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Never Keep Me Waiting

Timeliness is a must with me, be late and suffer the consequences!
I'm sitting on the couch impatiently looking at the clock waiting on her arrival. "God, she better hurry up!" I mumble to myself.

As if on cue, the doorbell rings and I get off the couch to cross over to the front door and open it with a flourish."Finally! It's about time you got here, you are late and that is unacceptable!" I tell her as I turn to the side, allowing her entrance.

She just stands there in sort of a trance, taking in me and what I'm wearing. Or better yet, what little I am; which is a black leather lace-up corset, short leather skirt and shiny black heels.

With an impatient ahem, she quickly hurries in and starts mumbling and looking at the floor, giving some excuse about traffic and apologizing profusely.

"Enough! Stop that!" I tell her as I grab her wrist and pull her over to the couch. I sit down and pull her over my lap; effectively stretching her short black knit skirt over her nice round ass cheeks even more.

The sight makes me lick my lips, but I get back to the matter at hand. She's gotta be punished. Timeliness is a must with me! On that note, I bring my hand down against one of her ass cheeks making her cry out and jump.

"I told you to NEVER EVER be late! That is a rule!" I told her as I slapped her ass cheeks a bit harder.

Over and over she apologized, and after a few more slaps I stopped and placed my hand at the bottom of her skirt and slide it up and over her glorious round cheeks.

"Mmm, someone wanted to be naughty didn't they?" as I take notice of the pink lacy see-through boyshorts she had on. Upon further notice, as I looked at the crotch and noticed they were fairly soaking wet.

I couldn't help but lick my lips as I slid one hand down over her ass and between her legs to slide over the wet spot.

Bringing my fingers to my mouth, I can vaguely smell her scent as I lick my fingers.

Before I can get too distracted, I push her off my lap and direct her to follow me as I get up and go down the hallway to the bedroom.

As she steps into the room, I nod my head and she slowly strips off her slinky top and hot pink bra and throws them onto the floor.

"Panties and skirt as well, my dear! Chop chop! Don't keep me waiting!" I tell her as she slides the skirt and the panties down her tanned legs

"Want me to take the heels off too?" she stammers out.

"She's nervous, how exciting! How delicious as well!" I think to myself.

I clear my throat as I inform her to address me as Mistress from this point on. She slowly stammers out "Sorry.... Mistress! Do you want me to take the heels off too, Mistress?"

I let out a chuckle as I inform her no, but that she is to go over to the bed and crawl to the edge.

"Yes Mistress!" she says without a quiver in her voice.

As she does what I tell her, I go over to the closest and pull out silk scarf like ties to tie her up with.

She looks over at me, and I vaguely think she should have to be punished for that, but for now, I'll let it slide.

Going back over to the bed I grab her wrists, and tie one then the other to the bar that runs across the foot board.

Once done, I stand back and admire the lovely view I have. Her high rounded ass is bare and with her legs spread a bit apart, I can see her lovely outer labia peeking back at me.

She is really turned on as I can smell her light musky, sweet smell and I just want to dive into her from behind. I want to slide my tongue into her pussy from behind and slide one hand around to rub at her clit. In all due time though, as I get up with a sigh and turn away to strip myself of my skirt, and corset and slide the strap-on over my panties.

I learned the first time I used one, it's best to have a layer of fabric between you and the strap on. Needless to say if you don't, you're juices will make the base rub against you, and rub you sort of raw.

Anyway, once I've strapped it on, I walk back over to her and come up flush against her. She can feel the jelly faux cock against her ass, slightly trying to spread her cheeks, and my breasts pressed flush against her back, as I bring my hands around to paw at her breasts, and pull at her nipples.

This causes her to moan out loud and I lightly smack her ass. It jiggles and I can feel myself getting even more wet.

I get off her, and spread her legs even more, and slide my hand around the faux cock and guide it to her entrance. I let the head go inside her, and stop. I want her to beg for more.

Not even a second later, I see her hips move back some trying to get more inside, but I just move back, causing the head to come out. She turns around and makes a whining noise as well as pleads to slide it all the way in.

"Ask nicely," I say.

"Please mistress! Please slide the cock inside my wet, needy, and tight pussy! My pussy is aching for you to pound away at it! Please mistress!" she is pleading again and again.

I grant her wish and once more taking the faux cock in hand, I place the head at her entrance, and without warning I slam the whole eight inch length into her pussy. She lets out a gasp and moan, as I wait letting her adjust.

I may be her mistress, for this moment, but I don't ever want to cause my lover harm. This is a new "cock", and one special I saved up for this occasion. We usually play with five inchers, but she mentioned a few weeks ago she'd like to try an even longer one. Well, her wish was my command. I found an eight inch with a nice girth as well off a pleasant website, along with a few other things. But that's for a later story.

It only took a minute and she was back to moving her hips back; her silent way of telling me she was ready. I grab a hold of her hips and move my hips back bringing the cock head to the beginning of her pussy, and I slam my hips forward, bringing the cock to the hilt inside her pussy. She has started moaning again, and it's getting louder as I continue the motion of bringing my hips back and forth and the cock keeps getting deep inside her.

I can tell she is starting to get close, but for her to really go over the edge, she needs some attention to either her nipples or her clit, and because I love pawing at her beautiful size D breasts, I bring one hand from her hip to her breast and pinch and twist it between two fingers, as I continue to fuck her from behind.

Her back arches and she lets out a loud moan as she cums. I pull the cock out of her and it's coated with her juices and cum, and even more is tricking out and down her thighs as she bends over tiredly with her upper half on the bed best she can get.

I unstrap and bring it to my mouth and lick off every bit of deliciousness from the cock itself. It tastes so good and I let out a series of small moans which cause her to bring only her head up and turn back to look at me.

Once I've cleaned the faux cock off, I drop it on the floor beside me and go over to untie her hands from the bar. I look down and notice there is a very faint red mark on each of her wrists and I gingerly kiss around both wrists.

Like I said, I like to be a mistress of sorts, but I'm not harsh and don't want to leave my lovely lover with any bad marks or bruises.

I go over to the bed and climb on top, plopping myself against the stack of pillows and spreading my legs wide. I'm so wet and horny, my juices are just dribbling out of my pussy.

"Get your lily white ass over here lover and eat me out. You better eat me out real good and make me cum and squirt all over your pretty little face," I harshly semi-yell out.

She hurries over to get on the bed and crawls between my legs. She kisses the insides of both my thighs, and over my mound. It's only turning me on more and I place a hand behind her head to urge her to the place I want the most attention: my pussy. Her tongue darts out and glides between my puffy labia to slide from the bottom of my slit to the top and circles around my clit.

I bring my hands up to cup my breasts and tweak my nipples as I feel her slide two fingers inside my pussy, slowly twisting to find my g-spot. One second I'm feeling such pleasure and the next she's hit my g-spot, causing my hips to buck and me to let out a loud moan.

She continues slowly rubbing my g-spot and she suckles on my clit, and I'm pawing at my breasts and pulling at my nipples. I can slowly feel the fire building inside me from head to toe, and it's finding it's way to my core. I can't help moaning like crazy as my hips continue to buck foward, and she picks up speed sliding her fingers in and out of my pussy.

It's as if I'm now hanging by a thread off the cliff, and with one more suck of my clit, my back arches and my eyes close. I can see such bright lights behind my eyes as I clamp my thighs around her head to still her movements. I can feel myself squirting, and I know I've coated her fingers and probably the lower half of her face, and as I open my eyes and drift back to consciousness, I was correct in my assumption.

I gingerly lean up and slide my hand behind her neck and bring her back down with me, so she is sprawled on top of me. I look her in the eyes as she leans in closer, and kisses me passionately. Our tongues intertwine and I can taste myself, and I taste so good. A hint of muskiness with a touch of sweet.

After a good 10 minutes of the kissing and running our hands on each other's bodies, I feel as if I can get my body to move again, and I break the kiss.

I smile and say, "Well love, you've been very good. Even though you were late, you just made up for your tardiness. Now, if you'll join me in the bath, we shall wash each other clean."

She smiles wide and jumps off the bed and runs to the bathroom to start the water. I can hear her rustling around for the scented bath oil, and with a "tada" from her, I know she's found it. I hear a plop and know she's adding it to the water as the glorious tub fills up.

I get off the bed and walk into the bathroom myself and I see not only did she add bath oil, but she's lit a candle or two and set them on the toilet lid.

"Hmm," I think to myself, "she must want some romance now? Well, I'm happy to oblige," as I walk further into the bathroom and press myself flush against her and gingerly kiss her swollen lips.

~Watch for Part 2 Coming Soon~

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