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Past experiences - My first love

Past experiences - First love

This is a story about my first love, I will write more of my experiences in time and share them. Feedback will be dearly appreciated and I will write back.


I was only 16 at the time and I enjoyed going to clubs with my older friends. Though I was clearly underage somehow I always managed to blag my way in without needing fake Id, besides I was only two years away from the legal age. With so many places to go in London we would often move from club to club during one night depending on our mood. One night me, Kiara, Tanya and Sarah decided to go to a new jazz bar that had recently opened. It was very classy and had a nice atmosphere.

Me and Tanya were the only gay ones in our group, Sarah was bi and Kiara was straight but sometimes experimented when she was drunk. I had always had a crush on Sarah since we met, she was one of those girls that everyone had a secret crush on, and with her being bi she could literally have anyone she wanted.

I remember a time we were at a friend's party and we sneaked into a room. We were both very horny and hot for each other, we were kissing frantically not carng if anyone saw us, heavy breathing and lots of touching. The pace started to pick up and i pushed her against the wall, I love to dominate like that. I pulled her in closer and grabbed her arse. Her hands were on my tit's then she dived for my neck and bit me a few times, the feeling was so intense I let out a loud moan. I was getting very wet, I had fantasised about Sarah so many times and how I wanted to fuck her and make her cum really hard. This was it. It was happening. We were grinding our pussies against each others legs and our moans got louder as we got wetter. Before i realised it my hands were sliding under her shirt, her skin was so smooth and soft. To my devastation, a bunch of stoner guys stumbled into the room holding a big smoke pipe and they asked if they could hide in the room, they even offered to share some with us but I would have preferred to be sucking on sweet Sarah's pussy.

We had kissed a few times the night at the jazz bar but I started realising the connection she had with Tanya. They were flirting and rubbing each others legs the whole time. Seeing the two of them together killed me, the girl I was falling in love with clearly had eyes for someone else.

A few drinks later they were all over each other as my jealously grew. Kiara could clearly see the pain on my face and went to talk to some guys that had bought her a drink earlier (she hates awkward situations). The past few weeks before that night Sarah would always tell me how much she liked me, she would always send me cute texts and have long kissing sessions when ever we met up. We never had sex because something always seemed to interrupt us, but she always made sure she got a grope full of me. Then all of a sudden she was all over my best friend right in front of my face and practically ignored me for most of the night.

Tanya left the table we were sitting at to go to the toilet and left me and Sarah alone. As soon as Tanya was out of sight, Sarah was all over me, I was very confused and though it was just the alcohol making her behave like this but I didn't care at that point. Her soft lips felt so warm on mine as I wrapped my arm around her hip. I never wanted this feeling to end. She was first to pull away and I stared into her eyes as I caught my breath.

"Didn't want you to feel left out" she said with a smile.

"Oh.. So was that a pity kiss then" I said in a broken voice, "You know how I feel about you, and you lead me on every time I see you, if you simply don't feel anything for me then stop messing with my heart Sarah". I was pretty drunk by then so I didn't care much about hiding my feeling anymore or the consequences of letting them known.

She took a deep breath and looked in to my eyes, she had never looked at me like that before. Her deep blue eyes told a story of million words, "I lead you on? You are the one who is too much of a coward to tell me how she feels, if only you knew how I feel" a tear started rolling down her cheek, "I'm sorry about Tanya I was just using her to make you jealous, it's you I want, I don't know why I've been acting like an arsehole I just.. I guess I just.." and at that point we realised Tanya running out of the front door, she must have heard Sarah.

There was a long pause of silence, "Great, thats two hearts you have broken tonight, I was still feeling bitter and hurt. I couldn't believe she had the cheek to act like she was the victim.

To be continued..soon



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