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Panty Pervert - Part 1

Two girls discover their flatmate's secret

"Where the hell are they?" I said aloud in my empty apartment. I was searching for my black see-through panties, Nadine's favourites. I'm a bisexual girl in my mid twenties, five foot eight inches tall with long toned legs. I’m a hundred and ten pounds with firm 34D breasts, a flat stomach and have both nipples and my navel pierced. I’d met Nadine at The Yard when I’d moved up to Newcastle three months previously, after my firm relocated.

Nadine was stunning, a six foot tall, ebony girl with an Amazonian figure and 38D cup breasts, which she hardly even needed a bra for. I had felt myself go moist the moment I had seen her J-Lo type ass, imagining her using me for her enjoyment. I had struggled to stop staring at her, even though I was with others and she was partying with other girls. I was stunned and shocked when she asked if I wanted a drink and we had been seeing each other since. She was everything I desired in a woman and more, totally dominant and just adored using me as her sex-toy.

I was sharing an apartment near the Pink Triangle with Jeff, a quiet handsome guy in his early thirties, since our move up north. He was five foot six inches and slim and worked in Accounts at the place I was a secretary at. He was very quiet and a loner but kind and friendly. The apartment was a luxury one, a little above my budget hence the sharing. It was Saturday lunchtime and I was getting ready for Nadine, who was coming round to mine as Jeff was back in Birmingham for his sister's wedding.

I looked all over my room, but I couldn't find them anywhere. I eventually gave up my search and settled for a black thong, just in time for the ring of my bell to announce Nadine's arrival. As soon as she entered she grasped me tightly and passionately kissed me and reached round, grabbing my buttocks through my tennis skirt. I instantly melted, filled with lust as her tongue began to tickle my tonsils, my pussy involuntarily spasmed and began to get wet. She reached behind, lifted my skirt and rubbed and squeezed and nipped my butt. Lifting her mouth from mine, she looked over my shoulder to the full length hall mirror at the reflection of my ass.

"Where are my favourite panties babe?" she asked.

"I couldn't find them anywhere, I've searched everywhere, my drawers, wardrobe, even under the bed! It's a mystery." I replied.

"I bet your flatmate pinched them!" she said laughing.


"My step brother used to pinch mine from me and masturbate in them. When did you wear them last?" she asked.

"Last Saturday when we went to the triangle and back to yours," I said

"Have you washed them? You came twice last week in them, have you checked the laundry?" Nadine responded with a serious look on her face.

"Well I put them in the basket, but I can't remember them in the ironing pile," I replied.

"Jeff has probably got them in his room, sniffing them while he whacks off! He looks the type, skinny, wimpy effeminate geek. I wouldn't be surprised if he even wears them when you're not in," she laughed.

"Jeff's not like that, He's kind and I like him. He's a bit of a geek, yeah, but he's not into sex and I couldn't afford this place without him here," I said

"Yeah right, let's search his room, I bet I'm right." she said, letting go of me and heading down the hall to his room giggling.

"Wait for me then!" I responded, giggling along as I rushed after her.

Neither of us had locks on our bedroom doors so we walked straight into his domain. For the next ten minutes we fruitlessly searched, his drawers, under his bed, under his mattress, in the wardrobe. We found half a dozen shoe boxes under his bed but found nothing in there except photos and letters and other boring trash. About to give up, Nadine noticed his laptop on his cabinet and at the side the carry case, bulging. Unceremoniously she plopped it on the bed and unzipped it.

A huge grin enveloped Nadine's face as my flatmate's perversions were revealed to us. There in front of us were stockings, a suspender belt, a pair of three-inch heels, DVD's and my panties. Nadine quickly booted up his laptop but when the screen came to life we found it was password protected. We left it on and began to root through his carry case. I opened a zipped pocket and found 4 pairs of knickers, each crusty and stuck together with his dried spunk.

"Uuugh, the dirty pantie pervert!" Nadine said bursting into laughter.

I very tentatively picked my see-through pair from the case and found them unsoiled by his jism. Nadine spread five DVD's on the bed.

"'Babes Bangin Boys', 'Strap-on Sistas', 'My Girlfriend has a Cock', 'Bend over Boyfriend' and 'Strap-on Secretaries'. I bet that’s his favourite." Nadine said pointing to the secretaries one and giggling.

I opened another pocket on his case and found a slim digital camera, switched it on and quickly found his gallery.

"Oh my god, look at him, I never would have guessed he was a sissy pervert!" I said as Nadine looked over my shoulders and reached round to cup my breasts. There were dozens of pictures of Jeff in stockings and suspenders, on his bed, bent over the edge of his bed, standing up and on all fours.

"He has a nice ass though doesn't he?" Nadine said as she pinched my nipples and began to nibble my neck. I began to get moist again as my nipples are my weak spot, which Nadine knew.

"Get your panties off babe, I want to eat you," Nadine whispered into my ear. I quickly peeled my damp panties down my legs and rolled over onto Jeff's bed alongside his perverted stash. Nadine quickly and roughly pulled my legs to the edge of the bed and spread my thighs wide, revealing my freshly shaven cunt, already moist from her expert nipple tweaking. She quickly got on her knees and dived in to my snatch, nibbling and licking my swollen clitty. My juices began to ooze from my hole as she inserted first one, then two fingers deep inside me.

I was amazed at how well she ate me as I was normally the submissive to her and she had never eaten me before. Removing her fingers from my hole she pushed her tongue deep inside and swirled her finger round my tight anal bud. My juices ran down the crack of my ass as Nadine lapped at my sopping twat. I felt her finger put pressure on my tight rosebud and then suddenly slip up my ass, coated in my pussy juice. With her tongue deep inside my pussy and her finger in my butt I knew I would cum very quickly.

"Oh my God, I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Eat my cunt, make me cum babe, oh yeah, oh yeah, AHHH yeah!" I screamed loudly as I began to squirt into Nadine's mouth. She devoured all my juices as a huge torrent of an orgasm had me squirming on Jeff's bed. Slowly dropping my legs to the floor, Nadine climbed my body and holding my face began to kiss me, sharing my sweet honey juices between us.

She broke the kiss and got off the bed, standing at the side. "Finger me!" she hissed, as she grabbed my hand and stuffed it under her skirt. "Quick!" she snapped.

I fumbled her thong to one side and quickly thrust two fingers into her. She was even wetter than I had expected, literally dripping. I used my other hand to hold her thong aside and to rub her clit. She ground her pussy against me, enjoying my fingers on her clit and deep inside her.

"More!" she moaned. "More in me!"

I pushed a third finger into her. She was totally open to me and it slipped in without any difficulty. She bounced on the fingers, doing most of the work for me. She pushed my face under her skirt and I did my best to lick her clit in our awkward position. Her upper body was pressed against the wall as she forced herself into my face. I was uncomfortable and could have licked her much more skilfully in another position but she seemed oblivious.

"Fuck, more!" she cried and I slid my little finger inside before reaching up within her and rubbing at her g-spot. I knew she liked it rough so I didn't worry about caressing. I pounded my fingers in and out, rubbing her hard.

She was moaning and swearing as I fucked her. After a few minutes of this, my neck was in agony and my face was soaked. Her thong was rubbing quite painfully against my mouth and I was getting close to telling her I had to stop. However, her pussy was gripping harder on my fingers and I knew she was about to cum. Deciding to endure, I pumped harder, much more roughly than I had ever before. She cried out and her pussy spasmed. I felt myself pressing jets of hot liquid out of her and down my neck. She was moaning, grunting and panting like an animal as she came.

At last she was done and she collapsed onto the bed next to me. My aching neck felt a surge of relief. I reached up and felt my neck which was soaked and slippery.

"Oh fuck that was good!" she murmured. "You made my cunt squirt! You're a really good girl you know?"

"This has got you really horny hasn't it?" I said.

"God yeah, I've always wanted to fuck a guy's ass. Now I think I’ve got the chance to do it!" she replied.

"Grab that Strap-on Sistas DVD and lets go in the lounge, I need to fuck you now babe."

Ten minutes later Nadine was pummelling her eight inch dildo hard into me from behind, while watching a black girl ramming a guy's ass with her own version of what she herself was wearing. I myself was happy to take her rubber cock as I knew she fucked better than any guy I’d ever been with before. She was driving even harder into me than normal and holding my cheeks apart as she roughly slammed the full length in me. I was frantically rubbing my clit, bringing myself to another climax when I looked up to the television screen. Another coloured girl, adorned with her own strap on cock had began to fuck the guy's mouth while he was being stuffed from behind.

"Jesus that is so hot, we could do that to your sissy!" Nadine said as she sped up even faster.

Just then the guy on the screen began to shoot his spunk whilst not even touching his own cock. Instantly I heard Nadine scream as she orgasmed and held me tightly, her dildo deep up my pussy. I rubbed myself furiously with her cock buried in me until I came, squeezing my pussy walls tight on her false prick. We both collapsed onto the floor and hugged, her toy slipping from my now swollen, sore, pussy.

As we sat in the kitchen supping a glass of orange juice each Nadine said, "I'm going to fuck him. We'll have him next Friday, you and me if you want. I'm going to fuck that sissy's ass till he's begging me to stop."

"How are we going to do that? He might like what he likes, but how we going to get him to let you fuck him?" I replied.

"He probably fantasises about it all the time, probably you fucking him is his ultimate fantasy. Either way it doesn’t matter if he wants it or not! All the better if he doesn't at first actually. It would be more fun for me if he didn't want it. I've got a plan." Nadine replied grinning widely.

She then set out the plan to get our wicked way with my sissy pant pervert flatmate

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