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Never Let You Go

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To say Cindy was nervous would be an understatement. Right now she is standing outside her girlfriend’s parent’s apartment. A girlfriend she has never actually met to tell the truth. Sure they had spent the past few months on the phone almost constantly, but they have never met.

See they met on-line in a chat room. They would go on line and chat with each other every chance they got. Cindy found out that Sam, short for Samantha, was much younger than her but she couldn’t help herself, she couldn’t stop chatting with her. Sam was still in college while Cindy was years away from school. Yet they just seemed to click together. The shared a love of the same music, movies and held some of the same ideals.

Within a couple of months they had exchanged phone numbers. They were the last voices one another heard every night and often the first voice they heard upon waking. The two would spend the day texting back and forth and the night on the phone talking about each other’s day and pretty much sharing all the details of their lives with each other.

Sometimes during their phone conversations they would have phone sex. Cindy came to learn that Sam loved to be dominated. She was more than happy to play the Dom to Sam’s subbie. In fact she came to relish the role, enjoying being in control and when she heard Sam cum just from her words it was often enough to make her cum right after.

After a few months of constant phone calls and talking of everything under the sun the two of them began to fall in love with one another. They began to talk of meeting and see if there really was something to this. Cindy had a full time job and Sam was in school plus they lived a good distance apart from one another which made it difficult to meet.

They often joked about just showing up at the other’s door and surprising each other. And now this brings us to why Cindy is so nervous. She decided on the spur of the moment to fly and meet Sam during her vacation. She thought she would be meeting her at school but at the last moment Sam informed her that she was going home for a week.

Luckily school was not that far from home and Cindy could keep her flight and just rent a car and drive to Sam’s home. She was hesitant in that it was Sam’s parent’s place but she had finally worked the nerve up to met Sam and she was not going to stop now.

Not twenty minutes ago she had been texting with Sam and found out the parent’s were not home so the perfect time to knock at the door. She even joked with Sam about coming and kidnapping her right now.

Cindy looks down at herself. Going over in her head what she has on. Matching panties and bra… check. Jeans and a blue button down shirt…check. She has all her favorite jewelry on…check. Recently chewed breath mint…check.

She buttons one more button on her shirt and then undoes it again, unsure if it is too much or not enough. She feels one of her more attractive qualities is her breasts and she wants to show them off as best as she can.

She leaves the button undone and stepping up to the door taking a deep breath she knocks.

Sam is lying on the couch watching TV in her sweats, but her mind is really thinking about Cindy wishing she really would just show up at her door and just grab her in her arms and have her way with her. Then whisking her away.

She lies back on the couch and starts to fondle her breasts in her hands. Then taking one hand she slowly starts to rub her mound. Thinking of Cindy just walking in and taking her, all but ripping her clothes off her body, calling her the dirty names that she loves. Thinking of how she would love to suck on Cindy’s big breasts. Her nipples are beginning to harden and she is getting wet when she hears a knock on the door.


Cindy’s heart is beating out of her chest as she waits for what seems an eternity for the door to open. Just as she lifts her hand to knock again the door swings opens.

“Didn’t your mother teach you never to open the door to strangers’ baby?”

“Cindy? Oh my god Cindy it’s you!”

Sam grabs Cindy wrapping her arms around her.

“Yes baby it is.”

Cindy pulls back trying to get a good look at the woman she has spend hours and hours talking to. Sam of course had sent pictures but pictures didn’t do justice to the young beauty in front of her. Sam had recently cut her hair short and it suited her well. She was a little shorter than Cindy’s 5’8 frame not much maybe an inch or two.

“You are so beautiful.” Cindy says with a sigh.

“No you are Cindy.” Sam tells her looking her up and down.

They embrace again and this time their lips meet for the first time. Cindy slides her tongue inside tasting Sam for the first time exploring her mouth, relishing the taste of her. They kiss and kiss not wanting to stop… wanting this moment to last.

As Cindy pulls slowly away Sam bites her lower lip.

“Ow… you weren’t kidding were you?” Cindy asks with a laugh.

“No love I wasn’t kidding. I can’t help it I always bite when I kiss. I can’t believe you are really here.”

“Yeah I know me either but I couldn’t wait any longer I had to met you Sam. I had to touch you and see you and feel you.” Cindy says her hand going up to caress her face.

“There is so much I want to say and do right now.” Cindy says with a sigh wrapping her arms around Sam again.

They stand in the doorway and hold each of a moment or two before heading inside hand in hand.

Sam turns and pushes at Cindy saying,

“You could’ve called love I mean look at me lounging around in sweats not a care in the world. If I had known you were coming I could have been much more presentable.”

“Sam you look gorgeous to me. Absolutely stunning in your sweats trust me.” Cindy says giving her a lecherous leer.

“Lair.” Sam responds with a laugh.

“I have a hotel room not far from here. Why don’t you pack a bag and come stay with me baby? You could tell your mom and dad you are staying with friends’ right?”

“Yeah sure that will work. Come with me while I pack a bag. I don’t want you to disappear on me.”

Sam is grinning ear to ear as she leads Cindy towards her bedroom. The whole time thinking oh my god I can’t believe she is really here. This is amazing.

“I can’t believe you are really here.” She tells her again.

She grabs her duffel bag and starts shoving clothes in not really paying attention to what she is putting in there. Just wanting to leave and finally really and truly be with Cindy. To feel her body against hers. To feel her nipple in her mouth. Just thinking about it is getting her excited. She looks up at Cindy as seeing the way she is looking at her she asks,

“Sweetheart what are you thinking?”

Cindy stands up and walking towards her with a look on her face that excites Sam and makes Sam a little nervous at the same time. Cindy tells her,

“That I have to have you now.”

“Baby I am almost ready.”

“Now.” Is the only response Sam gets.

“Please what if my parents come back…Cindy wait.”

“I don’t care.” Cindy says.

Cindy walks up behind Sam and grabs her breasts in her hands and starts to caress and squeeze them. Pushing her against her dresser she looks at Sam in the mirror and smiles before bending down and kissing her neck sucking gently at first then harder.

Sam starts to moan and then cries out as Cindy bites down on her neck her teeth steadily digging in harder and harder before stopping.

“I am going to mark you as mine you whore. I want everyone to know you are mine.”Cindy almost growls in her ear.

Hearing that makes Sam moan louder as Cindy start pulling her sweat shirt up. Her hand rubbing her bare breast and then her fingers begin to pull and twist at her nipples. First the right and then the left nipple quickly making them hard.

“Oh god…baby…please…stop.” Sam begs although her body is on fire for Cindy’s touch.

“I am not going to stop until you cum in my hand slut.”

Cindy takes one hand and starts to slide it inside Sam’s sweats finding her wet already she begins to squeeze her pussy in her hand.

“This belongs to me doesn’t my little whore.” Cindy asks staring in the mirror at Sam.

“Yes…Yes… I belong to you.” Sam sighs as her hips begin to move back and forth slowly.

Cindy continues to stroke Sam, her fingers slipping inside her panties rubbing her wet lips as she watches her face thinking she is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen.

“Yes your mine.”

Cindy watches Sam’s eyes start to dilate as she becomes more and more excited. Watching the rise and fall of her chest as her breathing starts to come quicker. When she slides two fingers inside Sam she hears her lover’s moan and feels her hips start moving faster forcing her fingers deeper inside.

“That feels good doesn’t it?”

“Yes… yes.”

Sam is scared her parents might return but right now the only thing on her mind is what Cindy is doing to her. She had no idea how wonderful it would be, finally having her lover here. Feeling her lover’s fingers inside her. Feeling Cindy’s breath on her neck, her hand on her breast pulling at her nipple.

Sam hips begin to move faster and faster, bucking against Cindy’s hand. She begins to moan louder and says her lover’s name over and over again.


Cindy knows from the times they have had phone sex that Sam is about to cum. She starts fucking her faster her palm hitting against her clit. Her other hand pulling hard at Sam’s nipple. She starts to suck her neck in earnest. Doing all the things they have spoken of over the phone.

Sam body starts to quiver as she cries out her orgasm. Shaking uncontrollably in Cindy’s arms, her moans seem to go on forever the orgasm not stopping as wave after wave of pleasure hits her. As she comes back down she feels Cindy’s hips grinding against her she knows her lover is on the verge.

Sam slides to her knees, turning around and quickly pulls Cindy’s jeans and panties down telling her,

“I want you to cum on my face baby… please.”

She know Cindy loves to hear her say that and is rewarded with a loud moan as Cindy’s fingers find their way into her hair guiding her head towards her wet, very wet pussy. Sam takes a moment to savor the smell of her lover and looking up smiles before taking a long wet lick.

“Oh god baby…yes.” Cindy sighs.

Cindy pulls Sam’s head in closer as she begins to grind against her face.

“Lick me baby…lick me.” She moans her hips moving faster.

Sam takes Cindy’s clit in her mouth and starts to suck gently. She immediately feels Cindy’s hands tighten on her as she starts moaning louder and louder.

When Cindy feels Sam’s mouth sucking at her clit that sends her over the edge and into bliss as she screams out cumming hard on Sam’s face, coating her with her juices. When she regains her composure she pulls Sam to her feet and kisses her hard tastes herself in her lover’s mouth.

“Damn baby that was amazing.” Sam says wrapping her arms around Cindy.

“It was absolutely incredible. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They stand there a moment in each other’s arms enjoying the feel of it.

“Hurry and get dressed I wanna be gone before my parents get back.”

“You got it love. Can’t wait to get you back to my room. I may never let you go.” Cindy tells her pulling her panties and pants back up.

“I may never let you go either sweetheart.”

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