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Playing in the Woods

Two friends having some fun in the woods.

Hannah Walsh and Natalie Mulheron were two twenty seven year olds who had taken a bit of a camping trip in the woods, North of England. They'd been best friends for years and recently started dating.

One day, in the middle of July, when it was really hot, Hannah and Natalie were walking through the woods listening to the birds singing to each other in the tree tops.

"Ouch," complained Natalie, tripping over a small rock. "I nearly fell to the ground. Why did I let you convince me to come? You know I hate the outdoors. Full of creepy crawleys, which I hate." She nearly walked into a spider's web. Natalie screamed a bit.

Hannah rolled her eyes at her girlfriend. She didn't understand why they were going out they were the complete opposites of one another. She enjoyed the outdoors, wildlife, adventure; whereas, Natalie was a total girl girl. Only into shopping, clubbing, sex, and more sex.

Hannah turned on Natalie and looked into her green eyes and then kissed her long and hard leaving Natalie breathless.

"What was that for?" Natalie asked.

"To stop you complaining. Ever since we got here a couple of hours ago you've not stopped complaining. And how many times did I tell you not to wear your heels when going on this trip? This is a trip in the woods, there will be mud. Didn't you think of that?"

She shook her head.

Hannah threw up her hands in frustration "and why are you wearing a miniskirt? we're not going clubbing?" she asked angrily.

Natalie smiled slyly and twirled around in front of her "doesn't it turn you on?" she asked.

She didn't know what to say to that, she hated the fact that Natalie will wear a hot miniskirt whenever she's angry with her. Because she knows Hannah couldn't resist a hot girl in a miniskirt.

When she didn't respond, Natalie turned round and bent over and spread out her legs to show her perfect round ass and long smooth legs.

Hannah started to feel wet down in her panties. She got wetter as she continued to stare at Natalie's firm tight ass and wet pussy that was drenching her black sexy knickers. Hannah's pussy throbbed with excitement as she walked over to Natalie and felt up her ass with her hands.

Hannah was wearing short jean shorts and short sleeveless top and she had short blonde hair; Natalie had long dark brown hair with huge bosoms.

Natalie turned around and smiled, "you were saying?" she asked, seductively. She fluttered her long dark eyelashes at her in a sultry expression.

Hannah was getting wetter and wetter as she stared down at her girlfriend's perfect body, from huge tits, ass, legs. She wanted her right this minute. Hannah Kissed Natalie with such passion pushing her up against a nearby tree. Her right hand went up and underneath Natalie's skirt touching her smooth, soft inner thigh to her pussy. She rubbed her friend's pussy and it turned her on that she was making her horny.

Natalie moaned loudly as she was being touched and fingered by Hannah, her hands reached out and played with her tits. Her nipples were hard underneath her touch.

She stopped touching her pussy to get something out of her back pack. Hannah pulled out a red rubber dildo and gently rubbed it against her pussy. She took off Natalie's panties and pushed the big dildo inside her pussy.

Natalie gasped out loud.

Hannah moved the dildo in and out of her pussy. With her other hand unbuttoned her jean shorts and pulled them down over her curvious tight booty.

After ten minutes of pleasuring one another up a tree, Hannah brought out mr strapon. A large rubber penis stuck onto straps. She tied it around her waist and Natalie sucked the dick long and hard.

They went down on the floor so Hannah could enter Natalie's dripping wet pussy easier than any other way. Once she was in, Hannah stood up and Natalie wrapped her legs around her waist as they began fucking.

Hannah took them over to the tree again and fucked her up it. It felt so incredible. She and Natalie groaned and moaned loudly as there was no one around for miles just the wildlife. Hannah fucked harder and faster as soon as she felt a orgasm building up inside her.

Natalie cried out loudly with pleasure as she was being fucked hard up against a tree.

The girls both orgasmed together with their body trembling underneath one another.

"Wow!" Natalie said breathlessly.

"Yeah," agreed Hannah.

They grinned at each other and then kissed.

The fact that they made love and was able to scream out as loud as they wanted without being heard was such a turn on for them both.



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