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Our Babysitter - The Beginnings

While I wanted Nikki to keep telling me about every single day she spent with Crystal ...
As the title suggests, this is the prequel to my "Our Babysitter" story. I think you will enjoy it lot more if you read the original before you continue reading this story (unless, of course, you have read that one already!). However, the way I have tried to draft this one, it should flow just fine as a standalone story. So without further ado, here we go …
The next day after my discovery of Nikki's secret affair with Crystal, our babysitter, was rather quiet. I knew she must have felt embarrassed when she realized that I had full knowledge of it by now. In my mind, I dreamt all day long of Nikki and Crystal making love on the very bed we slept in at night - two beautiful bodies wrapped around each other - two luscious lips exploring each other's dripping pussies - the only two pussies I had fucked ever in my life! At night as we lay naked hugging each other, I kissed Nikki's body making her squirm, hoping to get her aroused enough so she could blurt out all the juicy details of her escapades with Crystal, but to no avail. We made passionate love and fell asleep, exhausted, that Saturday night.

Sunday was no different - a rather ordinary weekend day. Nikki seemed to be back to her own self - busy with chores at home, screaming at Sean to stop playing the video games and finish his homework, cooking, doing dishes, … I also kept myself busy with the weekend chores, though I was feeling irritated by evening, waiting all day for Nikki to bring up Crystal in her conversation. As night fell and we hit the bed, my patience was running out. So as soon as Nikki turned off the lights and jumped into bed that night, I gave her a long passionate kiss on her lips while rubbing her clit hard over the red satin boy-shorts she was wearing to bed that night.

I whispered in her ears, "So are you going to tell me about you and Crystal?"

She grabbed me tight and whispered back, "What took you so long babe? I had started to think that you will never ask me!"

As she said it, I could feel the wetness starting to drench her satin panties. I grabbed her crotch harder and moved back a little so I could look into her eyes as she narrated the story. I heard it with patience mostly, asking her questions only when necessary to extract the juicier details.


Last summer Nikki had signed up Sean at the neighborhood swim team. All the kids practiced every weekday in the evening at the community pool, and over the weekend we went around different neighborhoods to participate in the swim meets. It was a great neighborhood social event. Kids had fun in water, while adults got a chance to get to know their neighbors a little better. It was Nikki's duty to take Sean to the pool on weekdays. I accompanied them to the swim meets over the weekend.

During the weekdays the younger kids practiced only during the first half hour. After that the pool was cleared for seventeen and eighteen year olds who were rather competitive and dedicated to the sport. This very group had broken four records this past year in regional swim meets. To avoid any distractions during their practice, all the younger kids were driven to a park next to the swimming pool. Nikki had no obvious reason to be in the pool area during this practice session, but, as I learned, she did stay back every single day of the week.

It is there, sitting at the side of the pool on the bleachers, during this practice session that Nikki had started to adore the thinly clad budding young beauties. Their skin shimmered in the summer sun with droplets of water racing down their bellies and thighs, as they exited the pool to take another dive. That my wife could be such a pervert, turned me on. On my coaxing, Nikki admitted that at least once she had her hands on her crotch and rubbed her mound over her bikini, as she hid under a large beach towel and gazed at the beautiful wet bodies. The thought of my wife masturbating in a public place turned me on even more. I could not believe that it was the same Nikki I had known since my high school days. I was the one to pop her cherry and we had spent the rest of the year literally wrapped around each other. As I went to college, she followed to the town nearby at a fine arts school. We just could not bear the separation for very long; in the second year of our college I proposed. Rest is history!

So Nikki had been spending her time at the pool, not focusing on Sean's swimming, but ogling at the wet bikini clad beauties. Crystal was unremarkable amongst them, until something happened that got Nikki's attention. Crystal was shy, quiet and rather focused on her swimming. One day she stood close to where Nikki was sitting. The area of pool where Nikki set was in a corner - rather secluded from the usual hustle and bustle. Nikki must have chosen it for obvious reasons. Crystal also thought it was a perfect place to get rid of her itch. She stood few feet from where Nikki sat, her back towards Nikki, pulled the back of her bikini down a little to scratch her ass and pulled it back up. As she turned around Nikki could see that she had pulled up her bikini a little two tight and the front of it was buried deep into the cleavage between her pussy lips. Her labia stuck out from the side. As if it was not enough, Crystal innocently grabbed her crotch and squeezed it a little. Then she pulled her bikini down a bit and walked back towards the pool, never realizing anyone had seen her act. Nikki had, and it drove her crazy. Since that day Nikki had set her eyes on Crystal.

A week passed and it gave Nikki enough time to come up with a daring plan. One day she told Sean that Crystal swam well. She asked him to approach Crystal and ask her if she would help him improve his butterfly stroke. Little Sean ran to Crystal and took no time to befriend her. He pointed at Nikki and told Crystal that she was his mom, and that she wanted Crystal to be his teacher. Crystal waved at Nikki; Nikki waved back with a wide smile on her face. Next thing you know, Nikki was at the side of the pool every day taking deep interest in Sean's swimming skills when Crystal was in the pool with Sean. Every day Crystal and Nikki chatted long after the swim practice was over. It is during one of these chats Nikki asked Crystal if she would like to babysit Sean some time when Nikki was out doing errands. Crystal readily agreed.

Two or three weeks had passed, and Crystal was spending lot of time at our house. One day, Nikki came back home with shopping bags, while Crystal was keeping an eye on Sean. She asked Sean to go play with the kid next door, and asked Crystal if she could help her with something. Crystal was too nice to refuse. Nikki took Crystal to the bedroom and spread on the bed all the dresses and lingerie she had bought.

"Crystal! I would like you to help me figure out which ones look best on me. Ted never helps me out with such things, you know," Nikki said.

Crystal was beaming that Nikki thought so highly of her to ask for her choice, and she chirped, "Oh! Mrs Smith, I would love to. You know I like to try out new outfits myself. Umm, it is lots of fun."

"Thanks, Crystal! And call me Nikki please. I would like you to just call me Nikki", she said.

"Awww! thank you Mrs Smith. I mean, Nikki," Crystal giggled as Nikki got rid of the dress she was wearing.

Nikki has maintained a beautiful body herself, despite the pregnancy and passage of time. Except for the little unshapely bulge on her belly, she looked as beautiful as she did when I almost tore off her clothes in the passionate moments of making love to her the first time. Crystal stood there wide eyed, trying to absorb the shock of a rather stranger baring herself down to black thongs and a black lacy push up bra with full cleavage showing. Nikki could tell that Crystal's eyes were fixated for a moment at Nikki's crotch that the black thong was barely able to cover.

Nikki quickly draped one of the dresses, threw her arms up in the air and asked, "How is that?"

"Beautiful, Nikki!", Crystal barely whispered.

"Who me or the dress?" Nikki must have giggled.

"Ummm, the dress. I mean, you know, both you and dress," Nikki must have stammered, shaking a little, feeling weak in the legs perhaps.

Nikki wasted no time. She reached close to Crystal and said, "Thanks Crystal! You are beautiful yourselves." Then she quickly picked a peach dress and handed it to Crystal and said, "I want to see how it looks on you. Will you wear it for me?"

"Oh no! Mrs Smith, I mean Nikki, I couldn't do that. You know it is yours. I can't, you know," Crystal muttered.

"Well, you will have to, you know, for calling me Mrs Smith again." Nikki laughed and said in a somewhat stern voice.

"Ok, Sure. I will be right back," Crystal giggled nervously as she grabbed the dress from Nikki and walked towards the bathroom.

Nikki held her hand and said, "Oh come on Crystal, it is not as if I have not seen you in bikini! You can wear it right here. I am assuming you are wearing panties and bra, right?"

"Yeah, I suppose!" Nikki laughed weakly. She took her halter top off and proceeded to pull down her denim shorts, though with a little hesitation.

Crystal's reason for hesitation became clear to Nikki as soon as her white cotton panties came into her sight. There was a tiny wet spot that appeared to be growing bigger, smack in the middle of Crystal's panties. Nikki wasted no time in getting off of her own dress to be back in her black lacy bra and thongs as Crystal slipped the peach dress on. Nikki adored her for a while and passed a dozen compliments as Crystal stood there in the peach dress. Crystal in the meanwhile was getting wetter looking at Nikki, who was shamelessly moving around in her black bra and thongs. A moment later Nikki walked close to Crystal, unzipped the peach dress and got rid of it from Crystal's body in a hurry.

Crystal's wet spot on her white panties was hard to hide and Crystal realized that. "Oh! I am sorry Nikki. I mean, I know, ummm, I don't know, you know ….", a nervous utterance of senseless words is all that came out of Crystal's mouth as she stood there in front of Nikki, while Nikki stared at her beautiful young form.

"It is ok Crystal! I am glad you like me so much" Nikki said boldly as Crystal's face flashed a hundred hues of blush.

Nikki took Crystal's hand in her own and guided it to her crotch. She wasted no time in grabbing Crystal's crotch on top of her wet white cotton panties, and started caressing it gently. "See! I am wet too. It is ok for girls to get wet like that. And it is ok for you to feel me" Nikki said in soft voice as she pulled closer to Crystal and planted a soft kiss on Crystal's lips.

Crystal's dam had been waiting for so long to burst. The kiss on the lips did it. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as she locked her lips with Nikki's and started kissing hard. Both their hands were groping each other's crotch hard by now. Nikki was trying to unhook Crystal's bra while Crystal was trying to feel Nikki's firm 34B breasts. All this while they could not part their lips from each other and by now their tongues were trying to feel each other.

"Ding Dong!" the bell rang twice and Nikki and Crystal jumped away from each other. "Oh shit!" was the first utterance that came out of both their mouth, as they hurriedly dressed up - Nikki in her skirt and top she was wearing before, and Crystal in her halter top and denim shorts. As Nikki hurried to the door she asked Crystal to stay put in the bedroom.

Nikki opened the door and a teary eyed Sean was standing there. "Matt is so mean, he won't share his new game with me", Sean complained, "I don't want to ever play with him." Nikki hugged Sean and asked him to come in; it was time to finish the homework, anyways.

Crystal came out of the room looking a little flushed. She said hello to Sean and asked Nikki if she could leave. "I will need your help with Sean tomorrow again, Crystal!" Nikki winked. A nervous smile spread on Crystal's face as she said, "I would love to, Mrs. Smith" She walked out of the house smiling and waving good bye to both Sean and Nikki.


As I lay there in the bed that night listening from Nikki about her encounter with Crystal, I was feeling so horny that my head had start to hurt a bit. While I wanted Nikki to keep telling me about every single day she spent with Crystal leading to the fateful Friday when Nikki got busted, I could not hold the passion buried deep in my testicles anymore.

I interrupted Nikki and said, "I would like to watch you and Crystal together one day soon!" Silence fell upon in the room. I did not want to hear what Nikki thought about that idea. As she started to say something, I cupped her lips hard with my palm so she could not speak. With the other hand I spread her legs and buried my throbbing cock in her pussy that was dripping wet already from her recounting of her first sexual encounter with Crystal.

I kept my hand on Nikki's lips as I fucked her hard. The beast inside me had been unleashed. Never before I had tried to dominate Nikki like that. Nikki's moans escaped from under my palm. Her head thrown back and her eyes closed. Her squirming under my body as I fucked her hard was enough evidence that she was having as much pleasure submitting to me, as I was having dominating her. As my testicles exploded and cum started shooting deep inside Nikki's cunt, she bucked her hips up, lifting me up in the air a few inches, even though I was pushing my rod inside her with such force at the time.

Nikki had one orgasm after other as I kept emptying my load in her throbbing cunt. I could tell our cum was dripping out of her pussy and spoiling the satin bed sheet. As I shot the last wad of cum inside her, I lifted my hands from her lips and kissed her. I dropped on top of her spent. She lay there breathless and immobile, my cock still buried inside her cunt that was still throbbing. After a minute I rolled off of her, just my legs wrapped around her. I placed a hand around her bosoms and hugged her tight. We must have dozed off to sleep pretty fast that night, because I don't remember anything else that may have happened that night.

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