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Pretty Girl Pet - Part Four

Pretty Girl Pet - Part Four

Is My Pretty Girl Pet Ready For The Next Step?
It’s been a year that I met my Pretty Girl Pet. She walked into my life at the perfect timing. I couldn't ask for a better pet.

Our one year anniversary is this weekend and we've decided to go on holiday. We've decided that a trip to California would be fun. There is so much to do there! What Ella doesn't know is that when we’re on holiday I’m going to ask her to officially move in with me. We've not even talked about it; it'll be a complete surprise to her. Everything seems to be falling into the right path with this girl; she has given me everything I have wanted and more. I want to take this next step, and believe she wants it also.


In the meantime we’ll be getting ready for our trip. A friend of mine who owns property out there has told me we can use her place.

“Have you packed everything, Ella dear?”

“Yes, almost ready, Miss. I just feel like I’m forgetting something.”

“I’m sure you’re not, you’re just nervous.”

“Not nervous, just scared out of my mind!”

“I’ll be there with you the whole time. You don’t have to worry.”

Ella has never flown before and is nervous doing so for the first time. She has never needed a reason to fly until today. She’s quite cute when she’s a ball of nerves. I can’t help but giggle at her. What she doesn't know, is that I plan to tease her on the flight to California.

We finish packing and I go back into the bedroom to get one last thing. I've decided I’ll keep her mind off the flight by teasing her. I’ll place two small vibrating balls inside her. It’s the neatest toy I've ever seen for teasing. I have a small remote I can use whenever I wish. To top it off, we've not had sex in three days so she’s a little pent up.

“Ella, my pretty girl, come in here please.”

Ella comes in; I can tell she’s becoming more nervous about the trip. I know this’ll help keep her mind off things. The thoughts alone of what it’ll do to her gets me excited.

“Yes Miss?”

“I want you to wear these for me.”

I extend my hand, opening my fingers and show her the two small metal balls. Ella’s eyes widen and she stumbles over her words trying to get them in order.

“I – you – wait… Well we’re flying?”

“Yes, put them in now, you can remove them when I say you can.”

I can tell this makes her a bit excited, she loves being teased. Her nerves ease already but only a little bit. She takes the balls and sits on the edge of the bed, lifting her skirt, showing me she has no panties on. She slips them in slowly, carefully and her eyes on mine. I love watching her do this. I walk up to her and gently lick her clit for a few minutes. I can feel her get wet instantly, and wants more but that’s just part of the tease. I stand up, helping her up and we grab our bags.

I don’t let her know the balls can vibrate; I want her caught off guard. Once we’re at the airport, after getting a ride by Jason, we head in. It doesn't take long before we are called to get on the plane, which is nice for a change. We’re seated and waiting for the flight to take off. The plane is crowded and this makes Ella a little on edge. We sit there and I stroke her fingers with my thumb, relaxing her best I can.

We get into talking about the trip and what we plan to do. I told her I set up a spa date for us, and of course we’ll go see the Hollywood sign, and to go to one of the zoo’s they have. Ella’s never been to a zoo so I am going to take her. Without Ella even noticing, the plane finally takes off. It’s smooth sailing from here on out. The attendant comes up to and asks if we want anything, as Ella’s about to speak I flick on the toy. The way she jolts up not only scares her but the attendant, I can’t help but fight a giggle. I flick it off, but right as Ella tries to speak again, I do it again. She throws me a look, and knows the toy has a remote. She takes a deep breath and asks for what she wants. The flight attendant looks at us like we’re up to something but can only shake his head.

“You think he’s on to us?” I ask with a coy smile.

“Gee, I don’t know Miss, that or he thinks I’m crazy.”

“Well….. We know you are. You silly girl.”

“Oh, thank you, Miss.”

He comes back with the drinks and winks at me. I know he knows it was me who had done something to her. Ella sips her drink and begins to read from her kindle. I close my eyes and think of this past year and what Ella’s face will look like when I ask her to move in. I’m to the point where I want my pet with me always; I am tired of a part time live in pet. I just hope she wants the same thing.

The flight is mildly short and we go to the car rental and pick up our car. I have Ella go and get the car key as I wait a few feet away. I watch her stand in line. She has a cute skirt on, showing more than enough leg. Her ass looks amazing in it. She has a tank top on to match with it. Neither of us dressed up to much for the flight over. When it was her turn to speak to the renter guy, I flicked the toy on and she jolts again. This time I left it on longer, and then off, back on, off, back on. I see her cross her legs trying not to lose control. Once I knew she had enough, I stopped. She came back to me, nearly breathless.

“Miss – That – that was evil. I feel like I have a flood happening between my thighs.”

“As you should. I love my girl nice and wet.”

“No problems there then, Miss.”

She giggles, and hands me the keys. We drive to my friends’ house and park in the drive. She told me on the phone the night before she leaves a spare key in one of those fake looking rocks by the door. It takes me a few minutes to find it. I guess that’s a good thing, right? When we open the door, it’s a very simple summer home. It’s beautiful, almost all of windows. The back door leads to a beautiful garden. It’s a two bedroom little cottage type house. It’s perfect.

We head into the master bedroom and unpack our stuff. I can’t help but love the way Ella looks. She looks so tempting. We hardly ever go so long without sex, and I know how wet she is right now. I walk up behind her, grip her hair, pulling it back, and bite down on her neck. I bite hard enough to let my teeth sink in gently, I suck lightly. I can hear her moan out for more. I let my free hand climb under her shirt and caress her taut nipple over her bra. Her engorged tip was screaming to be touched. I pinched the tip over her bra, Ella’s voice hitched with an escaping crying moan. I released her hair, reach down in my pocket and flicked on the toy.

The vibrations start to tickle and tease her once more. I put the remote back in my pocket and reach up with both hands and pinch her harden nipples. I lean into her, as she leans back into me. We can feel the energy growing between the two of us. I undo her bra, setting her breasts free. My fingers sweep across her nipples, rubbing my palms over them. I caress them slow and teasing, as the balls inside her vibrate away. My lips making small kisses up from her neck to her ear. Ella’s knees are locked and she’s breathless, mind spinning with excitement.

I take her to the bed, before letting her lie down, I strip her slow. I keep the balls inside her, doing their job. She lies down for me, her smooth bare body waiting to be used like a toy. I strip myself, before climbing onto the bed, leaning over her breasts. I begin to roll her left nipple lightly with my fingers, as I take the right one in my mouth. I circle my tongue around it, before capturing it in my teeth. I bite down a little hard, and tug on it. Ella throws her head back, as she arches her hips from the mix of pain and excitement of my teasing, moaning for more. My free hand works down and plays with her clit lightly. My god she’s soaking wet! I grind against her lightly; it doesn't take long before she begins to beg for a release…. I deny her.

I know she can’t take it anymore, and I climb off her. I lie on the bed, opening my legs for her. I invite her to taste her treat. She wants it badly, she moves between my legs, looking down at me. I nod at her, telling her to begin. She kisses my belly, running her lips up over my nipple. I can feel the wet warmth of her mouth catch it and suck harsh. She doesn't ease me into it, just like I don’t with her. I can feel her suck on it harder with each suck. She tugs on it, pulling it up, flicking the tip right past the nipple ring. Her tongue ring clicks against my ring and makes me shiver. Her soft fingers skim along my thigh, and moves between my legs. I can feel her rub lightly on my mound, playing with my lips gently. Her mouth is working hard on my nipple. I can feel how excited I am, how badly I want more. She starts a slow motion on my clit.

Her delicate fingers caress, and tease my tender clit. I want more; I lift my hips up wanting it. Her mouth sucks my nipple hard out of her mouth, before she moves down again. Her soft lips kiss a trail of small wetness back down over my stomach, over my mound. The tip of her tongue meets contact with my clit, and she begins to flick quickly. Her soft tongue is lapping quick, harsh, taking me. My tortured clit growing, harder, aches for more. I moan out for her, she carries on, working faster with each passing moan. I can feel my legs widen more, she wiggles closer for me. She’s such a good girl. I feel her tongue slide down and begin to work my tight hole. She’s fucking me with such an intense pleasure. My mind is lost, and I feel like I’m falling from a tall building. I feel as though I’m unable to catch my breath. My voice hitches as I cry out Ella’s name, and let go hard. I have reached the pinnacle point of no return. I ride the wild and wonderful waves of sheer ecstasy until I feel as though I can’t move anymore. Ella doesn't let up; she gives me all she can, pleasing me.

I recover from my ecstasy high, and pull Ella up, and back down on her back. I slide the balls that have been deep inside her, teasing her out. I dive into her dripping pussy. I drink her fully, giving her a wicked treatment. I’m far from gentle; I lunch on her like never before. I suck wildly on her clit, as I thrust a finger deep inside her. I fuck her hard and deep as if it were a cock doing the work. I know she’s at the point; she wants to orgasm, she’s holding it back like a good girl. Her breathing is whispering shallowly from her lungs. I stop just long enough to command her to release for me, and she does. She lifts her hips, arching in wild response and orgasms hard for me. Her beautiful voice is moaning out my name in shallow, gasping breath. I climb into her arms and hold her close to me as we enjoy the afterglow of such intense orgasms.

“I haven’t needed an orgasm like that in forever, Miss… Thank you.”

“I’d say. I think it must be the air here in California. You’re welcome, sweet girl.”

We lie there for awhile basking in each other’s arms. Once we are finally able to move, we see how late it’s gotten. We decide to do some takeaway and watch a film. My friend Jenny, the one who owns the place has a good size collection of films. We veg out in the living room, watching film after film, and indulge in Thai food. We head to bed at a fairly decent time for the long drive tomorrow.

Today we’re going to San Francisco zoo; it’s about 5 and half hours from where we are. We plan to stop along the way a few times, to really check Cali out. We wake early and head out. We begin the trip, Ella’s like a puppy on the road trip, she’s so excited. We see all kinds of things along the way. We stop at a place called Pinky’s. They’re famous for their hot dogs. We were told by Jenny we had to go. It turns out they’re really good! We can’t get enough of them. I even get Ella and I matching Pinky souvenir t-shirts.

We head on and finally make it to the zoo. We make good time, and find a parking spot. Ella and I hold hands and walk through the zoo. We both are in awe of the animals. We both have our favorites of course and want to take one of each home with us. The monkey’s are my favorites and find them so cute. Ella has a thing for the Elephants and zebras. Our house would really be a zoo then! Once we leave the zoo we check out San Francisco a little bit. We know we can’t be a long time, since it’s another almost six hour ride back.

When we get to the house, we’re both exhausted. We had dinner before coming in. We don’t need to wake up to early tomorrow morning; our first item to do on our list is the spa. That’s set up at 11:30. Then after we plan on lunch and go see the Hollywood sign, and then we’ll go see the Hollywood walk of fame on Hollywood Blvd. It’s been exciting to be here so far, and I can’t wait to ask Ella about moving in. I decide I’ll tell her tomorrow during lunch after the spa.

When we wake up, we can’t help but lie in bed, enjoying each other. We make love, soft, tender touching. It is sweet, and needed. Today is our one year anniversary and we can’t help but want the touch of the other one.

“Can you believe it’s been a year already, Miss?”

“I really can’t, it’s been fantastic though.”

“It has. I never thought I’d find someone who’d make me so happy. You’re everything I need, Cora.”

“I feel the same Ella.”

I can feel the urge to tell her now, I can’t decide if I should wait. I think to myself why wait? What’s the point? It’s the right time now!

“Ella, I have been thinking about something.”

“What about, Miss?”

“I think… it’s time …. I think you should move in with me. I’m ready to have a live in pet again.”

I turn to face her, her mouth drops open. She’s speechless. I feel a wave of nerves take me. I can’t tell if she is scared or happy. Before I can decide I see a single tear rolls down her cheek.


She whispers softly, she embraces me tightly, kissing me with need. I kiss her back, and feel the knot of emotion in my throat. We hold each other close and kiss. Once we've calm down and can collect ourselves we talk about when she should move in. I tell her I want it to happen the following weekend. We live close enough that it won’t interfere with either of our jobs.

We call Jason and tell him the news. He is happy for the both of us. He offers to help us next weekend since he’s free. We thank him and tell him we’ll see him tomorrow. We’re going back home then. We get out of bed and get ready for our last day in California.

We get to the spa and both get treated like we’re princesses. I got us a bigger package, knowing how much we need it. We both are to get massages, our hair done, nails, and toes. We feel so relaxed once it’s done but very hungry. We go to a sushi restaurant, and dine on the best sushi we've ever had. From there we do go see the Hollywood sign, and take lots of pictures of it, like tourists do. When we go to the Walk of Fame, we find all the famous people we know and like, and take pictures with their names. We act as if it’s really the person. We do notice others doing the same, and others shaking their heads at us. We can tell who else is a tourist, and who lives here, by their reactions. We go on a shopping spree, getting stuff for all ourselves and our friends.

After a very long day out, we head back to the house, and pack our stuff. We know that our flight is early, and don’t want to do it then. We head to bed, calling it a night. When we wake up, we dread the flight back. Ella isn't as nervous this time though. I think my plan worked last time. We head to the airport, and don’t have to wait long. We sip on our ice coffees, and talk about next weekend, and planning the move. The flight goes by quickly, and it’s almost relaxing.

Once we land, we go and meet Jason at the gate. He hugs us both. Jason comes to play with us sometimes since the first time we had our threesome. It’s always fun to have them both under the same roof. In my perfect world, I would have them both. I think they both know it, and shocking neither seems to mind.

When we get back to our place Jason leaves us. He has work the next day, and needs to get home. We drop our things right at the door, and embrace each other. I kiss her deeply, my fingers locked in her hair, needing her so close.

“Welcome home, my pretty girl pet.”

“Thank you, Miss. It’s good to finally call your home, my home. I’m so excited.”

I take her, and we go into our bedroom, we strip and head into the shower. We wash each other, enjoying the warmth of the water spraying down around us. I step behind her, kissing on her neck. I have her bend slightly, and reach for our shower toy. (Yes, we keep one in here.) I slide one end of the double ended toy inside me first, moaning lightly. I swat her ass hard, the red appearing quick in the shower. The hot water is making her skin nice and tender. I place the other end of the toy at her entrance, and begin to push in. Her pussy is tight around it; I push further, and begin to thrust into her. I grab her by the hips, fucking her hard. The hot water is spraying down around us, making the experience hotter. I’m plunging into her glistening moistness; I can feel her surrender to me. I reach around with one hand, and begin to work her clit fast, rubbing her tender nub. Both of our breathing suddenly turns into agonizing gasps. I can feel it, the release working closer. We both explode into a thousand pieces as we orgasm together. The whole room seems to spin as we share this moment.

We catch ourselves; we bring ourselves back to the here and now. As we refill our lungs with air, we finish our shower, and head back into the bedroom. We towel dry each other, and slide into bed once dried. I take her into my arms, and kiss her long, needing her.


The following week comes and goes quickly. When the following weekend comes we’re both so ready for it. We did manage to bring the smaller stuff over throughout the week. Jason kept his word, and brought a buddy I met when he and I were together, over to help. We did it in a few hours, and made good time. When we were settled, we ordered a pizza, and hung out with the boys.

I wonder what can come next with my Pretty Girl Pet.

Please read the first three parts first, it’ll help you understand the whole story.

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