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Nights With Day

That doesn't mean I'm not in to you.

     What got me into trouble was wanting what i couldn't have. She was no different. Her name was "Day," Dayanara Ramos and she was fine as all hell. 5'7'' with hazel eyes, a swimmer's body, and a Brooklyn attitude that never ceased to light my fire.
     Day and I had gone to school together since seventh grade, though I'm certain she couldn't tell you my name. My name's Jaime by the way, Jaime Anne Charist, most people call me Jay. Token lesbian of Delmar Senior High.
     Day, she wasn't like other "pretty girls," she didn't have a mean streak or any obvious superiority complex, but that didn't make her a princess. She didn't take shit form anybody, when she was angry or just passionate about something, she let it be known. I loved when we had debate in English because when she was heated her accent was much thicker, her eyes flickered with a little extra orange, and I knew whoever had the balls to argue with her was coming back defeated and inevitably emasculated.
     Day and I had always had limited interaction; always a 'hello' in the hallway and the occasional hug before a long break, nothing major. I had no idea how fast all that was about to change.
"Hey, Jay, did you do McCourts' assignment from yesterday?" she asked twisting around in her seat. "Yeah I did, you need it?" "Yeah, I just forgot about it, can I borrow it from you til lunch? "-shit, i would give this girl my kidney if she asked for it- "Yeah, okay." Those were the most words we'd shared in something like four years. I passed her the economics worksheet, she held my gaze as she thanked me, maybe a second too long, her hand brushing mine, at least i thought so, I was probably trippin.
     The bell rang, i got up and walked out to my locker, exchanging my English binder for my physics book. The entire period I thought about Day, why didn't she ask people she saw all the time for their homework like Mara or better yet her boyfriend, DeLon, why did she ask me? I brushed the thought aside, i tended to over analyze a lot of things. I had a doctor's appointment after physics, so I left, I'd worry about my homework later.
    , when I was at home, trying to pick out an outfit for the next day, I got a text. I didn't recognize the number, but i read it anyway. Jay? *Yeah? who's this* It's Day, i got your # from DC Normally I'd be pissed that Deacon gave out my number, but I'd let him slide on this one for sure. oh word. what's goin on? *i just noticed that you weren't at lunch, so i still have your paper lol* yeah just hold on to it for me, i had somethin to do after 3rd today *'kay well i'll hold it for you then* oh, okay. bet. *yeah, just save my number* will do My week got 157% just that fast.
     The next morning, when I pulled into the parking lot, I saw Day standing next to DeLon's car. She looked pissed and DeLon was obviously yelling at her, which pissed me off. But Day was a big girl, she was old enough to deal, I kept it movin. I heard footsteps behind, it was Day. DeLon shouted something in Spanish that amounted to "Fuck you, I don't need you anyway." Day flipped him the bird and kept walking. "I guess you want to know what that was about," she laughed, tears forming in her eyes. I didn't know her that well but i certainly hated to see her cry. We stood in a recess between two locker pods, I held her while she cried, telling me how much she hated what DeLon had become, hated how much he disrespected her when he was once so sweet, "Fuck that guy, we're over," she sobbed. I just listened, what else could I do? We ended up skipping first and second period, opting instead to go to breakfast. "So what's your story Jay? Hmm," she prodded. "My story? I don't really have one," I answered. "Come on Jay, everyone has a story." "Then what's yours?" I shot back. She immediately withdrew, "It's a sad one, you don't want to hear it." I left it at that, the rest of the day was business as usual, Day in her circle and I in mine.
     "Pimpin are we Jay?" DC was such a gossip, more like a female than anyone I knew. "What are you talking about Deacon?" "I saw you hugged up with Day's fine ass yesterday, what's up with that?" "She was upset, I wasn't gonna leave her alone." "So, you hittin that?" "Drop it DC, you're so damn disrespectful," I stormed off, Deacon's mouth constantly got him into trouble. I felt my phone vibrate, new text, from Day. Jay, my house, 'round 7? *Yeah, send me your address.* 2256 Rodens Dr. *'Kay, yah, i be over* 'kay, see you later sexy ;) Ha, she called me sexy. "Don't read into it," I told myself.
     I got to Day's house a little early, she lived much closer than i thought. Though you couldn't tell by the McMansion i had just parked in front of, felt like I was in LA or somethin. I knocked on the door, heard day yell, "It's open." "How'd you know it was me?" I asked. "Saw you pull up, besides robbers don't knock," she replied smiling. "Uh, I guess you're right," I smiled back. She came down the stairs in orange sofees and a white cami, simple, yet deafeningly sexy. To say her body made me wet is an understatement, I was gushing. I couldn't help but stare as she brushed past me, sauntering her sexy ass into the kitchen. When she bent over to grab something from the bottom of her fridge, I lost all control of my senses. My mouth gaped slightly, eyes stayed fixed. On the edge of my consciousness i could hear someone calling me, i was too dumb struck to answer. "JAY!" "Huh? Oh, yeah," i snapped to. "Do you want a drink or something?" "Uhh, uh no, no i'm okay thanks." "Okay then, well you can stop staring my ass then." Oh my God, I was so embarrassed. We both took seats on separate ends of the black couch, uncomfortable silence sitting between us like a heavy aunt. She took off her scrunchie allowing her dark curls to cascade around her shoulders, damn she was fine.
     In an attempt to avert my hungry gaze i stood up and walk over to a table of family pictures which i studied intently. After i had memorized the order of the pictures and played a mental game of guess who? I became aware of a burning question, Why am I here? I turned to inquire about my economics assginment, i will never forget what i saw next. Day was standing in front of me completely naked, "hiding" herself with my economics paper.
     She was perfect, titties sittin high, not too big but certainly not small. A landing strip maybe a shade darker than the hair on her head, taut flat stomach, an all-over glowing tan. So beautiful. "This is what you want, isn't it?" I couldn't even answer her, I could hardly breath, everything about her was making me light headed. She pushed me back onto the couch settling her amazing body down onto my lap. She ground her pussy against my Evisu jeans, moaning as the sensations heightened, she was so nasty.
     She stopped briefly and pulled me up off the couch. She unbuckled my jeans faster than i could have, all her movements hungry and unmistakably sexual. She helped me out of my t-shirt, leaving me standing there in my black sports bra and tank top, black boxer briefs, and black and gold Jordans. I sat down to unlace them, "Leave them on," she croaked, what a freak.
     Soon her mouth was on mine. She kept flicking her tongue across my lips, her sexuality decidedly playful. I pulled her tongue into my mouth what my own, suckling it deeply, building our mutual heat. I allowed one hand to stray and grab a handful of her right breast. I ran my thumb across her nipple repeatedly. Her breathing became heavy, labored.
     I pushed her off of my lap onto the couch. Taking in her immaculate body, I suddenly became very nervous. "Day, I don't think I can--" "Baby, its fine, I've wanted this for a long time." "But you're not--" "Gay? That doesn't mean I'm not in to you." I started kissing her all over, her neck, shoulders, even her ear lobes. I made sure no part of her was left unattended. I showed love to the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet, kissed all her fingers, and suckled all ten toes, which really turned her on. I kissed her toned legs and flat stomach, leaving her hungry snatch for last. I made a bee-line for her chocolate colored areola and thick nipples. As I nursed each one alternately, I felt her begin to squirm, I knew what she needed and she did not have to beg.
     I ran my tongue up over slick folds, pausing to flick the tip over her electric clit. I did this several more times, "Ssss oooh, mmm, Jay." Her sex sounds were delicious, I wanted to hear more of them, had to. I began to suck on her clit, just hard enough to get her to raise her hips from the couch, I pressed my hands onto her ample butt cheeks, palming her ass, all but forcing her kitty cat onto my tongue. "Oh God, Jay, yes, yes baby," she grabbed the back of my head, forcing me deeper into her love, when she finally couldn't take anymore her body went numb. Her arms fell away, worried I began to pull away. Then all at once she was back, hand's clasped behind my head, as she exploded, shooting what seemed like gallons of sweet nectar into my mouth, down my throat, all over the both of us.
     When we both finally recovered, I gathered her exhausted body into my arms and just held her kissing her breasts and neck, sucking those sweet nipples. "Mmm, Jay?" "Yeah?" "I want more of you, more of that." "You can have anything." She didn't say anything, just looked at me her eyes flecked with gold, body glistening in a fine sheen of sweat. We both got dressed and she walked me to my car. She pinned me against the driver's side door, filling my mouth with her tongue. She pressed her knee to my crotch, this girl's appetite was ridiculous. "I really have to go," I managed. She pulled away with a wink and strode back up the walk way, "Stop staring at my ass, Jay." With that I jumped into my car and sped away. Damn, what am I gonna do?


Author's Note: Woooo, my first story done. I hope you enjoy it, please excuse the length had to get the back story out of the way. leave comments let me know what you think, i would really love to post more if ya'll think its worth it


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