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Oh what a night!

3 girls grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor, not shy about having their way with me.
My first bi-sexual experience

True story- This happened about 8-10 years ago.

Dave was a “friend with benefits.” I didn’t want to be in a relationship, which made him perfect. He obliged what I wanted and when I wanted. Sex was never boring between us, but I wanted to take things further, sexually. Being pretty inexperienced, I wasn’t sure what was out there other than porn and strippers.

Dave and I had watched porn while having sex; I found it very erotic. The first time we went to a strip club, I realized I was very turned on by watching the women naked. Dave realized this and capitalized on it by toying with me. The next couple times we went, I wore a skirt just to give him easier access to make me feel good. It was quite enjoyable.

I brought the idea up to a friend of how I wanted to do more, but wasn’t sure. She mentioned “Kama Sutra.” When I asked what it was, she laughed and told me to go look it up. Almost running to the computer, I searched for “Kama Sutra.” The first search choice brought me to a website explaining the massage techniques of the Kama Sutra.

“Seriously? That’s what it is?” I was disappointed. I didn’t know what I had in mind, but that wasn’t it. I wanted to have fun, I wanted to experiment. I clicked back on the browser and read the next search choice. I noticed it said “Philadelphia.” I lived in the suburbs of Philly, about 10 minutes from the city. Just because this site mentioned my own backyard, I clicked on it. I had never heard of what I was about to see.

The website explained a private club in Philly called Kama Sutra. When I clicked on it, I read about a Swingers club. What is that? I thought it was dancing and thought the sexual in nature photos on the site odd. (Odd only because what does swing dancing have to do with half naked people?) I read and learned what “Swingers” are; there I learned about the “Lifestyle.” I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see another woman fuck Dave, but when I read about the female on female experiences, I was definitely interested. The website told about the Friday and Saturday night parties, but wasn’t saying where! It even gave prices to go to the club. For $125 a night, per couple, this place better be good!!

The next time I saw Dave, I told him about the club. The price didn’t seem to matter to him, he was all up for trying it out. We picked a date and I went back to the website to sign up. Within an hour, I got an email revealing the location. I actually knew where it was, but the email explained that it was hidden by a restaurant and needed an invite to get in. There was my invite- attached in a file. I printed it out and went shopping for an outfit.

Dave and I arrived early. Hardly anyone was there yet. We had a private tour by a very beautiful, barely dressed woman. She explained the rules of the club, which were shocking, but exciting.

“So the major rules are: Number 1: No means No. If someone touches you and you don’t want it, say no, AND vice versa. Number 2: You can run around naked and have sex anywhere but the 1 st floor.” The hostess laughed and ushered us on.

“But the 1 st floor?” I whispered to Dave wondering what we were about to see. There ended up being three floors all together. The 2nd floor was a bar, dance floor, and very long sectional couch. In the middle of the whole couch was a plexiglass window that showed action going on on the 2nd floor.

The 2nd floor was full of half private rooms and one huge room with nothing but mattresses on the floor. There were towels to the side and condoms everywhere. When the woman finished the tour, she left us on the 3rd floor. We were the only ones up there, except the bartenders. The private club was BYOB. We gave our bottle of rum to the bartender who would mix our drinks for the evening.

Dave and I went to the couch and chatted. We were turned on just sitting there. Since we were alone and people weren’t due for about 15 minutes, we took advantage of the situation. I took Dave’s hard cock out of his pants and started to stroke it, daring him to let me ride him. We were both turned on at the naughtyness of the situation.

I didn’t give Dave a choice, I lifted my skirt and sat on him, leading his cock inside me. He exposed my breasts and started sucking my nipples. This went on for what felt like a while, before we noticed, we had company. There was a man who sat down RIGHT next to us. I noticed him looking in between us to get a glimpse of my breasts. Immediately, we both felt weird and stopped. I got up, fixed myself as Dave fixed himself. We both walked back to the bar. As people arrived, they were warm and friendly to us as newcomers.

The DJ was awesome and worked hard to get everyone involved. When I saw the women dancing together and touching each other, I wanted to do that too. I just felt too shy to do anything about it. Sharing this feeling with Dave, he smiled and tried to encourage me to just join them. He told me how beautiful I was and he didn’t think they would tell me no. I stayed seated, still feeling shy. He kissed me and excused himself to the bathroom. When he returned, he seemed to have a shit eating grin, as if he just got laid. I noticed a group of three women, looking and pointing to me.

The girls approached and pulled me onto the dance floor. They acted like a lion with a zebra. I was fresh meat for them. They didn’t take long to start pawing at me. One even took the liberty to kiss me. It was the first time I had ever kissed a girl. I was so turned on. They were grabbing at my breasts and nipples. One even reached up my skirt to feel my pussy. That sealed it. She announced that I was wet and how I should be “taken.”

“Let’s pop that lesbian cherry!” The blonde exclaimed. She grabbed my hand and motioned to the other two girls. I looked for Dave in the crowd and motioned for him to follow. I felt like a deer in headlights, having no idea what they were intending. I saw Dave close behind, laughing.

They took me into one of the semi-private rooms. One started kissing me, while the other two started to explore my clothed body. Together, the three of them took turns kissing me and taking off my clothes. It never dawned on me to stop them. By the time they got my clothes off, they were naked too. I do not remember how or when they took their clothes off.

I must have looked confused as I stared at the girl with the biggest breasts. This was the same one who wanted to pop my lesbian cherry. “Go ahead, touch me,” she whispered. I put my hand out and started to feel her tits. I liked it, they felt good. I lowered my head and licked at them. “Suck my nipples,” she whispered sweetly. I did as she told me and began to relax.

Another girl came up from behind me, kissing my neck and feeling my ass. “You like your pussy licked? Lay down!” The “pop my cherry girl” laughed and reminded me it would feel good. I laid down. I finally saw Dave in this little room, still smiling from ear to ear. All three began to take different parts of me.

One girl spread my legs and put her mouth up to my clit. She started licking and sucking. It was very different than a man doing it. It was better, she knew her way around. The 2nd girl made oral love with my nipples. The feeling of her sucking and the other one on my clit made me relax and start to enjoy the sensations.

As I laid my head back, I noticed something I missed during the initial tour. The ceiling was covered in mirrors. There were MANY people on the other side of the half wall watching what we were doing. I started feeling nervous all over again. A new girl, that wasn’t on the dance floor, joined in and started kissing me. I become completely engrossed in what they were doing. The girl eating my pussy called Dave over to her.

She rubbed my pussy as she spoke to him. “Does she like being fingered?” Dave shook his head yes. “You finger, I’ll eat.” I felt Dave’s hand touch my leg and then toy at my wetness.

“Wow, baby you really like this!” Dave said outloud. I didn’t realize how much until he said that. The other girl and Dave worked together on my pussy.

The girl who was kissing me was quite erotic. She exposed her tits to my face. I took one and started sucking on it. I could still feel the other girl sucking my tits as I came all over Dave’s fingers.

The one who was eating my pussy moved away. I had no idea what any of these girls’ names were, but I was getting familiar with their voices. I heard her ask Dave if he liked watching. “Does this make you hard? Hot?” I found out from Dave later, she was feeling his cock through his pants. “Why don’t you let me suck on you?” I could hear Dave’s pants become unzippered, their conversation stopped with his cock in her mouth.

The one sucking on my tits stopped and shared my kisses with the one who was kissing me. She was naked and I reached for her breasts. Then I finally took the dive, I lowered my hand to her pussy. I started to rub her, then I slid my fingers inside her. She moaned in my face. She motioned to the one sharing the kiss to move.

“You ever lick a pussy?” I shook my head no. I realized at that point, I couldn’t speak. She continued to ride my fingers. I used my other hand to feel her breasts more. She moved herself from my hand and got up to sit on my face. There I started licking. I had no idea what to do. She was sweet as she coached me when and how to lick, then suck her clit. I was a fast learner, her moans were getting louder.

I realized Dave was right next to me getting his cock sucked. The girl I was eating grabbed Dave’s hand and put it on her tit. He massaged it and pinched her nipples. He even leaned over to suck her tits. When he was done they briefly kissed.

The girl who was sucking Dave’s cock stopped for a minute. “I really like being fucked. I would enjoy riding you.” She kept sucking. This time I could hear her doing it fast. At the time, I thought Dave told her no. I found out later, after Dave played with the girl on my face, he noticed the mirrors, which made him very nervous and he lost his erection at seeing the 20 or so people outside watching. Understandably so.

When I came again, the girl released her mouth from my pussy. I felt the girl on my face cum on my chin. She got up. All of us girls sat there naked for a minute, talking. Dave fixed his pants, I got dressed and we left.

To this day, I still don’t remember those girls’ names. I’m not sure I ever knew.

Dave and I drove to a secluded spot by the Delaware River. We laughed and talked about what just happened. “I was so turned on, but when I looked up, I remembered we weren’t alone. I couldn’t handle it.”

“We’re alone now.” I grabbed for Dave’s cock, which immediately got hard. We ended up fucking in that car til the sun came up.

Oh what a night.

I continued to go to that club for a couple years. Had some great experiences- most were better than my imagination could ever provide. As time goes on, I will share these experiences.

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