Paula, My Little Scottish Playmate - Chapter Three

By Poppet

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A Mutual Meeting Destination, Here We Come!
It’s been months since I've seen my Scottish playmate. I had the best time with her when I spent two weeks in Scotland. She showed me as much as she could when I was there. It was wonderful.

I miss her and I’m ready to see what else we can get into. This time we've agreed to both travel. We've each been to our home countries and now want to go on holiday together. We talk endlessly where we want to go. She suggests a place called Maldives, but I never even heard of it, let alone know where it is. Of course other places like Germany and Gran Canaries are tossed out there, until somehow we agree on Barcelona!

A friend of mine told me his daughter was going there and it fancied me. I suggested this to Paula and she loves the idea. So now we have the place, the time, and now we just need to get there.


I've never been to Spain before and looking forward to getting there. The flight attendant makes the announcement that the plane will be landing in fifteen minutes. I've been on the plane for nearly eight hours, and though it isn't a long trip, it was an early one. According to the flight schedule, I should be arriving before Paula. I want to set the hotel room up before she gets in. Her flight is a lot shorter, but her flight is later. It works out well.

When I arrive at the hotel, the young lady behind the desk is helpful. I get upstairs in no time and unpack, getting things ready. I still have an hour before Paula is to arrive, so I take my time getting ready. Everything has to be just right for my Scottish Playmate.

She arrives on time, coming in looking sexy as ever. She drops her suitcases, pounces into my arms, and kisses me deeply. My tongue dances with hers, sucking softly, as I let out a small mewing noise. She giggles and holds me tight in our embrace. It feels like it’s been ages since I held her last. I know it’s only been a few short months, but to me it’s been ages. We don’t seem to let go, it as if we can’t. We need each other’s touch at this moment.

Finally our kiss breaks and it’s near time for our dinner reservations. Paula freshens up real quick and we head to this small, but seemingly fancy, restaurant. We fill each other in with what’s been going on in the months since we had seen each other. As if we don’t spend countless hours together online, but it’s just not the same when you’re together face to face. I let her do most of the talking. You can guess by now why. Her sexy little accent, I love how she talks.

Dinner ends and we are a bit tipsy from the fancy wine we indulged in. The beach is about a stones skip away and we decide to go get our toes wet. When we arrive, not many people are there. Walking along the shore with bare feet, we talk about the last visits we had, and how much we've enjoyed them. As the sunsets, we fall into a silence moment, just holding hands and soaking in what’s to come.

I feel her tug on my hand a bit, as I gaze into her eyes, she smiles. I lean in and kiss her sweet lips again. It’s short, and sweet, when she pulls a little away. She whispers she wants me, she needs me, and for it to be here on the beach. I’m stunned and blushing, and want it too.

She’s the first to take action, undressing me. Each piece of clothing drops around me. I feel the warmth of the last bit of sun soaking my skin, the coolness of the air tickling me, reminding me we’re outside. I care for nothing but the girl before me. She strips herself and pulls me down with her. Our lips meet again, slight giggles from us both, like school girls. Greedy hands are suddenly at attention, both of us touching the other hungrily.

I roll to pin her down, kissing down until I reach between her thighs. I glance up at her and wink. The sun though nearly gone kisses her skin perfectly. I trail my tongue from her perfectly smooth mound, down towards her pussy. Her legs naturally widen for me, wanting me, begging me silently for it. I tease her immensely, with the slightest licks, flicks, and small kisses for a start. Paula’s breathing is labored, softest whimpers each time I get a little close to her clit.

Opening my mouth, just enough, I lean in and suck her clit into my mouth. I give into what she wants and begin to suck on it deeply. My tongue flicking is over it with need. Her hands rush down and grip my hair as she begins to grind into me. Allowing me to tease her more, I slowly hum on her clit. The vibrations tickle her, giving her a deeper torment. I run a single finger over her entrance, feeling the wetness coat my fingertip before I push in.

Her gasp is perfect; I further push in to the first knuckle. She wiggles her hips experimentally; I push the rest of my finger in. She writhes under me, her breathing grows short. In and out my finger moves, pleasing her without a second thought. I've grown to know her special spots, what makes her melt. I release her clit and begin to flick my tongue quick against it. I suck it hard back into my mouth and let go. I repeat this a few times, my finger moving faster inside her. She bucks her hips up off the sand and her cataclysmic orgasm is strong and true.

Her body shakes, her fingers release my hair and dig into the sand, trying to catch herself from the orgasm fall. My finger pushes deeper in, hitting her g-spot to allow the orgasm to further. A mix of moans, whimpers, and even my name thrown in, between gasps of breath. She’s begging me to stop, though I know she wants it. I give my playmate just that.

Paula’s eyes flutter open and she grins down at me when I smile at her. She tells me I’m cheeky, and I shrug, telling her I know. She sits up, pulling me into a kiss. Our lips soft, caressing, needy, and mostly tasting of her, makes for a wonderful kiss.

The sun is fully set and no one is around. We dress, but don’t leave, not yet. I tease her, telling her she owes me. She bites my ear and whispers she knows. The stars are so bright and we’re in awe. What a trip already, and it’s just day one.


The morning sun beats through the open double windows. The sun cascades over the floor, slipping up onto the bed, and warming us quickly. I reluctantly open my eyes, but to a wonderful sight. My playmate naked and asleep. When we returned to the hotel, she paid in her debt, giving me a wonderful orgasm before bed. I run a single finger along the curve of her hip, slowly working up her rib cage, to her full breasts. Her breathing is slow, telling me she’s still deep in sleep. The closer my finger gets to her nipple, the harder it gets. I’m amused and can’t help but want to suck on it.

I wriggle down on the bed, lying as close as I can get. My lips an inch away, I lick them, before I wrap my mouth around her hard nipple. I cling onto it with a hungry need and suckle on it softly. I hear her moan a little, though still asleep. I suck on it a little harder. She coos out my name, asking what I’m doing. I don’t stop, I grin, and bite her nipple a little to wake her fully. She growls and I do it again.

She rolls a bit, giving me better access, and I suck hard on her wonderful nipple. She lies there, allowing me to do as I please. My hand snakes up and twists her free nipple. I tug on it, giving her all the pleasure I can to offer her through just her nipples. I enjoy her caressing through my hair and her soft moans of ecstasy when I get just the right spot.

It’s not long before she can’t stand it and needs me. She rolls me over flat on my back and I look up biting my lip, holding back a giggle. She tells me again, I’m cheeky and I whisper, I know. She comes down and bites my bare nipple, hard! I cry out, loving it, and wanting more. My wonderful Scottish Playmate, oh how I want her so.

Paula climbs between my legs and turns us into a pair of scissors. We've yet to try this, but want too. I can’t help but giggle, turned on and ready. I've seen this position in porn’s before and I wanted to try it. Paula has been with other girls; she’s done it and said we can. She stands by it. My playmate is the only girl I've been with, so everything is new to me. She takes advantage of this and shows me all kinds of good stuff.

Her body scoots closer to mine until we’re connected with no space between us. We begin to grind against each other. The warmth of her pussy covers mine and mine to hers. Her softness teases me and I whimper out. When I happen to catch her clit, I let out light moans. She gives me a cheeky smile, knowing I’d like it. Our hips work together almost on their own, like it was the most natural thing in the world.

My mind spins, my breathing rapidly increases, fingers gripping the sheets, and all the while my eyes are dead set on Paula. Her eyes are on mine, the same intense pleasure being offered to her. She reaches over and begins to pinch my nipple, sending me into a bliss I can’t return from. I feel the sudden shake, the unmistakable feeling of my orgasm, I come hard for her. She begins to grind her hips quicker, allowing her pussy to move faster on me. She joins me in my orgasm. We come hard; our moans growing as the wash of explosions erupt hard.

I’m nearly spent; the morning sun beats stronger through the window. Paula freed herself and found the shower. I hear the sound of it being turned on, and in moments the soft humming of her in there. I can’t help but smile, knowing I’ll join her. Though, I’m far from done with her just yet.

I dig into the back of my bag and find our toy. It’s the one that we always enjoyed using with each other. We each own one after I went to visit her in Scotland. I head into the bathroom and watch her for a moment. I watch the water run down her body, the way she hums, moving her hips to the tune. I can’t help but smile.

She’s facing away from me and I take advantage. I enter the shower, she knows I’m there, but continues her shower. I slide my toy inside my pussy, holding back the moan. I wrap my arms around her, cupping each of her breasts and whisper to her, “I’m not done with you, yet.” I press forward, poking her lightly with the other end of the toy. My sweet playmate lets out a moan and leans back into it.

The head of the dildo glides over her once and I pull back. I position it and begin to push in. Paula moans perfectly, as I push the rest of the length in. She giggles, knowing which toy I picked, and begins a nice pace with me. The warmth of the water pours down over us, our bodies moving together greatly.

My fingers roam over her breasts, running over her hard nipples. She’s insatiable, just as much as I am. The thickness of the dildo on each end is pushing us sweetly into our impending orgasms. We both feel it, and increase the speed. It feels as though the water rushes faster over us. I hold her closer, whispering into her ear. I encourage her to come for me. I want her undoing and with those simple words she does.

The eruption from her is incredible. She leans against the shower and bounces hard back into me. It hits where I need it most and beg her not to stop. She doesn't, she gives it harder, and throws me to the wind. I come hard; I feel every last nerve ending stand and scream as I come. We giggle as we come down from our orgasms. My sweet Scottish playmate, oh what she does to me!

The toy comes out and we wash each other. We take extra care of the fun spots. We tease each other and go another round. It’s then we realize we are hungry and need to refuel. We leave the shower and call for room service. We decide we’ll hit up a club later on and shake our asses.


The afternoon zips by. We go down and get a massage. We spoil ourselves and even get Mani/Pedi’s (Manicure and pedicure) for tonight. We’re relaxed and looking forward to the evening. We are going to get our drink on and dance the night away Barcelona style. Back up in our room, we dress in new outfits we bought when we were home. We both dress in black miniskirts and barely there tops, though not trashy like. She in heels, me in ballet flats.

We asked the same lady who checked me in what bar would be best. I figured she’d know because she looks to be about our age. She told us about a place called Over The Moon. The prices of the drinks are great, the music is always epic, and it always has the best people to meet. It also wasn't to far from the hotel, so we figured we’d go there. We’d at least give it a try.

Music is thumping from even outside the club, but thankfully no line! When we entered the club, it’s full, but not so full that we couldn't move. We decide to get the drinks flowing. Paula orders a drink I've never even heard of, Kopparberg. She tells me it’s a fruity type cider. I give her a ‘If you say so’ look and giggle. I, as always, order a White Russian, and we head to find some a table for now.

We want to get a feel for the place before dancing. The music is, in fact, great, which is a pleasant surprise. A few guys try hitting on us, but we ignore their fails, and just keep chatting. After about three or four drinks in each of us, we head to the dance floor. We get on the floor just in time for 'David Guetta - Play hard' starts. It’s one I know I can shake my ass too and do just that. The booze might have maybe given me a bit of liquid courage to be so bold.

Paula steps up behind me, and starts grinding her front to my rear. She gets into it as much as I do. I love feeling her touch against me as the music flows through us. Her hands are all over me, teasing me. She’s letting it be known I’m with her, and she with me. We get a few stares from others, but neither of us cares. We are here for each other and we do as we please.

When the music slows down to a nice slow song, we even dance to that. Her arms wrapped around me, mine around her. Our lips meet and we kiss through the entire song, as our hips sway lightly. We’re lost in our moment, gone from the world, just floating in a space bubble all our own.

The night is a blast and we keep drinking and dancing, until we feel as if we can’t anymore. When seated with a new drink, we are all giggles and tipsy. Paula leans into me, whispering how horny I've made her tonight. I blush, and grin at her. I tell her I've done nothing of the sorts. She scoffs at me, grabs my hand and pushes it between her legs. I feel just how wet her panties are and know she’s telling the truth. I run my fingers along her panties and she lets out a soft whimper. I like to tease her and do it again.

Paula’s moans have always been one of my weak spots, even with the music thumping in the background, it’s almost all I can hear. She reaches under my skirt and begins to touch me in the same manner. A new song begins; it’s fast, hard and loud. I get the idea of making each other orgasm to the beat of the song before before the song ends. The song is ‘Calvin Harris - Drinking From The Bottle.’ As the beat picks up, we find our way to where we know we like it. We don’t care if anyone notices; we’re to wrapped up in our own thing.

My fingers slide into her panties and begin to dance over her clit; she does the same to me. Our breathing is already heavy and we grind our hips. We tease each other faster, wanting to bring the other into orgasm first. I’m lost in her touch, while my fingers move down and begin to slide into her. I fuck her fast, as deep as I can from this angle, which isn't an easy task. We’re sitting side by side with our legs spread slightly. There is only a table blocking us, though if someone wanted to see, they could.

She leans in closer to me and begins to cheat. She whispers sweet nothings in my ear, using her accent to bring me to my undoing. I growl out, knowing she’s playing dirty. But, it does the trick, I feel myself explode in sensation. My fingers never stop with her though and she joins in not a moment later, and comes just as hard for me. Our hearts are beating hard, sucking on our own fingers, tasting our sweet rewards.


When 3:00 a.m. rolls around we make our leave and head back to the hotel. We've had more to drink the intended but feel amazing. How can we not, when we’re together. When we enter the room, we both strip, and bee line for the bed. The room spins slightly, but we don’t mind. Her beautiful soft body against mine ignites something inside me, and I need her….Again.

I kiss her a chaste kiss on her lips, when she pulls me closer and kisses me again. This time it’s deeper, and with much more need. I know she wants me too. She lets go of me real quick though, and runs to the bathroom. She comes back with a cheeky smile and is holding my toy. She demands (yes demands) I get on my knees and I do as I’m told. I giggle, because I allow her the control. I love when she has this kind of control over me.

She has me move to the end of the bed, she stays standing. She works the toy inside herself before giving my ass a hard slap. I groan out and lean back, almost begging for it. With that she slides my end of the toy slowly inside me. Though she doesn't keep the pace slow because once it’s inside she begins to pound. She rips through me like never before. Her moves are animalistic and her growls make me think she’s gone mad for me. I love it!

I lean further back, the toy pounding through us both. My hips rotate increasing the pleasure inside me. My hand reaches between my thighs and begins to tease my own clit. My world spins faster, between the alcohol pumping through me, the heady feeling for Paula, and my need to orgasm consumes me. I know she feels the same way. Every so often Paula’s hand makes contact with my ass, giving it an extra little bounce, which is greatly welcomed.

Our moans sing through the room, the sound of our skin making contact with each other as she fucks me drives me mad. I want to come hard for her and she begins to demand it. She tells me to be her good girl, along with another spank across my ass. I can’t help but love it, she knows my trigger points, my weak spots, and uses them against me at the perfect times. A few more thrusts and I give her what she wants. I cry out her name, feeling the clenching sensation of my walls crushing the toy as I come.

She follows suit and comes with me. I enjoy the sounds of her calls as she does. It’s musical to me, she has the perfect moans. When she finishes, she slides the toy out and we climb up into bed. We talk about what else we want to do here for the next two weeks and know it will involve a lot more of what we've done.

We live it up Barcelona style, and agree it was the best choice for our Holiday!

This story was written for Clarkie1990, who has inspired me on all three of these stories. She’s a wonderful friend, and one I’m honored to have. I hope that I've lived up to her expectations of these stories. If you haven’t read all three, you should. I’m quite pleased with all of them. Thank you, Paula for being my inspiration on this series. You’re a beautiful, wonderful, perfectly cheeky tease.

Written By Poppet: For LushStories ONLY!