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Pretty Girl Pet - Part One

Pretty Girl Pet - Part One

Is This It, Have I Found My Pretty Girl Pet?
I've always much preferred being with a man because let’s face it, I love cock. However the beauty of women has always captured me. I can’t help but admire their beauty. I've fooled around with girls in the past but I haven’t ever let myself go all the way before. I think it’s time I let myself find a pretty girl pet.

My last relationship was with a submissive man, who allowed me to do as I please. I think it’s time I find a pretty girl pet to do the same. I joined a site for BDSM Lifestyle people, such as myself. I've been a member for over a year now, and have a name for myself there. It is where I met my last pet. He is a good boy, and we’re still friends but we grew apart. I've always flirted with girls and have had a few beg for me to own them.

I met Ella about seven months ago, we've been chatting weekly, sometimes more since. She’s the only one who has really captured my attention. For some reason, I’m not as picky with men. When it comes to the females however, I nitpick them until I find ‘ The one’ I like. I do believe I found that with Ella. Ella has strawberry long blond hair, sea blue eyes. She stands at just 5’1”. She’s my little pixie, that’s what I call her. She has a tiny body, with small perky breasts. She has a dark skin complexion, like she plays out doors all day. She’s a young girl, just 20. She’s also a good girl, she keeps herself completely shaved, but only because I think it’s better to do so. She complied easily.

You’re probably wondering about me now.

Well, I’m Cora and I’m 27 years of age. I have black, shoulder length hair, with bright green eyes. I’m 5’6 and have a cute figure. I have slightly larger breasts but they’re nice a firm. My nipples are pierced, as is my belly button. I have rather pale skin, not ghostly, I just don’t tan. As I said, I told Ella to keep herself shaved, as do I. I love the feel of silky smooth pussy.

Ella and I have not met in person yet; we don’t live far from one another. I made plans to meet up in a hotel that isn't far from where I live. I've been here setting up for about an hour. I have a lot of setting up to do before she arrives. She’s to arrive, come to the room, knock and put the blindfold on; I had her buy the other day. I have about 30 minutes before she’s to show up. She knows she’ll be punished if she’s late.

I've set the room up the best I can as if it was at my home. You might be wondering why we’re meeting at a hotel, and not at one or the others house. I feel it’ll be easier on both of us, if we meet at a mutual location, so we both feel at ease. Ella and I have spoken about hard limits and what we both want. She is pretty open minded about the things she is willing to try. She’s has only just started out in the Lifestyle, and wants to try everything at least once. This is good news for me, I like trying new things with people.

Its five minutes to 7:00, and Ella should be here any moment. I don’t feel nervous at all, I’m really excited to finally meet her. I've set the room up with many candles; the music is going on a low setting. The lights are off, except the bedside table light. I’m in a black, sheer, babydoll covering up next to nothing but enough to tease Ella.

I hear a car pull up, the engine stop, and it grows silent again. It’s quiet for about what feels like two minutes before I hear a soft knock on the door. My pretty girl pet is finally here! My heart skips a beat and I go to the door. I peek through the peep hole, and see that is in fact Ella. She has put on her blindfold and standing there with her arms behind her back, and her head lowered. She’s stunning. I open the door, with a smile, even though she can’t see it.

“Good evening, Ella. I’m glad you’re on time. You’re even two minutes early. This is a very good start to the night.”

“Good evening, Miss. I couldn't wait to get here, but knew not to show up to early. You had things to get ready for.”

“You’re a sweet and thoughtful girl. Come on, lots to do.”

Ella is in a cute, semi revealing top, with a skirt that goes to just above her knees, topping it off with ankle boots. She truly is a little pixie girl. I feel her hand slide into mine, as I help her into the room. She stumbles a little; I can tell she’s nervous. I turn to face her, and do one of the things I have longed for, for so long. I pull her closer, and I can feel her breath on me. I shiver and embrace her close, allowing our lips to meet for the first time. My breath hitches, as she lets out a soft moan. Our tongues entangle with each other’s. We instantly become hungry for the other, needing each other. All the teasing, and fooling around online has built up so much suspense.

My hands move around her, squeezing her cute little ass. I slide my hands under her skirt, and can see she hasn't put panties on. I let out a slight moan of approval. Her hands on my hips lightly, holding me to her. I run my fingers down along her crack, on either side and squeeze her ass again. I let our kiss end, looking at her.

“Are you ready for this, my little pixie?”

“I am, Miss. How I have longed for this for as long as I have known you.”

“You’re such a good girl. I can’t wait to see how well you do.”

I take a step back, and tell her to strip for me. I turn up the music, and sit at the edge of the bed. I can see her blush, even in the darken room. She looks so lovely in a shade of pink. She begins to unbutton her top, slowly exposing her chest for me. Her skin looks so smooth, her breasts ready to be set free. Her hips sway to the music, as she hooks her thumbs in her skirt. She begins to slide it down her legs, though her legs are short, she’s able to make taking her skirt off last forever. Her fingers slide up her belly, over her breasts, before squeezing them gently. She moves her fingers behind her, and unhooks her bra, taking it off slowly. Her breasts are beautiful; her nipples are so ready to be sucked on.

Now naked and ready for me, I smile again. I stand up, and take her hand, helping her to the bed. I have her lie on her back, cuffing her wrists to either side of the headboard. I climb on the bed, between her legs; I take in the view of such a beautiful creature. She’s still blindfolded, unable to see anything, I can tell its causing things to be more intense for her. I said earlier she looks good in pink, so we’ll see if she does elsewhere. I smirk to myself as I take the crop I brought with me, and begin to run it down the middle of her chest. It’s a small leather crop; it’s still new and smells of fresh leather.

I run it down to her pussy before slowly moving back up again, her soft moans are intoxicating. Once I reach her breasts, I snap the crop on her right nipple, then left. I’m not easy; I go right for the extreme, but not over the top hurtful extreme. She moans out, encouraging me to do it again. Oh how quickly her breasts and nipples turn a nice shade of pink. Her nipples are nice and taunt for me, I can’t wait to suck on them. I let the crop run down her body once more, this time working over her slit. I allow the crop to run over her, I can see how wet she is. She’s such a naughty girl, so wet for me this soon in. I allow the crop to become soaked with her juices, before I bring it up to her lips. She feels the crop against her bottom lip, opening her mouth. I slide it in, just like a cock, telling her to suck on it. She does, she wraps her mouth around it, sucking softly. She’s tasting how wet she is. She sucks it clean before I pull it out. With the crop wet with Ella’s saliva I snap it again on her nipples. I do it once, twice, three times. She’s quivering under the touch of the crop. I can see how hard her nipples are, her pussy becoming increasingly wet.

I finally give in and stop cropping her breasts and nipples. I set my crop aside; I begin to kiss up her stomach. I reach her taunt; pert nipples which are ready for my mouth. I capture her stiff nipple between my lips and lash at it with a harsh tongue. I can feel her back arch instantly in a great need for more. My other hand is working her other nipple, pinching the hard little tip. She is overcome with need, and begins to whine. I don’t let up on her swollen nipple, I bite, and teeth on it. She was full warned I am no gentle lover. She’s taking it all like a good girl, craving it as much as I do. I release her nipple, letting it pop hard before doing the same with other. Once I’m happy with how hard they are, I stop and reach over for one of the candles. It’s a candle stick, not a candle in a cup. I take it and tip it sideways, allowing the wax to drip right over her body. The first drop hits directing over her nipple, she lets out a gasping whimper, as another drop of wax falls near it. I only do a few drops on each breast, coating her nipples with wax.

The candle back in its place, I kissed down her silky smooth stomach again. My mouth warm, lips wet, kissing down to her mound. She smells so fresh, I can tell she uses vanilla body wash, she smells of it. I part her legs wider, before reaching for a clamp. I caress her clit, which is already swelling into a hard bud, feeling it grow more from my touch. I wrap my lips around it, and suck on the tortured peek of her clit. She cries out, though she has seen nothing yet. I suck on it until I know she can’t handle it anymore, and let go. I pinch it lightly, making it fully erect and clamp it tight with the clip. Ella squeals and nearly climbs up the bed. I growl at her, reminding her to lie still. She relaxes the best she can; I can hear her gasp for breath. I pull her back down to where I want her; I lift her legs so her feet are flat on the bed. I lie flat on my belly, and pull her that much closer to me. Even with the clamp on, I’m still able to lick and tease her clit, and I do. I can taste her sweet nectar, wriggling my tongue over the clamp. I work my tongue down slowly to her little entrance; I begin to probe it carefully. I don’t push in at first, I tease her greatly.

I finally push the tip of my tongue into her; I feel how tight she is around the tip of me. I probe myself into her pussy. I only work my tongue; the rest of my body, my head included are still. I only just allow my tongue to do a slow tease inside her. I push until my tongue is fully inside her, and pull out again. I can feel her walls grasp my tongue, trying to keep me inside her. I reach up with my left hand and tug at her clamp, pulling on it gently, as my tongue works in and out of her. I’m slowly fucking her with my tongue, just like if it were a cock. I pull on the clamp, lifting it away from her body, allowing it to tug, her moans turn into cries. I release the clip off her clit, her now dark red clit throbs, feeling the blood flow through it once more. I glide my tongue up to it, catching it between my lips. I suck it into my mouth, and suck hard, my right hand moves quickly between her legs. I work a single finger inside her right off, moving it at a nice steady speed. I suck hard on her clit, my tongue doing small circles.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Miss, I – I –I need, I’m about to. May I orgasm, please?!”

I hear her call out, stumbling over her words. I can tell she is at her breaking point, even I’m not sure she can handle a denial. However, I’m evil and love to tease.

“No, Ella, you can’t. You don’t have permission. You must hold it back.”

“I – I don’t know if I ……”

Ella growls out loud, fighting it back. I feel her thrust her hips down into the bed, and grind. She shakes hard, holding it back. Her words are lost in a sea of torture. She fights it back though, I’m proud of her. She gasps for breath, spinning back to the current world. Once I know she has passed the orgasm I slide my finger out, and have her suck it clean. She does so well, like a hungry little kitten. My mouth leaves her pussy, my chin dripping with juices.

I reach up and take the blindfold off her for the first time. She’s seeing me for the first time, as she blinks, adjusting to the light. She looks up at me, lovingly, wanting me.

“Oh Miss Cora, you’re as stunning as your pictures.”

“Thank you, pet. You’re a vision yourself.”

I climb off the bed, and strip down to nothing. I let my pretty girl pet watch me as I do. I go over to my bag of things; I grab one of the toys I plan to use on my sweet Ella. I watch her as I get back on the bed, her eyes on mine. I’m back between her legs, and reach up to her mouth with the toy. She knows what to do, she begins sucking on it. She’s going to be easy to train if I plan to make her mine. She soaks it nicely, before I remove it from her supple lips. I glide the tip down her body, watching her expression.

I reach her pussy lips, and work the tip along her slit. Her eyes are locked on what I’m doing to her, she doesn't dare look away. I probe her entrance just like I did with my tongue awhile ago. I begin to push into her, her legs opening wider for me; I can almost feel her grip the toy. I work it in slow, being easy with her. Once all the way in, I set the speed at two, her moans of excitement turn me on. I climb up to her, I straddle her face. I look down at her with a smile.

“You will please me, Ella. If you don’t, you’ll be punished.”

“I want nothing more than to please you, Miss. I promise you, you'll be pleased.”

She says it with a quiver in her voice, but she sounds sure of herself. I lower myself down just enough to give her access to my pussy. I face towards her body; I watch the vibrator inside her, teasing away. Her lips and tongue make contact with my moist pussy and I let out a moan. Her lips are so soft; they feel so nice on me. She works her tongue, circling it over my clit, pulling on it gently. I let myself step out and enjoy the touch of my pretty girl pet, pleasing me. She takes her time, building the suspense and giving me a well deserved pleasure. Her tongue sides over my entrance, and dips into me, I slowly ride her tongue. I take a bit more control now, doing this. I slowly work, rolling my hips gently, my movement slight, up and down. I take the remote control to the toy, and flick it up to four. Ella cries out not expecting there to be more, I watch as she begins to grind her hips to it. I love watching her hips grind, her tongue probing my pussy gently.

I move my hips enough to move my pussy away from her, my ass now by her lips. She expressed desire to rim me, and I gladly want to comply. She greedily takes the chance, knowing what I’m doing. Her tongue licks along the crack, right over my asshole. It’s soft, and tender, it feels so good. She makes her tongue as hard as she can; sticking it out as far as it will go. I begin to lower myself on her tongue, as if it were a cock. (I did mention how much I love cocks.) I start to ride her tongue, just like any mans cock. I’m not hard and rough, but I’m not entirely gentle either. I turn the toy up now to five, and she starts moaning throughout the whole time. I can feel her moans from her tongue inside my ass. I ride her at a nice speed. I move a hand down and begin to play with my own clit. I let the buildup work, I can feel myself so close to an orgasm. I start to move a little faster, demanding of her to moan louder. She complies willingly, and I can’t take it anymore. I can no longer hold back, the sight of her, my touch on my clit, her tongue in my ass. I throw my head back, and let out a gasping moan, I feel the ripple wave of pleasure take over me. My lust for my pretty girl pet is strong, and clear. I soak her face, as she doesn't give in, she keeps pleasing me.

My legs are shaking, I gasp and keep control. My orgasm passes, and I climb off her face. She is soaking wet with my juices, gasping with excitement of her own.

“Oh Miss, I want to come for you so badly. It’s starting to hurt.”

“Now, now Ella, you know better than that. All in due time, I’ll let you orgasm, when I see fit.”

I slide the toy out of her, switching off the vibrations. I place it in her mouth, as she sucks it clean. I leave her there, sucking on it. I go back to my bag, and dig in, finding the toy I have in mind. I find it, the double hooker. I un-cuff Ella, and tell her to move to her knees. She does quickly. I get on the bed, behind her. I slide one end of the double hooker inside me, letting out a sweet moan of bliss. I love this toy, it feels so good. I scoot closer to my pet, tracing her back lightly with one hand, swatting her ass with the other.

“You’re not to orgasm, until I say. I’m going to fuck you, like no one has before. You’ll be mine, no others. You’ll take it all like a good girl.”

I tell her, she looks at me over her shoulder, blushing deeply. I can tell she loves the way I speak to her. She tells me all the time online, though it’s different hearing it in person. I slap her ass again, and take the other end of the double hooker, glide it over her slit. She shivers, and lifts her ass slightly, exposing herself to me, like a proper slut. I pushed the tip of the toy at her dripping hole. She is as ready as I am for this. I fill her, inch by inch with the toy, until it can’t go in anymore. All the while she moans in absolute pleasure. I can feel her leaning back into it, wanting it. I grip her by the hips, I can feel the toy pushing deeper inside me. I start to begin a thrusting pace inside her. I feel the bulb part of the toy caressing my g-spot, as I know it’s doing the same for her. My pace moves faster, the control in this situation has me so turned on its extreme. I reach around, and find her clit, I work gently at first, and then pick up to the same pace I’m fucking her.

“Mmm Mistress, please. I need to come. I don’t know if I can hold it again.”

She cries it out, the ache in her voice is so apparent. It turns me on, forcing me to thrust faster inside her. I can feel myself near an orgasm. I don’t answer her, and she knows, no answer means no releasing. I push her to the edge, and fuck her still. I can feel the need so close; I grind my hips as I fuck her tight pussy. I cry out a garble of growls and moans mixed with need and want, I feel my pussy tight around the toy. I explode hard, demanding her to orgasm with me. I cry out to her to do so, she does as hard if not harder than me. She throws her head back, looking up at me, as we orgasm together. She works her hips back into me, my hips still moving towards her. Our orgasms are powerful.

We finish, and in a heap, we collapse together, wrapped in each other’s arms. I lean in, gripping her hair, and kiss her hard. I take what I want, and I want her. She holds me close; I can feel her need for me growing.

We talk about what we had done, finding out if it was all we wanted. In fact it was perfect for the both of us. I tell her I have rented the room for the night, and she agrees to stay with me. We do takeaway, and hang out like any other couple.

I can’t help but fancy this girl. My pretty girl pet. My Little pixie girl. She feels the same about me, and we talk about starting a relationship beyond the screen and a onetime hook up. I tell her she needs a lot of training, and has to be willing to truly do this. She says she understands, and we agree to a temp collaring relationship.

I do wonder how this will go; I’m rather excited to find out.

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