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Post-Modern Seduction

Sarah grew up four doors down. She was the Tom boy, I was the girly girl.

By High School I had developed more curves than Mulholland Drive, while Sarah never wore bra--or needed one. I was the one that all the boys hit on, but Sarah was the sexual  adventurer.

She was the first to let a boy reach third base--and reciprocate with a hand job. I was green with envy when I learned she'd slept with Charlie Hansen, the football team captain and legendary campus hunk. She was also the first to get a computer in her bedroom. 

This was the late 90s--when  dial-up modems and AOL chat rooms ruled--and Sarah found something called "cyber-in-the-room-only."  She described it as place where AOL members met for cyber-sex, but weren't supposed to pester each other with private messages.

"Yesterday, this guy and girl paired off and undressed each other with, like, 30 people watching," she told me. "Then the whole place went crazy with everybody stripping and touching and sucking and fucking."

"Oh, my God, Sarah, that's SOOOOOOOOO gross," I said. But, of course, she knew I was totally turned on.

"So, you want to come see?" she asked.

"Hell, yeah!"

We ran into her bedroom and slammed the door--even though her parents never came home until late. After much shrieking and bleeping, the computer connected. 

It took a few more minutes to actually get into "cyber-in-the-room-only." When we entered, someone named AnneInVT was giving Wellhung21 a blowjob, describing each lick in loving detail. About a dozen people--many with female-sounding screen names--were commenting on the action, or explaining how they were masturbating in explicit detail.

I giggled to conceal my embarrassment--and the sexual buzz I was feeling. Sarah just concentrated intently as the dialog flew past almost too fast to read. 

"I'd love to go private with that guy sometime," she said pointing to LongJohn244, who was in the process of telling how his 10" cock had just bounced up and down after being released from his cotton briefs. "It's standing straight out, curved slightly upward like a scimitar," he boasted.

"There's something about the image of a sword between my legs that doesn't exactly make me cream my jeans," I muttered. Sarah shot me a dirty look, and turned back to the screen. 

Some of the cliches that rolled across the monitor -- "let me squeeze your rosebud," "oh baby, I'm gonna drill you," and, my favorite,  "I want to lick your beaver" -- were hilarious. But they didn't stop me from growing more and more excited.

Out of nowhere, a private message dialog box appeared on our screen, accompanied by a loud chime. It was someone called MadMike25.

"HEY SEXY!" he typed.

"HI MIKE," Sarah replied.




I couldn't restrain myself: "Sarah? You know this guy?" 

Sarah turned, gave me her meanest evil eye, and put her finger to her lips, as if to say, "Don't interrupt."

"YES, MIKE. MY FRIEND MINDY IS HERE." I was relieved Sarah hadn't used my real name, but I was also a little pissed because the only Mindy we knew was the skankiest slut in school.

"MINDY, DESCRIBE YOURSELF?" Mike asked. Sarah tried to pass me the keyboard, but I folded my arms across my chest in refusal and shook my head. Sarah didn't miss a beat in impersonating me.



"A BLACK METALICA T-SHIRT, CUT-OFF JEANS AND BLACK KEDS," she replied, describing my outfit. What can I say? I was born with great fashion sense.



"How'd you know that?" I asked in a stage whisper, as if Mike could somehow hear.


"SHOULDER LENGTH BRUNETTE HAIR. HAZEL EYES. 5'4", 120 POUNDS, 36-24-36 WITH A C-CUP." Sarah had it exactly right, and my cheeks were burning with embarrassment. 

"Shut up," I hissed, slugging her in the arm. Hard.

"AND?" Mike asked.

"I'M SHAVED--EVERY WHERE!" Sarah typed, giving me her evil grin. 

"NICE," Mike replied.





Sarah gave my chest an appraising look. "YES, VERY!"


"YEAH MIKE, IT'S ME AGAIN," Sarah continued.

"IS THE COAST CLEAR?" He asked, prompting me to look at Sarah in confusion.

"YES. COMPLETELY," Sarah typed.


"ME TOO," Sarah answered.

"What's going, Sarah?" I pleaded. "What are you doing? And how did you know that I'm wearing a black lace thong?"

Sarah just gave me her devil grin and pointed to the speaker phone on her desk just as it began ringing. She pressed a button and a deep, self-confident male voice boomed out of the speaker grill.

"Hi, Girls!"

"Hi, Mike," Sarah answered.

When it was clear I wasn't going to respond, Sarah jumped in. "Mindy's a little shy. But don't worry. She's a quick study."

As she spoke, Sarah clicked open a JPFG photo and elbowed me in the ribs. It was a nude male, his abs packed, his skin oiled and a very impressive penis swinging between his legs. The voice on phone sounded much older than the guy in photo, but the air of defiant confidence was the same.

"Showing Mindy your JPG."

"What does she think?"

"We'll find out when she picks her jaw up off the floor." 

Sarah was right. My mouth was hanging open in amazement. My friend Sarah had clearly taken her sexual adventures to a level I never imagined possible. 

"'Fraid she's still speechless, Mike."

"That's cool. So tell me what are you wearing."

"My old ColdPlay T-shirt. No bra. Cut offs and a pair of yellow Paul Frank panties."

"Paul Frank?" I blurted. "With the monkeys?" Sarah nodded.

"So, Mindy, you really are there after all!" Mike exclaimed, obviously amused at my reaction. I didn't respond.

"Well, I was in meetings all day, so I'm still wearing a charcoal Armani suite with a white pina shirt, maroon rep tie and black Calvins," he continued.

"Yummmmmmy," Sarah replied with a smile.

"I'm feeling a little over dressed. Tell you what, girls. I'll show you mine if you show me yours," Mike said with a naughty laugh. "I'll even go first."

'What's going on?' I mouthed as quietly as possible to Sarah, who shushed me again with a finger to her lips.

"Mindy says that totally hot," Sarah replied, ignoring my icy glare.

After a short pause, there was a fumbling noise from the speaker and the sound of fabric rustling past Mike's telephone. I looked from the speaker phone to the guy in the photo with the cocky smile, sculpted pecs and bulging biceps, and that familiar tingle intesified between my legs.

"Naked from the waist up," Mike reported. "Your turn."

"OK, Mike," Sarah replied, giving me a conspiratorial wink. She stood up, grabbed a blouse from her dresser and fluttered it over the speaker. "My top's off. But Mindy is having a little trouble with her bra."

"Why don't you help her?"

Sarah turned toward me with a big smile. We were both fully dressed and I hadn't moved a finger. "She's got it under control, Mike."

"OK, here goes the rest," he said, followed by the unmistakable sound of a zipper being lowered.

I thought I saw where Sarah was headed with this. An entertaining school girl prank. Get some guy to strip naked while we pretended to go along. It was actually pretty funny, except, for one the little thing: My panties were already wet--really, really wet.

"God," Mike sighed. "I didn't realize how hard you girls have made me."

"How hard is that, Mike?"

"It doesn't get any harder than this, Baby. Anyway, your turn."

Sarah winked at me again, then stepped close to the speakerphone, thrust her hips forward, and pulled down the zip on her cut offs. She shuffled around a little and then nodded to me. "MMMM... the fresh air feels good down there, Mike. O.K., Mindy, you go."

I stood up and walked to the phone. As I looked down to grab the zipper, I saw a faint damp patch fanning out from the inseam of my shorts. Sarah was watching with a look in her eyes that I'd never seen before. I couldn't help but notice she'd left her jeans unzipped.

After making a big deal of slowly pulling down my zipper, I told Sarah, "I see what you mean, 'Lita. The air feels great on my pussy."

"Oh, God!" Mike moaned. "Describe you pussy to me, Mindy!" There was an edge of excitement in Mike's voice that was so real, so visceral, that I almost wished that I had stripped naked.

"OK, Mike, I'll try," I heard myself saying. "I have white tan lines down there as well. I'm shaved and right now my lips are swollen and wet."

"Oh God," Mike moaned again. We could hear a new sound that could only be one thing -- Mike's fingers rhythmically stroking his cock. "And 'Lita's pussy. What's it look like?"

"She's not shaved like I am," I said, taking a shot in the dark. "But she doesn't need too. She's a natural blonde," I glanced at Sarah, who smiled back, letting me know I was right on target.

"And her lips?" 

"Smaller than mine, Mike. But also swollen and very pink."

"Anything else?"

"She's even wetter than me."

Mike moaned again, only much louder.  After a short pause he returned to his senses. "Girls, touch your nipples for me."

I could see this was heading in an uncomfortable direction, and for the first time in years I was flat out blushing. I'd never masturbated with another person before -- ever. I looked to Sarah for guidance, she shrugged her shoulders as if to say, "No big deal."

"Mmmmmm... That feels so good, Mike," Sarah interjected before I could say anything further.  She wasn't putting Mike on anymore, either. Both hands were on top of her T-shirt. I could clearly see the outline of her nipples as they rolled between her fingertips.

"Oh, God, girls. I'm standing naked in the middle of my living room, jerking my cock like some kind of mad man."

The old saying 'in for a dime, in for dollar' crossed my mind and before I could catch myself, I heard my voice asking, "Tell us about your cock, Mike."

"It's about eight-inches long, and pretty thick. The veins are extended all along the shaft. But the little helmut on top is smooth and covered with slippery pre-cum. It feels hot and soft under my fingers, but at the same time incredibly rigid."

I glanced at the computer screen and the photo of the handsome young stud with his beautiful semi-erect cock swinging between his legs--and I was overwhelmed with the need to cum. Almost without thinking, I reached to breasts, squeezing them through my bra, searching out my nipples. 

Feeling very self-conscious, I glanced at Sarah. Her eyes were closed, and she'd pushed her shirt above her tiny tits and was now rolling her naked nipples between her fingers. Her aerolas were puffy and distended so far that her nipples appeared almost as large as her tiny breasts.

I'd never thought I'd feel this way about my best friend. But at that moment I had an overwhelming urge to take her nipples into my mouth and taste them. Looking lower, I saw the yellow V of Sarah's panties exposed where the zipper remained undone and, I had to fight a desire to reach out and touch her there.

The silence lasted for several moments as we each drifted deeper into our own worlds. I heared a faint whimpering, which I realized was coming from my own throat.

Sarah's eyes flew open. I took her a moment to focus, and then she smiled at me with a look that somehow combined both love and lust. Without even thinking, my hand had trailed down my stomach and slid inside the front of my panties. Before I could blush again, Mike interrupted.

"Girls. I've been completely open with you. Will you answer one question honestly. No fibbing." 

Sarah and I exchanged glances. "Alright, Mike," she replied, her voice unnaturally bright with emotion. "One question from the Big Guy."

"Thanks. I need to know. Are you really naked?"

I didn't know what to say. Sarah did.

"Not completely, Mike," she anwered. "But we're pretty close."

"How close?"

"Our jeans are unzipped. My shirt is almost off. Mindy's hand is in her panties." The fact that Sarah had the presence of mind to keep up the Mindy facade somehow saved me from felling ashamed for touching myself in front of her.

"Will you take everything off, please?" For the first time Mike's voice had lost it's bravado. His plea sounded both genuine and almost desperate.

"Yes, Mike. We will," I answered. Sarah smiled at me, eyes dancing with desire. 

I pulled my T-shirt off, dropped it on the floor, and reached down to unclasp my bra.

"Can I do that?" I heard Sarah ask, her voice husky with emotion. "I never really had any practice with one of my own."

I stepped closer and felt warm fingers purposefully caress my breasts before grasping the clasp. I giggled as I realized Sarah wasn't exaggerating. I could think of half a dozen guys who would have had my bra completely off while Sarah fiddled unsuccessfuly with the clasp.

At last, the bra popped open and my breasts spilled into the light. Before I knew what was happening, I felt a warm tongue encircle on one nipple, then the other. For one moment I fought back an overwhelming panic. This was my best friend. How would we ever face each other again? Almost as fast as it hit me, the panic passed and I threw my head back and abandoned myself to the pleasure of Sarah's mouth.

"What's going on there?" It was Mike's voice, but it seemed miles away. 

"It's kinda difficult to explain," I replied slowly, as if from a dream. Sarah's head was bobbing up and down on my right boob as if she were performing a blow job -- and the sensation was incredibly delicious.

"Can you give me a clue?"

"My best friend is sucking off my right nipple."

"Oh, my. Oh, MYYYYYYYY," Mike said, his voice suddenly swelling in volume. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.... GOD.....  I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming."

Sarah disengaged from my nipple long enough to shout towards the speaker phone, "Sorry, baby! Next time I'll have my lips wrapped around your cock, I promise."

Mike replied with another long, deep groan.

"Milk it for me, Baby. Get those last drops out," she said, turning back and engulfing my breast.

Again, I tipped my head back and surrendered myself to Sarah's tongue as the sound of Mike's orgasm echoed in my mind. I think I may have started swaying back and forth, mesmerized by the alternating rhythm Sarah created as she first sucked my tit into her mouth, then fluttered her tongue over the nipple, before stretching it until it popped out from between her lips. 

Somehow, she guided me onto her bed without missing a single stroke in her complex oral massage. I raised my hips to assist the fingers that were insistently tugging at my shorts and thong. Then I realized her lips were no longer on my nipples, but moving across my now naked lower abs.

No one had ever licked me down there before. When Sarah's tongue grazed my clit and I screamed. Not a little half-hearted whimper of a scream, but a full throated, window rattling shriek.

Sarah pulled her head out from between my legs and looked up at me in amazement.

Mike's voice came from a million miles away: "Somebody's got sensitive nipples." 

"Not nipples exactly, Mike," Sarah replied, before licking her lips and lowering her head deep between my legs.

This time she started where my pussy lips bud out, rolling her tongue along my groove, forcing the tip inside of me while gliding higher and higher. I was better prepared when she reached my clit. But instead of just fluttering like before, she sucked and twirled my clit between her lips and sucked as like it were a tiny penis. 

The orgasm caught us both by surprise. My back arched as the first wave of contractions rippled my uterus. I felt Sarah's hand grabbing my ass checks just to keep her mouth in contact with my pussy as I bucked and twisted and writhed. This time the scream came from deep in my throat and although not as piercing as before, it was just as loud.

Four or five waves of contractions pulsed through me before finally subsiding. Afterwards, I heard a gentle sobbing and realized Sarah was now sitting on the edge of the bed, cradling my head in her laps. She looked like an angel, her face framed by a golden halo of frizzy blonde hair, her face wet and shiny with and combination her sweat and my cum. She was smiling down at me. The tears, I suddenly realized, were my own.

"It's ok, Mari," she whispered as her tiny fingers stroked my hair.

"You tricked me, Sarah!" I shouted, a pang of anger surging through me. "You and your online buddy set this whole thing up to seduce me."

Sarah's smile vanished just as Mike's voice interjected. "Yes, Sweetie, it was a conspiracy. But it wasn't as if you were forced. All we did was help you discover what you already desired."

Now it was Sarah who was crying. "I love you, Mari. I've always loved you," she whimpered.

In that instant my heart melted and I knew what my answer would be. 

I rolled over, forced Sarah's legs apart, and for the first time in my life, I breathed in the pungent aroma of another woman's pussy as my mouth plunged toward her clittoris.

* *

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