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Planning Revenge

Meg and Alana plan revenge on Meg's Ex Boyfriend
This is a continuation of the story Pleasure and Pain, to fully understand this story it is recommended that you read the previous story.

The morning after their sordid little affair. The girls awaken entwined in each others arms and legs naked and still covered in cum from the prior nights fantastic escapades. Meg opens her eyes and finds herself still in the arms of Alana. 24 hours ago she was seriously thinking about killing or at least severely hurting this woman for ignoring 20 years of friendship just to screw her boyfriends brains out in a dirty bar bathroom.

Now she leans forwards and swirls her tongue around Alana’s nipple, it hardens instantly. She sucks the nipple hard, moving her left hand up to cup her breast and knead it testing the weight and texture. Savouring this moment before she knows Alana is completely awake. Meg is amazed to realize that all of the guys she’s been with, all the guys that Alana has been with, the heartbreak, the two of them dissing their exes, all of it could have been avoided if they had realized they were made for each other. Meg thinks about that for a moment. “I’m a lesbian” The thought rolls through her brain, taking hold.


Alana wakes up to the perfect sensation of Meg sucking on her breast. She tries to lay there for a moment just taking in everything that has happened in the last 12 hours.

Yesterday she was sure that she had ruined the only meaningful relationship that she has had in her life. Her parents were gone and she was an only child. Since she turned 20 her life has revolved around work and Meg. Then she screwed up and did the worst possible thing she could have done. She was so lucky that it wound up the way it did.

“Mmmmmm good morning baby.” Alana says smiling.

“Morning beautiful” Meg says as she pushes Alana on her back, then straddles her. “I thought you were never going to wake up”

Alana looks up an Meg and smiles “I’ve been awake for a moment or two, just enjoying what you were doing.”

“Haha I thought I saw your mouth smirk for a moment there..”

“We should go shower babe. What do you wanna do today? We’re both off work.”

“Well as to that, I’ve been thinking and I have an idea I’ll run by you while we shower.”

“Ok, my shower is more than big enough for two.” Alana says with a mischievous smirk and a wink.


Meg and Alana undressed each other and got into the shower. Alana took the lead and shampoo’d Meg’s hair, moving the excess suds down her breasts and letting them slide down her back. Next she rinsed our her hair and put the conditioner in. Alana’s breasts were now pushed into Meg’s back as she reached for the soap. She reached around and moved it back and forth across her chest, down around all of her breasts, nipples, lifting them and making sure to get underneath.

She moved the soap down her tummy, slid a finger around her naval. Meg moaned, and grabbed Alana’s hand and guided it down to her pussy. She moved the soap around her mound, switched the soap to her other hand and massaged the soap in and out of Meg’s pussy, brushing ever so slightly across her clit. “Ohhhh Alana, that feels sooo good baby.” Alana inserted first one, then another finger into her slit, frigging Meg’s pussy. She moved her thumb into a position where she could swirl it around the clit, pushing the button and moving it around with the right amount of pressure.

Meg came hard and fast. “Unh unh Alana baby don’t stop” Alana increased her speed and braced her left leg on the side of the shower in case Meg’s legs gave out. Which they did after her third orgasm. Alana grabbed her just under her luscious breasts and held her until she regained control of her body. Returning the soap to her hands she re-washed Meg’s pussy and continued down her legs, doing inbetween both feet and washing the bottoms of her feet.

She then turned Meg around leaned forward and pulled her face in for a deep kiss. Their tongues intertwining, each of them taking turns sucking on the others tongue. “Turn around baby, I have to do your back and that gorgeous ass of yours.”

Meg turned around again, Alana ran the soap across her back and around every each of her ass. She then grabbed Meg’s ass with both hands and caressed it like it was a prized jewel. “So baby, tell me about this plan of yours for the day.”

“First, I’ll be right back” Meg hopped out of the shower and went into the bathroom vanity grabbing Alana’s razor and her shave cream. She was putting an end to that bush here and now.

“Whatcha doing babe?”

“Grabbing tools to deal with that bush of yours”

“Sweet. I can’t wait to have you between my legs again”

Meg goes to work on lathering up the shave gel and carefully massaging it onto Alana’s mound. “So here’s what I was thinking we can do for the rest of the day...”


With a plan firmly in mind, the girls get dressed. Alana is now shaved and had an amazing orgasm earlier when Meg was finished shaving her. Meg ate her pussy on her knees in the shower. Good thing there’s a grab bar in there or Alana definitely would have collapsed.

Meg helped Alana pick an outfit at the local sex shop. They planned to meet Jesse at his apartment, he was still at work but Meg knew where the key was so they spent the afternoon there. They got changed, set up some ropes and further elaborated on their plan.

Right on time, Jesse walked through the door of his apartment. He wasn’t expecting to see his girlfriend dressed in a red leather halter top, with matching short skirt, black stockings and knee high boots. His eyes wandered to Alana, she was wearing a cute purple bra with white lace, matching panties and sexy strappy purple stilettos. “Hey girls! I was really surprised when you came up with this idea. I haven’t stopped thinking about it all day!”

“Oh, neither have we Jesse. Shall we begin?

To Be Continued...

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