our first time together

By lovergirllover19

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this is about Sarah and Nicole
Sarah was at her friend Nicole’s house to watch a movie and spend the night. The girls were in the middle of watching their favorite horror movie when Sarah told Nicole that it was warm and that she was going to take her tank top off.

While the girls watched the movie Nicole started to notice how nice Sarah’s size 30 d boobs looked in her white bra. Nicole put her hand near her vagina, on the outside of her pajama bottoms. She started to rub her vagina through her pajama bottoms. Sarah noticed Nicole was doing this and asked what she was doing. Nicole told her that she was rubbing herself because Sarah looked so sexy in her white bra.

Sarah said that she didn’t know Nicole was like that. Nicole told her she had never been attracted to a woman before and she was pretty sure Sarah hadn’t either. Sarah said she was sort of curious but not enough to try anything. Nicole leaned in to kiss Sarah and Sarah began to kiss back.

The girls kissed passionately for ten minutes; then Sarah gently put her hand on Nicole’s left breast. Nicole pulled away and told Sarah that she liked kissing her. Nicole then unclipped Sarah’s bra and it fell off. Sarah covered her boobs because she was nervous.

Nicole told her that it was alright and that she would take her bra off too. Nicole pulled off her tank top and took her bra off. She let her boobs hand out and told Sarah to let her boobs hang out also. Sarah uncovered her boobs and giggled because she was still sort of nervous.

The girls began to kiss again and their boobs rubbed together ever so gently. While they kissed Nicole began to rub her vagina on the outside of her pajama pants again. Then Sarah takes Nicole’s hand and puts it under her own pajama bottoms so that she would get fingered by Nicole.

Nicole put two of her fingers into Sarah’s pussy. Sarah moans with pleasure and tells Nicole to put more fingers in her already wet pussy. Nicole pulls away and pulls down Sarah’s pajama bottoms and white satin panties.

Nicole put her head between Sarah’s legs and puts her tongue on the outside of Sarah’s pussy. She then thrusts her tongue deep into Sarah’s pussy. Meanwhile shoving a finger into Sarah’s pussy too. Nicole asked if she was going to make Sarah cum, and Sarah yelled yes. Nicole continued to finger and tongue Sarah’s pussy until Sarah began to cum. Nicole then began to lick up the cum that was on her face and fingers.

Nicole turned Sarah over and spanked her ass and began to lick Sarah’s pussy again. She reached up and squeezed Sarah’s boobs and pinched her tits. Nicole then puts two fingers in Sarah’s pussy and one finger in Sarah’s asshole. Sarah moaned heavily in pleasure and begged Nicole to Finger her harder and faster. Nicole Turned Sarah back over and began to kiss Sarah again.

Nicole then asked Sarah if she would pleasure her. Sarah said yes and started to rub Nicole’s pussy. Then Sarah started to lick Nicole’s tits and started to make her way down Nicole’s stomach to her pussy. Sarah licked Nicole’s pussy as Nicole started to scream in pleasure. Sarah got up and reached into her bag and out a 7 inch dildo and a 6 inch strap on.

Sarah put the dildo in Nicole’s pussy and shoved it half way in; then pulled it out a little bit. She started to push the dildo in Nicole’s wet pussy; the dildo went 6 inches into Nicole’s pussy. Sarah then began to repeatedly shove the seven inch dildo in and out of Nicole’s wet pussy. Nicole was screaming and started to cum and Sarah swallowed Nicole’s cum.

Sarah put on her 6 inch strap on dildo and lay on Nicole’s bed. Nicole climbed on top of Sarah and sat down on the dildo shoving it up her pussy. Nicole bounced up and down on Sarah’s fake dick. Sarah squeezed Nicole’s tits as they were bouncing up and down in front of her face. Nicole then climbed down and Sarah took off her Strap on.

They laid facing each other and kissing while their boobs touched. They giggled every so often thinking how much fun they had their first time having sex with another girl.