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Paint Job (2)

Karly has confessed to Nicole, now what next?....I think you know very well. *bow chicka wa woww*
continuation. ---------------------------------------------------------------

Nicole was in shock, she never liked to suspect that people were homosexual, cause if they turned out to be straight, she would feel like such a bitch. Karly was facing the opposite wall. Nicole went to touch her arm, she then let her arm fall and then sighed. What could she say? Karly was pretty hot, even though she never thought of girls in that sort of way. How could Nicole deal with this situation in a way that could benefit everyone? She sighed, "Well, what do you want to do then? I mean, I'm straight. Sorry." she said shrugging. Nicole didn't want to lie, she really was not too into the whole cheating on her boyfriend with a girl thing. Karly turned around and looked Nicole straight into her olive green eyes. "I want to..." she began and touched Nicole's arm. "I want to....well, make love to you Nicole. Please." she begged. Nicole's heart dropped, the begging in Karly's voice made her feel extra bad. Nicole was very much a people-pleaser. She knew that the only way to make Karly happy, was to do what she wanted her to do.

Also, Nicole was quite flattered, and wondered what it would be like to have sex with a female. Nicole went for Karly's lip and presses against it. A moan escaped Karly's lips, and she took Nicole's face in her hands and kissed her passionately. Karly moved down towards her neck and gently kissed it, and licked it as if there were some sort of candy on it. Nicole closed her eyes, it felt so good. Nicole lifted off her navy blue tank top off, and quickly unhooked her bra. It revealed her large round breasts and erect nipples. Karly stared at them at first, taking in the image. She dived into her cleavage and sucked on her nipples and tried to fit the whole thing in her mouth, not succeeding. Nicole moaned and ran her fingers into Karly's dark brown hair, Nicole was getting wet and fast, she really wanted to get eaten out. Karly came back up to kiss her lips. Nicole opened her mouth and they played with each other's tounges. While that was going on Karly trailed her hands down to Nicole's shorts zipper, zipping it up and down knowing it was just over Nicole's clit. Nicole moaned and bit her lower lip. Karly couldn't take it, the image was so exciting. She was doing this to Nicole, making Nicole moan, making Nicole wet. Karly, unbuttoned Nicole's black short-shorts and revealed her purple boy short panties. Nicole couldn't take the suspense she was so hard. "Oh god Karly, don't make me wait for it." she whipered just so that Karly could hear. Karly smiled and ran her finger gently over her slit. Nicole jumped. She bowed down to smell her, and rubbed her nose against her clit, Nicole yelped in frustration. Karly couldn't take it either, she wanted Nicole to orgasm. She tugged off her panties and ran her tounge along the slit, tasting her sweet wetness and smiling in satisfaction. She thumbed Nicole clit slowly then gently made her tounge enter inside her. It was hot and wet, sweet yet salty. She made love to her using her tounge and Nicole was starting to raise her hips to get more and more. Nicole was moaning and grinding and playing with her nipples. "Uhmm, faster...I'm going to cum.." she said wearily. Karly did what she said and pushed her tounge in and out quickly, Nicole was building up. She even raised up and pushed Karly's face closer and harder, grinding her face without mercy. Then she cummed into Karly's mouth and she swallowed it all up. Nicole laughed.

"What's so funny?" "Nothing, nothing at all... I just...that was so... so damn incredible!" She said, her eyes opened wide and smiling. Karly, smiled and kissed Nicole on the cheek. "Well, I do my best." she smiled. Nicole nodded and crawled closer to Karly until she had to lay back, and she was on top of her. "But, I want to make you feel the same way." Nicole kissed Karly on the lips and then on her neck. Karly was already wet and her nipples were already hard. Nicole spent a long time on her nipples, and Karly moaned in satisfaction, more than satisfaction. Nicole made her way down Karly's stomach and pulled off her shorts and panties. She didn't take time to tease Karly, as she did to her. Nicole got right into it, she fingered Karly and flicked at her clit with her tounge. Karly was living out her fantasy right now, she thought she was dead. Nicole was using her whole fist now and fucking her hard and deep, Karly was screaming Nicole's name and her eyes rolled to the back of her head, there was no way Nicole was new at this!

Karly was about to cum big time, "I'm cuming!" she screamed but Nicole kept going, faster harder, deeper. Karly must've had the best orgasm of her life. Nicole rose up and kissed her on the lips gently. Then there were three hard knocks on the door, the person seemed not too patient. Karly rose quickly and ran downstairs to answer it, her clothes barely on, and the scent of her like an aura over her body.

She opened the door.

"Hey Karly, Oh my gosh, I am sorry I'm late. But geez, learn how to answer the door. There was a freaky guy out there starring at me. I thought I'd get raped!" she said rushing into the house. Karly was out of it, she could swear Nicole was just upstairs with her, making sweet love to her. "Hey, are you listening!?! For god's sake, I could've been killed out there! Do you even care?..Geez." Nicole said, she was sort of joking around now, she had that beautiful smile on. Karly shook her head. "Well you're fine now."

It was a fantasy, as always.
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