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Paula, My Little Scottish Playmate - Chapter One

Paula, My Little Scottish Playmate - Chapter One

My Scottish Playmate
 I’m in the airport waiting for her. Oh, how I've been waiting to see her. I've known her for only a few short months and just online, but finally we’re going to meet. We met on Lush, in one of the chat rooms. Since then we've been flirting and hitting it off for a while, and wanted to finally take it to the next level. 

Her name is Paula and she’s Scottish. She’s a wee bit younger than me, but that doesn't bother either of us. She’s coming all the way to America, just to meet me. She’s never been here before, and has always wanted to come. I guess I've given her a reason to finally visit. I thought it was a joke at first, until we started making real plans.

Her plane is to arrive in just a few minutes, and I can’t wait to lay my eyes upon her. Though I can’t lie, it’s her accent that I’m the most excited about. This is how it all started. She, along with everyone else knows I have a thing for accents. I mostly go weak for British, Scottish, Irish, and Wales area, though most are sexy! She would tease me a lot telling me she’d whisper and moan for me if we ever met. I plan to make her keep that promise.

I hear the announcement her plane has landed, and will be just a few moments. I walk up to the terminal, and wait for her. It seems to take forever to spot her, but finally she comes waltzing towards me, it’s like an electric spark pulling us together. Her smile is breath taking; I can’t help but feel the warm tingle all through my body.

Coming up to me with open arms, she embraces me tight and whispers in my ear, telling me, "I told you I’d come." I can’t help but bite my lip, and sigh a relief she did. I take her hand, and we grab her bags before heading to the car. We slip into an easy conversation, as though we've known each other forever. I let her do most of the talking; I could listen to her talk forever.

I lose myself in her voice, not so much what she’s saying but her voice. It seems like nothing else is around, I am sucked into her vortex. I feel her fingers trace my bare leg. I’m wearing a skirt, with a cute low cut top, with mid thigh boots. She’s in jeans, and a sexy top that shows off the perfect amount of cleavage. My attention is brought back to her, and where we are. We’re still in the car; her fingers roam higher, slipping under my skirt. I can’t help but shift slightly, my heart slamming against my chest.

When we talked about her coming we didn't discuss on what terms it was for, just that she was coming. But it’s dawning on me what she has in mind, and I am so for it that I want to pull the car over and ravish her. Her finger tips are cool to the touch, moving higher, brushing along my sex. I feel the burn deep in my core, I watch her fingers inch closer. A wicked smile on her perfect lips, as she slides her fingers into my panties. She asks me how well I can drive with her teasing me; I can’t help but giggle and tell her we’ll find out.

She finds my clit, and begins to work it gently. Her touch is like soft honey, moving along my clit with total ease. She leans into me, and does what she promised long before she arrived, and whispers sweet nothings in my ear. My fingers tighten the wheel, and I realize what any man who’s ever gotten head while driving feels like. This is new for me, and I love it. She’s taking me, and making me hers so soon. I want her touch, I crave it, and she gives me so much.

A soft moan escapes my lips, and I try so hard to watch the road. She doesn't ease up on me, I feel my legs tighten, a sign I know I’m close. My breathing becomes ragged, and I hitch out I’m going to come. She whispers my undoing, telling me to release on her fingers. I cry out her name, mixed with moans at a perfect timing, a red light! My moans catch the ears of the car beside us, and its two men who both turn their heads to look. I can’t help but blush scarlet red. Both men start whooping and hollering, cheering Paula on.

This only encourages her to push on, making my orgasm last longer. My body trembles as I feel my orgasm pass. The light turns green, and it takes all I can to step on the pedal and get home. I want to have my way with her, and I want her now. I’m lucky, and not far from home. She teases me still, caressing my clit the rest of the way home. When I pull up in the drive-way she pulls her hand free, she brings them up to her lips and sucks on them. She’s a wicked vixen!

I help her with her stuff, showing her where she’ll stay. I hadn't plan she’d want to sleep with me, so I set up a room next to mine. She tells me she wants a shower, and I show her where everything is. I leave her to it, and go into my room. I can feel how soaked my panties are, I can feel the wetness slick between my pussy lips. I want my hands on her now.

Deciding I want her now, I go for it. I hear the shower turn on down the hall, and let her have a few minutes alone. I peel out of my clothes, and tip toe down the hall, and quietly open the bathroom door. I watch her in the shower, the bathroom filled with a cloud of steam. I see her silhouette, her curves are perfect. I bite my bottom lip, as I watch her rinse off. I wait as long as I can handle before I step up to the shower.

Opening the door, she turns seeing me fully naked. I step in; the water is hot and spraying hard on both of us. She smiles, pulling me, we kiss softly. I don’t let her keep any control, not this time. I pull away slightly and move to my knees. She leans back against the shower wall, her eyes fixed on me. I kiss her lower stomach, working down slow. I part her lips, lean in and lick just lightly enough for her to feel me. It’s her turn for her breath to hitch, and wanting more.

My tongue flicks against her clit, moving a little faster now. Her fingers come and find my hair, holding me close to her. I latch onto her, and begin to suck hard on her clit, my tongue doing a wild dance on the tip of her clit. She lets out an excited squeal of a moan, it echoes through the bathroom. Her fingers tight in my hair, I let out a low moan. The vibrations are surely teasing her more.

Her moans drive me on; I move my right hand between her thighs, softly stroking her. I let my fingers caress her lips, before I begin to push a single finger slowly up inside her. She’s completely relaxed, allowing me to freely do as I wish to her. My mouth is still sucking on her clit, feeling it swell within the prison of my teeth. My finger is moving deeper inside her, until I’m knuckle deep inside. I slowly begin to move it back out, only half way, and back up again. My finger is gentle, but my mouth is fast, and harsh.

Paula grinds her hips into me, demanding more. I give into her, wanting to hear her calls. Her voice is pulling me into her deeper. I remove my finger, and slide two up this time, pushing in knuckle deep again. I move my mouth, resting my thumb right on her swollen clit and I caress her gently. I do as I promised her when we spoke online, and tease her greatly. My thumb works slowly, as my fingers move a bit faster. I know they’re hitting her g-spot, her breathing is proving this to me. I start to go a little faster, as I lean in and stroke my tongue over my thumb. It hits her clit perfect, giving her a little extra.

I look up and watch her undoing. She falls apart in my embrace; I give her all she ever asked for. She shatters into hundreds of pieces. The water is running over her, my mouth and fingers moving to keep her orgasm going. Her hips move to the pace I’m moving, her voice echoes begging for more. I give her all she wants. When her orgasm passes, I stand and kiss her quickly on the lips. We finish washing, and I bring her into my room.

We start talking about how even though we joked about this, that neither of us expected it to truly happen. Though even though it has, neither of us regrets it. With that she moves her stuff into my room, and will sleep with me. I’m delighted. We order some take-away and enjoy a film, though most of the night is us talking of everything we can think of. It’s an early night, and I curl myself into her, holding her all night.

I’m the first to wake, and slip out of bed leaving her there to wake up on her own. I log onto Lush and speak to a few friends, telling them only a little of what’s going on with Paula. They all want details, teasing and begging me to give in. I just tell them that she’s been reading endless books to me so I can listen to her accent. Of course none of them believe me.

I start on breakfast for her. I work on making waffles (with strawberries), scrambled eggs, and orange juice. When I’m done, I bring it to her. She’s half awake, lying in my bed. She looks stunning, as the natural light from the sun shines on her. She licks her lips, and tells me how beautiful I look. I blush and climb onto the bed with her. We dig in, and I tell her about Lush. She laughs and tells me she knew no one would believe me. Her voice is insatiable, and I never want her to stop talking.

She offers to clean up the breakfast things, she demands it, really. I let her, staying in bed, I wait for her to come back. My mind wonders as trying to figure out how I got here, sharing a bed with a beautiful girl like Paula. She comes back in, a wicked smile on her lips. I know she has the same thing in mind as I do.

One single pounce is all it takes; she bounces onto the bed, and pins me down. She kisses me deeply, and takes the lead in our little dance. Her soft skin runs along mine, and I feel the hum of my body responding quickly. The moistness I feel between my legs is already begging for her touch. She moves her mouth to take my nipples into her mouth, sucking on each back and forth.

They were taut, and my moans were high. My body on the brink of insanity and she was driving me wild. I told her last night when we were talking about my naughty box. I couldn't get it out of my mind if she was going to go exploring. Her hands open me wider, lying between my thighs, her mouth on my nipples sucking on them hard; I want to beg for more. Within a second, she lets go, gets up and reaches under the bed.

In her hand is a double ended dildo and she looks pleased with herself, or maybe me for having one? I can tell she is soaked as much as I am, and slides one end inside her. It fits perfectly; she gasps a moan as she fits around it. She comes to me, probing me with the other end. The head of the dildo rubs along my slit; I can’t help but open up to her. The cue is given, she knows I want her, I want this. She pushes the other end into me. It’s slow, filling and overwhelming.

The way she works it in, is mind blowing. She is slow, taking her time, causing the pleasure to last as long as possible. The hilt is reached finally; she looks at me, taking in my expression. With one movement we’re both moving, allowing the toy to fuck the both of us. Our moans are entangled with each other, neither giving in. We want more, we need it, the build and wait we've waited has overcome us both. We’re greedy, and we share the greed together.

Her lips come to meet mine again, we kiss deeply. Our hips are moving together, pleasing one another. I reach between us and play with her clit quickly. She does the same for me, her soft touch on my swollen clit. We both want it to be our undoings. We move faster, taking each other. The head of the dildo hits our sweet spots, as we gasp for our own breathe, trying to contain it we feel it.

Unraveling together we feel the explosion of millions of stars explode. The warmth of the sun pounds through the window onto us. The breeze that blows slightly through the window teases us. Our kiss deepens, and we let it go. Both our bodies go rigid and come hard together. Our bodies shaking hard, holding onto one another, as we keep our hips moving together. We do it not just for our own need, but to keep the other going for as long as possible.

Lying in a tangled mess we can’t help but giggle like school girls. You’d think we’d never had sex before, but we didn't care. We giggle and laugh, teasing each other. Our mess is huge, and sticky, but so perfect. We agree morning sex is the best sex, and need to have more morning sex.

Now you’re thinking that all we did when she was here was have sex. No, of course we didn't. We have a blast. I show her as much as I can in the short stay she is here, though there is a lot of sex when she is here. It’s a wonderful way to have my little Scottish playmate come spend time with me.

This is for my friend Clarkie1990. Thank you for inspiring me with such a playful story. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had writing it. 
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