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One Of The Girls

Rules are made to be broken...except Miss Caitlin's
Having been initiated into the gang of the popular girls in school and now released from Miss Caitlin’s lair, Megan finds that her pussy and her bum are both rather tender and sensitive from the deep, sensual treatment she received the night before. In fact, for many days it remains incredibly sensitive and she struggles to concentrate completely on schoolwork when her extra-curricular escapades involve intense pleasure: either giving or receiving. The blonde girl that had managed to sneak a quick feel of Megan’s gorgeous body during her induction is appointed as her mentor – Becky (the blonde girl) is a curvy tease on legs, frequently wearing low cut tops to entice and capture the attention of both sexes: using full advantage of her sweet tones of voice to get her way. In fact, she can be so charming that she virtually has no limits to what she can get; the only person seemingly impervious to Becky’s wicked charm is the mistress in charge. Compared to her first nerve-wracking day, Megan has settled rapidly into her role as one of girls – not only obeying her but also being loyal to her when others outside of their group bad-mouth their beloved Miss Caitlin.

From her short time in the group, Megan has worked out that Becky (her mentor) and a brunette that is a mentor to another fairly new member, both seem to be Caitlin’s guards; the ones that watch over the rest of the group and also, occasionally being permitted to inflict punishment. Megan’s stomach goes cold thinking about the punishments that she has seen – the girl being punished was placed into old-fashioned restraints, her head and arms locked together as she is bent over; with an incredible vibrator teasing them, forcing them to cum without permission – making their sexy little pussies quiver and swell up, refusing permission to cum each time. Megan shivers remembering the begging and pleading from the girl being punished – to further discourage bad behaviour; Miss Caitlin invites all the girls to watch; displaying the disobedient one for all to see. Twice Megan has witnessed a punishment and she hopes to avoid the humiliation – especially after her initial embarrassments when joining. Becky does her best to steer Megan the correct way to please Miss Caitlin, ensuring that she avoids trouble. Unfortunately, the new girl had let slip about her out-of-school activities to someone outside of the group; and word quickly reaches Caitlin’s ears, and she summons her group.

“I’ve heard that we have a gossip among us – she has revealed us to a non-member and is dangerously close giving us away completely. I know who this person is, however I am giving her the chance to confess her guilt and I will be marginally more lenient,” murmurs Miss Caitlin – her soft voice commanding the attention of her group. Megan, frozen in fear, stands silently – desperately hoping that she may escape punishment, but not really believing it.

“It was me Miss Caitlin,” says a seductive voice. Becky glides forward, kneeling in front of her mistress with her head bowed in shame.

“I am very disappointed in you Becky; you are supposed to mentor other girls and you cannot display exemplary behaviour. Megan please come here, as she is your mentor – it is you that she has let down and has to make it up to. You will need to remove your thong though; and you Becky, you will need to remove all your clothes,” adds Miss Caitlin softly, her voice quiet but incredibly intimidating.

Becky reluctantly strips off her skirt and shirt, revealing that she is not wearing any underwear and places her hands and head between the stocks (the old fashioned restraints mentioned earlier) and whimpers softly as it is locked shut, her bum and pussy on display. The young mistress beckons her members to gather round, leading Megan in front of the restraints – her pussy level with the bent-over Becky, who tries to lean forward to kiss and lick it but Miss Caitlin has cleverly placed Megan just out of reach. Satisfied that her naughty girl is unable to give pleasure, now moves around to Becky’s round bum; softly rubbing it before applying a sharp slap, promptly hearing a whimper and gasp. In complete control, Becky is spanked hard – each slap followed by a sharp intake of breath or moan, her soft bum turning bright red. With each moan that escapes Becky’s lips, Megan feels it have an effect on her – mainly her exposed pussy now is glistening in her juices, beginning to emit a faint scent for all the girls to smell; especially the one barely an inch from her pussy. Becky desperately struggles against her restraints – her bum beginning to sting and her pussy also beginning to moisten; but mostly the heavy aroma directly in front of her driving her wild.

Miss Caitlin pauses for a moment, glancing round at Megan and silently guiding her forward so she can be orally pleased – and then she picks up her punishment vibrator; an extremely powerful one that is used for pleasing beyond multiple orgasms. The low hum of it sends a collective gasp around the room as it is pressed onto Becky’s dripping pussy; a sudden moan of pleasure escapes Becky as she realises that Megan has presented her pussy. Becky’s tongue snakes out of her mouth, softly licking the girl’s clit as her own moist pussy is being abused. Caitlin pushes the vibrator hard against the pussy lips, spreading them and in turn sending the vibrations deep inside.

“Oh Miss Caitlin! Oh god please! Please can I cum?” begs Becky, knowing the answer.

“Of course you may not. Girls? Megan? You may cum as often as you like, but this slut needs to learn her lesson and may not cum,” replies Caitlin, pressing the vibrator harder on to Becky’s pussy. The girls around them begin to slowly play with themselves, pulling at their nipples; some moving straight for their clits and rubbing them. Becky, the poor girl in the restraints, and the only girl without permission to cum – is the first to. With the whimpers and moans rising in volume, her cum leaks out of pussy as her hips squirm against the powerful vibrations. Her moans are also affecting Megan – her clit has swollen up and escaped its hooded shelter, a prime target for Becky’s tongue and mouth. Megan slowly feels her knees weaken, her hips rocking slightly as she pushes her slit towards her mouth; feeling the first climax approaching quickly. The room is not silent now, the girls all giving off small moans and little whimpers – nothing like Becky though; she now screams in pleasure, pleading for permission to her mistress as her pussy lips swell up from the constant vibrations.

“Please Miss Caitlin...I need to cum, please can I cum?” sobs Becky, her hips shaking violently as her captor rubs the vibrator over the girl’s pussy, sliding it over her clit.

“No Becky, you may not. This is only the second time you have asked permission, but you have climaxed at least four times. Not obedient at all,” replies Miss Caitlin softly. The intense pleasure gets the better of Becky as she cums yet again, a creamy pool of girly cum forming beneath her.

Megan finds this punishment much more bearable compared to the last two she witnessed, freely allowed to cum as Becky focuses on her pussy – Megan’s hands independently squeeze her soft breasts and she pinches her hard nipples, moans escaping her as her whole body convulses in pleasure from Becky’s licking and sucking. After her initiation, Megan has found that her poor pussy is unable to cope with too much pleasure but today was different; Becky was licking all the right spots and Megan’s pussy suddenly explodes and her cum squirts out of her in strong gushes.

“Oh god! Ohhh oh god!” she whimpers, collapsing to the floor. The smell of teen pussy becomes overpowering; with all the girls scents mixing together to create a cocktail of girly cum, strong enough to drive even a nun wild. Becky’s moans of pleasure begin to turn to whimpers of pain; her pussy now hurting from the intense attention it has received.

“Please Miss Caitlin...I c-can’t take m-much more,” gasps Becky, her knees buckling from underneath her.

“You may cum Becky.”

The trapped girl moans increase drastically in volume as she has an incredible orgasm: her whole body shakes as the orgasm surges from her pussy up her stomach, extending out to her limp hands in the restraints before her creamy hot cum escapes from her pussy and her legs give out as she struggles to stay on her feet. Caitlin steps over the pool of cum and releases the locks on the stocks, helping her girl over to the bed.

“Just lie down Becky baby, I’ve got you now,” murmurs Caitlin, stroking the girls' hair. “Now girls, you may sample both sets of cum – I know how much you like the taste,” says Caitlin, gesturing to the two puddles of cum on the floor.

“Thank you Miss Caitlin,” chorus the girls, before scrambling to get a lick of each girl’s cum; one even sneaking a lick of Megan’s pussy as she lies on her back, another moan and twitch escape her lips. The pure intensity has exhausted Megan, she had never squirted before and was amazed at how much she came; and also was embarrassed at the mess and decided to stay on the floor, hoping to be left alone.

“Now girls, that’s enough. Please escort Becky to the bathroom so she can recover properly,” calls Caitlin to the huddle on the floor. Each girl desperately has one last lick of the tasty cum from both Becky and Megan before hurrying to assist Becky. Megan slowly stands up, and leaves with girls – her guilt starting to set in: Becky had taken the blame for her mistake and had been humiliated.

“Megan, can I have a word please?” says Miss Caitlin quietly, just before the girl can escape.
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