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Parisian Chaperone

Sarah's and Lily's friendship develops into love in the city of romance.
Parisian Chaperone

Extracts from Sarah’s diary

Thursday 10 th June: Today is a red-letter day it is my seventeenth birthday. My parents have let on that my main present is to be a holiday to Paris, France. It is meant to be a mixture of learning and fun.

Friday 25 th June: The arrangements for my holiday to Paris have been finalised. I am to stay with the daughter of some family friends. Her name is Lily and she is studying French Literature at the Sorbonne. She lives in a one bedroom flat so I will not have the privacy I enjoy at home. Still I expect I will have to share a room at Uni so it will be a good preparation.

Saturday 10 th July: School has finished and I am on a shopping trip for the gear I need for Paris. Lily is two years older than me and very sophisticated. I am determined to be the same. I buy some casual skirts and tee shirts for the daytime and some smart dresses for the evening. Then its undies and nightwear, a lot of thought goes into this. I chose some very smart bras, pale blue bikini slips and a sleek nighty. Then it is wash stuff and makeup.

Monday 12 th July: I arrive in Paris and meet up with Lily. She looks even more attractive than when I last met her. I leave my bags in the boot of her car and we explore Paris. It lives up to all my expectations well it actually exceeds them. The City of Romance, maybe I will meet an attractive French boy.

Monday 12 th July evening: I never would have guessed that ham and cheese on toast could taste so nice. Lily tells me it is known as ‘ croque-monsieur’. We share a bottle of red wine and talk about what life is like in a French university. We then watch some French TV before making our way to bed.

I am a little self-conscious undressing in front of Lily. I keep my underwear on and slip the nighty of the top of it. Lily is clearly not in the least bit self-conscious; she just strips off and slips naked into bed. Before turning off the light she suggests that it can get quite hot in the flat at night and I would be a lot more comfortable not wearing underwear in bed. Once the light is out I remove my bra and knickers, but keep the nighty on.

Tuesday 13 th July: After getting our hair done we visited Montmartre, and talked about art and life in general. By this time I was completely enchanted by such a sexy City. At Lunch, I drew a smile from Lily, when I tried to flirt with two boys on the table next to us. Later she said that she clearly needed to give me some lessons on pick up lines.

Tuesday 13 th July evening: Lily is a first class cook; we enjoyed a first class meal and some first class wine. We then listened to some of her music and I found that I liked her tastes. Lily said she was tired and suggested an early night. As soon as the lights went out I fell asleep. I woke up a few hours later and the flat felt empty. Turning on the light I found Lily’s bed was empty. There was a note on it. She had to go out to visit a friend, but would be back in the morning.

Wednesday 14 th July: I awoke to find Lily had prepared breakfast; I loved the continental style breakfast and knew I would continue with it when I returned home. While I was showering Lily walked in, I was tempted to cover myself but decided against it. She said she was sorry about leaving me alone; I smiled and asked her to tell me what he was like. She insisted that she had not been visiting a boyfriend. When I passed her I said something about pigs flying and was rewarded with a playful slap on the backside.

Thursday 29 th July evening: Lily was out again and I could not sleep. I had by now dispensed of the nighty and was lying naked on top of the bed. I was beginning to fall of to sleep when the door slammed. Lily walked in crying her eyes out. I asked her what was wrong, I got no answer she just sat on her bed in floods of tears. I then asked if her boy friend had dumped her. She laughed and said she had not lied when she said there was no boyfriend. I was confused and really wanted to know what had upset her so. It then came out, she had been dumped all right, but by her girlfriend rather than boyfriend. She caught a look in my eye and became angry; she said I had no right to judge her. For a moment I did not know what to do or say, then I walked over to her and kissed her.

It was a tentative kissed that passed between us, followed by a second kiss and then a third. Then we both began to explore each other’s mouths and we were soon engaged in a full-fledged French kiss. This was a first for me with either a boy or a girl and I loved every second of it. That was all that happened that night, after kissing we fell asleep in each other arms.

Thursday 5 th August: Over the last week Lily and I have gotten very we enjoy each other’s company as we explore everything that Paris has to offer. We shower together in the morning and sleep naked in the same bed. But nothing more, she has not once made any move on me.

Friday 6 th August: Today has been a very strange day; a tension has arisen between Lily and me. I wanted her so much that my body is aching. We started sentences but could not finish them; we walked around museums and shops but took nothing in.

Friday 6 th August evening: We have undressed and are ready for bed, she moves towards me to kiss me, I refuse her lips, and she looks hurt. I kneel and kiss her cunt instead, slowly slipping my tongue deeper and deeper inside. As my tongue begins to flick against her clit she starts to let out little yelps, her sex flows freely over my tongue and I savour its taste.

My tongue registers increasing warmth between her legs and she then goes rigid, her juices flow freely down my tongue and I shallow them gratefully.

What was said next I would never forget?

“Sarah, I have wanted this to happen so much, but it had to be your choice”

“Lily, it is very much my choice, now will you please fuck me”

She spread my legs licked her fingers and spat into my cunt, then slowly one finger penetrated me, as I accommodated that a second and third followed, moving slowly at first, as my sex flowed she built up speed, my body responded in a way that was new to me. I was no longer in control of it rather it controlled me, for the first time in my life I understood what the word climax meant.

Afterwards we just sat there holding each other. Then slowly she arranged her legs so that our cunts met and she began to gently thrust as rotated her hips, I followed her lead our movements matched each others, we care little for time and dwelt on the sensation building between our legs. As we both moistened the motion grew more frantic, we were both breathing very deeply and we both began to tremble. As the spasms grew we pushed harder and deeper and then we were awash with each other’s juices. We lay there laughing at first then crying tears of joy.

Wednesday 25 th August: Lily and I have been lovers for over two weeks now and I can hardly bear to leave her and make my way home. But, I must return to my family and studies. We promise to keep in contact; I also promise to devote myself to my studies because the only university for me is the Sorbonne.

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