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Our First Time

I smile at the light and sparkle in your eyes. I reach out and gently stroke your cheek. It feels so downy and soft under my fingertips. I lean forward and softly brush my lips over yours. So soft, so sweet, so absolutely enchanting, I must have more. I am instantly drunk on your breath. I place my hand at the curve of your back and pull you gently to me. As our curves shift and mold to each other I take your face in my hand and begin to kiss you in earnest. God you taste so amazing! I sigh into your lips as I feel your arms encircle my waist. I dart my tongue into your mouth and tremble as your tongue rises up to meet mine. I pull away and kiss that vulnerable place just behind your ear. I make my way down your neck leaving a trail of kisses in my wake. Your skin smells and tastes of a warm spring day. I reach your collar bone and lean back, all the while holding your eyes on mine. I gently lift your shirt over your head, revealing beautiful, full breasts peaked by wonderfully hard, and dusky nipples. Unable to resist I bend, cupping the right one in my palm. I cover the sweet morsel with my mouth, swirling my tongue over it, relishing the soft moan that escapes you. You arch into me and we slowly lower to the pillow covered floor. I smile as you fumble with the buttons on my shirt. Under the understated navy blue button down shirt I am wearing a soft pink lace bra. You don’t know it yet, but the matching panties lie under my jeans. I shiver with pleasure as you stroke your fingertips down my ribcage and tuck them gently into my waistband, pulling me to you. I reach out and stroke my hands up your soft back. I revel in the tingling that darts through my palms just from the pleasure of touching you. I feel your hands move to my fly and I tuck my thumbs into the sides of your sweats. I lower them gently as I kiss a fiery trail down your torso. As you kick the pants out of the way I reach for the scrap of lace pretending to be underwear and slide them off too. As I part your legs and lay kisses on your soft, downy mound, you reach down and release the hooks on my bra and remove it. You pull my face up to your face and cradle one of my large breasts in your hand as you bend to suckle. An almost violent moan is ripped from my throat as the pleasure sings through my body. You smile and help me out of my jeans. You chuckle appreciatively at the lace hiding under the dark denim, and then you gently pull those off too. Now we are naked, trembling, shy, and unsure what to do next.

I smile at you and reach out. I take you into my arms and cuddle you close. You wrap your arms around me and tuck your head under my chin to kiss my neck. I can’t seem to keep my hands still as you place fiery kisses on my skin. Our moans blend and flow as we react to the sensations that we are creating for each other. I feel your fingers dance their way down my abdomen and shyly slip between my wet lips and slide over my throbbing clit. I have lost all possibilities of rational thought. There is nothing I can do now other than ride the amazing tidal waves of pleasure that you are creating inside me. The feeling of your fingers dancing expertly over my clit is nearly driving me mad. Then you smile at me and bend down to add your mouth to the amazing sensations. As you suck and nibble away on my cunt I am reduced to a sweaty, moaning, writhing mass. I can feel my orgasm building and I reach out my hand to stroke your hair. I want to kiss you, but I don’t dare interrupt the fun that you are having. Suddenly I just can’t wait any longer. I gasp your name out and the low almost growling moans start deep in my throat. You slide a finger inside me and continue to nibble the clit that you have been so deftly manipulating. My fingers clench, tangled in your hair, as I cum with a low groan.

When I can almost think straight and the world quits tilting, I cuddle you close,

pillowing your head on my breast. I kiss the top of your head and we carry on a murmured conversation for a bit.

Suddenly I am struck anew how beautiful, soft, and sweet you are. I place a soft kiss on the corner of your mouth and I just have to have more. I kiss you full and deep on your lips and feel the fire start to reignite. I take your breasts in my hands and begin to lick and tease them. I nibble gently on your nipples and smile to myself at your moans. I feel the fiery temperature of your skin and begin my own fiery trail of kisses down your body. I reach the soft mound of your cunt and take my time coaxing you open. I slide a hand up and cover your breast and tease your nipple with my fingertips as I begin to lick your sweet juices. I lick, nibble, and suck your clit, loving the moans you are rewarding me with. I slide my finger into your opening and continue to nibble on your clit. The light touch of your hand on my hair causes me to look up. The look in your eyes shows me that you are now on the brink of your own orgasm. I lower my head and go back to my licking and suckling. I feel your leg muscles clench and I look up in time to watch you go over as I continue to massage your clit. The loud groaning moan tells me I have done my job and you are there. As your trembling slows I crawl up and lay myself down next to you. I take you into my arms and pull the velvet cover over the top of us. We are tired now and we fall into an exhausted sleep.

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