Office Fun

By alexandra19

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My dad's office assistance and I having some fun in his office.

My dad wanted to me to go to the office with him. I was excited since one of my biggest turn-on is guys in business suits. We arrived in his office and I could see heads turning already. Wearing my usual cute but sexy outfits. Since my dad allows me to wear anything I want. I was just sitting in his office when he got a call to that his meeting was about to start.

Honey do you mind staying here alone I’ll be gone for a while, I have a meeting to attend to. He told me and I replied I’ll be fine dad not like I can’t find something to do.

Debby will be out there if you need anything. He left to his meeting and I was looking around his office to see if there was anything to do. And there wasn’t so I closed the curtains and told Debby I would be taking a nap and if I needed anything I would go to her.

I got comfortable in my dad’s couch. I started to take my shirt off and took my skirt off. Staying in my bra and g-string. I saw that my dad had a full length mirror in one of his walls. I started to walk toward it.

Just by looking at myself in the mirror I could see that my nipples were very excited by now. I began to massage my tits over my bra. It felt good since I knew I had left the door open and someone could walk in any moment and find me like this.

I took my bra off and left my breast exposed. I was lightly pinching them and I let out a small moan. I kept playing with them I put them close together and the sight of me grabbing my tits and having my legs a bit spread out still wearing my favorite black 5 inch heels.

When I hear the door open it was Debby.

Oh I’m sorry I just wanted to see if you needed anything. Don’t worry I wont tell your dad anything, besides we all do it right?

Your right Deb what about you coming and helping me.

Deb looked at me and said who would pass on this.

Well come closer so that we can start the fun. She closed the door and I quickly walked towards her. Just relax and have fun I told her. So we started kissing and I began to unbutton her blouse. She took it off.

Now Alexa take off my bra and suck my tits. In no time I took it off and admired her large tits about the same size as mine. Wow Debby you must be size D bra. Yes she replied. She started to move me more toward the mirror.

Do you mind Alexa it turns me on to see you sucking my tits.

I began to work my way down to her belly, I slowly took her skirt off and I noticed her panties were wet. Oh Debby I see can tell you’re having as much fun as I am. She replied yeah it’s not everyday you can be in the office of your boss with his daughter.

Debby took me by the hand and walked me to the couch. She began to rub her breasts against mine. She stood up and told me if I had a problem with her wanting me to kiss and play with her asshole.

Not at all Deb. Would you like to move to the floor so that we can have more space to move around. So we did. She got on her knees and elbows. As I started to kiss her ass and with my two hands began to massage it.

Slap my ass for me she ordered me to. So I gave her a light tap on her ass. No Alexa harder. So I massaged it and gave her a harder slap. Ohh that feels great give me another one. So I once again massaged her ass this time I gave her a kiss and then I let her have a hard slap. That’s my girl just like I like it. I massaged her ass and she wanted me to open her cheeks and lick her asshole. I began to run my finger up and down her cheeks and I opened her cheeks and began to play with her asshole. I inserted a finger in it and she let out a loud moan. I went into her asshole with my mouth and began to play with it upward and downward motions.

Alexa who would of thought you were such a dirty little girl. Now I want you to lay on your back. I got on my back and she got her pussy in my mouth and began to rock her hips front and back. She was massaging her tits. Ooooo Alexa you know how to work it. So I asked her to lay on her back.

I opened her legs and opened her pussy lips and began to suck her clit. I moved a bit back and began to play with her with my fingers. I ran my finger from the top to the bottom and inserted one in. Oh my gosh that feels great she said. She began to breath louder. I got two of my fingers wet with her juices and inserted them both into her. She was moaning with great pleasure and I began to slide my fingers In and out faster and faster. She was grabbing her breast oh yeah Alexa faster I’m abut to cum so I started to suck on her clit and moved my fingers in and out faster each time. Oh yeah I’m cumming oh oh ooo yes what great orgasm.

Now it’s your turn Alexa. Are you up for a spanking?

Oh Debby I love getting spanked. So she stood me up and took me to the couch and had me bend down on the side of the couch. She grabbed my ass and began to spank me first two slaps were soft and then she gave me two more that were a bit harder. She got close to my ear and said you’ve been a dirty little girl so I have to spank you. She gave me two more spanks that were harder than the others. She once again began to grab my ass. She opened my butt cheeks and began to lick me. Oh I began to moan of great pleasure. Yeah Debby give it to me I said.

You asked for it. She began to lick her fingers and inserted them into my asshole. I let out moans that were louder this time. I was playing with my tits. While she began to fuck my ass harder with her fingers.

She turned me around and sucked my tits. She got me against the wall and kept sucking my tits. She got her hands and put them between my legs. She spread my legs apart. She worked her way down to my shaved pussy. She asked me how do you like it.

Anyway that doesn’t include penetration.

Oh so I have to get creative I like it. She spread my pussy lips to expose my clit. And to licking it. Wow you taste so sweet. She got her finger and got it wet she started to tap my pussy. Every tap made me moan even louder. Oh

Debby that feels amazing. She started to suck my clit and with one of her hands she began to massage my tit. She wanted me to taste myself so she began to kiss me. We began to get lower and lower until we ended on the floor.

When your about to cum I want you to tell me Alexa. She began to suck my clit and let another moan out. She began to use her finger to rub my clit harder and harder. Oh yeah Debby just like that oh yeah give it to me. Ohh I’m about to cum. She began to work my clit faster and faster and she had her mouth on my pussy as well. Oh yeah I’m cumming I started to rock my hips a bit my legs were still far apart. Debby took m cum in to her mouth. I love the taste of your cum Alexa.

Next time if you want we can use some fun toys Alexa.

Sure your toys and my house.