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Nicole's Secret - Episode 1

Two schoolgirls release their love for each other in the school bathrooms
As the bell rang for the end of school, Nicole packed up her things and left the classroom. Nicole was in short, hot. She wasn't too fat and she wasn't too skinny like those girls who have no fat in her year; they just have skin, and everyone lusts after them. She had the right amount of curves to make her just right for holding around the waist and passionately kissing. She was attractive to everyone at school, and was 16, with bouncy, round breasts, which poked out from her brightly coloured bras, through her white school shirt. She wore her hair like a sexy schoolgirl, parted across her head, in two long pigtails, lying across her shoulders and chest. She wasn't too tall, she was about 5 foot 9", making her the perfect height for most boys in school, and she was the same height of most of the other girls. Every boy who hit on her was turned away, as she loved leading them on, watching them drool over her.

As she was leaving her lesson, Francesca caught up to her. She was about the same height as Nicole, with small but fun tits. Her nipples were amazing for her small chest, but they looked like they could get very erect. The two girls were best friends, and were closer than anyone, but they never let each other know that they secretly lusted after one another. Francesca had a fantastic bum, nice and round, showed off from the curve at the back of her very short school skirt, which didn't leave much to the imagination, as her cheeks lifted up the back of the skirt quite nicely. Often, the girls wouldn't wear tights in summer, so Francesca's knickers were on show to most boys and teacherswho tried to sneak a peak at them. Nicole always wore plain white knickers, easy to see her juices through, but Fran like multicoloured designs, and frilly tassels. Sometimes she would wear a thong, or if the boys were lucky, a bright green or orange G-string.

Fran told Nicole she needed the toilet and the two wandered along to the toilet block, which was often never used, because they were at the other end of the school to the exit. As they entered, some other girls were leaving, from applying make-up and loosening school shirts to show off the big cleavage. Fran and Nicole went into a cubicle each and sat down, leaving their bags beside them in the cubicles.

Nicole was first to go, letting her pee dribble out slowly, with Fran following her, with a quick stream of pee, loudly hitting the toilet-water.

"Wow, that was aggressive," Nicole laughed.

"I was bursting!" Fran replied, with a sigh of relief. "I couldn't have waited any longer, or I would have wet myself."

"That would have been a sight!"

"I know I bet the boys would have loved that, seeing pee trickle past my thong with ease," Fran said with a laugh.

"Well so would I..." Nicole said slowly.

"What?" Fran replied, with a certain obscurity to her tone.

"I think that would have been hot. Sorry, its just a girl wetting themselves is really cute, and seeing your amazing legs drip with pee would turn me on so much."

"Really?" Fran asked. "Do you find me attractive?"

"Well..." Nicole paused. "Truthfully, yes, very. I dream about you every fucking night."

"Wow," was all Fran replied with. Accidentally, she kicked her bag over, and all of her belongings feel under the door into Nicole's cubicle. "Oh shit sorry!" She said, but before Nicole could reply to that she gazed in amazement at what was lying on the cubicle floor. A strap-on, and a shit-load of condoms and lube.

"Fran what's this?" Nicole asked.

"Well don't tell anyone, but, today I was going to ask you to come back to my house, and then I was gonna surprise you when you were turned away by rubbing it up against you. You're not mad or freaked out are you?" Fran asked, hoping to get some form of mercy from Nicole.

"No," Nicole replied, reassuringly. "It's actually turning me on!"

"Haha, me too" Fran giggled.

"Well, why don't you come into my cubicle?" Nicole asked, in a suggestive tone.

"Well, ok then, if you fancy a secret snog! I've always fancied one with you!"

"No, bring through the strapon, I want to feel your cock slide in me!"

"Well ok then! If you're ready! Pass me it through!"

"Oh and leave off the condoms, this is just for me and you to be fuck buddies, no get through her and teach me a lesson!"

Nicole heard Fran pull up her thong and skirt, and then put on the strapon, then she paced around the front of Nicole's cubicle and pushed the door open. Nicole had her white panties pulled up, which could be seen peeking out from under her short blue tartan skirt. Her panties were wet, and some pee was still soaking her pussy. She had her legs spread as she gazed up at Fran, and she saw the rubber dick pointing at her, with Fran's skirt front being held up by the top of the cock. Fran still had her school shirt on, and her sexy heeled shoes, which Nicole adored. Nicole stood up, and Francesca pressed her up against the wall, pressing the strap-on to her pelvis, and slowly humped her slowly, before putting her arms around her, and sliding her wet tongue into Nicole's mouth. Nicole responded with a pull towards her, and the two were holding each other, french kissing each other. They'd never experienced another woman before, and explored each other's mouths for a long few minutes. Fran removed her tongue and saliva dripped down her chin, and to her shirt. Nicole wiped it away and sucked it into her mouth.

"I love the feel of your tongue against mine," Nicole said, "and now I want your big dick inside of me."

"Are you wet enough," Fran whispered into Nicole's ear.

Gently nibbling Fran ear, she whispered, "I've been dripping since we left sex ed!" Nicole laughed and kissed Fran once more. Nicole dropped her damp panties around her heels and kicked them off, keeping her mini-skirt on. She put one foot on the toilet seat to open up her vagina, and put her hands on Francesca's soft, warm bum-cheeks and her in closer. Nicole's playful boobs rubbed up against Fran's smaller delights, making the tingle and harden. Francesca hugged close to Nicki, and inserted the strap-on into Nicki's vagina. Nicole's pussy lips flappedd wet as it moved slowly in and out. Nicole closed her eyes and began to breather deeply, letting each slow thrust of Fran go deeper and deeper into her hole. She continues to whisper "deeper!" into Fran's ear, until the whole dildo was up inside of Nicole. She kept it there as Nicki breathed in and out. A it stayed inside, Fran kissed Nicki again, running her hands through her friend's hair, and reached around to stroke Nicole's smooth bare bottom, playing and tickling it, separating the cheeks and stroking the hole with her hand. She began, just with the tip of her finger to finger Nicole's tight butthole, using her saliva as a lubricant.

Slowly, Fran got faster in thrusting, until she was fucking Nicki as hard as she could. Nicki was flushed and dripping and Francesca was breathing heavily.

"Fran, I'm close," Nicole whispered, as she pushed Francesca further into her, until their hips were touching, and they were pounding their bodies together. With one hand on Fran's back, Nicole used her other hand to rub her clit, flicking it and slapping it, starting to open her mouth and slowly build up into and intense orgasm. Eventually, she arrived and pushed Francesca out of her and screamed, crouching and opening her legs as an intense squirt followed, covering the floor. Nicole continues to scream as the cum continues to squirt in blasts. "Fuck me oh god, Fran that my first ever squirt it was amazing!" Nicki sat on her butt, and Fran moved towards her, cock in hand, and inserted it into Nicole's mouth. She took Fran's dick deep into her mouth, and down her throat, gagging as Fran became more and more violent. Nicki looked up at Fran as she humped Nicki's face, and rubbed her clit, and grabbed one of Fran's nipples. Fran moaned, and began to hold Nicki's head on the strapon, amking her struggle for air, turning her face red.

When she finished the blowjob, Francesca dropped her strap-on and put it on Nicole. Nicole sat on the toilet seat and Fran sat reverse cowgirl on her lap, bouncing slowly on Nicki's cock, building up speed. Nicole put her hands on Fran's inner thighs to hold open her legs, bouncing her up and down the full length of the strap-on, lifting her up and then dropping her onto it, impaling her on the manhood. Fran kept bouncing Nicki to squirt at the cubicle door and up into air. Her clit was swollen and she found it hard to stop shouting and orgasming, so it was a good job no teachers were around. Nicole reached into Francesca's chest and opened her shirt, where she found again the nipples she was squeezing earlier, revealed her boobs, as her pointy nipples looked ready for playtime. Fran climbed off Nicki's dick and took off her skirt, then loosened Nicole's bra, revealing those EE bags of fun. Fran got to her knees and wanked the dildo whilst sucking Nicki's nipples, attempting to milk her to get her tasty juices.

"I want you to squirt all over my face and chest, Francesca said, whilst she caressed Nicki's erect nipples. So, she loosed the dildo from the strap-on and instantly hammered it through Nicole's lips, faster and faster until Nicole was gripping Fran's hair for control. Nicole screamed and hammered her fist against the cubicle walls, making high pitched screeching sounds and Fran got her to orgasming and squirting point. As she squirted she let out a scream so loud, it was surprising the teacher didn't hear it. there was nothing they could do now though, as Fran was covered in fresh, hot and sticky pussy juices from her hair, down to the front of her skirt which was soaked though. Nicole dropped down to the floor beside Fran, and they hugged each other pressing their bare bodies again one another, spreading their cum over each other's figures, and rolling around in their juices. Fran got up and opened up the cubicle door, and pushed their bags against the main toilet door, so it seemed locked to people outside, if anyone did happen to come past. She led Nicole out into the middle of the floor, which was covered in a layer of sticky mess from their masses of cum. Francesca lay Nicole down and lay on top of her, in a 69 way. They licked each other out and cleaned their bodies up, licking each other from head to toe, and lay back down on top of each other, passionately tonguing one another, spreading their saliva throughout their cheeks and mouths.

Francesca looked Nicole in the eyes, admiring the deep hazel which glistened in the light through the patterned windows. She pecked Nicole on the lips whilst on top of her and went to her ear, and slowly whispered, "I love you." and then slid her tongue back into Nicole's mouth and they pulled each other close, rolling around, two lovers on the toilet floor.

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