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Night Thoughts

I lay awake in the night, wondering. For some reason you have been in my thoughts lately, in ways that I normally only think about guys. All I’ve ever thought about is strong wide shoulders, tightly formed muscles, and long thick smooth dicks, plunging deep into my pussy.

Now though, now I’m not so sure. Ever since I met you things have been different. When I close my eyes I don’t see the usual chiseled features I’m used to, I see your face, high cheek bones, small nose and pointed chin. Your large eyes, taking up so much of your face, the mascara surrounding them. Your dark hair, cut short around your head, slightly longer towards your mouth. I’d say I’m jealous, but I’m not, not really. I want to stare at that face, memorize it, have it stare back at me.

Is your mouth different than a man’s, smaller I’d guess, lips fuller, softer, warmer maybe? Do you know tricks I never learned, different movements that you will share with me, make me tingle as much as I feel when someone touches my pussy?

And your body. I wonder what it’s like to massage your breasts, kiss the nipples, suck them into my mouth, bite down slightly. Do they feel like mine, have the same heft I feel when I pleasure myself, feel the same soft skin, tight areolas and firm nipples. I want to know what it’s like to press my face into them, rub myself against them. Will you moan like I do when mine are groped like that? How sensitive are you? Will you cum if I play you hard enough?

I want to kiss my way down your front, between your breasts, over your stomach. What does your flesh there feel like? Smooth, hairless, softer I guess, than most men. Are you firmer than me, or softer?

What will I find as I kiss my way further down, down to the special area just above your legs? Are you trimmed, or shaved down there? How much, if any hair, do you have? Is it soft and short, long enough to run my fingers through as I drape them around and between your legs and into your slit.

What do you taste like? The same saltiness of a man’s, cum? No, more like my own the time I tasted myself, sticking my fingers deep in my snatch, then licking them clean. Does your flesh have its own taste though? How will you feel against my lips, how tight will you be when I slip a finger inside of you? How different are we down there, two women, alike, unlike, identical, or not? Is your clit the same as mine? Longer, shorter? Does it send the same tingles through you I feel whenever mine is touched? When I kiss and suck on it, how will you move, twist in pleasure, squirm against me, press my face deeper into your cunt? How wet do you get when your pussy is being eaten, enough that I have to slurp down your juices as they cover my face, drip down my chin towards your ass? Will you squirt as I make you cum, drenching my face and hair?

How will my nose feel, pressed deep into you? Will it bump your clit as I stick my tongue into your opening, moving your lips apart with mine? How similar is kissing your vagina to kissing your mouth? Does it tremble, will you clamp down on my tongue as I bring you to? How are your lower lips compared to your upper? Thicker, more sensitive, moving open to let me access to your inner workings?

Will you kiss me, with my face covered in your smell and wetness, lick yourself off my face? Is it my turn now, will you play me as well as I did you, or better even? Are you more experienced, do you know how to make me cum harder than any man has ever been able to? Will I never be able to be with a man again after you have your way with me?

Each night I lay awake, wondering about you, about what has changed in my life. I don’t know why I have started these thoughts, why I am so obsessed with you, why I want a woman more than any man I know. Each night it grows stronger, till my thighs are slick with my fluids, my fingers sore from my self-pleasuring antics.

Maybe one day it will happen, maybe not, but either way, my nights are filled with thoughts of you.

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Copyright © (C) 2012 Kelsey Malcolm

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