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Nights With Day: Tell Me More

This is part of my story.

     It was hard to comprehend what had happened that night at Day's house. There was no way to discern why it had happened, but I knew I wanted it again. The question was would she? Would she be cool about  the way things went down or come out of a bag on me? One way to find out, I texted her on Tuesday you, me, Saturday *its a date* she wrote back. The first few days after our "encounter" were slightly awkward, it seemed like we had switched roles. I caught her staring me down more than once, and when I did she would blush, hard, and give me this shy cute smile. I noticed, but I kept it molvin, didn't want to make us obvious, you know?
     I guess all the tension got to be too much for her on Thursday. She followed me into the bathroom during lunch  and forced me into a stall. "I don't think I can wait for Saturday," she gasped between rough meetings of our mouths. She unzipped her Dereon skinny jeans, which were gripping in all the right places, I must say. To be quite honest, I couldn't wait either. I had her prop her size 7 Air Force up on the hand rail while I went to work, detailing that pretty little pussy. She was cumming within minutes, gripping the divider wall, she was moaning so loud its a wonder we weren't caught. She's pretty wild.
     I didn't finish until 10 minutes before the start of third, I helped her back into her jeans and we walked back into the hall giggling like bad kids. As we walked, she grabbed my hand interlacing her fingers in mine. Standing in the recess where I had held her last week, we made out until the bell signaled the end of lunch.
     On Saturday I texted Day telling her I'd be over around 9. Is that cool with your mom and pops? *Yeah, I'll be ready* I told her I was going to take her dancing, she walked out of her house in a purple freakum dress, 5 inch black heels, and a matching black clutch. My mouth was watering. "Hey, you look good," she said, kissing me on the cheek. "Thanks, so do you." But I'm damn sure she knew that already. "So, where are we going?" "I promised you some dancing right?" I took her to Fuego, this real, live reggaeton club, that I liked. We spent most of the night grinding to Pit Bull, Kat DeLuna, and Daddy Yankee. Later we went to the upper house where she taught me to salsa, bachata, and meringue.
     After we left I took her to one of my favorite spots, it used to be a playground, now it was just a wide open space where you could see every star in the sky. "Jay, its beautiful up here, how'd you find this place?" "This is part of my story," I replied. She looked puzzled at first, then understanding crept across her face, "Tell me more." "I used to live in those apartments at the bottom of the hill, until my folks got divorced," I continued, "now I live with my mom in Newstrom and my dad lives on the west side with his new wife." I looked away, it always hurt to talk about my dad. "Jay, I'm sorry you didn't--" "Its fine," I interrupted, "you wanted to know, so that's my story." "I love your story, Jay..." her voice trailed off, she lifted my chin, kissing me softly. I knew what she wanted, but I just wasn't feeling it.
     "I should get you home," I blurted. She looked me over, clearly surprised by my outburst. "Okay," she said, rising from the grass. I practically had to race her back to the car. "Day, come on, don't be like that. I'm not brushing you off--" "I get it, you don't want to tell me everything, its fine. Let's go." She got in the car, looked straight ahead, I could tell she was upset. "Day look, I--" She crawled across the center console, silencing my thoughts with her index fingers. "I don't mind your asking for privacy, really, I don't." I leaned in and once again we were kissing.
     I slid the straps of her dress down off her shoulders exposing her luscious breasts, I couldn't wait to taste them. I kissed them both, licked around the areola until her nipples were hard little berries for me to devour last. Day started groaning, her breathing increasingly more shallow. I reached under her dress with one hand, with the other I guided her mouth back down to mine. I didn't bother fidgeting with her underwear, I just moved them to the side and inserted a finger, which her pussy snapped onto like a piranha. She gasped at the sudden intrusion and her breath caught as I inserted a second dish. Slowly I pumped into her hot snatch, hooking and gliding over her g-spot as I pulled out. She couldn't control herself when I began rubbing her clit with my thumb, "Shit, yes, get that," she cried. As her body became accustomed to my presence I added a third finger, driving Day over the edge. She began to thrust with a fervent intensity meeting my thrusts somewhere near the middle. Her pussy clutched at my fingers with every movement gripping and releasing.
     When she began riding harder I knew she was cumming, I pulled her head down to mine causing our mouths to crush together. When she came, she came, all over my jeans and the hem of my button down, what hadn't' gotten all over us was now running down the inside of her thighs. She collapsed, sobbing "fuck, fuck." We stayed like this for a moment, my fingers still inside her, utterly unable to move. I was smothered in her essence, I could smell her all around me, I loved that smell.
     As we pulled up to Day's house, so did a black Mercedes. The guy who jumped out had to be Day's dad, they looked just alike. The girl who climbed out of the passenger's side couldn't have been more than 25, obviously not Day's mom. The guy stumbled over to my car, clearly inebriated, he reached out to my closed window wanting to shake hands, "Young man, you treating my baby girl right?" "Of course, sir." I had to smile to myself, its hard believe I could look this guy in the eyes and pretend like I hadn't just finger fucked his daughter for a good 30 to 45 minutes.
     "Dad," Day whispered, "Dad!" "Yeah?" "Who is she?" "Who is who, honey?" "Don't fuck with me dad, who's the bitch in the driveway?" "She's just a girl, you know how it goes." "Yeah, yeah I do." As her dad stumbled back up the driveway Day turned to me, "Do you think I could crash at your place tonight? I don't want to--" "Hey, you don't have to tell me everything, its cool." "Thanks, so that's my story; my mom died, my dad was trickin' with other women way before she died, now he spends most of his nights with the bitches he brings home and treats me like a room mate, not like his daughter." I wanted to pull the car over, pull her out, and hold her until none of that shit mattered anymore.
     We got to my place and I noticed my mom wasn't home . The note on the counter said she'd be gone til Tuesday. That night though she and I just laid in bed, listening to the rain that had begun to fall, while she told me the rest of her story.

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