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One long ride home..

She wanted it from the beginning, it was obvious.
Driving along the straight, deserted road on my own, I freely begin to turn up the radio and start singing my heart out to keep myself from falling into the pit of boredom and loneliness. Buckling up I begin doing 150mph flat out until I realise that I’ve become lost within the mist of some town. Parking up I reduce the volume and get out, hoping to find someone who could give me directions.

Spotting some girl walking along the road I had parked on, I caught up with her and asked her if there was any possible way she could point me in the direction of the nearest hotel. Staring at me with her glistening smile she said it was a little after closing time for most hotels around here. Walking back to the car I politely thank her for her time but just as I was pulling away I asked her if she needed a lift, seeing as it was a frosty night out and she was only wearing a tight see-through shirt with a pair of jean shorts.

She turns around, nods and says ‘you know what, that’d be amazing’. Opening the door for her to get in I ask her where she lives, she tells me that it’s only a few miles down the road so setting off I turned the music up a little to kill the awkward silence between us two. Stuck behind a tractor for a little while, going 2mph I glance at her steaming, shiny legs and what I’d do to that pussy between them, strolling my eyes up her body very stealthily I awkwardly meet her gaze, not wanting to stop. Placing my hand on the gears she places hers on top of mine, slowly edging my hand towards her and up that tight white shirt of hers. Caressing her breasts one by one with my free hand I imagine myself between her legs and fucking that pussy of hers like crazy.

Killing the moment she whispers in my ear, telling me that I had just drove right past her house, slowly removing my hand from under her shirt she winks at me and says ‘who says it has to stop here?’ Stepping out of the car and opening the door for her she grabs hold of my hand and leads me inside her house, upstairs and into her room.

Sitting me on her bed she tells me to wait a few minutes, as she needs to change into something a lot more comfy. Gaping at her ass as she walks into her bathroom I begin wandering my eyes around her ‘innocent’ room. A few music posters, a couple of teddies and a whole load of CD’s was what her bedroom consisted of mostly. The bathroom door swung open and out she came, well she clearly felt comfy when wearing nothing because that’s what she was wearing, nothing. Yearning for her so badly but not wanting to be so eager I told her to do a little twirl just so I could see what she was hiding behind that frickin’ damn good body of hers.

Watching her walk towards me I felt the hairs on my arms stand on end like never before, laying her well-proportioned body on mine whilst wrapping her lips around my tongue and forcing hers down my throat, my lips glide down to her neck, leaving a bite mark trail all the way down it. Biting my on my ear she whispers ‘I hope you’re looking forward to fucking me because I’m looking forward to it, having you beat my pussy with your tongue and fingers is making me extremely wet and horny’. Becoming impatient I grab her by the waist, hold her against the wall while she wraps one of her legs round mine, edging my fingers deep into her wet convulsing pussy that I had longed to be inside of for the past couple of hours. Flicking my tongue over her hardened nipples every time she lets out a sweet moan, grabbing my hand very quickly she starts to pound my fingers in her, screaming ‘fuck me so bad and hard right now’, being obedient I fuck her with four fingers while she screams dirty, amazing things in my ears.

Pushing her onto the bed I thrust my tongue into the depths of her pussy. She gasps, telling me to hold it in her so she can really feel me inside that pussy of hers. Eating her like never before, trying to lick as much pussy as possible I ferociously start rubbing the top of her clit. Gripping my hair with one hand she raises her pussy closer to my tongue in slow motion, savouring every last bit of the inside of her love hole I pull my tongue out from within her and start to work my fist in that tight hole between her legs, being dripping wet makes it easier as my hand slowly slips in her pussy like a glove, finally after much fondling and pussy pounding, with the last breath she screams ‘I’m coming! I’m coming!’ Watching all of her sweet delicious juices run down my arm I lick her pussy and myself dry and lay next to her whilst smiling.

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