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Out in public

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You don't know i'm watching you, but you keep on looking around sensing someone there.
You're walking down the street, you don't see me so you carry on going. I rake my eyes up and down your body, you're wearing those jeans that shape your arse perfectly, I just want to run up, spin you around and pull you towards me with it, squeezing hard as I do. But I don't, I watch you walk away instead. I'm having a fight inside my head whether to follow you or not, after weighting up my options I think "fuck it", so I do. I can't help but watch your hips and arse sway from side to side, like you know i'm watching, putting on a show for me. Teasing me.

You go into a lingerie shop, I follow you in looking down as I do in case you turn around and spot me. You're picking up bras and lacy panties as you go, I see a few you pick up and can't wait to see you in them. I see a corset that i'd like to see you in too so I pick it off the rack, but wait for you to move on so I can pay for it quickly and follow you again. It's pale green over the cups and stomach with black lace over the top, black at the sides and back with a pale green ribbon at the back. I don't think it'll last long when you do wear it, but it'll be good whilst it lasts. I go up to the cashier and pay for it. You're leaving the shop as I do.

I leave the shop, searching for you. I spot you finally, keeping my distance I follow you again, I just want to pounce on you. Seeing you with the underwear and imagining you in the corset has turned me on beyond belief. I'm tempted to start heading home so I can text you to tell you I need you, and that i'll be waiting naked. But I have a much better plan in mind for you. I see you look around, can you feel my eyes on you? Or are you just watching people as they pass you? I start to get closer to you whilst your backs turned, I can't help but be drawn to you. You head into another shop but I decide to wait outside, not wanting to push my luck.

You start walking down the street again, I really can't handle the images going through my head. I need to fuck you now, I wait for a while until you pass a secluded alley way. I walk faster, grab your arm and drag you down the alley and around the corner. You're struggling, trying to pull your arm out of my grasp, you finally look and see it's me, you start to relax. I push you against the wall hands pinned above your head, I kiss you hard, you gasp and I take that invitation to find your tongue with mine, you don't pull away just succumb to my onslaught. Our moans are mingling, teeth clashing, tongues dueling, I take one hand away from yours to run it through your hair and pull, making our lips rip apart. I bite my way to your neck, biting hard and sucking, marking you, wanting everyone to know you're mine, I kiss the mark after to soothe the pain.

I move back and spin you round, front against the wall, your arse rubbing against my cunt. I reach around and grab your tits squeezing hard, I move to your nipples, pinching and pulling, your face pushed against the wall, you gasp arching into my hands, you arse moving against my cunt making me moan. I push my cunt into your arse, wanting friction of my own, I slide my hands to the waste band of your jeans undoing the button and zipper. Not bothering to pull them or your underwear down I push my hand down to your slit, feeling how wet you are. My right hand moves to my own jeans, pushing down and onto my clit, as my hand finds your clit you push your arse into me, coursing me to push onto my clit, I let out a groan of pleasure. I start to move my finger over your clit in tight small cirlces, pace quickening, doing the same to me as I am to you. I start to feel myself cumming. I enter you with two fingers, hard, fast, your walls are tightening, my palm pushing against your clit, I lean over to your ear whispering "cum for me baby" biting your earlobe as I do, knocking you over the edge. I soon follow listening to your moans and near screams, I end up falling onto your back head on your shoulder panting.

I pull my fingers out of you and out of my jeans, spinning you around again so your back is against the wall. I wrap my arms around your waist moving closer towards you, I kiss your lips entering your mouth with my tongue loving the way your taste. We reluctantly pull away from the kiss but stay in our embrace, I lean forward and whisper, "I hope you liked the preview, wait till you get home", pull away and walk off. Leaving you stunned and thoroughly fucked, swaying my hips as I go, sensing your eyes on my arse, I turn my head give you my grin, wink and leave you there to go home. To prepare for the nights events and to head back to the lingerie store to buy you a little something else.

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