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Paula and Meredith

A trip out of the house leads to more than I expected and fantasies become reality.
I changed how I masturbated around the same time that Tina became obsessed with Mark, her soccer boy. All that extra time on my hands meant my hands were always busy. I masturbated so often that regular rubbing and fingering had become boring. I tried everything I could find in my bedroom. The round handle of my curling brush made a nice smooth early dildo for my teenage pussy. Inserting it inside was, um, interesting but not the most comfortable for holding or for fucking and made me loose the urge and feel pretty silly. What I really wanted was for someone to fuck me but being a little bit of a freak, guys weren’t interested and I wasn’t really all that interested in guys. I was so desperate to have sex, real sex, that I fantasized about riding someone and straddled my pillow and humped it. It felt wonderful but in minutes I would resort to both hands buried in my little thighs and my fingers buried in my pussy, legs open wide until I was moaning in orgasm, legs trembling and mind dreaming of various people, hot couple that lived behind me being one of the key players.
Typical only child syndrome meant I put everything into one friend and with Tina busy I watched way too much TV. TV, in turn, introduced me to new age stuff in the form of a documentary. What caught my eye? Naked people. Specifically this business woman that was so beautiful and conservative during the day but would go out in the woods and get naked with people and chant goofy stuff and pray to a goddess.
I was hooked baby!
I searched our phone book and found a new age book store. Bonus, it was within bike riding distance! That was very important to someone without a car most of her life.
I remember riding the entire way thinking of what sort of crazy stuff they would have in the book store. Would the walls be black and skulls everywhere? Would people be walking around naked? I was literally shaking by the time I dropped my bike by a bush in front of the little renovated house that had been turned into the new age bookstore. I opened the screen door. Now nothing but a wooden door with an artsy, happy little black cat hanging from it kept me from entering the world of…da, da, dummmm…the occult. My heart thumped in my chest, my trembling hand moved slowly toward the door handle…

“Oh hi, sorry.”

I jumped back when the door opened and I saw the woman apologizing. I froze when I recognized the woman in the doorway. It was hot woman! The woman from the couple I could see outside my bedroom window! Hot woman was at the freaky new age bookstore! She instantly registered 10 thousand degrees hotter in my book.

“Sorry, are you coming in?” She asked, obviously wanting to get past me but I was blocking the doorway.

“Yeah, sorry.” I said and moved out of her way.

“Hey, you look kinda familiar.” She said.

“Ummm, yeah, you live like right behind me.” I said.

“Oh really? Which house?”

“The little one up the hill, I’m not actually like right next to you, more like kinda behind some trees but still, it’s basically the same thing. You know? So sort of behind you.” I had a tendency to talk too much when nervous.

“Oh, yeah. I think I know you.” She said with an odd sort of look on her face.

I know my face was red. I was positive that she knew I had been watching her and her husband from my window. Great! Now I was a freaky peeping Tom! I probably would have turned tail and ran but she said, “Come on in.”
I felt even more of a perv but I couldn’t help notice that she was wearing this odd hippy dress thing and when she walked in front of the window to go behind the counter, I could see everything. Oh god! Up close she was even more perfect and with no underwear of any kind. When she turned to sit at the stool behind the counter her huge and perfect breasts jiggled from side to side. God bless hippies!

“I don’t usually get many young people in here.” She said.

“Really? I would think that you would get lots of kids into this stuff, it’s so cool!” I said, such a little kiss ass.

The light behind her made it impossible to not notice her braless breasts. It took me a minute to realize I was staring. GOD! I turned and looked around the shop. It was open, airy, with bright colors everywhere. The smell of incense permeated everything and new age tinkling music helped to keep the idea alive that you had just stepped into a fantasy world.

“Wow, I didn’t expect this.” I said.

“What?” She asked.

“Well, I was…oh never mind.” I said worried that if I told her I was expecting skulls and black and goth shit everywhere she would get pissed. She looked at me with huge blue eyes and her spill of long dirty blonde hair falling over her mostly bare shoulders. The hippy dress often shifted to one side or the other falling off one shoulder. She had perfectly smooth pale skin and just a touch of freckles across the shoulders. A shiver ran through me and I realized I was trembling.

“You are just adorable. So you are new to all of this?” She said.


“Well, look around and if you have questions please ask.”

After seconds of looking around I realized that the 10 dollars to my name wouldn’t buy me much. New age stuff was anything but cheap. I was most interested in the books. Books were always my passion and these were like none I had ever seen. They were all about women! Women and the Goddess, women and love, women and the tarot, women and Wicca.

“What’s Wicca?” I asked.

“It’s witchcraft.” She said and went on to explain it. She said she believed in the earth as a Goddess and returning to a balance. Apparently Wicca would help save the world. My young, impressionable mind was fascinated and I listened with rapt attention.

“I’ve been talking for all this time and haven’t even introduced myself, I’m Meredith.”

“Paula.” I said.

She leaned forward with hand extended and her top opened up with a clear view down. I couldn’t help but notice. I wasn’t really trying to look but I did. Inside where two of the most perfect and largest breasts I had ever seen, I felt like a 10 year old in comparison.

“So see anything you like?”

“Excuse me?”

“Are you going to buy anything?”

“No, sorry. I really don’t have any money. I mean I have money but everything is too expensive. I mean, I’m sure it costs this much cause it's worth it and all, but I just don’t really have much money. Ok, I’m shutting up now.”

I smiled. It was all I could do. I talk too much when I’m nervous and I was trembling in front of this woman. She could have said, “Paula, drop your shorts and dance for me.” and I would have done it. The big blue eyes compassionately smiled at me and she turned her head just slightly with a little grin that told me she thought I was darling. I was ready to accept darling. Darling worked fine if it meant she liked me.

“You are just adorable aren’t you? Well Paula, I close up at two. Come by the house and I’ll let you borrow some books and we can talk some more. You can decide if you like it without having to spend any money.”

“That would be awesome!” I said.

Two o’clock couldn’t get there fast enough. I was at Meredith’s door right at two but she wasn’t home. Trembling with excitement, I was about to turn around and head home when the garage door opened. A BMW drove up a second later and Meredith waved to me as she passed and drove into the garage. I shivered with anticipation. I wasn’t even sure what I was so excited about? I only knew I was about to enter the house of the hot couple and that was enough to make me shove my hands between my thighs and look like I was about to tinkle on myself. I literally trembled from head to toe.

“Come on in.” Meredith called from the garage.

The inside of her garage was perfectly clean and everything neatly in a place. I decided I was never going to invite her to our place. I followed Meredith into the kitchen and she motioned for me to sit at the little bar.

“Do you want something to drink?”

“Sure, that sounds good.” I said.

“What do you like? Beer, wine, something mixed?” Meredith asked.

“Are you kidding me?”

“What? I know kids drink and trust me, I need a drink right now. I can get you a coke if you prefer or water?”

“No, I’ll have whatever you are having.”

“Wine it is then.”

Two glasses of wine later Meredith and I knew a great deal more about each other. Not used to wine, the alcohol had gone straight to my head. I felt a little light headed and propped my head up on the bar staring at Meredith. Meredith lowered her head and looked back at me.

“You’re so damn cute.” Meredith said.

“Thanks, you’re amazing.” I said.

“Thanks.” Meredith said.

She smiled, her eyes rolled to the side and lips pursed to indicate she was considering something, then she inhaled deeply and said, “Weeellll, why don’t we go sit out by the pool?”

“Sure, it’s your house.” I said.

“Okaaayy, but if you don’t mind I prefer to sit out by the pool more comfortably.” She said.

“Sure, whatever you wanna do.” I said.

Finally, I was going out to the pool! I couldn’t believe it! The place I had seen from my bedroom window a hundred thousand times and now I was going there with her! Even a little drunk I couldn’t help but shiver a little.

“Ok, but by comfortable I mean nude.” She said.

“Seriously?” I asked.

“Seriously.” She said.

Then the alcohol took over. My mind screamed NO, NO, NO, but my mouth said, “Well, I gotta be honest. I’ve seen you naked by the pool before.”

“Oh you have?” She said.

“Yeah, I can see you guys from my window.”

Oh GOD Paula, are you insane? What the hell?! Never drink again, never drink again!

“Then this will be nothing you haven’t seen before. I guess the only question is, will you join me?”

“Naked?” I asked.

“Nude. Naked means you are ashamed. We are two women, what do we have to be ashamed of?” She replied.

“Sure.” I said.

Sure I sounded brave but I was once again pinching my knees together like I had to pee. If my teeth could have rattled at that moment they would have.

“Ok, come in here and you can leave your clothes in the laundry area.”

The laundry room was also the passageway between the kitchen and the pool. I followed Meredith into the little room and looked out onto the pool. It looked much different from down here inside the house. Little carved statues and a tiled walk way around the pool. Nice.
Meredith opened her top exposing her chest. She was more perfect than I had imagined. Up close they looked even larger than I had imagined. I think it was her skinny little waist. Each creamy white breast was capped by a large light pink areola and a thick hard nipple. I felt horrible next to her. I had no real breasts to speak of. Meredith wasn’t waiting for me to overcome my shyness, she reached over and pulled my top up and off my arms. She smiled as she reached around me and unsnapped my padded bra, it fell off my shoulders and I shrugged it to the floor. I instinctively pulled my arms together but resisted the urge to cover myself.

“Oh my god, you are so shy. That is so adorable. Don’t be shy. Listen, women come in all shapes and sizes. We are all beautiful. Just let yourself enjoy the freedom of being a woman.”

“Ok.” I said.

She untied the belt holding her hippy dress onto her waist and let the multi layered ultra wispy fabric drop. Oh my god! The woman was like a pin-up Queen! Damn near perfectly round hips and sleek, smooth legs. She wasn’t shaved. Her legs were shaved, thank God, but she wasn’t shaved. A thick light brown patch of hair marked the area above her pussy lips and her pussy lips were clearly visible in the open space between her legs. Guys talk about women who have a gap between their legs, you could have shoved an entire fist between Meredith’s thighs and never touched skin! So when I say the patch of hair marked the area above her pussy, it was because pouty pink lips were staring at me.

“Do I need to remove your shorts as well?” Meredith asked.

I unsnapped and let my shorts fall. I stood in my strawberry panties and shivered. I really felt stupid now. I was shaved! Why did I do that? Tina had warned me but I didn’t listen. Here was this full grown woman with a full patch of hair between her legs and absolutely gorgeous, she was going to think I was stupid.

“You know, you really shouldn’t wear underwear. Underwear interferes with a woman’s natural scent.”

“Scent?” I asked.

“Yes, women give off pheromones that aren’t just meant to attract a mate but are also part of a woman’s natural power. See you have an aura that surrounds you all the time but your body also supplies others with your natural scents that tell others about you.”

“You mean like dogs?” I asked.

She laughed.

“I guess.” She said.

“Well? You are beginning to make me feel a bit foolish. I mean it’s not that I don’t enjoy a good strip tease but honestly I want to get out by the pool before the sun goes down.”

“Oh, yeah, ok. But you gotta promise not to laugh.”


“Yeah, just promise.” I said.

“Paula, there is nothing about you that is making me want to laugh.”

“Ok, but promise.” I said again.

“Ok, I promise.”

I peeled off my strawberry panties and stood very slowly, still not willing to have her see that I had shaved my pussy. When I was standing fully she just looked and held out her hand for me to give her my undies.

“I have no idea what I was supposed to laugh about.” And she folded my clothes and put them neatly on a shelf, “You are absolutely beautiful.”

“But seriously, you shouldn’t even wear underwear. Women should never wear underwear. It’s more like how things were meant to be naturally before Judaio-Christian society took over and started to sublimate women into roles below that of our natural birth-right. Women were once leaders of society, did you know that? Men honored and protected women as the natural creators of life. When you wear padded bras and panties with strawberries on them you cover up your natural power.”

“I just wear that because I’m flat chested and I thought the panties were cute.”

“I know.” She said but somehow I didn’t think she had even heard me, “but you are…well still young and even though you don’t have much up top you are extremely attractive and shouldn’t feel threatened by societies idea of what a woman should look like.”

That was easy for Meredith to say because she was exactly what society thought women should look like.

“Well you haven’t said anything about me being shaved.” I said.

“Shaved?” She looked down at my crotch and then said, “I didn’t know you shaved, I just thought you didn’t have any hair yet.”

There was an uncomfortable moment where I looked at her like ‘how old do you think I am and should I be here with you?’ but she said, “I’m just kidding. I noticed but that doesn’t bother me. It’s like you are a warrior. Sleek and hairless and beautiful, like the goddess Diana.”

“Diana?” I asked.

“Yes, she is the virgin Goddess of the hunt. Men would look upon her naked body and drop dead.”

“What about women?” I asked.

“Women would bath her naked body and worship her.” Meredith said.

“Cool, well I’m no virgin” I said.

“Cool.” Meredith replied and grasp my hand leading me to the water.

“Oh my god, you are trembling.” Meredith said grasping both my hands and holding them.

“I’m really nervous.” I said.


“Because you are beautiful.” I said.

“Is it ok if I kiss you?” She asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

Meredith kissed me. I couldn’t imagine in a million years that my trip to the new age store would have brought me over to the hot couple’s house and that I would be in the pool with the hot woman and she would be seducing ME! Her kiss was dreamlike. It may have been the alcohol but I think I nearly passed out.

“Wow, you are so adorable.”

“You keep saying that.”

“Because it’s true. I really can’t believe you’ve lived behind me all this time and never came down and said hello.”


“You were embarrassed because of what you saw?” She asked.

“Yes.” I answered.

“Well sex is natural. Its part of what we do as human beings. It’s as natural as being born. Clothes and image are societal repression. These are the reason the world is in the situation it’s in. Women are the natural sexual beings, not men. We are the ones that bring balance to sexuality. It’s also more natural and lovely for two women to be together because it’s how the Goddess would want it. It’s how women were made.”

I didn’t know what kind of hippy shit she was prattling off but I was just happy to be in her pool and have her legs wrapped around me with her digging her hairy crotch into mine. She slowly humped me while she kissed me again. She, not I , started things. She also grabbed my boobies and pinched them and rolled my hard nipple around in her fingers. This always, always drives me crazy. I nearly had an orgasm right there.

“We should get out of the pool into the sun.”

“Yes.” I agreed even though we had just got in the water.

Out of the water Meredith wrapped big soft towels around us and pushed me down onto a lounged out pool chair. I opened my towel and she opened hers as she lay on top of me. She pushed between my legs with her knee and put one leg between mine so that our pussies rubbed against each other’s thighs. It was perfect.

“God, you are so cute. I could just eat you up.”

“Please.” I said.

“Mmm…I can’t wait to taste you. Will you do me at the same time? If I lick your pussy and nothing is touching mine I go crazy.” She said.

“Ok.” I said.

“Not shy anymore huh?” She asked.

“No.” I said.

Meredith pulled me and the towels down onto the tiled ground. We rolled over each other kissing. Meredith grinned wickedly and turned around. She opened my legs with her hands and her warm tongue opened my cunt. She was good too! I felt her tongue enter me several times before circling and licking my clit. Oh my god! Heaven.
She spread her legs open more so that her pussy hovered just centimeters above my face. Her pink thick lips were moist and the inside folds of her cunt where already filled with juicy white cream from her excitement. She smelled of sex. I tasted her. The first lick left my tongue coated in her cream then I followed it with more and more. She already had me close to orgasm.

“Put your finger inside me.” She demanded.

She pressed a finger down deep into my pussy forcing a gasp out of me. She fingered me forcefully while she licked and sucked at my clit. I decided to do what she was doing and fingered her while sucking at her clit.

“Oh yes, bite it! Suck it and bite it! OH FUCK PAULA, I’m going to cum!”

I moved my hands all around her perfectly formed ass and sucked and bit down on her clit. Meredith came and I came with her. Only Meredith moaned and screamed loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear! I couldn’t imagine why I hadn’t heard her screaming all the times I had been watching from my window.

“OH GOD! YES! BITE IT! BITE MY CLITTY!” Meredith screamed.

I bit down so hard I thought I was going to bite the damn thing off! Meredith bucked her hips forward and back across my face until my face was soaking wet! Of course I wasn’t biting anymore just drowning! Meredith soaked me with cum, it sprayed all over my face, into my eyes and of course filled my mouth.

“Oh god, Paula. That was amazing. You are a fantastic lover!” Meredith said.

I wiped away the cream from my eyes and swallowed before saying, “Thanks.”

“Do you mind if I go get a toy? After that I really need something inside me. What about you?” Meredith asked.

“Umm, I don’t know. I’ve never really used a toy before.” I answered.

“What!? Oh my god, I’ll go get my favorite double sticker. You are going to love it!” Meredith left me to go get whatever a double sticker is. I pulled the towels around me and hugged them. She was beautiful and soft and wonderful but what about Tina? I felt guilty like I had cheated or something even though Tina had a boyfriend.
This was unreal. If it hadn’t been happening to me I would have thought I was having a dream. Meredith was as comfortable having sex with me as she was showing me around her store. She didn’t seem to be at all worried that somehow she might be doing something wrong. I decided I was in love and if Tina had a boyfriend then why couldn’t I have an older woman for a girlfriend?
Meredith returned with a long pink double sided dildo with cords hanging from it.

“Here, this is your controller. Just put a little lube on it if you need to. After your magic I don’t think I’ll need any.”

Meredith knelt over me and she took her end of the dildo and slowly inserted it into her pussy. I took the other end and rubbed it up and down my pussy before slipping just the head inside me. Meredith flicked the switch and I heard the deep vibration on her end and felt it as well. I pushed my side in and out of my pussy a few times before it was wet enough to slide down deeper.

“Isn’t it great?” Meredith asked before kissing me.

She massaged my little breast again while her other hand reached behind her leg and pumped the dildo in and out of her pussy. I tried to massage her breast but it was huge! I know what guys mean by more than a handful is just a waste, it was too much. Instead I pinched her long hard nipple while I fucked myself with the vibrator. I flicked it on and she was right! Heaven!

“Suck my nipple.” She said.

“It’s so big.” I said.

“They are, aren’t they?” She said.

“Do you do this with everyone who comes in your shop?” I asked. I had to ask. I mean I hadn’t seen her with other girls from my window but it wasn’t like I was peeping 24-7.

“No Paula. But just like you’ve seen us, we’ve seen you.”

“What? You…we? How?”

“Yes, Nick and I have seen you too. It’s not like your window isn’t clearly visible from our house either.”

“Seen me what?”

“I’ve seen you and your little friend. I’ve seen just about as much as you’ve seen. The only thing is we thought you were much younger than you are. Nick thought you were twelve.”

“TWELVE!” I said.

“But just see how happy I am that you are old enough and that I finally get to meet you.” She kissed me and grabbed my end of the dildo and fucked me harder.

“Ohh…god…mmm…so…ohh…you wanted…mmmm…to meet ME?” I asked.

“Oh god yes. Now shut up so we can cum again!” Meredith demanded.

Squatting over my pussy she rocked the dildo in and out of me and her. I saw why she liked this so much. She moved it faster, almost too fast. It was a little painful for me but luckily Meredith came. She sprayed me and the tiles with her cum again. My pussy and hips were covered in cum. I came instantly. My orgasm was silenced by Meredith saying, “Hi honey.”

To my horror Nick, hot guy, was standing in the doorway and considerably stunned but no where near as freaked as I was. I pulled the towel across me.

“Oh don’t be silly.” Meredith said and jerked the towel off me. She slowly rocked the dildo in and out of our wet sopping pussies and Nick said, “I’m sorry. I’ll come back.”

“Don’t be silly Nick. Come here. Paula is the girl from the house out back! She came into the shop today and obviously we hit it off.”


“Uhhh.” Was all I could manage.

“Really, I can come back.” Nick said.

“Paula, you don’t care do you? Nick is clean. I would love to have both of you at the same time. Come on, please? I promise Nick is a good guy. He won’t hurt you and he is totally clean and if you don’t want…”

“All of us?” I asked but my mind was screaming ‘OH MY GOD!’.

Nick sat down in the chair by us while Meredith increased speed with the dildo.

“Yes, oh come on Nick.” Meredith seemed like a school girl happy to have a new toy and her new toy was Nick.

“Meredith, I don’t think Paula is comfortable with this.” He protested but his eyes and face said he wanted it more than either of us.

“Paula is adorable, she is so cute and so tight. You just wait until you feel her. She is like a little doll! I could eat her up! Like a little Fetishdoll!”

“I…uhhh.” I said.

Meredith had Nick’s pants open and in seconds had his cock out. She closed her mouth over it and sucked on him while the dildo slipped from our pussies. I was already sore. Nick was pretty big. I wasn’t sure I could take much more.

“Paula. Come on, help me.” Meredith said.

Part 2 coming… sorry to write so much but true stories shouldn't be short wank stories, don't you agree?

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