One Suite Cruise

By Belthazor

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Ginger really needed a vaction. Just a little down time. What she got was even better....

I needed a vacation big time. The problem was, I never had the cash to do something big. Fortunately, I'd recently made a small fortune doing a private party. I was the only girl their dancing and there were great tippers there. Thanks to that party, I had enough to book myself a cabin for a two-week cruise to The Bahamas.

As I looked up at the magnificent ship moored at the docks, I thought to myself, "I definitely owe Jason one for this." Jason was the friend of mine who threw the party for his friend's upcoming nuptials.

As I made my way up the gangplank toward the ship, my well-trained eye caught sight of a young woman already on deck. She was gorgeous. She had long, dirty-blonde hair that blew about in the balmy breeze, the curls catching the sunlight as they danced in the air. I could see, even from a distance, that underneath her white sun dress lurked an incredible body. Her breasts looked to be at least Ds the way they swayed under the thin fabric of her dress, bouncing slightly as she walked.

I smiled to myself as she disappeared from view.

"This is gonna' be a good vacation."

After I had my luggage stowed away in my cabin and the ship had disembarked, I decided to make my way back on deck to check things out. I'd changed into a sun dress of my own with some strappy sandals and a pair of stylish sunglasses and I must admit I looked pretty hot.

As I strolled the deck of the enormous ship, watching the waves go by, I noticed quite a few lovely specimens sunning by the pool. Why it was necessary to have a huge pool on a cruise ship I'm not sure, but the girls looked delicious and I decided to go and chat with some of them.

After choosing my target (a curvy brunette with breasts a bit smaller than my DDs but even perkier), I slowly worked my way around the pool and other passengers toward her. My long red hair was blowing in the cool sea breeze and my hips swaying just enough to turn some heads. She looked up just before I reached her and settled myself down onto the lounger next to hers.

"Hey, cutie. I'm Ginger." I smiled sweetly as I held out my hand.

She cocked an eyebrow slightly, giving me a sly smile as she took my hand with hers, lowering her shades with the other hand, revealing the most gorgeous green eyes I've ever seen.

"I'm Dawn," she said in a voice so seductive I actually felt my nipples harden a bit. This chick was seriously hot.

"This is my first cruise." I began. "Have you done this before?"

She told me that indeed, she had done this before several times, but had never been on a cruise by herself.

"I am feeling a bit lonely in my big comfy cabin," she told me with a sly look.

"Well, I'd be more than happy to keep you company, Dawn," I said with a wink.

She smiled and stood up, stretching her arms above her head, causing her lovely rack (which appeared to be C cups) to be thrust forward, straining her already snug bikini top. The material was just thin enough that I could see the outlines of her nipples through it.

I licked my lips.

"So..." she began, drawing my attention back to her beautiful face. "I have a luxury cabin. Jacuzzi bathtub, great view. Would you like to come see it?"

She looked down at me sitting there with a sexy smile on her face and the sunlight glinting off her hair and her tanned, oiled skin.

"I'd love to," I said, standing up to walk with her.

She took my hand and lead me along the deck, her perfectly formed ass swaying in front of me, causing my mouth (and other parts of me) to water hungrily.

Once I was in the cabin, she closed the door behind me while I observed my surroundings. The room was gorgeous, elegantly - but not over-extravagantly - furnished with a king-sized bed adorned with sheets in lovely shades of blue and white.

Suddenly, I felt Dawn's supple breasts press against my back as her arms came around me, her hands barely touching me but caressing my sides and stomach.

I could feel her warm breath on my neck when she leaned into my ear and whispered "You've got about five seconds to get that pretty bikini off or I'm going to tear it off of you with my teeth."

I shuddered but quickly did as she said, tugging at the strings on my hips, allowing my bikini thong bottoms to fall to the floor, exposing my hot, wet pussy to the cool air of the room. I felt her tug the string at my back loose and I pulled the top piece over my head, dropping it to the floor and freeing my tits.

Her hands slowly slid up my body to cup and squeeze them, pinching my hard pink nipples and tugging on my barbell nipple piercings, making me moan at the slight pain.

I turned around to see her and discovered that she was already nude and her green eyes were glowing with a fire of lust. She kissed me deeply, her tongue forcing it's way into my mouth to wrestle with mine. She tasted like heaven combined with sex. I moaned into her hot mouth as I pulled her closer, my hands cupping her perfect ass.

"Mmm... baby?" she whisper-moaned into my mouth.

"Mmm?" I moaned back, my hands kneading her ass and upper thighs as our tits rubbed together.

"I have some straps in my bag..." she whispered as I trailed soft kisses down her neck, my left hand sliding around her hip to cup her hot cunt. "I want you to... mmm... tie me to the bed, baby...."

I chuckled and smacked her ass, just hard enough to make her jump a bit.

"Go get 'em, babe" I told her.

She practically ran to her suitcase, sitting across the room. Bending over, as she reached into the bag, I had the perfect view of her ass and glistening pussy, her juices running down her smooth thighs. Glancing over at her nightstand, I saw a long red vibrator laying on it and well... I couldn't resist.

She gasped when I snuck up behind her and shoved the toy into her tight pussy, switching it onto medium as I did so. She moaned and squirmed as the toy buzzed away happily in her cunt.

Leading her to the bed via the toy inside of her, I pushed her down onto it and took along semi-stretchy strap from her, tying it around her hip and under her like a thong, pulling tighter against her and keeping the toy deep inside of her pussy.

I tied the restraint in such a way that it connected to the strap tied around her wrists connecting her to the bed so that, when she struggled against her restraints or pulled, the lower strap would pull tighter against the toy, pushing it deeper into her pussy as the restraint itself rubbed against her hard clit.

With that taken care of, I turned my attention to her succulent tits, kissing and sucking her hard nipples. She went wild.

The beautiful brunette beneath me writhed and shrieked in pleasure. The straps tugged at her wrists and ankles. The toy buzzed in her wet pussy.

I was getting so hot and wet that I had to swing a leg up over her head and plant my dripping pussy onto her mouth, commanding her to eat me. And eat me she did.

"Holy shit!!" I shrieked.

Her mouth was like something out of a Lush story. Her tongue reached places in my pussy I didn't think was possible. Her soft, full lips teased my labia and clit to the point that, with a scream like a banshee, I came like a geyser, squirting my cum straight down her throat and all over her face.

With a long, contented moan, I fell sideways off of her face.

After a few moments, I reached down to between her legs and switched off the buzzing vibrator. She was finally able to relax her tensing muscles; which of course caused her arms to go slack, causing the toy to be pulled deeper into her. She groaned, her pussy even tighter than usual.

I smiled as I managed to untie her and remove the toy, kissing and licking her soaked pussy gently, lapping up her sweet cum which had literally been pouring from her pussy from almost the beginning of our little "session." I guess she really did like being tied up. I chuckled to myself when I noticed the state of the fancy bedspread. It looked to probably be ruined.

When I pointed this out to her, she just laughed, panting "Oh, who cares? The room's already paid for."

She sat up and rubbed her wrists, looking at me with a contented smile. "Now..." she began, draping her arms around my neck over my shoulders, "how about we check out that big Jacuzzi tub?"

As I staggered my way back to my own cabin as the sun was setting, I couldn't help but grin to myself at how my nipples were still a bit sore and at my pussy's dull ache from the day's escapades.

"The first day on this cruise..."
I thought to myself, "and I spend the whole day in bed with a girl I just met today."

"I may never go home," I laughed to no one in particular.

An older couple glanced my way, probably wondering who the tired-looking redhead with extreme sex hair was talking to. They shrugged it off, however, and I rounded the corner toward the stairwell to get back to my room. That's when I noticed the smoke.

My initial thought went something like "Why the hell is there smoke in the stairwell?" This quickly changed to my exclamation of "Holy shit! Something's on fire!"

I rushed into the stairwell to see what was going on and saw, to my surprise, I saw someone standing in there smoking.

I couldn't see the mystery person very well, but I had two thoughts at the time. One being "Man, I could use a smoke after all that" and the other which I vocalized "The smoking section is on the other end of the ship."

The mysterious smoker finally turned and waved a cloud of smoke away from her face. I felt my eyebrows raise themselves at the sight before me.

It was the hot blonde girl I'd seen earlier that day as I was boarding the ship. Only now, she had traded her sun dress for a snug, deep purple blouse with a low enough neckline to show me what looked like six inches of solid, perky cleavage. A pair of tight, black jeans completed her ensemble as she was barefoot.

As I dragged my eyes up her magnificent body to look at her face, I noticed she wore an amused smirk, having caught me checking her out.

"True, but for the money I paid for this cruise, they can kiss my ass and bring me an ashtray while they're at it." she said with a chuckle.

Her face was flawless with adorable, semi-round cheeks, a cute nose and gorgeous, sparkling hazel eyes. In her full, pink-glossed lips, she puffed on a cigarette, casually blowing the smoke out the corner of her tempting mouth. Her skin was smooth and tanned, her dirty-blonde hair fell about her face in gentle curls, framing her beautiful, still amused face.

She took another long drag on her cigarette and said "Well, I'm gonna' head back to my cabin and order some room service."

Noticing me eyeing her cigarette, she held it out to me to finish off. I took it.

"Maybe you'll come and visit me some time, Red." she said with a glance at my hair.

"Maybe I will," I smiled back at her. Looking down at the residue of lip gloss on the cigarette,I took a slow drag on it and watched her turn to walk away.

"By the way, which cabin is yours?" I asked, realizing that visiting her would be tough without that number.

"Oh, it's not one of the regular cabins..." she called over her shoulder. "I'm in the Poseidon Suite, up near the bow."

With that, she rounded a corner and disappeared from my view.

I finished off the smoke and put it out on the railing, tossing it in a near-by trash can. "The Poseidon Cabin, eh...?" I thought to myself.

"This is turning out to be one suite cruise," I said, laughing softly at my own bad joke.

I was exhausted that night, however, so I decided it would be wiser to head to bed and rest. After all, she wasn't going anywhere and I could catch up to her in the morning.

"Hmm...." I pondered later that evening as I was climbing into bed, "First Dawn, and now Blondie..." (as I had no idea what my mystery beauty's name was) "...I'm liking this trip more and more."