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Perfect Jordan

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My one, brief experience with an office romance.
The first thing I should tell you, is that I changed the names for the purposes of this story. If the young lady I am about to write about found out I was telling this story, she would be extremely embarrassed. Her name in this story will be Jordan.
I used to work for a small automotive repair company. I can't work on cars, but I can sure answer phones. When I was hired, they really just wanted a pretty face at the front desk. I can do that too. My tits don't hurt anything either. I'll admit, I like to wear low cut tops to make a bit more cash. It totally works too. I get spontaneous raises from time to time, for seemingly no reason at all. I usually enjoy people looking at me, one person specifically though. That was Jordan.

Jordan worked in the upper office, away from customers. She had an accounting degree so she helped the big boss with.. financial doings. I always assumed she was fucking him, but I never found out for sure.

Jordan was a shy, reserved girl. It was hard to tell how she looked under her jackets. I dreamt though. I dreamed of her touching me and kissing me. Alas, aside from the occasional glace at my tits, I never thought she cared I even existed. Her glances at my chest were usually followed by a judmental glance at my face. Through all this I couldn't help but find her extremely hot. I'm a glutton for punishment, what can I say. Alas, for about eight months leading up the following night, I never ever got so much as a peek at whatever wonderful body was hidden under all those clothes.

However, about a year ago now, the tides turned. Fate was on my side. Finally.

I usually stayed late, but Jordan stayed later. Christ only knows what paper work she would be doing up there in the office. Some sort of bureaucratic bullshit paperwork I assumed. That night was different. I stayed later than usual on the account of the unusually busy day we had. I was counting tills and generally stressed out. Usually Jordan's work is a mystery to me, but that night I knew exactly what she was doing. Her moans filled the office. I was ecstatic. I could only imagine the look on her face when she realized she wasn't alone.

I didn't want to spoil the moment. I let her go at it for a while. Listening to her was amazing. I'll freely admit I was touching myself. I sat in the lower office and took my pants off. My pussy was so wet it was dripping. I slid my fingers into my... The had moaning stopped.

"How long has it stopped? Was I moaning? God, what if knows..." I though.

She was standing in the doorway to the stairs. She was holding her high heels, and she wasn't happy.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I... I just overhear you and couldn't help myself," I replied, pulling my pants back up.

"You were masturbating... to me?"


"How... how can you do that?"

"I actually think about you a lot."

I stood up and moved across the room to her.

"I'm sorry, Jordan. I couldn't help myself."

I told her the story. I told her about how I wanted to know everything about her. The whole time, moving a little closer to her. She backed away... at first. I think she was curious. I've never seen her look at me like that before. I reached for her hand and held it.

"Jordan, I think you're beautiful."

Her hand clenched down on mine. I smiled and leaned in to kiss her. She pulled back...naturally. I expected it. I backed off. She pulled me back to her. I didn't expect it, so I just reacted.

I kissed her right on the lips. Finally, I did it. I kissed her hard, my hands crept up her side to the back of her head and pulled her into me.

Her tongue found my lips, and caressed them so gently. I melted. She was an amazing kisser. I pushed her against the wall and pressed my entire body into her. She lifted her leg and used it to pull me closer. I ran my fingers up her leg and found her pussy through her pants. I could feel the moisture though the two layers of fabric between her and my hand. She let out a soft moan into my mouth as I rubbed her.

I pulled away, took her hand, and led her to the front desk. I could tell she was nervous, but she was holding together quite well. Much better than my first time. (Which is another story all together.)

She sat down on the desk, my standing over her, and we took off our shirts.

Her breasts were... perfect. A little smaller than mine, but the shape. OH the shape. I'm touching myself right now as I type this thinking about them. The perfect roundness, the perfect consistency, the perfectly large nipples. I could write a dissertation about them - and I might- but not now.

I ran my fingers softly over her tits, and leaned down and licked her right nipple. She ran her fingers through my hair and moaned. I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked it hard. She grabbed my hair and pulled it lightly. I bit her gently and kissed her chest, collarbone, neck, cheek, and finally mouth.

She grabbed a hand full of my tits and squeezed them. -Let me tell you, it felt amazing. I could have orgasmed had she continued. She reached around my back and unhooked my bra, took it off me and threw it away. I kissed her again and put my tits in her face. She seemed so curious. She touched them, and kissed them. She traced my nipples with her finger and finally plunged in. She took big mouth fulls and sucked on my tits. Her left- or maybe right hand- I can't remember, I was... preoccupied... made it's way around to my ass and squeezed it. As she continued to suck on my tits, she took my pants off. Her fingers rubbed my pussy ever so gently. It was glorious.

She finally took my thong off, and there I was... Standing in front of this girl I lusted after for MONTHS, completely naked. It was surreal. I almost thought I was dreaming, but that was quickly put to rest.

She grabbed my waist, sat me down on the desk and spread my legs apart. She kissed my thighs and kissed my pussy. I couldn't believe it was happening. She licked my clit and stuck her fingers into me. It was then that I knew she had done this before.

Oh that clever girl. She had me going this whole time, thinking she was this innocent little girl... She may have been better at eating pussy that I am. The way she used her tongue... it stuck in me to far... It was almost like getting fucked. I was gripping the side of the desk so hard my finger started to hurt.

I moaned so loud. My head was spinning. It was the most intense orgasm I have ever had, prior and since. She gripped my ass and pulled her face into my pussy as I screamed out into the empty office.

I slumped over in a shivering mess onto her lap on the floor. She stroked my hair as I rode the orgasm out.

The it was my turn. I don't know if I was excited, or just orgasm aftermath, but I was shaking. Hard. I pulled her panties down her ass and she finished the work and ran them along my face and tits. I furiously spread her legs apart and dove down into her pussy. It was beautiful, and tight! I was actually, visibly surprised at how tight she was. I first slid my finger into her. She laid back on the carpet and arched her back. He tits stretched out along the curves of her body. It was getting me horny again.

I slowly pushed my finger... and then fingers into her pussy. I stopped at three. I didn't want to spoil that tight pussy of hers. I pulled them out and slid them along her naked body. Her skin was so soft. It was incredible. She took my hand and put my fingers in her mouth and sucked all her juice off. I was officially horny again. As she sucked on my fingers I dipped my head down and gently licked her pussy lips. I loved tasting her. She had a taste so different from anyone else I've tasted. Her aroma was intoxicating. I teased her clit with the tip of tongue. She softly moaned and arched her back again. I didn't want to, but I though it best to get off the floor. I stood up, took her hand and pulled her to a standing position. I grabbed her waist and sat her down on my office chair. As she sat she kissed my various body parts. My neck, shoulders, tits, and stomach. 

Then I did the same to her as I made my way back down to her pussy: cheek, mouth, neck, shoulder, collarbone, chest, tits, stomach, and finally back to her pussy. I slid a finger into her as I gently licked her clit again. She moaned and grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled it. She gently pushed my head into her pussy. I decided one more finger wouldn't hurt. So I thrust with my hand, licked with my tongue and sucked on her clit. It was about this time I realized she had the best moans of anyone ever. I have watched my fair share of porn, been with my share (however small) or women and men... but this girl I barely knew... sounded like music. A symphony of orgasmic pleasure.

While I did my best to finish her, my other had was about palm deep in my own pussy. Usually, two orgasms in one night is to intense for me, but I couldn't help myself, yet again. 

I was moaning into her pussy and fingering the two of us. She was basically screaming and pulling my hair (which I LOVE by the way.) Then, all of a sudden. I felt it: the quiver. The quiver is my favorite part about sex. It's the moment when I know I've done a good job. The moment when the orgasm is inevitable. I dug hard. I stopped fingering myself and reached up to her tits and grabbed one, caressing it as I pushed my fingers into her. I could hardly breathe because she was pushing me down so hard. It was SO hot.

Then she came. She came LOUDLY. She screamed and I could feel her pussy throbbing on my tongue. I pulled myself up and kiss her. She moaned and screamed into my mouth. I sat backwards on the chair, my pussy rubbing on hers. I could still feel it throbbing. We kissed for the remainder of her, surprisingly violent orgasm. She still shook and moaned.

Finally, and to my dismay, her orgasm subsided. She melted into my chair. Panting and still moaning a bit, she smiled at me.

After a few minutes of naked kissing on my chair. She needed to go. She reached for her pants, and took out her phone.

"Eleven missed calls! I have to go. I'm sorry!"

"I understand," I squeaked out as she got dressed.

Something about watching someone get dressed it very arousing to me. I couldn't tell her I was still horny. I couldn't ask her to help me out one more time. I just watched her get dressed, found her panties she threw across the room and watched her leave the office, panties in pocket. 

Then I sat in the dark. Alone and naked, still with heavy breath, and dripping wet. I sat in my chair, and slid my fingers back into my pussy and got one last orgasm before heading home. Thinking about Jordan.

I never got to find out who called her that night, but I always figured it was a boyfriend of some sort of significant other. 

Work was never the same after that. We exchanged awkward glances from time to time. Never in a bad state of mind. Just awkward. Knowing what we did to each other on the very chair and desk where I worked. The very desk the boss would sit on, and condescending critique my various "projects".

Jordan left the company about 6 weeks after our night together. She got a job offer in another state, at a better company. I've always though about visiting her. I've thought about recreating the night we had.

The thing she never thought of, or at least openly thought of... Is after that night. I came into work early the following day for a specific reason: to take the footage from the DVR that recorded the whole thing. Nothing peculiar happened that night, so no one missed the hour and a half of footage that was missing. I don't even know if anyone noticed.

P.S. Thanks for reading my first story. If you have any CONSTRUCTIVE critisizm I would be happy to hear it. I want to write the best stories possible. I like using my own experiences, but I also like dramatizing my friend's stories too! We're an open bunch. Message me! ;)

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