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Paula, My Little Scottish Playmate - Chapter Two

Paula, My Little Scottish Playmate - Chapter Two

I Needed More Of My Scottish Playmate
I haven’t been able to keep my Scottish playmate out of my mind since I saw her last. It’s been a few months since she came to see me. It was everything I wanted and more. Though we still talk online, and tease each other greatly, it’s not the same.

I’m about to surprise her. She doesn't know I booked a ticket and have come to Scotland to see her. I’m in my hotel that I booked for just the night, and plan on showing up at her place in a few hours. We've talked about meeting again, but we didn't know when would be best time. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to see her.

Getting up from bed, and taking a quick shower I thought of the first time we showered together. I loved the look on her face when I joined her, getting to my knees and doing naughty things to her. The girl could come. I can’t help but touch myself at the thought, bringing myself to near orgasm again and again in the shower. I decide to hold back, wanting all my orgasms for her.

The clock says it’s nearly 4:00, I know she gets home by 4:30. I’m right on time. I throw my things together and leave. Lucky for me, I know where she lives. I pull into her drive, no car to be seen. I hope she hasn't made plans, though I’m early. I only have to wait a few minutes before I see headlights behind me. She’s here. 

Stepping out of the car, I look at her with a grin. She stands there, beautiful as ever, with a dumbstruck face. I can’t help but bounce over to her, wrapping my arms around her. I kiss her deeply, and she does the same. Her taste is still the same, sweet and warm. Oh, how I have missed these lips.

When the kiss breaks, she stumbles over her words, but I explain to her. She’s happy, and this makes me happy. We head inside, no words spoken. We don’t need to. We just need each other’s touch. Her hands move up inside my shirt, mine working to undo her bottoms. I feel her mouth bite over my bra, tugging on my already hard nipple. I moan, my fingers working to find her desired spot.

The moment I hear that unmistakable moan, I know I've found it. I glide my fingers along her clit, my pointer finger and middle finger riding along it. I can feel how quickly it becomes hard, begging silently for more. Her teeth sink onto my covered nipple as she moans more. I giggle, knowing I have her trapped. Her right hand frees my other breast as she yanks my bra down, exposing my perked nipple. She quickly moves from one to the other. Paula’s beautiful mouth engulfs my hard nipple. She sucks on it hard, and with no mercy.

My own fingers moves deftly over her clit, feeling her get so wet for me. "My naughty little playmate, oh, how I've missed you," I think to myself as she continues to play with me. She finally sits up, my hand still down in her panties. She rides my hand. I move to slip two fingers inside her, wiggling them as she rides. She removes her top, and bra, giving me the best view of all of Scotland can offer.

Paula throws her head back, bucks a little faster on my fingers, and moans an orgasm. She comes so wickedly for me. The warmth of her juices delights me. I push further up, prolonging her orgasm. I can tell she hasn't come in a while. She bites her lip as she looks down at me, a secret grin on her lips. I slide my hand out of her panties, and suck on them like candy. She tastes so good.

Without a word, she stands and finishes undressing. She walks towards her bedroom, telling me to follow. Her accent, oh what it does to me. I can’t get enough of it. I follow her, stripping as I go. She’s already digging in her box of fun, the one she told me she had, back when she visited me. She has more than I do, my naughty little playmate.

She motions for me to lie down on the bed, and I do as I’m told. One of the things that Paula and I joke about when online is who will have control. She always says her, and I of course say me. Though truly when it comes down to it, who the hell cares. I’m with my Scottish playmate. So, I let her do as she wishes with me now. I’m delighted to find out.

The first and last thing I see is a blindfold. She slips it on, leaning down and whispering to me as seductively as she can, “Be my good girl.” She says almost with a giggle. I grin, but say nothing. She ties my wrists above me with scarves. They are nothing I couldn't slip out of if I tried. I feel her leave feather light kisses down from my lips, between my breasts, over my soft stomach, until she reaches my mound. My breath hitches, and I wait feeling my body sing with anticipation.

No word is spoken, she moves and climbs off the bed before coming back just a moment later. The coldness is what I feel first, I gasp as I feel the metal of a small object being placed against my clit. Bloody hell, it’s so cold. It bites wonderfully at my clit, just the coldness alone. I squirm, wanting to feel her touch again. She does, finally she runs her finger along my slit, and down to my waiting entrance. I can feel her probe it lightly, teasing me more. The vibration of the cold metal suddenly flicks on and I realize it’s a bullet.

I jump and whine a soft moan. She leans down and kisses right above my clit. The mix of her warm lips and the coolness of the bullet work magic on me. I feel so heady. The pleasure inside me runs towards my lower half. Her tongue licks down from my clit, down to where her finger is. Removing it she replaces it with her tongue. She begins to tongue fuck me quickly. It seems I can’t even catch my own breath.

:What is she doing to me?" I scream inside my head. She is driving me mad is what. She doesn't let up. The vibrations of the bullet pulse hard against me, hitting me perfectly. Her tongue finds new spots inside where no other has gotten before. My wicked little playmate, oh how I want her so. I arch my hips, lifting higher, feeling her take advantage of this. She plunges her tongue in deeper, pulling me closer to orgasm. I cry out that I’m going too. She doesn't stop. She wants it. She’s pulling it from me, as I let go.

The intolerable pleasure of what she is doing to me causes me to convulse into a chain of spasms. I orgasm hard for her. She doesn't give in, allowing the splendor of my tidal wave erupt from within. My breath catches in my throat as I tryto come down from my high, feeling her slow when I slow. Her hands slide up me slowly, pinching each of my nipples, and tugging gently on them.

My mind spins with delight, and I can’t wait for more. I know she isn't done with me. The room goes silent, except my breathing, which is still working back to a normal pace. I listen as best I can. I know she’s left the bed. I can’t feel her near me. The vibrations are slowed. She must have turned them down. My heart beats faster. I am biting at my lower lip as I know she is going to drive me mad waiting for her.

It seems like forever, but finally she’s back on the bed. She climbs between my legs, leaning down, her lips close to my ear, and whispers lightly. She whispers naughty things in my ear, again and again she does. She doesn't let up. She begins to slowly grind herself against me, allowing most of her magic to be done with just her voice. Her accent! It spins me into a spell, only she can do.

I can’t help but giggle to myself knowing this all started because she was Scottish, knowing her accent would do this to me. All the promises she made to me if we ever met. She told me time and time again she’d make me come with just her voice and soft touches. I’m so wrapped in her spell I don’t even hear everything she says. She could be reading off a check list, and it would work on me. It’s then I feel myself arch, and muffle a moan as I feel my body rocket into another orgasm. Her voice still whispering into my ear, sweet nothings just for me. 

Oh dear heaven. I feel my chest pound hard, my body shake uncontrollably as I orgasm for her. She’s done it. She makes me come for her by just words, and the softest touches. I whimper out her name as she continues to coo in my ear, still sweet nothings being my undoing as she encourages me to let it go.

She nips my ear lobe, tugging it with her teeth and whispers “Good girl” in my ear. I melt into butter, hopeless as she grins. She let’s my ear go, and sits up, stroking her fingers feather like again over me, as I twist slightly wanting more of her. She adjusts me so my knees are brought up, my feet flat on the bed, with my legs wide for her. She scoots closer to me, and I feel the coolness of a dildo push at my lips.

I gasp softly. She removes the bullet and runs the length of my pussy with the toy. She’s going to fuck me like a good girl, and make me hers. I've wanted this since the day she left months ago when she visited me. Paula keeps talking to me, using her voice to keep me under her spell.

My mind is trapped, listening to her. I want nothing more than her in this moment. With the head of the dildo pushed perfectly ready, she thrusts in. She forces the thickness of toy inside me, I squeeze around it. Oh sweet heaven. She leans down, her bare breasts pressed against my chest. She undoes my ties, slipping off my blindfold. She wants to see me as we fuck.

I wrap my arms around her, pulling her closer, and we kiss deeply. I grind up towards her, allowing the head of the toy to tease her g-spot as its deep inside her. We start a beautifully rhythmic pattern, meeting each other in pace. Our gasps and moans entangled with each other, filling the other again and again. It’s as magical as it was the first time we did this, and all the other times when she was in the States with me.

It’s her breath that quickens before mine, pushing inside me with a hungry need. She wants it. She needs to come for me. I reach between us, and begin to caress her clit perfectly. My fingers are moving deftly on her clit. I want her undoing as much as she wants mine and I give it to her. She clenches, and lets a ragged breath out. She comes so hard for me. I thrust up hard, hitting her again deeply. She does the same for me, and I join her in our bliss and orgasm uncontrollably. Her lips find mine, and we kiss through the final stage of our orgasms. It’s perfect.

I lie in her arms, as she strokes my back. It’s only then that she starts asking me how I had this all planned. She had no idea, and that was the goal. She’s happy, amused, and flattered I’d go out of my way to come see her. I tell her she has me for two whole weeks, anything she wants, is hers. She’s my Scottish playmate after all. She kisses my lips, and tells me all she wants is me.

And she does, for two wonderful, perfect weeks.

This story was inspired by a good friend of mine, Clarkie1990. She is a wonderfully wicked tease. Part two was also inspired and done for a few other friends who enjoyed the first part so much, they insisted I do a part two. I was happy to oblige.

Written By Poppet: For LushStories ONLY! 

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