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Office Souvenirs Part 2

For all those that liked the first one, I hope you like part 2 as much.
“I, uh…. Did you see-?”

“Yeah, I saw those two hung, hunky men fucking you. I guess you like swinging dicks too,” Alana smiled and stalked towards Liza. “But I know that even a hot, hard, thirty minute fuck isn’t enough for you. You need more, and you need me to make you cum this time.”

Liza groaned as her girlfriend slid her hand up against her recently-fucked pussy, and ground herself against it. She was exhausted from Damien’s fuck, but Alana was right, her slut cunt gushed some more, getting excited for round two, this time with Alana.

Meeting Liza’s glossy lips, Alana opened her mouth, and their tongues met and fought, both craving for a taste of the other. Their hands were everywhere, and Liza was naked, again, before long, and she was on top of the basin counter, legs spread wide with Alana’s satiny thong sliding up against her exposed pussy, the smooth rasp of the fabric stimulated her clit and made her moan into Alana’s mouth.

They made out for the longest time, just kissing and moaning on top of the counter, Alana licked all of Damien’s dried cum off her tits, giving extra attention to Liza’s sensitive nipples as their pussies continued to slide against one another, Alana’s thong getting soaked through with both their juices, until she finally slid the wet fabric off her long legs, and put it beside Liza on top of the basin.

Not being able to take another moment of this delicious tease, Liza pushed against Alana, making her back up and and she slid off the basin counter, pulling Alana down onto the cold tiled toilet floor with her, Liza lay flat on her back while Alana got between her legs.

Licking up her inner thigh, Alana fastened her mouth on Liza’s pussy, tasting her clit with a few flicks of her tongue, then she leaned up, flipped her black hair over her shoulder and kissed Liza’s lips, hands going between her thighs and rubbing her co-worker’s pussy. She felt Liza make a sharp intake of breath, and broke the kiss to moan and thrust her pussy against Alana’s hand.

“Mmm yeah, right there..! Oh..! U-ungh….! Ahhhh….” Her back arched, platinum blonde hair in a wild mess, breasts on full display for Alana’s hungry eyes. Alana kissed her way down Liza’s smooth white neck, taking a taut nipple into her mouth and nibbling on it, making Liza’s hips slam against her hand faster.

“AH! Ahhh! Almost there! Oh don’t stop! D-don’t stop…” Liza’s breath was coming out in high-pitched moans now, pussy dripping onto the floor, making the whole toilet fill up with the sounds and smells of two dirty bitches fucking on the toilet floor. Her two hands roughly holding Alana’s head to her breast, forcing her to keep sucking on her huge, over-sensitized nipples.

Alana pushed two more fingers deep between Liza’s soaking-wet pussy lips, and that pushed her over. “OH MY GOD! Alana! Ungh Ooooohhh… AHHHHH!” Her pussy leaking even more juices on to the bathroom floor, shudders running through her as her fourth orgasm of the night ripped through her pussy, making her buck against Alana’s firm hands, Alana kept pumping her two fingers into her dripping cunt, making even more of that slick pussy juice ooze out from Liza’s slit.

When she was done, she could barely breathe, and she was shaking from how good it felt. “Holy shit, that was good.” She said hoarsely to a smug Alana, grabbing the back of her head and leading her in for another kiss. Alana tasted her own juices on Liza’s lips as she lay on top of Liza, their nipples rubbing against each other, and Alana’s aroused cunt lazily rubbing against Liza’s thigh, looking for some friction for her own clit.

“Now your turn,” Liza grinned, and raised her thigh suddenly, so Alana’s pussy ground against it even harder, making the black-haired woman moan and grip her shoulders.

“Yeah, you know you want it, bitch, just grind that hot cunt against my leg.” Alana said, her hands going down to Liza’s tits as she humped away at her thigh.

“Dirty little peeping tom, I bet you would’ve loved to let Damien cum inside you, his ten-inch dick is so wide and veiny, it gets all the right spots, and it’ll make you cum all night long if he wanted to make you.” Liza sat and flipped Alana into a sitting position between her own thighs, her lips right up against Alana’s ear, hands spreading Alana’s thighs apart, arranging her legs, bent at the knee and her feet placed on either side of Liza’s legs so that she could hold them open with her own knees, exposing her soaking wet pussy to the cold toilet air.

“Lick,” Liza said, presenting her manicured fingers in front of Alana’s mouth, then pushing and pulling them in and out like a cock before bringing her saliva slicked fingers to Alana’s clean-shaven pussy and roughly pushing them inside. Feeling all around inside her hot slit, exploring like a hungry cock would.

Her right hand dug deeper, making Alana’s clench her hot, slippery, tight cunt around those fingers as she squealed. Her left rubbed roughly over Liza’s engorged clit. “Ungh! Ooooh… Liz-Liza!” Alana huffed, her hips slamming against her lover’s hands.

“Yeah bitch, you know you love it, you would have loved to get fucked by some man with a huge ten-inch cock, and then getting fingered by me, bitch. You know you love it, and you know you want to cum, but you’re going to have to squirt to get there.” Liza whispered in her dirtiest voice into Alana’s ear, knowing how she loved being talked dirty to.

“Oooooohhhh…. Yeah… I-I’m gonna… oh, Liza! I’m gonna-! Aaaaahhhhhh!” Alana screamed as her pussy fired out three jets of hot pussy juice, Liza’s fingers rubbing Alana’s hot little clit, making her hips shudder and buck against her hands, her cunt juices flying everywhere, wetting them both and the floor below them. Her pussy juice lay in puddles some two feet away from them, and her cunt was still oozing some more. Alana’s hips shuddered and she grabbed on to Liza’s thighs as the post-squirt shudders racked through her, her breathing hard and fast.

Liza’s hands continued to rub her girlfriend’s clit and nipples, letting her slowly come down, she cupped her hand at Alana’s pussy and collected a bit of juice leaking out, then she transferred it Alana’s mouth and they kissed, sharing the taste of Alana’s hot squirt.

After a while, Liza stood up, “Better than Steve?” she grinned and peered at herself in the large bathroom mirror, her skirt was bunched around her belly, as wet as her own dripping pussy, her large tits still exposed to the cold, nipples standing straight up. Alana was still on the floor recovering from her massive orgasm while Liza pulled down her clothes and cleaned herself up by the sink.

You wouldn’t ever know that she’d just came, thought Alana, finally getting the strength to stand up and clean herself. Her pussy was sensitive and still dripping. “I’ll be right back love, don’t go anywhere” Liza said, winking at her.

Before she walked out, she picked up Alana’s thong and twirled in around her finger with a cat-got-the-canary grin on her face. “What?”

Liza smiled. “Think I’ll hold on to this, ” she said before taking the thong and putting it in her skirt pocket, turning and walking out of the bathroom.

Outside the board room, Liza paused to check her outfit one last time, then took a deep breath and entered. She’d developed an alibi in her head as she rode the elevator, and as all eyes watched her as she strode in, she arranged her expression to become one of worry. “Boss, er… , Alana just threw up in the bathroom, I think it’d be a good idea for me to take her to the hospital. Looks pretty bad.”

Mr. Jamison’s eyebrows shot up, and a stunned ‘Oh’ escaped him. “Erm, OK then, see to it she gets home and gets some bed rest, we’ll see her next Monday. You take the rest of the day off too, just as well, we’re almost done.”

Steve stood up, “Shouldn’t I go… as well?”

“No, best not, we need you to present the last section.” Mags spoke up, putting her hand on Steve’s arm in a way which did not escape Liza’s notice. Steve’s expression towards her hand also rang all sorts of alarm bells in Liza’s mind. But she composed herself, and replied Mr Jamison in a cool tone.

“Alright then, thank you Mr. Jamison, I’ll see to it.” Liza made her exit, and returned to the 16 th floor where Alana had just exited the washroom, cleaned and freshened up.

“I got us the night off,” Liza grinned. Alana gave her an amused look, which turned to one of worry.

“What about Steve?”

Liza paused. “I think he’s cheating with Mags”. She said. “I told them that you threw up and I’m taking you to the hospital. He offered to come with, but she wouldn’t let him, and he didn’t really seem to happy to either.”

Alana snorted. “Wouldn’t be surprised. She’s got a thing for married men. Heard she hit it up with Jamison as well once or twice.”

Liza gave her a wide-eyed look. “How’d you know that?”

“Thumping late at night, and Ivy- you know Ivy, his assistant?- told me over lunch once she saw some document with cum on it in his trash. Then, “Let’s go, I heard there some band playing at Ripped tonight, all this office drama is killing me”. Liza smiled, and the two left the office together, Alana’s thong still tucked inside Liza’s pocket, her very own souvenir from what must’ve been the sexiest night she’d ever had at work.

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