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Night Shift

A long night at the office turns out to be a really good thing
It’s the general consensus that accountants are a staid and boring bunch. You know, that is mostly pretty accurate. It’s not an exciting sexy job ninety-nine percent of the time. I work for a large company, on the twenty-fourth floor, in an office tower in Toronto, right in the middle of the financial district. I’m a Junior Partner so I do get an office, which is nice. I can look out at the city through the floor to ceiling glass windows, and out at the bustling office through similar windows on the inside. I could see into the offices on either side of me too, but there are blinds that they keep permanently closed.

Normally I do my work and head home not much after seven or eight in the evening. I put in long days, partly to get noticed and partly because I just like to do a good job. Oh, I haven’t told you anything about me, have I? Well my name is Daisy and I started out wanting to be a writer. I went to school to learn creative writing, but then I chickened out and got myself through another bunch of courses and landed a job with the firm I am still part of. I’m 33. I’m a girl, although the Daisy part probably gave that away. I tend to dress a little less conservatively than most of the Partners here. Not too slutty or anything, but my skirts are a little shorter, my cleavage is a little more obvious, my clothes are all a little tighter, you know what I mean. I’m the kind of girl you notice around an office. I think I’m reasonably pretty. I have nice boobs. I walk with a sway. All those things. Oh, yes, I’m also bi-sexual. Yes, really! I tend to notice the girls around the office more than the guys. Guys are easy. Any girl knows what I mean by that. But finding a girl that is interested in a fun physical relationship with another girl is a lot tougher. So I’m always looking.

Oh, to round out the wardrobe, all my undies are from Agent Provocateur in England. I order them online, and then if they feel good I order a bunch more of the same style in colours. I have a knicker drawer that covers an entire closet in my condo. I have undies for every possible occasion. Many days I’m just really sorry that I have to cover them up with clothes. So, I also wore to the office, holdup stockings to go with slightly too high heels, tiny panties and thin bras. Now if that doesn’t get me an Agent Provocateur sponsorship deal then I don’t know what will. Well, maybe posing in them? I may have to try that later.

But this isn’t what I want to share with all of you. It’s really last weekend when I had to deal with an account for a company from Dubai. The idea was that I would accumulate all the data in Toronto from the three Senior Partners who have been working with this client company in London, Paris and Lisbon. Speaking from experience, that never works the way you want it to. Plus, I had to have everything tidied up and processed and back to them, as well as the client, by end of day on Sunday. So I wasn’t expecting to have much free time. But it was worse than that.

I got a call from London at four on Friday afternoon that the Partner’s wife had gone into labour, so he was no longer available. Neither Partner in Paris or Lisbon could take on the work, and since I knew the account best after them it was going to be up to me to fill in. His assistant would send everything over on our secure servers, and she would let me know when it was ready for me. Now, that may not sound like a big issue, but it meant that I was stuck at the office. Our security around client data is really strict. To the point where you have to have major security clearance to get onto our floor of the building. That was the only place I could access the servers, so I was going to have to sit at the office until the files arrived. Ah, well. All in a weekend’s work I suppose.

By around eight that evening nothing had come in. I couldn’t get a response from London or Paris or Lisbon so I briefly considered going home. Only briefly, because I would barely have enough time to do the work if it came in right now. So I called out and ordered some Thai food to be delivered to the security desk in the lobby. Then I could convince them to bring it up to me, although even they weren’t allowed out of the elevator. I wandered around for a bit and ended up in the kitchen area. I remembered that there were a few nice bottles of wine in the cupboard that were kept on hand for client events, so I opened it up and pulled out a bottle of red that looked ideal for a late night at the office. This is the point at which someone points out that every bottle of red is good for a late night at the office. I pulled the cork and took it back to my office with a glass.

What a sad life I thought staring out of my window. I stood up and looked down at all the people scurrying about and me here all alone. Then the phone rang. I gave my OK for the delivery guy to leave the food and then flirted with the security guard until she agreed to bring it up for me. Now if any of you are getting ideas, no she is not my type. I didn’t want to get her up here to seduce her. First she was huge and incredibly muscled, second she was in her late fifties and I really wasn’t in the mood for an older woman …. Although some days ……

I picked up the food when the elevator doors opened. I almost lifted up my skirt to flash her, but I decided against it. Even though she couldn’t have done a thing. One step through those open doors without a pass on your belt and there would be more armed security from a different company in there than surrounds your average President on a state visit.

I went to the kitchen and dumped a bunch of food onto a plate and took it back to my desk. I wasn’t watching TV in there. It’s all firewall covered systems so the best I could do was watch a few videos on my phone. I really have to get one with a larger screen for these occasions.

Now, it’s gone midnight. I’ve eaten as much as I can stand. I’ve had two and a half glasses of wine which is enough to get me a bit tipsy but not enough that I can’t shake it off and start to work when needed. But the tipsy part is getting me a bit excited. Every time I see a little tiny girl walk across the screen of my phone I feel my hand move, unbidden, toward the crotch of my panties, which is so thin as to be almost invisible. When I do touch myself I can feel how wet I’m getting, just sitting here doing nothing. I’m not kidding people when I say I am a very sexual being.

I think it’s time to give up pretending at that point. I’m stuck here all alone so, given how I feel, the only person who is going to get me off is me. Now normally when I play I do like to have a toy or two at hand, but here there is only my own fingers. So I do what any good accountant would do. I get down to the essentials. I took off my skirt and folded it on my desk, then my shirt and folded it too. I looked at myself in the mirror on the back of my office door. Whoa! I would definitely do me given the opportunity. What as shame no-one was watching from outside the twenty-fourth Floor. That Agent Provocateur lingerie is worth every dime.

I sat back down in my chair and put my right leg up on the desk spreading my left leg as far as I could and still be comfortable. I leaned my chair back and slipped my right hand into the left cup of my bra. My nipple was perfectly hard. I slid my breast out of the bra and pushed the cup underneath. Then using my left hand I did the same with my right. I rubbed in circles around my nipples brushing my fingers across them as I did. This was starting to be an okay idea. I could feel myself getting wetter. Then I closed my eyes and went to my favourite fantasy girl.

Sorry if any of you think that this is a break in the action, but I should tell you who was inside my head now. There is a burlesque dancer in Toronto who uses the stage name of Red Herring, not terribly flattering I think, or A Professional Distraction. I had met her once by accident when she was working as a receptionist for a company that I had to meet with. She oozed sexuality. She is really gorgeous as far as her face goes. Some people might find her a little too curvy but she was perfect for me. I’ve been to her shows a couple of times. She runs amateur courses and one day I’ll get up the nerve to go. But for now I just see her in my mind coming round that desk, but without the jeans, just a nice little skirt, a crop top and heels and the rest should be obvious to all of you.

Back to the action ….. My eyes closed and my right hand slid under the waistband of my panties as Red Herring and I started to make out on the couch in my mind. My fingers slid over my clit and right into my wet cunt. My left hand rubbed my nipples and everything was gojng exactly as it should when I just had a feeling. Not the feeling you get when you’re about to cum, but the feeling you get when you know that there is someone else around who you didn’t know was there up until this second.

I stayed there for a few moments, my hand in my panties and my other hand on my nipples, and then I thought I would just sneak my eyes open and see who was there. Probably my imagination. But I had to know.

I gently eased my eyelids up and looked. No-one. I looked as far as I could in each direction without moving my head. Still no-one. Then I looked at the window out over the city. There was nothing there but I did see a movement. I realized it was a reflection from out in the main office. Had someone come back? Oh god, no. I looked at the small reflection and it got a bit easier to make out. I realized that it was a cleaner’s cart. I had forgotten that the cleaning staff would be coming in. I knew the people who cleaned this floor from previous evenings. There was an older guy who did most days and a young girl, probably 19 or 20, who worked when he was away. If it was him I was so screwed. He would tell everyone. Her, I didn’t know.

I thought the best way would be to go and see, so I just stood up and walked out of my office toward the cart. Boobs still out, yes, if you’re wondering. Nothing to hide at this point. I was figuring maybe if it was the guy I could bribe him with a blowjob or, at worst, sex.

As I got closer to the cart I saw the figure clearly and it was the girl I had seen a few times.She was facing me but she had her eyes closed and she was leaning on the cart with the other hand down the front of the yoga pants she was wearing. Well, this was interesting. I went up to her and as I got closer I could see her hand moving in her pants rubbing at her pussy. I touched her arm and she jumped a mile. She looked at me and looked at my boobs exposed for her to see and my tiny panties. Then she started to apologize and pulled her hand out of her yoga pants. I shook my head and touched her hand. It was wet from where she had been playing while she was watching me. I took her hand and put her fingers to my lips, sucking her taste from each one of them in turn. Then I turned and, keeping hold of her hand, led her back to my office.

I took her inside and closed the door. I pushed her against the door and looked at her. She was very pretty. I hadn’t really noticed before. She looked like she had nice boobs under her sweatshirt and she was quite curvy, which I already shared that I love. Her yoga pants showed everything off beautifully. She looked scared so I touched her face and gave her a little kiss while I put one of her hands on my naked breast. She squeezed delicately and caressed my nipple as I looked into her eyes. I stepped back a half step and unhooked my bra and dropped it, then I slid my panties down. She just watched.

I stepped in close and kissed her again, my breasts pressed tight against hers through the fabric of her sweatshirt. I needed to see all of her, now! I broke our kiss and stepped back. There were tears in her eyes, but she was smiling so I kept going. I took the hem of her sweatshirt and pulled it over her head. As soon as it was clear I threw it over to the wall then stepped in and unhooked her bra. Thank god for front closures. Maybe she was hopeful for tonight and wore that bra? Maybe.

I pulled it off her shoulders and down her arms and threw it too. I stepped close and took her breasts in my hands. I bent and kissed each nipple as she shivered in my hands. Her breasts were gorgeous. Full and firm, lovely to touch.

Then I stepped back and grabbed the waist of her yoga pants and pulled them down. I was in a real hurry now and grabbed the panties and pulled them off with the pants. No time for delicacy now. As I pushed them past her ankles she stepped out of them and the sneakers she had on. I looked at her and she was stunning. Her body so full and tender. I took her hand and pulled her over to the middle of my office. I knelt down to the floor and pulled her down with me. We put our arms round each other and kissed. This time for real. Our tongues intertwined and played within our joined mouths. I broke the kiss and pushed her backwards. She gasped as she fell to the floor on her back and I pulled her knees apart. I looked lovingly at her perfectly shaved cunt and wanted to taste her now. I went down to the ground, my breasts and nipples rubbing the rough carpet felt really good. I kissed up the inside of her left thigh then buried my tongue inside her wet cunt. Wow, she tasted good. Sweet and aromatic. I worked my tongue inside her and then pulled it out and used it to play with her clit. I slid one finger into her cunt while I nibbled on her clit. She seemed good being penetrated so I slipped another finger inside her and nibbled with my teeth on her clit. I felt her ass start to writhe and I had to struggle a little to keep hold and keep my lips on her clit. I felt her hands on my head pulling my face into her cunt. It was glorious. Then, as she so obviously needed, I felt the pressure as she started to cum. I pushed my fingers deep inside her and kept working her clit as she pulled my face to her. She slowly subsided and relaxed little by little. I kept my fingers inside her and gently kissed her wet soaking thighs.

As she laid back I worked my way up her body and lay against her on my office carpet. She had obviously really needed that. As I was thinking that she read my mind and leaned in and kissed me. This time she took control and pushed me down on the floor. She lay on top of me, her breasts firm and her nipples hard against me. She kissed my face and licked around my lips tasting herself and licking her own juices from my face. Then she slid down my body. I felt her breasts against me and also her wet cunt as she rubbed it against my leg purposefully. I gasped and my whole body shook when her lips reached my waiting cunt. I was so wet and so desperate for release. I felt her tongue on me as she immediately slipped two fingers into my wet pussy, but that wasn’t what I needed. I lifted my ass a bit off the ground and she got the idea immediately. She slipped her wet fingers out of my cunt and into my ass. She pushed deep into me straight away and bit gently on my clit. That was all I needed. I felt the waves of my orgasm roll over me as she kept pushing into my ass and working my clit with her teeth and tongue. I came for minutes it felt like. It was amazing. Then I just collapsed onto the ground.

She knelt up from between my legs and took my hands. She was strong, because she pulled me to my feet with ease. My legs were like jelly after our play, but I managed to stand while she dressed me. Then, still naked, she led me over to the couch and laid me down putting my coat over me. She went to the other side of the room and picked up her clothes. Then she smiled as she softly padded back to me and gave me one last kiss. I watched her gorgeous ass as she walked, still naked, out of the door and closed it behind her. I could see through the glass, and appreciate her body, as she started to dress right outside. Then I felt my eyes closing.

The phone ringing woke me up. I looked at the clock as I rushed to the phone. It was three in the morning, so eight in London. I picked up the phone and started to talk to the people over there who were yelling about time and deadlines. That night was so unreal. It felt like a dream, but I was so sticky between my legs and when I felt in the pocket of my skirt for a kleenex I found something else. There was a small pair of panties wadded up in there. I pulled them to my nose and smelled deeply. It was her. It had all been real.
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