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No work, No play

Work can be so fun sometimes ;)No work no play My name is Jessica and for a living I own a mobile b
My name is Jessica and for a living I own a mobile beauty spa. I drive to my client’s residence to provide a service that you normally would find at a salon. I offer anything from massage, to waxing and so forth. Today, I stood in front of the most amazing house I have ever seen. I’ve been here before, but this time it was going to be different. This time I was servicing their daughter, who was home from college for the weekend. I have seen her in passing before and she certainly was a beautiful sight. She had silky brown hair, that fell midway down her back, big blue eyes that sparkled when she smiled and full pink lips. Her skin was a bit darker than mine because she went tanning. Her smile was to die for and she had perfect teeth to show for it. She seemed to be about my height so I'm going to say 5'3 and her boobs looked a tad smaller than mine so I'm guessing 34Bs. Her body was perfect, with a tight little tummy and ass. She was definitely model material.

Today she had scheduled for a massage; so I walked up to the door, with my massage table strapped over my left shoulder, while pulling my case full of lotions and oils in the other and pressed the door bell. I was a little nervous, which was really rare for me but I knew exactly why. It was because I was curious about women and the thought of touching her body was already getting me sexually aroused. I could feel my juices stirring up in my pants. I don't wear panties; I don't know why, I just prefer not to. I was wearing my pink work scrubs, as I always do for work, with white sneakers; nothing sexy. My hair was done in summer curls, falling down my back side. I normally don't wear makeup but knowing that I was coming here today, I set my makeup just right.

The door swung open and there she was smiling back at me.

"Hi," she said. "I don't know if you remember me, my name is Jennifer but you can call me Jenny."

"Yes," I said extending my hand. "Only in passing."

She shook my hand softly and motioned me into the house, closing the door behind me.

"We're going to do it in my room, just in case my parents come home, is that a problem?" She asked.

"Not at all, lead the way," I responded with a smile.

She led me to the back of the house where her room was, her room was amazing, fit for a queen. She had the mood set right, with the music she liked and the lights dimmed down low. As I walked in, she shut the door behind me, startling me just a bit and snapping me out of the fairytale room I was in awe over.

She looked at me and asked, "Shoulld I get completely naked?"

"Yes!" I replied, then quickly said, “but I have a sheet to cover you with, so you don't have to worry. I can step out while you undress if you would like."

"Nope!" She giggled and pulled her shirt up over her head revealing her perfect breasts.

She wasn't wearing a bra I thought to myself turning my head to give her some privacy, "I wonder if she is wearing panties?"

I was so tempted to take another peek but I held back, as I continued to set everything up. She walked over to me, naked, as I had finished and slid her bare bottom onto the massage table. She had no tan lines and a perfectly waxed pussy. Because of my profession I can tell who shaves and who waxes; she was definitely a waxer, No stubble what so ever. It was perfect!

"Do I lie facing up or down?" She asked, smiling.

I could feel my face start to blush because I knew she had caught me staring at her pussy too long.

"Um let’s start with you facing down," I stuttered.

A very sexy smile spread across her face as she obeyed. I hated myself at that moment and I shook my head to snap out of it. I then grabbed a sheet to toss over her bottom half.

"I don't need that," she said, as she got comfortable on the table.

That didn't surprise me because most of my clients prefer not to have one on. I then grabbed the oil and turned toward her perfect body. The light accented her beautiful round ass. I moved her hair gently off her back as I admired her body one last time, before squirting the oil into my hand. My thoughts started roaming again as I imagined the oil in my hand being her warm pussy fluids. I rubbed my hands together and then placed them softly on the small of her back. At first touch she shuddered softly

"Too cold?” I asked.

"No, not at all," she responded, in what almost sounded like a moan.

I continued, pressing my hands firmly against her body as I ran them up and down her back. I could hear muffled moans coming from her mouth. My pussy started to tingle from the sound of her moaning. With each moan, I became wetter and wetter. My hands worked their way down her back side to her legs. Her legs spread wider letting the dim light pour onto her pussy and I could see her juices glistening. It looked so tasty and my mouth watered at the thought of lapping up the juices that were now dripping onto the table. I hadn't noticed that my hands were now groping her soft slender legs more firmly, as I stared down at her soaking wet pussy. My own juices were flowing out of me, wanting to touch myself. My legs tightened around my pussy, as I began to softly rock my hips back and forth in a humping motion.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

I cleared my throat and replied, "Sorry."

I was so embarrassed that sorry was all I could manage to mumble. My grip softened and I brought my focus back to my work, continuing to massage her soft legs. I finally finished up the backside and asked her to roll over. She did as she was told. As I started with her arm. I looked up at her and she was staring at me. I looked back down, still running my hands up and down her extended arm. I glanced back up and her eyes were still fixated on me. She watched every move I made, making me very uncomfortable. Her eyes darted down to my pussy and the smile across her face grew bigger. I could only imagine what she saw but I looked down just to confirm it. Sure enough my pink uniform pants were visibly soaked with my juices. I looked back up, my face burning with embarrassment and continued my work. I released her arm and ran my hands across her upper chest, when I suddenly felt something slip between my thighs. I looked down to find her bringing her fingers up to her mouth, to taste the wet spot she had rubbed from my pants.

She then asked, "Have you ever been with a woman before?"

"No," I replied, my voice a bit shaky.

I still continued to rub her because I didn't know what else to do. The oil rubbing between my hands and her skin felt even better now, sending chills straight down to my pussy. My juices started flowing again, making the wet spot on my pants start to grow. Again I felt her fingers slip in between my thighs and this time she pressed harder rubbing my clit in a circular motion. The pleasure that was escaping from my pussy stopped me in my tracks. My hands still resting on her upper chest as I closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling she was giving me. I opened back up my eyes to look at her and her smile had vanished. She now looked at me with pure lust. Her lips were parted and her eyes ever so slightly opened. She looked so sexy and I wanted her so badly. I couldn't believe that she was the one making me feel so good right now! My hands became unfrozen again as they slipped down to her beautiful breast. They were so soft and firm. Her nipples were nice and hard, searching for some attention. I pinched and playfully pulled one of her nipples as I massaged her other boob. She arched her back and began to grope my pussy harder making my legs almost buckle. My lips parted as a moan slipped from my mouth.

"Oh god yes!" She said, as she sat up and swung her legs over the side of the table.

I was now standing in between her thighs. Her hands slipped up my body, gently grasping my face and bringing my lips to hers. My lips parted, inviting her tongue to play with mine, as my hands caressed her tight little body. Her lips tasted amazing, like cherries. Mmmm I never knew what I was missing out on before. The oil made my hands move gracefully over her skin, making the feel of her more enjoyable. Her hands worked their way down, stopping at my breasts and gently squeezing them before continuing. She slipped the tip of her fingers under my shirt making me shudder, as she touched my bare skin.

Gripping my shirt, she lifted it up over my head and tossed it on the floor, revealing my pink lace bra. She continued to undress me by unclipping my bra and slipping it off, exposing my breasts to the cool air and making my nipples harden instantly. She giggled, as she tossed my bra onto the floor, next to my shirt and grabbed my boobs in each of her hands. Leaning down she flicked one of my nipples with her wet tongue. I let another moan slip from my lips as I dropped my head back and enjoyed the pleasure she was giving me. My hand found its way to the moist spot between her legs and with the tip of my finger I slid down the slit of her pussy. She was so soft and wet. I looked down at her and her blue eyes begged me to continue. I parted her lips and sunk two fingers into her as she gasped, clinging to my waist. My thumb rubbed her clit, as my fingers worked their way in and out of her tight hole.

She tucked her fingers under the band of my pants and slipped them down over my waist, letting them fall to the floor. I slipped off my sneakers and then wiggled my perfectly manicured toes lose from my pants. I stood there, naked in front of her, as my fingers continued exploring her perfect little pussy. Again she led me to her lips. I gently bit her lip before working my tongue back into her mouth. I moaned as her hand found my aching pussy and she began to do the same thing to me as I was doing to her. Our fingers slid in and out of each other rhythmically, as our tongues twirled and danced past each other’s lips.

I began to rock my hips, as I felt the tingling sensation in my clit, knowing that my first orgasm was about to explode all over her fingers. She started rocking her hips with me pushing my fingers deeper and harder inside her. My body shook slightly, as my first orgasm dripped out of me, making me moan into her mouth. Not even two seconds later, screaming out in pleasure, she returned the favor by letting her juices drip down my hand. She removed her fingers from my pussy and tapped on the table next to her motioning for me to get on. Slipping my fingers out from inside her, I obeyed. Turning around, I lifted myself and slipped my ass onto the table. I turned my body towards her and let my knees open wide, knowing what she wanted. She was already on her knees and in position as she grabbed my waist, pulling me closer to her.

"Lie down and enjoy this," she whispered.

Again I obeyed, letting my head softly rest on the table. I closed my eyes, as I felt her sweet lips kiss my most private possession, making my body shudder. Her hands slipped under my legs and grabbed my thighs as she kissed me again, a little harder. Parting her lips slightly, she took my clit into her mouth and playfully sucked it, as her tongue wiggled against it. My legs shook at the feeling she was giving me. Her mouth opened wider, spreading my pussy lips, inviting her tongue to play with me. I held my breath and my hands gripped the edges of the table, as I waited for her tongue to enter me. Letting out a sigh of pleasure, I finally felt it touch me. Her tongue dipped into me slightly, then dragged it up to my clit, lapping up the juice that had poured from me, not even minutes ago. Moan after moan escaped my mouth as she pleased me. Again her tongue found its way down and pushed harder, plunging into my pink wet hole.

"Oh fuck yes!" I moaned.

I than felt her finger touch my clit rubbing it in a circular motion. I was in ecstasy. Every touch she made sent waves of pleasure to my throbbing pussy, making me want to cum so badly. I gripped the edge of the table harder, as I began to thrust my hips into her face. Her finger pushed down on my clit harder, as she rubbed the second orgasm out of me. My thighs tightened slightly around her head, as my juices flowed freely from my pussy on to her hungry tongue. She lapped up every last drop, before I sat up and licked my juices off her lips. God I tasted so good. My mouth watered with the thought of her juices on my tongue.

"Your turn," I moaned.

Without me having to tell her twice she lay back and spread her legs wide open. I got on all fours between her legs and dropped my head down between her thighs, with my ass high in the air. I breathed her in and moaned at the scent of her. She smelled so sweet, so tasty. I flicked her clit with my tongue making her moan. I smiled and then did it again. Pressing my lips against her clit, I sucked her in and softly nibbled it. As I felt her legs shake, I placed my hands on her inner thighs and pushed down, opening her up wider for me. Her fingers brushed through my hair and gathered it into her fist, burying my face deeper and harder in to her pussy. My tongue parted my lips as it pushed its way out, eager to explore every inch of her sweet pussy. I licked her up and down a couple times before focusing my attention on her swollen clit. Humping her clit with my tongue, I released my hand from one of her thighs and plunged two fingers it into her wet hole.

Her moaning was like music to my ears, so soft and sexy. Her thighs tried to tighten their grasp on me, but I pushed them wide open again, demanding that she took everything that I had to offer her. Again I sunk my fingers back into her pussy and began to move them in a “come here” motion. Her moaning turned me on so much, that my own pussy started aching again for some more attention. I removed my grasp from her and quickly buried my fingers into my dripping wet pussy. As my fingers slipped in and out of the both of us, I could hear her moaning becoming louder. I knew she was at her peak. I moved my face up and down, pushing my tongue harder into her clit, as I began to fuck our pussies faster with my fingers. I could feel her legs begin to shake, as her orgasm escaped onto my face. Suddenly my orgasm ripped through me, dripping onto the table. I continued to pleasure her until her legs stopped shaking and relaxed. I than kissed her pussy softly a couple of times before sitting up.

She lay there for a few more seconds, before the words, "Thank you," poured from her mouth.

I smiled and replied, "No, thank you."

As she sat up, I hopped of the table and began to gather my things and dress myself again.

"Do you have any openings for tomorrow?" She asked.

Despite knowing that I was completely booked and didn't have anything available, I quickly replied, "Yes, what time?"

"Anytime is fine!" She smiled. "You won't need your supplies, just bring yourself!"

I giggled as I finished getting dressed. After gathering my things, I left her house with the scent of her still on my face and hands. My own juice still dripped from my satisfied pussy. I was certainly going to have to cancel my next appointment and go wash up.

Thanks for reading

I want to thank my sister, Christina, for helping me with some of the corrections <3 you!!!!

Part 2 cumming soon!!!! Hehehe

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