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Perfect Club, No.1

Cyn discovers the ultimate club and a new friend.
Perfect Club, No.1

I first heard about it from a former girlfriend, Donny. Last year she’d moved on from me to some dainty femme thing a half foot shorter and a whole person thinner. I wondered what it was about me and butches. Natasha, another butch, had done the same a year before that.

“How’s the love life, Cyn?” Donny asked as we shared a table at Starbucks.

I sighed. “Sad, Donny. I spend my nights with internet porn. I’m so horny I could fuck anyone, even a man.”

She chuckled at me. She knew that I was horny all the time. As a butch Donny had been embarassed by me pulling her into bed, rather than the other way around.

“Well, if you’re THAT open-minded...” Donny sipped her coffee, teasing me.

“Sometimes I am... and?” I knew that Donny had travelled far further into the dark corners of the lesbian subculture.

“Well, I know a place where it’s all the sex you can handle, provided you don’t mind some men around.” Donny grimaced. She was a confirmed man-hater.

I pretended to think about it. In reality I enjoyed sexual romps with men. I just preferred women for relationships.

“How many men? I mean, I’m not interested in some straight scene.”

Donny smiled. “Actually, most of the guys are gay or bi. The place is half gay, half lez, with a bisexual DMZ in the middle.”

I laughed. Donny was ex-military, so DMZ for her was a no-mans-land full of danger. “Dance bar?” I asked.

Donny smiled and shook her head. “Not exactly. A private club. Like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Members only, very costly. But if you want a night of pure abandon, nothing better in four states.”

“How costly?”

“A thousand dollars a year.”

My jaw dropped. “That’s ridiculous. Nobody would pay that.”

“How much is your gym membership a year? Counting that personal trainer?” Donny winked. She knew I had the hots for my female trainer.

“Well, probably more than that,” I conceded.

“You how many five-buck coffees you have each week?”

“Well, one a day... so 25 dollars a week.” I thought a second. “Gee, that’s over a thousand dollars a year for coffee!”

Donny grinned. “See, it’s not so unreasonable after all. And best of all, if you know a member, you can go as a guest for just fifty dollars a night.”

I caught the glint in Donny’s eye. “You know about this because you’re a member, right?”

Donny blushed. “Well, yeah. A friend took me after you and I broke up. It was fun for a while, but after a while the ‘just sex’ thing turned me off.

“Anyway,” she continued, “knowing how horny you are, I figured you might like it. I’ll be happy to show you around one night.”

“Um, isn’t your current girl going to be jealous?” I began wondering if Donny wanted to get back together with me. I wasn’t ready for that.

“Nope, I’ll just show you around and leave. You’ll be on your own, big girl.” She giggled, eyeing my 36Ds plainly visible under my nice, tight T-shirt.

I thought about it. My computer programming job paid very well. Money wasn’t a problem. I didn’t think Donny had any ulterior motive. She was just an old friend who knew me well.

“Well, it does sound interesting. Sometime this weekend?”

“Friday after work?” Donny grinned. “I’ll come for you around eight-ish?”

“Great! Thanks!” I paused. “Um, what should I wear?”

“Something sexy. You’ll feel out of place otherwise.”

I laughed. “That I can do.”


On Friday, after a quick supper, I spent an eager hour in the back of my closet. The place with all the racey stuff you don’t want family to see. I settled on a pleated red miniskirt with tiny black side-tie bikini panties and tall black boots. Up top I pulled on a matching red crop top that left lots of midrift showing. The top was tight enough that I could avoid wearing bra, with enough jiggle and wiggle to make it obvious. I knew it wouldn’t take much to make my nipples show. I went long on eye and lip makeup for that extra-sluty look. I stuffed a few fifties into each boot for mad money.

Donny arrived a bit early in black tights, pull-over sweater and boots.

“This OK?” I asked, twirling around so my skirt flew up to expose the panties tied low across my hips.

She laughed. “Just fine!”

The club was off a side street in a warehouse district. Over the alley entrance were three lavender rings in neon. Donny showed her membership to the two big bouncers at the door. She introduced me as her guest, but let me pay my $50 cover.

The inside foyer had three big doors. One had overlapping male symbols, obviously the gay side. The opposite door had overlapping female symbols, and the middle an interlocked both interlocked male and female pairs. I could feel the thudding vibration of powerful dance music somewhere deeper inside.

“Which one first?” I asked.

“Feeling like a fag hag tonight?” she asked as a guy went past us through the gay door.

“No way,” I replied. I had tried dating gay guys. Some tried to be considerate lovers, but it always ended up a platonic friendship.

“OK, let’s take the lez side.” She took my hand and led me through the double-female door and down a hall. The dance music grew louder even inch, until we broke through another set of doors onto a dance floor.

It was still early. Only a few couples were dancing, with a scattering of singles around the edges, drinking and trying not to be too obvious about checking each other out. The clothing, and lack of it, really caught my eye. One of the women leaning against the bar was completely bottomless, with a nicely trimmed bush. Another just wore lacey white underwear and white high heels. One of the dancers was totally topless. When she spun her miniskirt flew up to reveal no panties – just a shaved pussy and a bare ass.

Donny was watching my eyes bug out. “Like I said, a VERY private club.”

“God!” I breathed, my heart already racing. “Is this for real?”

“Come with me,” Donny said. She led me around the side of the floor and through some back doors. We were in a hallway with nothing but dim red lights. Down the hallway most doors were closed, but a few were open. I peeked in one – two women were on a mat, sixty-nining each other.

“People leave the door open if they want to be watched, or have others join in,” Donny explained

I was definitely watching. The two women were totally buried in either other, faces glistening.

Donny took me around a corner. It opened into a larger room with a half dozen women having sex in various combinations and permutations. I realized this had to be the orgy room. I began to squirm a little; my pussy was warm and juicy. Watching people fuck turned me on. And still the hallway led onward. I wondered what even wilder pursuits lay beyond.

I felt Donny’s hand pulling me away, back toward the dance floor. I glanced into another open door. A woman blindfolded and handcuffed was having her pussy rubbed by a leather clad mistress. The mistress beckoned to us with a head nod. Donny smiled to the dominatrix, shook her head, and pulled me away again.

“I gotta get back to my girl,” she explained. “Bi-side is just like this. I suppose the gay is as well, never visited that. Only way between the three is the entrance area.”

“What about the rooms” I asked. “Who gets those?”

“Oh... having your own room costs an extra fifty for the night. It comes with a small locker for clothes and stuff. First come, first served, every night. There’s also a check area up front, in case they’re out of rooms and you want to take off something expensive.”

We were back at the dance floor. A couple more women had come in. I didn’t see the bottomless girl or the one in whie underwear. I wondered if they had hooked up.

“Gotta run, babe,” Donny released my hand and gave me a quick kiss. “You have fun.” She waved and pushed through the door back to the front, leaving me there, excited, in a room full of horny lesbians.

I went to the bar for a drink. Beside me was dark-haired woman in slacks and a shirt. I judged her late 20s, nicely rounded body, wide face. Neither ugly nor beautiful.

The bartender came over with a drink. She was totally cute in black bra, panties, garter belt and stockings.

“Your drink, ma’am.” The bartender smiled and handed what looked like a martini to the woman beside me.

“Thanks,” she replied. “You pick my payment?”

The bartender grinned and glanced around the crowd. “Lots of topless, so I’ll take the pants.”

The woman giggled, then slid her slacks down and off, revealing a tight red nylon thong. She handed the pants to the bartender, who added them to a large pile of clothing beside the cash register.

Once again, I was stupified.

“You must be new here,” the now pantless woman said to me.

I gulped and nodded. “You have to pay for drinks with your clothing?”

The woman giggled. “Only for the night. You can claim them later to get home, although it sometimes takes a while to sort thought the piles. Sometimes I can’t find my own clothes, so I just take whatever fits.”

I began to calculate how many “drinks” I could buy with just three pieces of clothing. I wished I’d worn more.

“Oh,” she continued, “they take cash too, or sometimes just a special favor.”

“What sort of favors?” My eyes darting downward to her thong again and again. I thought the fabric between her legs was turning darker red.

“Well, I once had to ‘fall in love’ with the ugliest, loneliest girl in the room for the rest of the night. It was actually quite fun. We ended up dating for a while.”

She looked at me. “So, you gonna get a drink?”

I laughed. “Sure!” and motioned to the bartender. “Vodka tonic please.”

“Oh, I’m Rachel” the woman said as we waited for my drink.

“I’m Cynthia, but call me Cyn. Nice to meet you.”

“So, what will you pay with?” The bartender was heading in our direction.

“You pick,” I told Rachel.

“Your skirt,” she replied. “I wanna see what’s underneath.”

I pushed my skirt down and handed it to the bartender in exchange for my drink. Rachel’s eyes were glued to my panties. I realized that the top bit of my “landing strip” hair was showing.

“I like how you just tied them in a simple bow on the side.” Rachel licked her lips. “It’s so tempting to just reach over, pull, and watch them fall off.”

I was imagining her do just that. My whole body felt like fire, My nipples just got harder and harder as I realized how many people must be watching us in panties.

“Um, Rachel, do you mind me asking a question?”

She laughed. “In exchange for answering one of mine.”

“Are you an exhibitionist?”

“Aren’t we all? I love teasing others, and being teased by them.” She shrugged. “Now my turn.”

“Cyn,” she looked at me seriously, “would you dance with me?”

“Sure!” I grinned and pulled her out onto the dance floor. In seconds we were gyrating in much larger crowd. I saw panties, bras, boobs and pussies all over the place. Very few women were fully dressed. I danced with abandon, enjoying how my big tits bounced around, lightly gripped inside my tight top. I felt like everyone’s eyes were on me, oggling my easy-off panties, tight top, and swaying breasts.

“Dare you to untie the bows!” Rachel shouted to me, and brushed her fingers over my waist, inches above the side-ties to my panty.

“Soon, sexy, soon!” I shouted back. I realized my pussy was steaming. I imagined dancing pantiless, open for everyone to see, and felt even hotter.

Back at the bar we caught our breath and cooled down by finishing our drinks.

“God, dancing in panties, in public, is just divine!” I said, grinning from ear to ear. I noticed Rachel’s glass was empty. “Here, let me get you a drink.” I motioned to the bartender.

Rachel giggled. “Ooo... you’re into the spirit of this now! I’ll have another Martini, extra wet. And buy you another vodka tonic.”

I looked down at her thong. The part between her thighs was so wet it oozed moisture. I shook my head in delight as she followed my eyes to her crotch. “Extra wet indeed.” We both laughed.

When the drinks came, Rachel peeled off her shirt to reveal a demi-bra that held her breasts like a platform, above which the nipples projected proud and hard. They’re weren’t large, but nicely rounded. Maybe 32 or 34C, I wondered. I pulled off my top too, revealing my big 36Ds and their eraser-sized rock-hard nipples.

“Oh my god!” Rachel said, her eyes glued to my chest. “I love big boobs.”

I wiggled my hips and rubbed my inner thighs together, enjoying how my panties cupped my steaming pussy. I looked at Rachel, who was watching me. There was a fine sheer of moisture all over her skin. I realized she was even hotter than me. I wondered if there were any rooms left, and if there were, if she’d join me in one.

“Have you ever gotten a room here?” I asked.

Rachel laughed. “Whenever I can! But you have to arrive early. They go fast.”

I waited a moment, hoping she might say more, then grabbed my drink for another sip.

“So, you like this place?” Rachel asked, leaning a little closer to me.

I turned to her and leaned closer to her. “It’s divine. I can’t believe how perfect it is for me.”

“I wish I had a room here tonight,” Rachel confessed.

“Me too!” I giggled. “And... um...Rachel?”

“Yes?” Her hand was touching mine.

“Take me somewhere, so I can fuck your brains out?”

Rachael just leaned in, pulled me into her arms, and kissed me long and hard, with plenty of tongue. In seconds we were locked together, the tops of her breasts snuggling warmly under mine, my leg nudging between her thighs.

The bartender came over. “Hey Rache, you know the rules... no sex in the dance bar.”

Rachel broke our lip-lock. “We’re not fucking yet!” she complained.

The bartender shrugged and nodded toward the door to the back.

“OK, OK!” Rachael said, then turned to me and pulled me through the back door. “I’ll find us a spot, but you’ll owe me those panties.”

I kissed her ear, whispering, “They’re yours, darling.”

Laughing she reached down and gabbed the a string on each side, pulling out the bows. The sides and back fell down, but the front was so wet it stuck to my bush and labia. She pulled the front away and the panties slipped through my legs. She held my panties to her face and breathed in. For a minute she just stood there, holding them and vibrating. I saw her own thong was sopping wet. I realized she was having a mini- orgasm right there, just from my panties.

I took her shoulders and gently led her down the hall. “You naughty girl!” I whispered loudly into her ear.

Rachel laughed and lowered the panties from her face. “God, that was good.”

She pushed me against a wall, kissing me like crazy and snaking a hand down into my wet pussy, fingers probing. I pulled her bra down and began squeezing her tight, hard nipples. It seemed like I was coming against her hand almost instantly, moaning loudly into her mouth.

As I came down from my orgasm, I slid down the wall to a kneeling pose, pulling her soggy thong down with me until it was at her ankles. She stepped out of them and pressed her wet, aromatic pussy into my face. I pulled apart her lips and dove in with my tongue tasting and licking her as deeply as I could. She ground her clit against my nose as she held my head tightly against her vibrating crotch. She came in a long, slow gush that kept me drinking her for ages until her jerking, spasming body finally wore out and she slid down the wall to sit beside me. I was sitting on a carpeted floor, legs spread, pussy still leaking. She snuggled up beside me and put her hand against my wet snatch. It felt good, so I put my hand on hers and gently stroked her, just as she was me, and looked around the room.

I looked around to see naked women everywhere. Somehow we had ended up in the orgy room. Couples, threesomes, moresomes, all stroking, licking and sucking. One woman on her hands and knees had her head buried in a black girl’s cunt while a tiny Asian girl in panties was fist-fucking her. Another girl dripping juices crawled over to the Asian, pulled her panties down her hips and began playing with her pussy.

In no time, Rachael and I were rubbing her others clits and pussies, teasing our tired bodies back into one more orgasm. She came first, then I came with a long, slow one. We licked our hands and kissed.

“God, that was amazing, Rachel.” I was so limp I could barely move.

“You’re done for the night already?” Rachel asked.

“I haven’t had sex in months. I’m out of practice,” I confessed. “And this whole thing really sends me over the edge.”

Rachel slid a hand across my pussy. It came away juicy and sticky. She licked it. “Over the edge. Yeah, I can tell.”

I touched her pussy lips. She wiggled. I could tell she was ready for more.

“Hey, wanna come home with me? I’ll be ready for round two by the time we’re there.”

“OK,” she replied. “Let’s go back to the bar and find some clothes”

She picked up her soggy thong from the floor beside us, then looked around. “Oops, I dropped your panties. Do you see them?”

I struggled onto my feet and looked around. I didn’t see the tiny scrap of wet fabric either. “No panties for me.” I shrugged and grinned at her.

Walking back to the bar in boots and a leaky cunt was a whole new thrill. Rachel didn’t bother trying to put her panties back on, so all she wore was her demi-bra and high-heeled slings. Back in the dance bar, we headed for the clothing pile. It was a lot bigger than before, as the room was fairly crowded now. We each pawed around a bit. Eventually Rachel spotted my red skirt and grabbed it.

“Finders keepers,” she giggled, pulling it on pantiless. It barely stayed on her hips, as hers were narrower than mine.

I settled for a shirt that I could tie over my big breasts and a pair of boy-shorts in neon-yellow. The shorts were barely big enough. They looked spray-painted on. Rachel giggled and pinched me on the rump.

“You look totally edible in those.”

I giggled back. “I hope so.”

Laughing, we went into the night and caught a cab back to my place.

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