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Paula and Gitana

The night I went home with fellow dancer, Gitana.
I crawled across the floor, moving toward Gitana. Her legs were propped up on both sides of the chair, and her hand was down inside her tights. I could see her fingers moving slowly around her clit. I crawled up between her legs, and she slowly took her hand out of her tights and held it out to me. She smiled seductively, her dark lips spreading wider in an almost evil line and she said, "Do you want to taste?"

I'm not sure if I surprised her when I said, "Yes."

I took her hand in mine, and I could smell the sweet musky smell of her pussy and the wetness still lingering on her fingers. I held her hand up to my face, and extended my tongue, lightly licked the tip of her finger. She watched intently, and it made me even hotter to see how much she was enjoying the show. I eased her finger in my mouth and tasted the semi-sweet and juicy taste of her pussy. I rolled my tongue around her finger, making a show of it. When I had licked it clean, I took her second finger in my mouth and rolled it around. She half-moon eyelids betrayed her pleasure at watching me on my knees, sucking her fingers clean. I was so wet I could hardly control myself. She shivered and her large breasts shivered too.

"Ok, how about helping me with these tights, little doll. Aren't you dying to see how wet you've made my pussy?"

She lifted her beautiful curved hips up off the chair, and I pulled her tights down. Her thighs were as perfect as the rest of her, I honestly couldn't find a flaw on her. Every inch of her was like someone had sculpted it from marble, like the beautiful Pygmalion sculpture come to life. I pulled the tights away from her and now I moved in on her red, silk panties. They already had a large wet spot where she had been playing with herself. She moved her hips down a little placing her silken pussy directly in front of my face. Without warning, she tossed her legs over my shoulders and pulled me into her crotch. I was in heaven, and I didn't care how rough she wanted to be. I pressed my tongue against the wet fabric, pushing into the small crease covering her warm little pussy. I licked her slit like a cat, in long strokes. She pushed her legs together, forcing me in tighter, cutting off more of the outside world. My hands were all over her thighs and hips, caressing and touching her soft skin. I teased her by biting at her wet panties and pulling them away from her dripping wet pussy. She responded by pressing me in closer. I tried to pull her panties away but I couldn't. I nibbled and licked until her panties were as wet as mine. I thought I could probably just lose myself in her embrace, stay there licking and sucking on her wetness until I died.

"Ohhh...little doll, please fuck me. Oh god, please fuck me,” Gitana begged.

I tore at her panties, and she helped me get them off. I pulled mine down as well. Finally free from all clothing, she spread her smooth dancer legs wide and opened her beautiful flower before me. Her sweet light pink pussy was wet and glistening. She held her hands out, welcoming me back into her warm embrace. I knelt before her like a Goddess, and her hands guided me to her moist, warm pussy. My tongue slide inside and she arched back, breathing in softly. I caressed her thighs, loving the feel of her soft but muscular legs. She had her hips down to just the edge of the soft velvet chair, and all of her was bared before me. I could see deep inside her, down into the hole that longed for my attention. A little white cream had started to pool within her pussy. I slipped my tongue into that cream and moaned. I licked up and stopped to suck on the cool metal ring just above her clit. I pulled away to look at this beautiful pussy again, keeping my tongue extended. A small trail of saliva hung in the air for a second, as my tongue pulled away and then it snapped. I looked at my angel of beauty and seduction, and she smiled a crooked grin and said, "Aren't you going to make me cum, little sweetness? I'm getting closer. God, I'm so wet. I love how you look at me. You look just like a little doll."

I pushed her legs open as wide as I could get them. Her two holes were open, one red and wet and the other was much smaller, and darker. I wanted to taste all of her. I put my tongue to her little brown hole, and she gasped and hitched up in the air. I held onto her hips, keeping my tongue inside her. She sucked in air like she was in pain...or pleasure. Exploring this forbidden fruit was even more exciting, and I fingered her very wet pussy, while I probed deeper with my tongue. Her hips were now dancing, gyrating around and around. Now that her little asshole was wet and clean, I licked up and down the length of her. Starting from bottom to top, I licked and sucked and nibbled every inch of her silky smooth pussy and ass. She couldn't take it. She rubbed her clit furiously trying to cum. My chin and lips were thick with her taste and wetness. She tensed with orgasm, trusting into my face, pushing her legs down. Her screams rang out loud and she seemed to fear I would pull away from her, as if I ever would. Her pussy was thick with white creamy cum, and it covered my lips and chin. Her cream was like a drug, I wanted to completely cover my face with it. Still making little noises, she released my head, and I slowly licked up and down a few more times, just to make sure I had it all. She put her hands to her face and threw her head back. I heard her breath in long and slow.

"Aaahhhhhhhh... Hooooly SHIT! That was fucking fantastic!" She said.

I smiled sweetly, and said, "Thank you, I enjoyed it too."

"Look at you," She said, holding my face between her porcelain hands and giggling softly. "What did you do? Bath in it? You should see your face, it's literally covered with my cum."

She surprised me by pulling me forward and kissing me deeply. Her tongue explored my mouth hungrily, and when she had tasted all of my mouth she wanted, she licked my lips and nose. I was in heaven. How could there be a person like this?

"Before I make you cum, do you want a drink?" She asked.

"Sure, whatever you want to do. I'm totally yours tonight," I said.

"Hmm – you should be careful what you promise, I might just take advantage of that," She said seductively.

We sat nude on the floor with our legs wrapped around each other. She enjoyed every movement we made, and I did too. I loved feeling her smooth legs intertwined with mine. I loved the way her dark brown locks of hair fell down over her shoulders and across her breasts. I loved the tan lines across her breasts, and I loved her nipples. The best part was, her eyes explored every inch of my small body. She took in every hair, every curve, every dimple. We lay in the middle of the floor, and I started playing with myself watching her. She intently watched me rubbing myself. Her head did that funny little sideways cock again, and her hair fell seductively across one large, white breast. She leaned in a little more, and I leaned back to give her a better view. I can't even begin to say how wet it was making me to have her watching my every movement

"Dip a finger in your pussy," She said.

I dipped a finger inside, and she said, "Mmmmmm, God, you have the cutest little pussy. Everything about you is so small and seductive. I just want to eat you up," She said.

"Then what are you waiting for?" I asked.

Her answer was to lean over further, until she was falling across my leg. Her legs were still wrapped around mine, and she kept leaning forward until her legs spread open into a split. In one fluid motion, she moved her legs out and under her until she was lying in front of me. God I love dancers.

She helped me back onto the floor, and I tried to move as gracefully as she had, but only succeeded, in part, because of her help. She slipped over me and kissed across my chest, her tongue lingering on my nipple. Her hands slid down my sides and her body followed. She moved across my tummy and then her face hovered over my pussy.

"Little doll, you have the sweetest little pussy. I wouldn't even know what to do if I was your boyfriend," She said.

"Why would you think I would even have a boyfriend?" I asked.

She shrugged and lowered down onto my hot pussy. Her tongue finally entered me, and I was ready to explode. She was no amateur at giving head. She curled her long tongue and unfolded it inside me. I propped up on my arms so I could watch. She moved her tongue around inside me and then curled it back up again and slowly lifted off me. She opened her tongue and my sticky white cream and her saliva dripped across my clit. She quickly dropped and sucked it back up, swallowing it and my clit. I gasped in amazement. She repeated this a couple more times and by the third time, I was ready to cum just from the feeling of her tongue inside me! But she didn't want me to cum, she lifted me up and made me turn over. She made me get on all fours and push my little ass up as high as I could. With my arms folded under me, and my ass sticking up in the air, she played with my pussy, and licked my asshole. The sensation was wonderful. The feeling of having her inside me was heaven. She rubbed harder and harder, licking and trying to make me cum. I closed my eyes and came. She buried her face inside my pussy. When I couldn't take it anymore, my body finishing its final quivering, she jumped on top of me and smiled. She lay over me, her soft breasts and warm body covering me. She quickly flicked the end of my nose with her tongue and said, "Wanna take a little break? I need something to drink and some munchies, how about you?"

"Yeah, how about a drink? That would be so good right now."

We ended up on naked on the couch, our bodies wrapped around each other. Candles flickered around the room, and the Cocteau Twins played in the background. The eerie haunting female voice called out like a Succubus. I didn't need to say anything, it was just heaven to lay with her. I ran my hand across her perfect body, feeling her wonderful full ass.

The door opened. I saw a huge male figure in the doorway. I tried to hide under Gitana, but she didn't even move. She turned her head toward the door and ran her fingers over my erect nipple.

"What the fuck is this!" He shouted.

I was nearly in a panic! I tried to get up from under Gitana, but she held me down.

"Just what the fuck am I coming home to? Can you fucking tell me that? God damn, I leave for work and this is the kind of shit I come home to? My God damn girlfriend having a god damn lesbian love affair with a God damn little girl!"

I was afraid. His voice was think with a southern accent, smokey and raw. Muscles rippled under his shirt and both arms were inked down to his wrists, full sleeves. He stomped into the room and slammed the door shut.

Gitana's hand lifted slowly, and her hand balled into a fist. Slowly her middle finger lifted until she was giving him the bird. I was petrified. What was she doing? Trying to make him angrier?

"Har-de-fucking-har Rozz, and fuck you gently if you think I'm getting off the couch.”

A huge grin spread across his face and he walked right over to us. He dropped to his knees and held his hand out to me, “Hey, I'm Rozz.”

“P-Paula,” I said.

“Cool,” He said, shaking my hand. He stood, scratched and said, “Did you leave anything for me to drink?”

"Sure baby, there is a whole pack in the fridge, I just bought 'em today." Gitana said sweetly. He winked at me, and slapped her ass. She and I both jumped. I heard his boots clopping across the kitchen tile and the fridge opening.

"Fucking asshole, he loves to come in and act like he is the Billy-Bad-Ass-Redneck or whatever. But don't believe it, he is just a big fucking sweetheart trapped inside a huge muscled body. Truth is, he is really a bit of a pussy.”

"I heard that!" He yelled from the kitchen.

“Good,” Gitana yelled back.

"God," I said, still shaking, "That just about made me piss myself."

“Oh no, don't do that yet. Let's save that for later,” Gitana said, and she pressed her lips to mine.

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