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Paint me a picture


I'm sitting in my history class, staring out the window. I hate being here. I hate that no one else wants me here. I hate myself for feeling so depressed.

Suddenly, I feel a snicker behind me. It comes from Jason, an RB of the football team. I can feel the eyes of more than one person burning into me and the laughter grows. I feel the humiliation rise within me. I haven't any idea what they have done this time, but I ignore it. After all these years of abuse, I developed an anxiety which freezes me.

The clock mounted on the wall shows only a few minutes left of class, and this helps me breathe a sigh of relief. It's Friday afternoon and soon I would be at home, in the safety of my bedroom. I won't need to deal with the cruelty of the preps at school.

The bell rings and another streak of panic runs through me. I collect my things slowly, a ritual of mine to ensure I'm the last out of the class. The others leave quickly, running to their glamorous lives, as my hands feel my hair and my back.

"It's on your bag," Mr Atwell muttered, as he always does when I can't figure it out on my own.

"Thanks," I mutter back, as he throws me a sympathetic smile and leaves the room, which only humiliates me further.

I pull my backpack onto my desk and notice a paper folded over and taped to the front. I consider just throwing it away, but curiosity always gets the better of me and I rip it open. It was an invitation to spend my weekend alone. "Clever." I sarcastically thought, although swallowed a lump in my throat.

The hallways settled down and I felt safe to leave for home. I walked home slowly, taking as many back roads as I could. I had learned over the years to avoid the main road. I reached my front door with relief as I had made it home without hearing another insult. I heard my mother in the kitchen with my younger brothers.

"Charlie, do you want something to eat?" She called out as I slam my bedroom door. "Charlotte! I've told you about slamming the doors."

I ignore her as I throw my bag down and rip off my oversized sweater. I was overheating, but hadn't gone to school without a sweater in many years. Even in the warmer weather. I was desperate for something to eat, but the mirror said no. I stood in front of it ran my body over my stomach.

My mother knocked on the door before coming in, "Charlie, do you want something to eat?" She watched and knew what I was doing immediately. "For Christ sake, does it honestly matter?!" She said, half caring, I know, but it still annoyed me.

"It matters to me, Mom." I walked past her and into the bathroom to stand on the scales. Mom looked over at what it read. "That's why it freaking matters." Mom didn't say anything, she just sympathetically ran her hand down my arm and left the room.

I stared down at the 192lbs staring back at me. I had never been so close to 200. I sit down on the toilet with the lid closed, a place I often sat and thought after weighing myself. After feeling hopeless yet again, and mentally insulting myself, I give up and walk into the kitchen. It was a cycle known all too well.


That evening when mom called us for dinner, I sat down feeling guilty. Knowing I had overeaten only a few hours earlier, and was here eating again. Mom always made an effort to keep our plates full with a lot of vegetables, but she was extremely thin and beautiful herself. In her mind, somehow it wasn't what she fed us, as she ate it too.

I looked down at the large portion of pasta in an Alfredo sauce. Next to it was a large serving of vegetables, one included buttered asparagus. Deep down, I knew it wasn't Mom's meals that were blowing me up. My room had multiple hiding places for cookies and snacks, and I drank pop like crazy.

Mum looked at Dad and said, "Honey, you know Charlie was really upset again after school. I think it's time we do something."

Dad knew she was right. "Yeah, I know. Charlie, find a gym to do a trial in. I'll pay for now, but once you turn 18 it'll be up to you to pay."

I had been asking to join a gym for a little over a year now. I'm 17 and in my final year at high school, and didn't want to enter college looking like this. I felt inspiration swell up inside me. I even happily turned away dessert and was able to fall asleep earlier than usual.


The next morning, I woke early and surfed the net for an hour looking at some gyms to call. I found one located only a block away, and felt it would be a good gym to choose. I could go in before or after school, as it was on the way. I smiled as I dialed the number, and was invited for one week free trial. I could go in immediately.

I put on my trainers and for the first time in years, left my house without a sweater on. I wore a loose top with bike pants. The bike pants I usually wore underneath incredibly loose pants, or around the house. As I walked down the street toward the gym. My anxiety grew a bit, but the excitement battled hard for a change.

After speaking to a woman at reception, she referred me to the lockers and I put my belongings away. I walked towards the gym floor and sighed relief as I only noticed an older, quiet man using a rowing machine. I looked at all the equipment in front of me and felt lost. It was a world I had never known. I walked over to a treadmill, knowing I at least understood how that one worked.

I had been using the treadmill for about 20 minutes, when panic struck. I noticed Jason walk in, his shoulders were bare as he wore a sleeveless. He wore loose basketball shorts which showed his off his leg muscles. He hadn't noticed me and began stretching in front of a weights machine.

The panic inside me was intense, but as usual I froze in what I was doing. Leaving might catch his attention. I decided to keep quiet in my corner until I could find the strength to leave. As I continued further another 10 minutes or so, Jason noticed me in the mirror. A smirk crossed his face, but he said nothing. Another 10 minutes passed, still nothing.

Somehow I felt a safety returning to me, and inspiration begin to build. I started fighting off my anxieties and praised myself. I carried on the treadmill with a sense of pride. Although I had already worked up quite a sweat, I aimed to complete an hour before heading for the showers.

I switched over a few songs on my mp3 player, and noticed another person enter the gym. I find a woman, about 5'6", with a beach blond faux hawk, also wearing a sleeveless tank. I could see her toned belly through the fabric. She wore a loose pair of track pants that sat just above a small but sexy ass. I noticed myself staring at her ass a little longer than I should be as she bounced in front of an exercise bike and started to stretch. My breathing had become heavier and my face had flushed.

I tried to pull myself back to reality, and noticed Jason also watching this woman up and down, as sweat dripped down his face. His muscles glowed and glistened with sweat, as a bulge in his shorts grew. I decided to keep my eyes to the treadmill display. I would only draw attention to myself if he noticed me watching him, or anyone for that matter. I couldn't resist once more, when she bent down whilst pulling off her trackies to reveal a pair of tight boy shorts panties. The ass of her panties had printed JFDI on it.

I saw Jason looking at me and he smirked again. I ignored him this time and kept sneaking looks toward the blond babe on the bike. Watching her pussy pressed up against the seat sent a tingle through my body. I was red and flustered, and only so glad I was on a machine I could blame. I felt my panties moisten and noticed I had now overtaken my goal of one hour by ten minutes, but I didn't care. I didn't want to stop.

"JAY-SON!" I heard a familiar bellowing coming through the door way. It was Chris, the quarterback from school.

"Great," I think to myself. "Now I will hear about it." I was right.

Jason muttered something with a smirk to Chris who looked up to spot me. They shared a suspicious laugh before Chris snorted loudly across to me.

Embarrassed I looked down to my mp3 player and shuffled a few more songs. I try to stare blankly ahead and but in the corner of my eye I see Blond Beauty looking at me through the mirror in front of her.

Chris and Jason continue to share grunts and snorts as they parade around the weights. I feel a familiar lump fill my throat and know it's time I leave. I calmly stop the treadmill and leave out from the gym floor, feeling the tears hot as they stream down my sweaty face. I fumble at my locker, knowing they both can still see me and just want to get out of there. I had originally planned to shower before leaving the gym, but picked up everything and left hurriedly.


I sit in my room, moping about what had happened. Mom was out with my brothers and I was glad she wasn't there to ask me how it went. I didn't want anyone to know how it went. I had cried the entire way home and all I wanted to do was curl up and go to sleep. The phone started to ring and I reach over lazily to grab to receiver.

"Hello?" I ask, my nose a little stuffy.

"Hello. This is Ann, from Steam gyms, is this Charlotte?"

"Yes.. This is Charlotte." I answer, curiously.

"I have a woman here who saw you drop something from your locker as you left. You were at locker 23."

"Dropped something? I don't think so."

The woman on the phone muffles an answer to someone her end, "She says she didn't drop anything."

I hear the other woman claim, "She definitely dropped an envelope, it's sealed, so I assumed important."

The woman returns talking to Charlotte, "She is definite you dropped an envelope. Can you come pick it up?"

I really didn't want to go back, but now I'm interested. The only woman that would have seen me was the woman on the exercise bike. I agreed, and hung up the phone. I slowly get ready, I'm always slow when anxiety steps in, and I walk back down the street to the gym.


I rip open the envelope which hasn't been labeled, and I read a small note scribbled onto a post-it. The note reads; "Come to the book shop across the street."

I look up across the street and notice a small book store wedged between a large music store and a burger outlet. I hadn't actually seen it before. Perhaps it's new. I'm not sure I should go in, but my legs are already walking there as I ponder.

I walk in and the little store looks just as book stores do in the movies. Over crowded with books, one tiny seating area by the door and a counter with a tiny register.

"Hi, Charlotte!" I hear, as I turn away from a painting hanging behind the counter.

"Hot, damn!" She looked stunning! She was no longer wearing the tank top and track pants she wore into the gym before stripping down to her panties. She was now wearing a small tee, dark green with abstract splashes of neon green, yellow and pink fabric paint. She wore a short denim skirt showing off her sexy, toned legs, a pink belt with silver studs and black feminine flats.

After what felt like an eternity of gazing at her body, I answer, "Hi.."

The 5'6" woman walked to behind the counter and leaned over it with both arms resting on the counter top. "So, by now you've realized you didn't drop the envelope." She says, smiling with friendly eyes.

"How did you know my name?" I ask.

"I was by the phone when Ann called you." She answered.

I feel my face blush a little, remembering this I feel stupid. "Oh, right. Sorry."

"I actually called you here because I felt horrible about how those guys acted toward you. I feel I should have said something to them. I'm sorry I didn't, Charlotte."

"Please call me Charlie," I said, "and don't be sorry," I muttered. "They're assholes. I get it everyday at school, and as you noticed weekends if I'm unlucky. I'm used to it."

"I'm Julia." The blond answered.

A moment of silence begins to make me feel awkward. Julia stares into me deep.

"I also called for you to let you know of a gym you might prefer, it's an all women's gym. It's on Red Oak Drive in White Brooks."

"Oh, thank you, it's a bit far though." I always find an excuse when I'm nervous.

Julia looked at me, it seemed knowingly. "The 90 bus outside goes directly past it." She walks around the counter and gestures me to sit down on the small lounge. The lounge chair didn't allow much room and her thigh brushed against mine as we sat closely. "Charlie, I know what it's like to have people bring you down. My heart sank for you today. You wouldn't need to deal with people like that at Force."

I sat looking at my hands, playing with my fingers. "Why do you go across the street?" I asked.

Julia smiled, "I only work here on Saturdays and know Ann. She lets me in during my break. During the week I'm at Force."

We started discussing books. I feel myself ease. She likes a lot of the same authors I like. She wasn't an airhead like the people I go to school with. As I sat with her, my thigh against hers, I watched her lips speak to me, and my body responded. I swallowed heavily and worried my face had reddened.

Perhaps she thought I still felt upset about earlier, her hand reached down and rubbed my thigh. "Don't worry about them, Charlie. They're jerks. Life goes on to so many better places after high school. I left 3 years ago and I still don't miss it. You haven't long now." She smiled at me.

"Oh, God help me."


I lay in my bed that evening, and slammed my fingers deep inside me. I hadn't felt so turned on in so long. I had tried going to sleep, but the thought of her sweet breath lingering so close, her fingers touching me, I just couldn't get it out of my mind. I had started out humping against my pillow, whilst these thoughts played over and over in my mind.

I had ripped off my panties and lay naked under my blanket. I caress my breast with one hand, as my fingers slip in and out of me. The cool feel of the sheets against my legs turned me on more. My fingers alternate between circling my clit and slipping inside my drenched pussy, when I begin craving more, I want something bigger and longer. I scan my room in the dark, my heart racing hard and my cunt begging for my return.

"Mmm, yeah that's it," I think to myself as I reach over my table for my hand held mirror. I pull my sheet off me now and first run the edge of the mirror against clit. I sense some coolness from the mirror itself hit my flesh, and it sends a shiver through my body. I turn the mirror around and press the handle against my clit. I clench my legs closed for a moment as the excitement builds inside me.

I pull my knees up and spread my legs wide as I begin rubbing the handle of the mirror up and down the length of my pussy. I can't handle waiting any longer, my fingers start jerking my clit as I place the tip of the handle at my hole. The handle is quite thick, and I know it'll hurt..

"Oh, FUCK," I half moan, and half wince, but the pleasure from my clit soothes the pain, and I come close to cumming. My pussy begins to tighten and my fingers work in overtime. I feel a wave coming over me and my body spasms. I struggle to keep my orgasmic moans quiet and feel the contractions from deep within me. The mirror sits inside me still, moving ever so often from a contraction until I slowly pull it out.

I think of Julia again, a smile creeps upon my face. I bring the mirror to my mouth and taste my juices, sliding the handle in and out of my mouth. My body is entirely relaxed and I fall asleep after pulling the sheet over me slightly, the mirror still laying next to me.


Monday couldn't come soon enough. I got through the school day easier than ever, ignoring anyone that tried to bring me down. I was floating on a cloud, and still horny from the weekend. I got on the 90 bus after school and didn't care to see a few people from school on it. Funnily enough, no one seemed to care I was on it either. I seemed to carry a confidence lost long ago.

I get off at Force feeling a bit apprehensive. Chances are Julia really was just being nice. Anyhow, after registration I go into the change room to undress from my school clothes into my gym clothes. I notice a woman with stunning red hair in the shower. The water trickles down her body and over her curvy ass. She turns around and knows I've been watching her but only throws me a smile.

I feel stupid, but change in a toilet cubicle, not having the confidence to do it in front of Red Beauty. I walk out of the stall and I see her body has been lathered up a fair bit. Her tiny pink nipples poke from the suds, a stream of bubbles trail down her belly, inviting my eyes for the forbidden zone. She rubs her pussy with a red shower pouf, her eyes are closed and her head is tilted back. I'd have stood watching her all day but heard the women's change room door opens. I collect my cool and head toward the gym.

I stroll over to a treadmill, receiving a few encouraging smiles from strangers before they go back to their own workouts. I start up the treadmill on a medium level and walk for about fifteen minutes before I see my beauty. She walks into the gym floor. She is well known. She says hello to quite a few of the women, stopping to talk to most of them. Then she notices me. My mouth feels a little dry and my hands sweat. I reach for my water, I'm nonchalant.

"Well, who do we have here?" She grins, as she leans over my treadmill, arms casually draped over the handles. Her body is so freaking sexy. She's wearing all red, a sleeveless tank showing off her gorgeous shoulders, tight red short shorts with white side stripes, and red and white sneakers.

I laugh it off, trying to stay cool. A few others look at me, I know I've turned beet. "You're right. This place is a lot nicer." I reply with a smile.

"I thought you might like it." She says with a sexy wink. I feel a flutter in my stomach.

"So, you usually work out here evenings?" I ask.

Julia looks at me deep, before saying, "Baby, I work here," With that she slowly walks off to say hello to a few more women. I try to concentrate on the treadmill as much as I can but the pressure between my legs is building. I've only spent half an hour on the treadmill but decide to leave for the showers. I need to get home before I go crazy.

I head toward the door and Julia yells, "Hey, where do you think you're going Charlie?"

I can't find words to respond.

"Come here," She motions to a corner. I walk over to the weights. "I thought maybe I could teach you some basic weight training? It'll help aide your weight loss." Julia takes my hand and positions me in front of a mirror.

"Oh, come on. Can I face away from the mirror?" I groan looking at myself in disgust.

"No." Julia snaps back. "Now I'll start by teaching you the dumb bell squat. It's fairly simple for a beginner, and helps to teach you proper form techniques for later training. Now you'll need to stand with your feet fairly wide apart."

I listen to her instructions but she kneels down beside me to adjust my feet. "So, we keep our feet at about shoulder width. We also want to turn out our toes slightly, to match our thighs during the squat and avoid twisting of the knee joints." My heart raced as she gently slided her hand up my lower leg to my knee. Julia continued to explain to me to keep my abs tight and back flat. "Don't stop breathing. Now have a try and let me see what you have." She said, placing two dumbbells each side of my feet.

I begin my squat, and pick up the dumbbells, and return to standing position.

"OK," She says. "A little work required. When you go down keep your head up with your chest out, remember to keep your back flat. Give me 5 slow squats and let me guide you along the way."

I know she told me to remember to breathe, but I'm frozen and finding it hard to perform. I begin squatting down and up, and after my second squat her hand runs down my back, almost causing me to lose balance.

"Good, very good. You're keeping your back straight. The problem you're having is your thighs aren't quite making it parallel to the floor, and your knees, see here, are quite far out over your toes. You're breaking into your squat at your knees. We want you to break at your hips and sit back into the squat." She runs both hands to my hips as I rise from the squat. I pause for a moment, my heart is racing and I'm breathing quite heavily. I begin the next squat as she gently pulls at my hips towards her, I feel the difference with less pressure on my knees and I'm able to go lower than previously.

After several guided squats she begins to circle me, eyes on me like a hawk. She praises me as I get into a rhythm with proper form. She doesn't make me do too many reps, as she can see I'm flustered and in need of water. After she continues to give me tips with exercising, she offers help with my stretching the next time I come in. I feel sore. I'm not used so much exercise and head to the change room.


In the change room I feel disappointed noticing there isn't much cover to the showers apart from blurred shower curtains. As I begin to undress, I hear the change room door open and I quickly climb into the shower in the corner.

"How do you feel, Charlie?" I hear Julia ask from the changing area.

My heart races and I respond, but Julia can't hear me over the water.

I see her walk up to the curtain as she is pulling her clothing off. "What babe? Couldn't hear you over the water."

"I said I feel a little sore." I answer, as my eyes watch the blurred vision in front of me go from bright red to a tasty beige. I feel my clit tingle, and I quickly run my head under the water. The water runs over my face and eyes but I can't get the image from my mind. I clench my legs together in attempt to ease the aching desire swelling, but it fuels me more.

"Oh, right. Well, you need to give it time. It takes time for your body to adjust, and consistency. I hope to see you here most days,"

I see her lean against the wall and wonder why she hasn't left for her own shower yet. It annoys me slightly, because my anxiety is building. I'm feeling the most vulnerable I've ever felt in my life, and she's hanging out for a chat.

Minutes carry on and she mindlessly chats to me about little things. How she loved her job at the gym, and that she was also studying health and fitness science. I found out what she ate for breakfast, her favorite protein shakes, where she went for spring break last year, that her father left her mother at a really young age and paid for all of her schooling and for her apartment to keep her out of his life, her favorite band and then when she asked me if I knew how to play guitar I had to stop her.

"Julia, could you pass me my towel please?" I asked. I stuck my hand out of the curtain to indicate I didn't want to be seen, but she ripped open the curtain from the opposite side and didn't see it.

I shrieked and covered up fast. It was hard to act cool after that, even after all the years at school and freezing up being my only response to humiliation.

Julia noticed my embarrassment and blushed a little herself, "Sorry, sweet, I didn't realize you were so shy."

I forced a smile, "I'm OK, really.." I tried to convince her.

"It's just, I have a thing for this shower. It's the only one I use.." She said, as she slowly stepped toward it, but still leaned up against the wall. So there she was, in front of me with her legs spread, as I stood in the change area tightly holding the towel around my body.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know." I answer.

"It's fine. I'm never in any hurry, anyway," She said with a wink. She turned and leaned into the shower to turn the handles. Her small tight ass pointing outward. I thought I would explode any moment from that alone, and then she bent over and I could see her pussy lips wink at me. I could see she was feeling the weight of a few bottles of body wash and shampoos, but was taking longer to do it than necessary. My breathing became shallow. The moistness of her pussy glistened in front of me, lubricating my mind.

Julia climbed under the water and was facing me again, leaving the curtain open. She continues small talk as she squirts the peach scented body wash into her shower pouf. I'm still too shy to open my towel to dry and dress, so I grab a second towel from the toweling cupboard and sit down one of the benches. I start pat drying my hair. I didn't want to drop this towel in front of her for the life of me. My eyes also kept to wandering the change room, but as time went on they feasted over her body more and more.

Julia had noticed Charlie's hungry eyes, and attempt to delay dressing, and so continued to lather her body, rubbing herself sensually.

She was driving me wild. I was starting to feel a chill as the cold air hit my wet body. As my eyes wandered the room, I noticed a familiar pair of panties with Julia's clothing. The JFDI was staring at me. I was dying to know what it stood for.

"What does JFDI stand for?" I ask, looking at Julia.

Her eyes seemed to widen at me, and then she smiled, "You really wanna know?"

I nod at her with curiosity upon my face.

Julia slid her hand up her body, and gently cupped her breast before extending her arm. Her finger then curls and she summons me closer. I obey, walking until I'm standing just outside the shower.

Within a second she steps out from the shower and pushes me up against the wall. Her hands find mine and she holds them softly. I grip the towel with my armpits and my life. Leaning into my face, she whispers, "Just Fucking Do It."

I hesitate, excitement is racing through me. I'm so inexperienced, the feelings so foreign, I don't quite believe her.

I don't believe her until her mouth melts into mine. A whirlwind of feelings course through my body, in directions I never knew. My arms raise slowly. My fingers trace through her hair. Her fingers trace my hips, and then plays with the towel edging. With a gentle tug on the towel, she pulls away from kissing me. Her eyes tell me what she wants. She can sense my reluctance, her eyes send me sweet caresses.

She takes my hands again, raising them above my head. Holding them with one hand, I fear she will rip off the towel in any minute. Instead, she slips a hand inside and cups my breast. She kneads my breast, my nipple under her palm. Her body melts into mine, and she begins kissing my neck. I moan softly for the first time. Her lips reach a spot on my neck, just below my ear. A dash of pleasure shoots down my spine and pulsates my aching clit.

Julia begins slipping the towel from around me, I don't fight against it. Her eyes gaze over me. Biting her lower lip, her hands glide over my curves, until she walks me to the bench. I sit down, the towel open but under me and she kneels between my legs.

Her eyes look deep into mine, she swallows heavily and noticeably, and whispers, "Just Fucking Do It then, babe."

I'm hesitating still, I've never been sexual with someone before. I'm scared to ruin these feelings of pure ecstasy, I want it to last forever. She takes my hands, and places them each side of her head, "Do it, baby."

The pull is too strong, and I can't fight it anymore. I pull her face into my cunt, and she lashes at me hard. My clit hardens and throbs, and sets fire throughout me. The room is steamy, and I'm in a fog of lust. She lays me down onto the bench and as her mouth makes passionate love to my clit, I feel her fingers dip inside me. She doesn't go deep, she teases me lightly. Her fingertips gently stroke my walls. I see flashes of her t shirt from the other day, the bright abstract art. Her fingers stroke me heavier, soon pounding me hard. Her tongue lashes hard, I moan her name softly.

"Julia.. I've never felt this before.." She hushes into my clit, reassuring me it's OK. She didn't need me to talk, she needed me to feel. She was tranced in the art of my pleasures, as she painted me heavier, my walls hugged her tightly. I remembered to breathe, and I reached climax. Her fingers fucked me hard, my pussy humped her face, and I moaned loudly. I was shuddering an orgasm like none I'd ever felt before. My mind was a blur of bright colors, my body arched as my happiness escaped me. I looked down at Julia, she bit her lip and climbed onto me, and our lips and bodies melted into one another's soul.

To be continued..
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