to a searing well of pain between my legs, and knowing that I had agreed to that, had willingly spread them to welcome the torture, my heart constricted into a tight ball and started to float. My tears flowed freely and my hips shook with every impact, the pain travelling in ripples up over my stomach and down my thighs into my toes.

Somewhere along the way a dam broke. The pain was still there, but my body, in a strange and twisted way, seemed to have decided that if it couldn’t get rid of the pain, it would embrace it and turn it into something different. That something being pleasure. This was no longer just psychological, not just the feeling of submission and kink that made my pussy clench. I sobbed and strained and relished in each stinging touch of the belt, and my arousal soared to new heights.

But then it stopped.

Jen leaned back and Naomi bent closer. “Do you want me to stop?”

I shook my head frantically.

“Are you sure?”

I nodded.

“Do you need to come?”

Another eager nod.

“I don’t know.”

My eyes went wide, my chest heaved. I wanted to beg, but the knickers still prevented me from talking.

“If I let you come, will you allow me to spank your clit with the ruler?”

I nodded, not caring, feeling the blissful feeling begin to slip away, desperate to hold onto it.

“You sure?”

I nodded as fast as I could, and fresh tears leaked from my eyes, only this time from want.


My head slumped back, and I moaned into the gag. This was silly, silly, silly. Absolutely crazy. Fantastic.

And then fingers deftly spread my pussy lips, and a second later agony exploded in my most sacred spot. My body arched on the bed, my fingers clutched the blanket, and my mind shifted to a different universe. Short, sharp slaps rained down on my clit and brought back that floating feeling even more intensely. I thought I would die from pleasure and pain at the same time.

The sensation suddenly changed. Something warm, moist and slid over my clit, and a soft, pulling sensation emanated from it. Naomi’s lips!

My body started to tremble all over, faster and faster, and a deep moan worked its way from my chest and through the gag. My body bucked and writhed. My skin appeared to be burning. My pussy pulsed and clenched like mad, and I rode the waves of pleasure, dived into the sea of bliss.

I got back my senses quite a while later. My legs were still spread, but bent at the knee and dangling over the edge of the bed. Mandy was sitting on the bed to my left and looking at me with a strange expression. Naomi was to my right, her finger trailing idle circles on my stomach. My eyes widened for a moment when I saw Liz leaning against the headboard with Jen in her lap, but the Naomi’s fingernail scratched my navel and I decided that it wasn’t important right now.

Someone, probably Jen, had removed the knickers from my mouth. I moved my jaw around a bit to loosen the muscles.

“What’s going to happen now?” I finally asked.

“Did you enjoy tonight?” Naomi answered with a question of her own.

I simply nodded, but cheeks red. You’d think after all that had happened I would be less self-conscious. “But - how does it change things with us?” I asked Mandy. The friendship we had shared up to now was a thing of the past, that much I realized, but I had no idea what would come of it. I feared I might lose the only close friend I had.

“Oh silly,” Mandy smiled and brushed her hand over my hair, “you’ll be my best friend, my little pussy licker and the guinea pig for all the wicked ideas I have racing through my mind.”

“Really?” I couldn’t believe that. “You’re thinking I’m crazy?”

“Oh honey, of course you are crazy.” She giggled. “And if you’re not, we’ll drive you crazy. But now I want you to drive me crazy.” She pulled down her pajama pants and exposed her soft, clean-shaven pussy, already dripping with arousal. “Get to work, like a proper little slut should, and stick your tongue in my pussy!”

It was a long night for me. For the first time in my life I licked a pussy. And the second. And third. And countless more. I loved it, loved the high-pitched, keening noised I could draw forth from their throats while I lapped at their delicious snatches. We all slept on the bed like we were, and through the course of the night, I was awoken quite often, pushed between a pair of thighs and made to lick and suck until the body shook and writhed under my ministrations.

When I woke up, I ached all over and my face was sticky with girl-juice, musky and stale, but my grin threatened to tear the corners of my mouth apart. My tits were a mess of angular, U-shaped weals, slowly turning darker in color, and my pussy was still swollen - and quite sensitive to the tiniest of touches, I found out in an unobserved moment. Then there was my backside, sore and throbbing as soon as I sat down, constantly reminding me of last evening’s activities. As if I could forget!

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