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One Suite Cruise Pt. 2

Ginger's vacation continues....
When I woke up the next morning, I stretched and the blanket fell away from my naked breasts, nipples stiffening in the cool air of my cabin. I rubbed my eyes and looked around the room, recalling the events of yesterday.

Dawn, the sexy brunette who liked to be tied up... and that sexy blonde with the devil-may-care attitude and flirty smile. Choices, choices....

"Well," I said out loud to myself, "I can't make any decisions until I get dressed and head out there." So, after I showered and dried my hair, I threw on astrapless pink sundress and headed out onto the main deck.

It was another beautiful day and as I strolled along, I saw Dawn chatting up a sexy Latina over by the cocktail bar. The little mynx.... I grinned to myself and continued on, enjoying the view the protection of my sunglasses gave me of all the sexy female bodies on board. I noticed quite a few of them looking back, as well. As were most of the men on deck. Them, I ignored.

I reached the smoking area near the bow of the ship and lit up a cigarette, enjoying the calming effect the nicotine had on my body. As I surveyed the area, I realized that I wasn't alone. Sitting about ten feet away at one of the shaded tables was that sexy blonde I'd been eyeing. She wore a lavender sundress that looked gorgeous on her fair skin and she had a cigarette in her fingers, smoke curling up from it as she looked at me, her gorgeous hazel eyes sparkling over the tops of her designer sunglasses.

She smirked at me. "Well, if it isn't the sexy ginger."

I laughed, realizing she had called me by my name quite by coincedence.

"Something I said?" she asked, her brow furrowing slightly.

"Just my name..." I replied. "I'm Ginger." I sat down across from her, taking a drag off my cigarette. I exhaled a stream of smoke through my full lips and looked her in the eye. "But you haven't told me your name yet."

"Debby." she said with a smile, extending her hand. I shook it and took notice of how soft it was, but with a strength, just below the surface. And very warm. "Cute dress." she remarked, nodding her head toward the pink material, normally loose, stretched tight over my bossom.

"Your's, too." I replied, letting my gaze linger on the material stretched over her equally impressive rack. I estimated that they must have been D's at least, and quite perky, as I didn't notice any signs of a bra under the dress. "So, what do you do, Debby?" I asked, attempting to start a conversation.

"I'm an actress," she replied almost boredly, "but do you really want to swap life stories, or are you gonna' slide over here and give me a better look at those tits?" she finished with a cocky smirk anda wink, finishing off her cigarette and grinding the butt out in the ashtray between us.

I tried to hide my surprise (and excitement) as I switched over to the chair next to her's. She turned to me and, removing the cigarette from my lips, took a drag on it and kissed me deeply, slowly exhaling the smoke into my mouth as her tongue found mine, her hand gliding up the inside of my thigh.

I moaned into her mouth and exhaled the smoke as she pulled away, looking around and realizing that -as her hand travelled up my leg, already completely under the hem of my sundress -we were out in the open and in a very public location. Now, being a stripper, I was used to semi-public nudity. But this... this was new. It excited me in ways I didn't quite understand. But Debby didn't miss a beat.

She grabbed the top of my dress and, being strapless, she was able to yank it down in one smooth move, freeing my massive tits to the balmy sea air. I gasped, first at the shock of being suddenly exposed, but then at the feeling of her hands on my breasts. They were perfect. Strong, soft and warm all rolled into two perfectly shaped, manicured hands. I was still a bit nervous at the public setting, but when her exquisite lips found my hard nipple and started kissing it, pinching and rolling the other one between her fingers, I forgot the rest of the world exsisted. There was no ship, no ocean, no anything but her hands and her mouth on my tits.

Suddenly, I realized that one of her hands had left my boobs. Not because I noticed it leave, but because I felt my panties get pulled aside as she easily slid two fingers into my sopping pussy. I shrieked and bucked against her hand, already on the verge of a massive orgasm when, as if on cue, she removed her hand from my vagina and fixed the top part of my dress so fast I had to do a double-take to realize it.

I looked at her and she was on her feet, licking her hand and sucking my sweet nectar off of her fingers. "Well?" she said. "Are you coming or not?"

"You tell me..." I quipped, standing up.

"Oh, you will. But not here." She explained, perfectly calm. "In my suite. Come on." Debby took my hand and, without another word, lead me away from the smoking area and toward the VIP cabins.


When I entered the Poseidon Cabin, I couldn't believe my eyes. The only word close to accurate for describing this room was "magnificent". Mahogany everywhere, granite counter-tops, gleaming everything, plasma screen tv the size of my bed at home and a bed... well, it could have fit ten of us easily.

My wonder was stopped by a sound behind me. I turned and saw Debby tossing her sundress aside and standing there before me completely nude. Her breasts were perfect. So perky that, with their size, I suspected them to be fake for a moment, but realized, to my delight, they were real. Her pussy was bare, but for a thin landing strip of dirty blonde hair pointing straight down and ending about half an inch from the very top of her lips. She was glorious.

I quickly shucked my dress and panties, kicking off my sandals a moment too slow. Debby practially tackled me onto the bed while my balance was off, kissing me passionately and humping my thigh with her wet pussy. Her hand found it's way to my pussy and started fingering me like something I'd never felt. Not even from my own hand or any of my favorite toys. With a scream, I came like an explosion. My pussy erupted against Debby's hand, squirting cum everywhere.

I was seeing stars but managed to drag Debby over to my side. We kissed deeply and as soon as my head stopped spinning, I pulled my mouth away from her's and kissed my way down her body to her wet pussy, licking and kissing at her soft lips. She moaned and pulled my pelvis over her face by my hips, rubbing and kneading my smooth thighs while she licked and sucked my smoldering pussy.

When I started fingering her, she "ooh"'d beneath me and gave me a light slap on the ass, causing me to grind my pussy down on her mouth. As I did, her tongue worked like a corkscrew inside of me. I screamed into her pussy and fingered her harder, curling my fingers into her g-spot. It had exactly the desired effect.

She screamed as her pussy contracted around my fingers. She fingered me harder and faster, somehow remaining focused on the task at hand as her orgasm rocked her. That is, until - as I felt my own orgasm cresting - I wrapped my soft lips around her hard clit and sucked like a vacuum.

She squirted right along with me, spraying her sweet cum halfway across the room, leaving a glistening trail across the floor. I, on the other hand, just about drowned her in my cum, squirting all over her face and down her throat.

As we both came down from our other-worldly highs, we cuddled close, sweating naked flesh pressed together, our bossoms heaving as we kissed softly and licked our own cum off of each other's faces. After a few minutes of cuddling, I found myself as the little spoon with my beautiful, boxom blonde lover's glorious tits pressed against my back.

"I've never squirted like that before." Debby mused, kissing my shoulder. "Didn't even know I could. Thank you, baby."

I laughed and turned around to wrap my arms around her, kissing her deeply as our legs intwined. "No need to thank me, Debby. I loved every second of it."


We spent the next few days enjoying the pleasure of one another's company, sometimes not even bothering to go back to out own cabins. Dawn even joined us a few times, as did that sexy Latina I mentioned before (I think her name was Maria). But, eventually, my vacation came to an end and we all disembarked from the ship, going back to our lives.

When I got home, I checked my voicemail and saw one from Jason. I clicked play as I got undressed, thinking about a hot shower and a long nap. "Hey, Ginny." the message said, my friend's voice causing me to chuckle. " hope your trip was awesome. Just so you know, you're on the schedule Monday night. I'll see you at work and hey... you better tell me aaalllll about it." He ended with a laugh.

"Oh, have I got a story for you..." I thought to myself.
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