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Paula, Meredith and Nick

Meredith, Nick and I all find out a little more about each other
Meredith wrapped her lips around Nick’s cock and bobbed her head downward until she strained and her eyes watered. God, I couldn’t do that! I couldn’t even get my mouth around that cock, it was HUGE! Meredith obviously loved big cocks because she gobbled at Nick’s like it was Thanksgiving turkey. I hugged the towel around me and pulled my legs up to my chest tightly. I felt small and out of place. Watching them from my window was hugely different from actually being here in front of them.

“Mmm…Paula, please.” Meredith said.

She motioned with her eyes for me to come closer and when I simply pulled the towel tighter around me she held out a hand for me to come to her.

“I don’t think she wants to Meredith. Look at her, she is terrified!” Nick said.

Something inside twisted a little bit with Nick’s words. He had touched something deep inside and memories of the other men in my life flooded to the surface. The feelings were confusing. I was amazed that Nick seemed to care what I thought. I hadn’t experienced that before and certainly not when sex was already in play, however I couldn’t shake the memories of my mother’s boyfriends who hadn’t cared what I thought. The memories took hold of me and I began to weep.

“Oh god.” Nick said.

“Paula?” Meredith called out.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” I said.

Tears flooded out with a surge of memory. I wept because I was confused, not because I was unhappy. A flood of emotions swirled around the pressure I felt to be a part of what was going on between Meredith and Nick. Now I was sure they both thought I was some freaked out kid that balled her eyes out whenever she saw someone getting their cock sucked. Fuck! I’m so stupid!

“Paula, come on inside. It’s ok baby, let’s go inside and sit down.” Meredith said.

She wrapped the towel around me and helped me to my feet. I wept harder as we walked into the house. By the time we had passed the kitchen I was sniffling and wiping at my nose with my towel wrapped arm. I felt 5 years old and utterly stupid. What was wrong with me? The hottest couple in the world had obviously wanted to have me as dessert and I had started bawling like a baby! I felt ashamed, I felt stupid, but worst of all, I felt like there was no way I would ever see them again.

“I’ll make us some tea. Nice warm tea always helps me when I’m upset.” Nick said.

Nick’s voice was caring, sensitive and friendly. I didn’t feel like he was just simply saying these things, he sounded like he was actually concerned. This made me cry more.

“Paula, honey, please. What made you start crying like this?” Meredith asked.

Still nude, she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into her. Her body was warm and I snuggled into huge soft breasts. I sniffled and wiped at my eyes and face with the towel before saying, “I don’t know.”

“Is it because you are a virgin?” Meredith whispered.

It would have been easy to say yes, to simply follow along with what was the most obvious reason a girl would start crying when faced with a big huge hard cock. But I didn’t think Meredith would believe me if I said yes. Meredith looked into my eyes and I knew she would know the truth. I didn’t want Meredith to stop looking at me. Her beautiful eyes and amazing body were so sweet and wonderful, I only wanted them to want me again.

“No, I’m not.” I answered.

“Then what? Is it something we did?”

“Meredith honey, just let her be.” Nick said as he dropped a glass of tea in front of Meredith and I. He sat in the chair across from us and slowly sipped at his steaming cup. I looked at Nick. He was shirtless and absolutely beautiful. There was something feminine about his body and features that gave him a soft and unassuming look. His chest was that of a dancer or an athlete and virtually hairless. His stomach and waist were thin, tight and firm but without the gross display of muscle a body builder usually has. When he moved he seemed to be moving with just the right effort.

“Are you a dancer?” I asked. I wanted to change the subject away from my reason for crying. How could I tell someone about those events? Who would ever understand what it was like to go to bed fearing the figure in the door? How would he or Meredith understand my feelings? They couldn’t, it was best just to try to change the subject and get us happy again.

“He was at one time.” Meredith answered.

Nick leaned back, apparently used to having Meredith answer for him. I looked back over at Meredith and she seemed to sense my renewed interest in her and perhaps even Nick. She slowly pushed the towel off my shoulders and it fell behind me. With my small body exposed again I noticed a glance between Nick and Meredith that said they shared some secret desire.

“He is beautiful isn’t he?” Meredith asked.

“You are both beautiful. God, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful couple in my whole life!” I said.

Meredith let out a short laugh and Nick sat forward. I could see that he had regained interest in the situation.

“I’ve never seen a more beautiful girl in my whole life except for maybe Meredith when she was your age.” Nick said.

“You knew her when she was my age?” I asked.

“We were childhood sweethearts.” Meredith answered and put her arm around me, pressing her firm body closer to mine. Our naked flesh warm against each other made me think of only minutes before. It seemed like hours ago now. Meredith’s nipples grew longer again, hardening with the excitement of pressing against me or remembering their childhood love.

“That is so cool! I kinda have a childhood sweetheart too.” I said.

“Your girlfriend we saw you with through the window?” Meredith asked.

“Yeah, Tina.” I said.

“Is Tina your only love?” Nick asked.

I couldn’t figure out the question. It seemed like he was more interested in if I was into loving others than if I was only in love with Tina.

“I want her to be. I mean, God, I have never really like talked with anyone about this.”

They smiled and Meredith placed her hand on my thigh. Nick’s bulge grew and he was finally forced to adjust. Their obvious excitement didn’t seem to embarrass either of them. I found this refreshing after always having to hide my sexuality from everyone!

“So yeah, well Tina isn’t into it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean she is scared people are going to find out ever since her Mom busted us making out in their basement.”

“She is in the closet.”

“Yeah, like in a major way. She has this like soccer boy boyfriend that, Uhhh, I hate him. But like she actually is a virgin, well with boys anyway and so like all she talks about now is how she is going to have sex with Mark and Mark is so hot and Mark this and Mark that. Ugh, I hate it.”

It felt wonderful to tell someone and Meredith’s hand felt wonderful moving up and down my thigh. She had managed to move the towel off my entire body so that she and I sat naked together on the couch. I trembled again with nervous anticipation. I wouldn’t freak out now. If she wanted me to fuck Nick then I would fuck Nick. As long as she and Nick didn’t stop paying attention to me.

“God, you are so cute Paula.” Meredith said and started kissing my neck.

“Meredith, let her finish her story.” Nick said but I saw him moving his hand up and down the length of his bulge.

“But god, she is like a little doll. I can’t help it.” Meredith said and I didn’t stop her as her wet lips kissed my neck again sending shivers up my spine. She moved her hand up to my breast and caressed my little nipple.

“Oh god, Paula, you are so adorable. Your little boob is so cute.”

Meredith bent over and she took my little nipple in her mouth and sucked. Nick stroked his bulge harder now. I could see the shape of his cock through the loose fabric. His head clearly defined as it pressed against his pants. I could even see the little crack at the tip and noticed the fabric looked just slightly darker there.

“If you haven’t noticed Paula, we like you.” Nick said.

“Yeah…I kinda noticed.” I said.

“I don’t have to do anything Paula, I’ll just stay over here and watch you two if you like. Trust me, seeing my wife with a young hot girl like you is quite a turn on.” Nick said.

I have a sex meter. It’s always at a certain point and just on the edge of going over the boiling point. My meter is hooked directly to my brain and when it gets to the point where it’s boiling then my brain shuts off all reason and resistance and turns my body over to whatever is going on. If I reach that point then I’ll do anything. Absolutely anything to make the person I’m with happy. Meredith had just made the line red and I was gone.

“No, please.” I said.

Meredith pulled Nick’s pants as she slipped off the couch and pulled me down with her. Nick stood in front of us and quickly opened his pants again. His huge cock sprung free again and Meredith wrapped her hand around it eagerly.

“Doesn’t he just have the most beautiful cock?” Meredith asked.

I decided not to answer. I hadn’t spent much of my life thinking about cocks or if one was beautiful. I only knew that Nick’s was tremendous and I was truly afraid that I was going to have that inside me soon.

“I’ve always dreamt of having a girl to teach how to suck cock.” Meredith said.

“Teach me.” I said.

“Just lick it first. I just want to see your cute little mouth on his cock first.” Meredith said.


I held my breath and extended my tongue to lick Nick’s cock. This wasn’t my first time sucking a cock but it was the first time I had ever done so willingly. Meredith’s eyes widened and she giggled when I finished. If she had intended to teach me how to suck cock then the lesson was now lost by the desire to have him in her mouth again. She opened her mouth and with one hand grasp firmly around the base, she took his entire cock down her throat. She moaned several times as I saw the cock make its way down past her tonsils. Nick thrust himself forward placing his hand on the back of her head. Her breasts rolled forward and back with each thrust. They looked so soft and delicious. I wanted to try to suck on them again. I moved my hand over one soft breast trying to touch as much of it as possible despite how big it was. I moved my hand all around it, pausing to pinch and pull at her long nipple.

“Suck.” Meredith said pulling me up to Nick’s cock.

I opened my mouth and tried to take him in. It was too big. My jaws hurt trying to open wide enough to get his cock fully inside. Meredith put her hand on the back of my head and pushed me forward. I gagged.

“Mmm.” She said and instantly took him into her mouth again.

“Oh god baby, you are right, she is so cute.” He said.

“I know. Just wait until you feel how tight her little pussy is.” Meredith moaned.

I didn’t speak. I wanted them to love me and make love to me. I wanted to be anything they wanted me to be. I just never wanted them to stop.

“Fuck me.” Meredith said. She jumped up on the couch and opened her legs with her hand moving up and down her pink open pussy. She was dripping wet, literally. Her fingers were soaked after only a couple of passes over her soaked moist cunt. Her thick pussy lips moved around so nicely, she even had a beautiful pussy.

Nick knelt in front of her and they both looked at me. I sat next to her and she pulled me close so I was lying next to her. She put one leg over mine. I watched as Nick’s monster cock penetrated Meredith’s open wet pussy. She screamed as he dipped the head of his cock inside her. She pulled me to her and we kissed. Her tongue and mine, dancing together and sending my mind reeling. I didn’t have my eyes open but I knew Nick was fucking her hard because she had to hold my face so our kiss wouldn’t break from her rocking back and forth. She screamed into my mouth and then broke the kiss to shout with orgasm.

“Oh my god! Fuck! Nick! Oh god, oh my little girl! My little baby girl!” Meredith screamed.

“Shit.” I said.

“Don’t cum. Don’t cum.” Meredith yelled at Nick. Nick pulled out and forced himself not to cum. I could tell he had almost shot his load inside Meredith. A small amount of creamy white cum dripped from the tip.

“Fuck our little girl.” Meredith said.

“God, that’s really hot.” I said.

“What?” They both said.

“Me being your little girl.”

“Aww, you are our babygirl, our little fetishdoll.” Meredith said.

“Yes.” I said.

Meredith rubbed her fingers over my pussy. I was still a little sore from the big dildo she had fucked me with. My light pink lips were moist and she opened them up and dipped a finger inside me. Meredith then used her fingers to spread my pink little lips wide and pulled my leg with her leg so that she opened me up. Nick knelt over me and held his huge cock up to my spread open pussy.

“I don’t think I can last long.” Nick said.

“He is clean babygirl, don’t worry.” Meredith said.

“I’m not.” I said.

Nick pushed the head of his cock in me and I gasp. I pulled myself forward and he stopped.

“Are you ok?” He asked.

“Yeah, yeah, just like, go slow.” I said.

“Oh god, that is so hot.” Meredith said.

Nick pressed his cock into me a little deeper and I opened my mouth wide trying not to scream. The pressure was massive and the feeling a mixture of pain and pleasure. I let out a whimper and my legs trembled.

“Oh god, her legs are trembling, I’m going to cum.” Nick said.

“Cum baby. Just shoot it all over her little dollbaby pussy.” Meredith said.

Nick pushed it in a little more and with barely the head of his cock penetrating my tender moist pussy he fucked me. He thrust forward and back, careful not to push any deeper and I blessed him for it. If he had gone all the way in I was positive I would rip open. Then I saw his body go rigid and I knew he was going to cum. He let out a deep groan and Meredith dropped to my little pink nipple and bit down. I gritted my teeth and let out an “Eeeeeee”. Then Nick released and a warm sensation filled my little teenage pussy. His cum shot into me in a huge gush! He thrust forward and to my surprise and pain, half of his huge dick slipped down inside!

“OH GOD!” I screamed.

Meredith wouldn’t release me! She held me down while sucking and kissing my chest. Nick shot another huge gush of spunk into me and it filled my stomach with warmth. He pulled out and thrust forward again. His cock penetrated my poor little sore, stretched out pussy. I didn’t even think my hips were wide enough to take that much cock but somehow it sank inside me. I thought I could taste him it was so deep.

“Oh my FUCKING God!” I screamed.

Nick shot more cum in me but I could barely tell. His cock had numbed what little sensation I had left. He fully fucked me for several more thrusts. I could only watch in wonder as the full length disappeared inside my kitty. Fuck, that was a sight to behold. When he was done, his balls completely drained and his sperm filling every inch of my insides, I felt him soften. Oh blessed relief! You can’t imagine how happy I was to feel that dick go limp!

“Mmm…little doll, that was amazing.” Meredith said.

“Mmm.” Nick said and kissed me.

Meredith and Nick then kissed each other before covering me with kisses and their bodies. I couldn’t believe it. I was being smothered by the two most beautiful people I had ever seen. Nick’s rock solid body a sharp contrast to Meredith’s soft curve-a-luscious pin-up queen body. I felt his cock soften enough for sensation return to my poor little pussy.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” Nick asked.

“Mmm…she loved it, didn’t you? He is pretty big huh?” Meredith asked with pride.

“Yeah.” I said. Honestly I didn’t know what I thought. I was excited and scared. Nick had just cum all inside me. I was on the pill but what about other things? But I had said I wasn’t worried so no use getting worked up now.

“Can you stay the night?” Meredith asked.

“Yes.” I said.

“You’re parents won’t come looking for you?” Nick asked.

“Ha! No, there is only my mother and she won’t be home for days.” I said.

“Good.” Meredith said. She smiled sweetly before saying, “Let’s go take a bath.”

A wonderful bath and amazing dinner later, Meredith and Nick asked if I needed to go home for anything before we went to bed. I told them there was nothing for me at home. I expected more sex before going to sleep but I think they knew that I was horribly sore. Instead we kissed and they held me between them as we drifted off to sleep. It was the best sleep I’ve had in my life. I didn’t think once about someone coming into the house and raping me. I wasn’t at all afraid. I felt safe, warm, and loved between them. I woke the next morning alone and cozy in their king size bed. After yawing and stretching I sat up and squinted against the morning sun.

“Morning little babygirl.” Meredith said peeking in the doorway.

“Morning beautiful.” I said.

“Feeling better this morning?” She asked.

“Yes. I think this is the best I’ve ever felt in my life.” I said.

“Great.” She said and threw herself into bed with me.

After kissing and holding each other Meredith said, “You really are adorable.”

“You’ve said that.”

“I know babygirl.”

“So are you guys going to fuck me again?” I asked.

“Right after breakfast.” Meredith said.

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