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Taking some erotic pictures to surprise my lover, turns out to be a surprise for me!
I call my girlfriend Kate and ask if I can borrow her camera. She says, "Sure, Hon, anytime. Why, what's up? You aren't taking naughty pictures again are you?"

"Well, actually..." I reply, "I have begun to share some incredibly sexy stories with my lover. He sends me stories while we are apart, I add in my side and send them back. I just want to..."

"...Want to send him a couple of photos so he can see what these stories do to you," she finishes for me. "Can I read the stories? Maybe I can stay and help you take the pictures!"

"I don't think he would mind. Can you come now?" I ask.

"Sure love, on my way," she replies.

As I wait for her to arrive, I wonder what is going to happen. The last time she helped me take pictures, we got pretty hot and wild. I feel myself become moist, as I remember the feel of her against me. Her warm breath on my neck, her soft skin, her fingers and lips expertly urging me over the edge! I begin to rub myself, one hand stroking the inside of my thigh, the other pinches my nipple, rolling it between my fingers, as I remember the scent of her neck, and the taste of her kisses, both with and without my juices on her lips. The hand stroking my thigh moves closer to my pussy and I begin to rub my fingers up and down the moist cleft between my legs. I feel my clit begin to swell as I bring my other hand down, imagining Kate's tongue tracing down my body. I rub my clit with one hand, and insert two fingers from my other hand into my pussy.

My hips press forward, raising just a little off the cushion as if trying to convince a lover to bury himself deeper. I close my eyes and moan, as my fingers move against me and I remember her tongue, so agile, and her fingers that knew all the places I longed to be touched. My pussy is getting really wet and beginning to twitch as I bring myself to the brink of orgasm. My head thrown back, my eyes closed, as I get ready for release. Suddenly, I feel moist, warm lips on my neck and a hand covers the hand rubbing my clit... Kate!

"You are already so hot and wet! What’s got you so worked up love?" Kate whispers.

As I tell her what I was imagining, she leans over and begins kneading my breast with her free hand, and licking and sucking my nipples, teasing them with her tongue and teeth! Her fingers replace mine, and I put my arm around her, cupping her head in my hand as my back arches, and I try to get more, more of her mouth on my nipple, more of my breast into her mouth, more of her fingers deeper inside of me! A deep, throaty moan escapes my lips as I cum, drenching Kate's fingers.

I pull her mouth to mine, kissing her long and hard. As I break away to catch my breath, I whisper against her lips, "That felt amazing!"

She smiles at me, sits up and licks her fingers; she is always the tease! She tells me my juice is as sweet as the last time, and she offers me her fingers to lick. I moan again, softly this time, enjoying the sensuality of the moment.

A few minutes later, after I have cooled down and my initial excitement has waned, I bring out the stories we have written, both sides, yours and mine, and give them to Kate. She begins to read them. I notice she is beginning to look a little flushed. She begins to unbutton and remove her blouse as she continues to read, and then, without taking her eyes off the sheets of paper, she removes her skirt. Sitting there in just her bra and little lacy panties, she sure looks sexy. I can't help myself, I feel the excitement begin to reignite and I find myself wanting to touch her, to run my tongue over her body, rub my fingers across all those sensitive parts that make her moan.

After reading only a few pages, she looks at me and says, "These are great! I am getting incredibly hot just reading them. Which ones are your favorites?"

I shuffle through the stack and pull out the first story I wrote, where you tied me up, and my second favorite one, the one about the strip tease. I hand them to her, and she quickly reads them. She smiles, looks at me and giggles as she says, "You‘re really a slut, you know. Have you two done any of these?"

"Oh, a few, yes..." I reply.

"Which ones?" she asks, I just look at her and smile. Her eyes grow wide, "All of them? You really are a slut! So, should I read you a story so you can look your best for your photo shoot?"

I look at the clock; you should be at work for at least four more hours. If we work fast and stay focused, we should be able to get the pictures taken, loaded onto my computer, and sent off to you before you leave the office. "Sure, but let's read them together. I'll be Jason, and you are me. We can try to read it part by part. How's that sound?"

"Great! Did you want to do the pictures in your living room, bedroom, or on the lanai?"

"Let's do it on the lanai outside."

Kate and I grab a bottle of wine, a couple of wine glasses, and one of the stories before heading outside. It is a beautiful day, the sky is blue with only a few wispy clouds floating around. We sit down and pour ourselves each a glass of wine before getting started on the story I picked out, "The Strip Tease". As I begin to read, she begins to rub her breast through her bra and then slips her fingers underneath to tease her nipple to attention. She takes over reading my part. One of her hands drops down and disappears under her panties. She lets out a little sigh and continues to read. While I am reading the next part, Kate moves in front of me. She kneels down, opens the robe I have on and begins to stroke my clit, first with her finger, then, spreading my legs, her tongue.

"Darling, please keep reading; both parts if you don't mind. I have something that needs my attention."

Kate continues to tease my clit with her tongue and puts two fingers into my sopping pussy, finger fucking me. Her other hand is between her legs as she fingers herself. It’s becoming more and more difficult to concentrate as she excites me and stokes the fires already burning inside me both from the stories and memories of how you make me feel when you are inside me, torturing me!

Kate's tongue now moves up my body, as she comes up to press her mouth firmly against mine. I can taste myself on her lips. I put the papers down and embrace her, pulling her close so I can undo her bra and feel her beautiful tits against me. I knead them for a moment, and then I lay her back on the lounge chair.

"My turn," I tell her.

I lean over, take one of her hard nipples between my lips and tease it with my teeth and tongue before moving to the other and doing the same thing. My hands caress the hollow of her belly and the little area just off to the side of the point of her hip bone, making her jump and quiver with the sensation. I leave her breasts and come up for another kiss, long, deep and hard. Our tongues are swirling around, dancing with each other, darting here and there in each other's mouths. Now we are both moaning! I break away from the kiss and move down her neck, stopping at her throat to press my tongue against the sweaty hollow of her throat. Her head is thrown back, and her eyes are closed. We’re breathing hard, and she whispers, "Please honey, don't stop there," as she urges me to keep going.

I hook my thumbs under the waistband of her panties and begin to pull them down; she lifts her ass just a little so I can get them past, and then lifts her legs so I can remove them completely. My tongue travels the same path my hands did just moments ago; as I get to her hips, I part her legs and move between them. She is so wet! I inhale her scent and I can't help myself, I just have to taste her! My tongue searches the cleft between her legs. Her moans tell me I hit the right spot as I begin to rub my tongue hard against her clit which is sucked hard between my lips.

I hear a strange click behind me, but I keep going. One of my hands is spreading her open wide for me to have full access; my other hand slips first one finger, then two fingers into her. Kate is really moaning, bucking her hips, and thrashing her head from side to side. I know she is close, a few more strokes and she cums! I hear that "click" again and again. What is that? I wonder. I slip my fingers from Kate's pussy and she takes my hand; raising my fingers to her lips, she licks her juices off my hand. She pulls me up to lay full length against her, our legs entwined, our lips locked together, and our hands trailing over each other's bodies. We are both lost in the passion.

I hear the scrape of a chair on the lanai. I look up, and there you are with the camera in one hand and your cock in the other.

"Hi babe," you say in a sexy, raspy voice and a smile on your lips. "I didn't mean to interrupt."

Kate says, "No worries, Love, I was just getting her warmed up for your photo session! Great stories by the way... Let's trade places!" You oblige her, handing her the camera and coming to sit next to me...

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