New Era, New Life

By dark_green_crow

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I’ve always been a shy girl. It is difficult for me to approach people, and start talking to them. I feel this kind of difficulty the most, when I’m at school. In fact, I have no friends at school. I always sit alone in the cafeteria during lunch breaks, while my classmates are talking to each other.

There is a girl named Alice among my classmates who I like. I’m giving her the eye, but she never notices it. I’m trying to talk to her from time to time, but the talk ends soon, since I tend to blush. Then I turn away from her. I don’t want her to see me blushing.

Besides, Alice is often smiling at Jason, when he’s passing by. Jason’s smiling back. I think they find each other attractive.

Once I overheard a talk between Alice and Carol in the cafeteria. Carol is known as a witch at school. She’s interested in everything that is paranormal, and sometimes she shares her knowledge with others.

“Do you believe that the world is about to end? Newspapers and the Internet are full of articles about the end of the world, which is supposedly to come tomorrow, on the 21 st of December! I want to know your opinion, since you are wise in these matters,” Alice said to Carol.

“It is utter nonsense! Nothing bad like that is going to happen. The world is about to have good changes. It is the beginning of a new era. It will affect each person in a different way. If you give me your palm, I can try to read what awaits you.”

“Alright, here you go.”

“The new era will bring you someone special, but I cannot tell anything more. The lines of your palm say more than what I just told you, but I don’t know what they mean. I suggest you to get extra help, if you want to know more.”

“Maybe Jason will become my boyfriend?”

“I don’t know, Alice.”

Then I became too busy with my own thoughts to keep listening to them. Just look, how much the palm can reveal about future! I was too shy to approach Carol, but I thought it might be worth asking the help of a fortune-teller. I called the local fortune-teller, and made an appointment for tomorrow.

When the next day came, I sat in the cafeteria, wondering what awaits me in the new era. I had no idea of what was going to happen. But this is what makes life interesting!

Later I left school and went to the fortune-teller. How big my surprise was, when I opened the door to the fortune-teller’s room, and saw Alice sitting there!

“But I have to have a consultation now! Why haven’t you arranged your schedule properly?” I asked the fortune-teller.

“Dear girl, you don’t need my consultations. You have your destiny right here, sitting together with me. I arranged my schedule like this on a purpose, because I felt what you both wanted to find. Your wishes match.”

“But I thought Alice was interested in Jason!”

“I was afraid of what others might think of me, if I showed my attraction towards you, because you are a girl. Many people of our society condemn individuals, who feel attracted to the same sex, you know! I hid my lust towards you, and tried to turn it to Jason, just because I didn’t want to be condemned. It didn’t work. I am who I am, and I cannot change myself,” Alice told me.

“That’s right,” the fortune-teller began, “Alice came and asked, whether Jason is the special person who will change her life in the new era. I told her to look deep in her heart. I explained her that the gods of the new era will not tolerate condemnation towards couples of the same sex.”

We both thanked the fortune-teller and went outside. Alice started looking into my eyes. She leaned closer to me, until our lips touched. I slid my tongue into her mouth. We stood there, kissing, for about ten minutes.

“I’ve never believed I will ever get to kiss you!” I told Alice.

“Me too. But let’s not remember the past. Let’s live in the new era!”