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Picnic and Pictures

Picnic and pictures

I couldn't stop thinking about what happened in the park yesterday; how she felt, tasted, andsounded as she came. I could still smell her as I feel asleep last night.

I woke up with her on my mind. As I laid there trying to wake up I heard my alert on my phone, letting me know I had an email. I reluctantly got up and checked it. It was she. She said that I was all she could think about and wanted to see me today. I couldn't stop the smile on my face. I replied and asked when.

As I waited for her reply I walked into the bathroom, cut on the shower. and turned to look at myself in the mirror. I could still feel everywhere she touched me. I could feel my body start to react to the memories. My phone beeped; "as soon as possible," she replied and gave me directions to her apartment. I sent her my reply that I would be there within the hour and hopped in the shower.

I got dressed in my favorite bra and panties, a cute little tight t-shirt and skirt and headed out the door. I sent her a text letting her know I was on my way. I asked if she wanted me to bring breakfast. She replied that she had thought that we could go on a picnic, she wanted to take some pictures for a class she was taking. I thought that sounded like a wonderful idea.

When I arrived at her apartment and she meet me at the door with a kiss. It was nice to be with K again. I was nervous that it would be weird between us at first, but it all just felt right. I followed K into the kitchen and helped her finish getting the basket ready. I had brought a couple of blankets to use and I told her I would drive if she wanted. She smiled and said that would be great. I finished putting everything in the basket and the drinks in the cooler as K went to get her camera.

We put everything in the car and as we headed toward the mountains K took my hand. We drove in silence for a while. As we got on the highway, I asked K about her class and what kind of pictures she was wanting to take today. She grinned and confessed that the pictures weren't really for her class. She was wanting to take pictures of us. I told her that I thought that was a wonderful idea and hoped she would share them with me.

When we arrived we found a secluded area that was surrounded by trees and flowers. We unloaded the items from the car and spread the blankets out and set the basket and cooler to the side. Neither of us was hungry yet so we decided to go for a walk.

As we walked I reached for her hand. We took a few steps and she stopped and pulled me close, kissing me. The passion and desire went straight through my body. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer. Her lips parted slightly and I slid my tongue in just enough to get a taste of hers.

I could feel the effect her kiss was having on me. My breasts were swelling, my nipples getting hard, and I could feel myself getting wetter with every touch. I needed to be closer to her. I slid my hand down the back of her pants, cupped her ass and squeezed it. I needed more.

She looked at me and I knew she was thinking the same thing. We ran back to the blankets and fell on them in each other's arms. I was pulling at her top, trying to get it off as fast as I could. As she lay there in just her bra, I stopped and stared at how beautiful she was. Her breasts were prefect and I wanted them in my mouth so badly. I pulled the material down exposing her hard nipple. My mouth went immediately to it, licking and sucking it. I could hear her moan and feel her body move under mine.

I slid my hand down her stomach and into her pants. She was so warm and wet. I couldn't control myself with her. My fingers glided between her juicy wet lips. I slid a finger inside her and rubbed my palm over her clit. I wanted her so badly and in every possible way. I couldn't get enough of her. I pulled my hand out and offered it to her.

I was going crazy as she sucked and licked her juices off of my fingers. When she finished I slid her shorts down just leaving her panties on. They were black lace and covered just enough to drive me insane. There is something about watching as my hand slides inside her panties not being able to see my fingers disappear in her but feeling her take me in, that sends me over the edge.

I am between her legs before I know it. I take in a deep breath. I smell her, her scent mixed with the flowers is heavenly. I bend her knees and lift her hips to me and rub my face against her soaked panties. I lick them and hear her moan. My tongue traces the edge of her panties and I feel her wiggle as I get closer to her very sensitive clit. I can see her little bud pushing against the lace, wanting to be freed.

I lower her hips and reach for the top of her panties and pull them down and off. Her juices are flowing out of her. I ask her to turn over and I unhook her bra and lay it to the side. She is lying on the blanket completely nude, her bare ass waiting to be caressed and kissed. I start at her feet kissing and sucking every toe while my hands fondle her ass. I couldn't wait to get my mouth on it.

She stopped me before I got past her knee. She turned over and told me it's not fair that she is nude and I am still dressed. She sits up and motions for me to come to her. I crawl up to her kissing her as I reach her. She kisses me back and reaches for my shirt pulling it over my head and laying it to the side. She unhooks my bra and lays it with hers. She tell me to stand up and I obey. I stand in front of her, she is up on her knees now, in front of me unfastening my skirt and pulling it down.

I am standing in front of her, nude except for my panties. She turns me around and tells me to bend over while I remove my panties. As my panties reach my feet I feel her tongue on my lips and my knees buckle. She pulls me closer and licks me faster and faster. I try to be quiet but I don't think that is what she wants. She slides a finger inside me and tells me she wants to hear me.

She is licking faster, teasing my clit with the tip of her tongue. I let out a moan and she tells me that she still can't hear me. She finger fucks me while she sucks on my clit and I cant be quiet anymore. I don't care who can hear me. I start to call her name over and over. I beg her to stop, I can feel myself getting close. I tell her I want us to cum together. She kisses the back of my thighs and lets me go.

I step out of my panties and turn toward her. I can see my juices glistening on her chin. I kneel beside her and kiss her gently, tasting myself on her lips. I lie back and tell her to come cover my face with her pussy. She smiles and straddles my head. Her smell is intoxicating. I pull her closer to me. She leans forward and our tongues reach each other at the exact same time. It is euphoric.

We slowly start to lick and suck each other, wanting to give each other as much pleasure as possible. Within minutes we are both moaning and grinding against each other. I slide my tongue in her and she in me and we both eat like we are starved. I feel her squeeze me and then the fluid covers my lips and fills my mouth.

I cant wait any longer and I fill her mouth. We both drink until nothing is left. She kisses my lips one more time and crawls up and lies beside me. I roll on my side and just look at her. She is so beautiful. We lie in the warm sun and hold hands and talk for a while. She tells me she is getting hungry so we dress and pull out the basket and cooler. Just as we finish eating, we hear thunder in the background. We look behind us to see a huge black cloud heading our way. We pack up the cooler and basket and head back to the car. On the way home I remember the real reason for the trip, the pictures. I tell her I am sorry that we didn't get any pictures, that we will have to plan another trip soon. She smiles and says not to worry about it.

I drop K off at her apartment and head home. Later that night while checking my email I see an email from K titled Our Trip. Upon opening it I read.... I did get my pictures! There were pictures of us together, kissing, making love, laying there talking. Every moment captured.
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